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  • justinbc

    No surprise there. I hope that one tentative customer found a place for her stroller.

  • justinbc

    (also, all of these people look so angry / distraught…didn’t they get the memo about DC lines?)

    • When I was out walking my dogs Saturday morning there was no line, although most of the outdoor seating was full. Wonder when this picture was taken.

  • Are the bagels any good? Also, their web site doesn’t acknowledge the new location.

    • Same, I was trying to find the address so that I could stop by, but I guess they haven’t gotten around to listing it yet. I took a look at the picture and to me it looks close to where actual eastern market opens up on Saturdays (near District Taco). I’m gonna start there 🙂 Very cute building also, I’m sure I won’t miss it when I see it!

    • justinbc

      Check the previous story, linked in the article above, for lots of commentary on bagel quality, or lack thereof.

      • Thanks for pointing me toward the earlier story and comments. Sounds like I don’t need to rush over there, though I will give them a chance at some point.

    • In my opinion they are fairly run-of-the-mill grocery bakery quality bagels. Nothing special and $5 is a bit steep – even in DC – for a bagel with egg and cheese. I hate to be ‘that guy’ but, along with buying good pizza by the slice, bagels are another hard-to-find item in DC.

    • I’ve ordered them from places like the Coupe, and they’re underwhelming. In fact, if I find out that’s whose bagel I’m ordering, I’ll choose something else.

  • Smart move opening on a weekend to take advantage of higher than weekday foot traffic up and down the street.

  • The bagel quality during the week (particularly the morning) is far superior than on the weekends. I would say during the week it’s a solid 8.5/10, but when it’s busy on weekends it’s more like a 6.5/10. Still good in my opinion, but there is definitely a drop-off.

    There is also a difference in quality when ordering from their vendors (The Coupe, etc). I can’t confirm this, but I’m not 100% the vendors get daily shipments or that they throw the previous day’s bagels away.

    • Bullfrog does deliver everyday but they can’t stop you from selling day old (or several day old) bagels. Also, their product is about as inconsistent as a bakery product can be. Over baked/under baked, lots of toppings/hardly any, round/square/oblong etc. I get it, it’s handmade, but you have to take some care into making them consistent.

  • I don’t find myself in the Eastern Market area much. Might check it out tho.

  • northeazy

    After years of waiting and waiting for my food to be served (never mind the long lines which I can sort of understand) I finally asked why does it take so long to make an egg sandwich (the bagels with just spread come out fast). To my horror, they told me they only have two hot plates. That is unacceptable and just plain cheap. How much does a third hot plate cost? I know they share space with Star & Shamtock, but S&S doesnt even open till 11 am so Bullfrog could have totally added an extra hot plate so customers do not have to wait so long for a hot bagelwich. The owner is politically outspoken (said he refused to sell bagles to the new Trump hotel) and I hate when places I patronize get all political (full disclosure I am a Trump supporter) so I do not feel bad putting him on blast and shaming him for being so darn cheap. I was hoping he’d buy more than two hot plates for the new place, but I guess he likes making his customers wait pointlessly.

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