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  • Whaaaaat.
    I have thoughts.
    We love Amsterdam Falafel. A couple times a month we walk the mile or so from home to the one on 14th Street. It’s the kids’ favorite fast food. Mine too, though I retain a fondness for the Taco Bell Double Decker Taco Supreme that I almost never (like once every other year) indulge.
    So if Amsterdam opens up TWO MINUTES from my office, am I going to eat there every day and get tired of it and destroy my family’s tradition??

  • did they do any market research into this?? there are already 4 places within 2 blocks of this location that do falafel. (3 within a block & 5 in 3 blocks when you count Moby Dicks). house of kabob should stay; they are wonderful, we don’t have enough kabob shops in the area. =(

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