Cat Missing from Adams Morgan; Dog Spotted in Petworth


“As my friends were getting ready to leave on their honeymoon this afternoon (Monday 9/12), they discovered their beloved cat, Pablo, had accidentally gotten out of their apartment on Biltmore St in Adams Morgan between 18th and Cliffbourne. Pablo is a larger grey and white cat with a white nose and white legs. He was not wearing his collar but is chipped. He is affectionate but shy and will probably run away if he is chased. Our friends have posted signs in the neighborhood but since they had to leave the country we are taking over the search — please text or call (202) 256-2357 with any sightings or findings!”


“I was driving on grant circle around 4:40 pm (September 12) and found a dog wandering.

I stopped and follow the dog from a prudent distance, she was tired and scared and I lost track of the dog on on the north side Sherman circle.

Hope the dog finds her home.”

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  • Not sure if the OP for #2 called Animal Control, but PSA for PoPvillagers: The 24-hour number for D.C. Animal Control 202-576-6664. If you don’t already have it in your phone, now would be a good time to enter it.

  • according to the Petworth listserve-the owner and dog were reunited last night.

  • I spoke to a crossing guard around 4pm to let him know about this wondering dog. At that time it was around 13th and Monroe in Columbia Heights. He said he was contacting police, as WHS was closed…

    • For future reference – the WHS hotline ((202) 723-5730) is never closed – it is 24-hour and they will get people out at all hours.

  • I saw a cat that looked like this in mt.pleasant tonight (at Brown and newton), but it had a pink collar and a tag– couldn’t get close enough to read the tag.

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