Pizza coming to former O’Tasty Space in Adams Morgan?

o tasty
1764 Columbia Rd, NW

A reader reports:

“new pizza place in Adams Morgan? new permit posted in window of former O’Tasty. maybe just the name of the LLC but it says “Different Pizza”

If it is indeed pizza do you think it’ll be like &pizza or more like the well represented jumbo variety?

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  • I’m going to miss getting those green O’Tasty fliers under my door.

  • Regarding pizza in Adams Morgan: I can’t believe an awesome pizzeria hasn’t opened here. Something in the vein of 2Amys or Timber or Ghibellina would print money.

    • This is probably blasphemy to some people, but I personally like Mellow Mushroom. (And am disappointed that it didn’t open in Adams Morgan while I was still living there.)

      • Personally, I find it on the over-topped, over-cheesed, over-greased. But sure, it’s better than some. My point still remains, though: a higher-end place would kill it.

        • I only went to Mellow Mushroom one time. I found the pizza to be really good, but felt so so sick afterwards I couldn’t go back. I think it was the greasiness.

  • Really hope it’s the Actual Real Authentic Jumbo Slice.

  • I wish we had more options for quality Sicilian and deep dish pies.

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