GDoN “Not your Grandfathers Victorian” edition

1315 Irving Street Northwest

This house is located at 1315 Irving Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Not your Grandfathers Victorian, this aesthetically pleasing design incorporating ,Steel, Wood, Brick, and Glass creates a SoHo and West coast Vib. A paradoxical blend with a Victorian facade and industrial influence that marries sturdy and timeless lines . Legal unit , cool main level flex space ,Grand duplex owners , major volume bedrooms , perfect to entertain,huge roof deck.2 pkg spc,Metro”


You can see more photos here.

This 6 bed/6 bath is going for $1,599,959.

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  • Not trying to be a punctuation Nazi but that comma and period spacing is setting my OCD off something fierce.

  • Is this a three unit building? It’s hard to tell from the photos.

    • It has 3 kitchens and very different designs on each floor, so I’m leaning toward yes.

    • ditto. i need a floor plan. I’m confused at what goes with what.

    • From the floor plan below, some really questionable decisions. For example, in the basement and first floor, the front rooms are bedrooms. I also don think there are any two rooms with consistent designs – it’s like they went to the remnant store and picked little bits of whatever was left over. But my real question is, in the 3rd floor kitchen, what is that slot cut into the island countertop? Is that a trash chute, down to a bin in the island?

    • It’s legally a two-family but the main level and top 2 floors are essentially a unit each.

  • i can’t look past that awful couch. if i’m buying a 1M+ house, i would expect some staging…

    • I’m much more bothered by the tiny propeller fan they installed. I know it’s not a big space, but to choose a ceiling fan that 1) won’t move much air, and 2) doesn’t incorporate a light fixture makes me wonder why they needed to save that last $20 so much.

    • While I understand where you’re coming from, it cracks me up how staging has become such a big industry now. Like you don’t buy the furniture….you’re buying the house. And quite frankly, people can hide some flaws with staging too.
      Unless the place has just a very odd layout, I don’t understand the need for staging. Like is it that hard to picture how to arrange a rectangular/square room? Ooooh great staging in this square bedroom that has a layout like any other bedroom in North America…
      Sigh, mini rant.

      • i don’t necessarily disagree with you, but in this particular case, the furniture is wholly out of place with the aesthetic of the house, and the aesthetic they’re trying to sell it on. it DOES look like my grandfather’s house.

      • Not everyone is visual. It’s not just “where will my bed go?” it’s actually being able to picture yourself living there. It goes from a cold empty house to an actual home.

      • Apparently, people also perceive empty rooms as smaller–furniture makes it seem reasonably sized and livable.

  • Really, I’d much prefer my grandfather’s Victorian. (Or someone else’s grandfather’s Victorian – considering that my grandfathers were both poor farmers who died young in the 1920’s on their farms, and clearly didn’t spend time in houses as fine as this one, much less live in one.)

  • This IS my grandfather’s house, you insensitive SOB. He died there protecting DC against the Nazis.

  • It’s a really cool house – I could take the basement alone. But for $1.5 mil, the kitchen is so ho-hum and there are too many design choices I’d want to change.
    Still, I’d say it’s an excellent deal for someone with the cash.

  • All it needs is a couple rows of cubicles and a big copy machine..

  • I hate looking at listings where I can’t tell where rooms are. This is a jumbled mess. I used to live 5 houses down from this, so I’ll be interested to see if they get the asking price. Still have friends in the area, si I hope they do!

  • Because your grandmother wouldn’t have owned property, I guess?

  • DCRA shows some sketchy permits for work this involved. Buyer beware!

  • SoHo and west coast? I guess that’s the exposed brick and wood walls in the same room.

  • I Dont Get It

    I don’t even know where to start on this one so i’ll just save my faux outrage for another post.

  • No way would I pay 1.6 mill when the kitchen looks like that

  • Actually not a terrible deal when you consider the cash flow potential, probably about $100K overpriced. If the owner occupies “grand” duplex unit, the other two units combined should kick off at least $4K per month income. Factor in all the sweet deductions as a landlord and you’re in solid shape.
    At 10% downpayment at a $1.5m valuation (so 1.35m mortgage), you’re looking at a $3400/month once factoring in rental income. That’s not factoring in mortgage and other landlord deductions.

    • I thought getting a mortgage for a multi-unit property was harder than for a single-unit one.
      Not sure if this means higher rates, higher requirement for down payment, etc., but if it does, the math might not work out to be quite as much in the landlord’s favor.

      • In the mortgage industry, 1-4 units is considered Single Family; Multifamily is 5+ units.

        • I’ve seen numerous PoPville posts saying that it’s harder to get a mortgage for a house that has a legal (i.e., with Certificate of Occupancy) rental unit than it is for a house without one.
          I don’t know the specifics, but this has come up multiple times on PoPville.

  • Nice. Maybe 1325 will be done next if it sells.

  • I live (own a house) on this block and know the owners. I think the workmanship would have been good since they were planning to live there, and he was a skilled contractor. (They moved after having a child to be closer to family, mostly for affordability – sad but true.) So I know the basics of houses here, and how they can be divided up – but am still having a hard time understanding what exactly is on offer here. It seems like maybe 3 separate units – but no way to really know. Super bad realtors.

    • So it’s being sold as two units, one at basement level and then the “grand duplex” up top. But there’s a door in the entry hallway just in front of the stairs which would allow the main level to become another rental unit. The owners unit would have its kitchen on the top floor leading out to the deck.
      I can’t believe I spent time trying to figure that out.

      • Yeah – you walk in the front door and there is a door to the right leading into the first floor “apartment”, and another door straight ahead leading upstairs – but not at all clear what happens after that. I think a separate entrance to the basement apartment – but who knows. Terrible marketing!!!

        • Only by looking at the floor plan that SilverSpringGal linked above ( ) was I able to make sense of it.
          It’s a four-story house. The basement is a 2-bedroom apartment. The entrance at the front of the house goes through one of the two bedrooms — IMO, making it impractical for use as a bedroom.
          The first floor is also a 2-bedroom apartment. Fortunately, the entrance does not go through either of the two bedrooms.
          The second and third floors are a 2-bedroom owner’s unit. What I found odd from looking at the floor plan is that the two bedrooms (and a den) are on the SECOND floor, not the third floor. The kitchen and living room are on the third floor, and according to the floor plan, the roof deck extends outward from the back of the third floor.
          I hope the soundproofing between the floors is really good. I wouldn’t want to purchase a house this expensive only to hear the downstairs tenants through my bedroom floor.

  • I’ve been in this house many times and know the owners. You will not find another house like this – ever. The owner is a builder with an amazing eye for detail and doesn’t stand for cut corners. One example, the maple floors are not laminate, not engineered click together flooring, not even standard 3/4″ solid tongue and groove but 1-1/2″ thick solid maple. Another is the porcelain tile that you won’t see in any other developer flip. I don’t think the listing even mentions the solar PV array. As previously mentioned, the renovation was for the owners and the attention to detail shows. Better in person than in the photos If I had the money, I’d buy this house in a second.

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