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  • Jerry Grundle

    A perfect addition to Hipster Utopia.

  • No joke. I’m excited for the BoA ATM, so convenient.

  • Seems to me the prevailing trend is for everything to be more casual. Is this the equivalent of nail salons or drybar? I’m not convinced but I’m low maintenance. Maybe D.C. Is more stylish than I think…

  • There isn’t the demand to keep a place like this a float, everyone during the day goes to their job, IE not in this area maybe they can rip people off enough 5-9pm to keep it open? Not a lot of foot traffic in this area for this type of place during the day…

    • You’d be surprised. I used to live near Wise Owl Club (18th and U), another expensive hipster barber shop. The place didn’t take appointments. One my odd days off, I would go there for a haircut, and would be SHOCKED at how many dudes were sitting around waiting for a haircut on a random weekday. DC is apparently trust-fund baby central.

      • Or people have flexible schedules. Or work nights.

        • I think it’s more trust-fund baby central. That’s how these 25-year-olds can afford their million dollar condos.

          • That and people in real estate. I used to go to a gym in Atlanta that had a surprisingly casual bunch during the noon hour. Over I time I came to realize most of them sold stuff mostly commercial or residential real estate.

          • Ashy Oldlady- You know, there actually are people under 40 in this city who work their butts off to buy their homes or to pay rent in the neighborhood/building they desire. To be honest, comments like yours just reek of jealously, bitterness and dissatisfaction with your own life.

          • It’s a lot more lawyers than trust-fund babies

          • Yep, big law firm lawyers can disappear for 2 hours in the afternoon as long as they’re prepared to work till 2 am.

      • Do you think the other folks hanging around Wise Owl thought you were a trust-fund baby too?

        • +1 “Who are these other people doing the same things that I do? Must be trust fund babies.” You gotta realize that’s only a logical statement if you’re a trust fund baby yourself.

          • Fair point, but for me going to WOC was a rare, once in a while treat, both because the waits were intolerable and because it was expensive as hell. I’m talking about the regulars there.

      • Not everyone in the world works 9-5.

        • I Agree…i work from home and am frequently out in CoHI/U street on off hours during the day running errands. Maybe this place just isn’t for me 🙂

      • maxwell smart

        not really related, but the whole no appointments thing at Wise Owl Club is ridiculous

        • Wise Owl turned me off pretty quickly, not by their stupid no-reservation system but by the hype over mediocre, expensive haircuts. This place (like so many things in life) is just a product of good marketing, and that’s really what the guys who go here are paying for.

          • maxwell smart

            I felt like 9 times out of 10, I got a decent cut there. Much better than any of the $20 places I went to in DC (I’m looking at you Diego’s aka the only thing we know how to do is conservative republican). But it just got to the point where I would have to get there at 4pm to maybe get a haircut at 7pm. I don’t have time to sit around Adams Morgan for 3 hours, or come back the next day. My time is valuable, my schedule limited.

          • justinbc

            Diego’s is terrible. It’s astonishing they’re so consistently highly rated.

      • justinbc

        Same thing at Barber of Hell’s Bottom in Shaw. Been on varying days, varying times, and it’s always packed.

  • This seems like the kind of business that would do better in CityCenter. the neighborhood can only support so many $100 haircut places.

  • I remember when the Grooming Lounge opened on L Street (2003 or 2004?), and at the time, the $45 haircuts were outrageously expensive. They gave decent cuts, offered cocktails, and made you feel like you were part of “the club,” but after tip, times 10 or 11 times a year, the costs added up for me. I’m sure this place will get business, but I wonder how long customers will be loyal. Personally, I don’t go to Grooming Lounge anymore. I got a guy downtown. All cash, good cuts.

  • I’ll stick with my $20 haircut and Dollar Shave Club razors. I have better things to waste my money on.

  • I guess complete sentences weren’t in the budget?

  • so what is the price…. everyone here seems to have an opinion about it,,, but I dont actually see the price listed on their website (or in this chain)..??

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