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Thanks to Adam for sending Friday night:

“open for biz tonight at 9pm. And they deliver!”

Insomnia Cookies delivers warm, delicious cookies from the oven and straight to their customer’s doors until 3am daily. Whether you need cookies for a meeting, just a mid-day pick me up or to fulfill a late night craving, Insomnia Cookies will deliver. Popular cookie flavors include Chocolate Chunk, Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and the S’mores Deluxe. The requisite pint of cold milk can also be added to any order. Insomnia Cookies also serves and delivers cookie cakes and brownies with various toppings like M&M’s and white chocolate chips; all of which make a great gifts for celebrations large or small.

Insomnia Cookies will also offer a full ice cream menu with customizable options such as the cookie a la mode and cookiewich, ice cream sandwiched between any two cookies of your choice. For more information call 1-877-63-COOKIE or visit www.insomniacookies.com.

In addition to Wash Hydro downstairs, did I mention Funky Piece Smoke Shop is opening down the block…

2318 18th Street NW upstairs

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  • I think it’s a decent concept, but I don’t know if I’d pay for a pricey brick and mortar shop if the bulk of your business is going to be delivery? Maybe they’re trying to get the late night drunk crowd, but I never considered cookies drunk food. I’ll be interested to see the actual cookies, cuz the flavors so far sound pretty run of the mill.

    • We had a dozen free cookies dropped off at my building over the weekend as a promo. They were fine, nothing particularly special, but at $9.95 for six of them, I do not see myself patronizing this business.

    • No, it’s not drunk food. It’s related to the hydroponic supply downstairs and the head shop down the street. We have a cookie delivery place in my hometown, in which marijuana is decriminalized, called “Hot Box Cookies.” Mom didn’t get it.

      • But they won’t be able to sell edibles, will they? Just a tie-in to the neighbors, whose customers will have the munchies.

        • Just good munchies. Still “homegrown, home use” in D.C., as far as I know. I’m not saying the business model is a lock—or that I partake at all (I don’t)—but that’s the idea.

      • Definitely drunk food… Hence the success at the 80+ other locations not located in cities where weed is legalized.

        • Fair enough, though I’m sure there a few pot smokers in those cities even though it’s illegal. Not a lot, because marijuana laws are so effective, but some.

        • While they push the late night stuff as the marketing ploy, I’m guessing a bulk of their business catering/cookie cakes/etc. Go to their website and it’s all about event catering, shipping cookies, etc. It’s basically an edible arrangements for cookies.
          Zero chance you make enough money on late night cookie delivering to expand that much.

      • Well considering I’m 30 going on 65, I’m not surprised I don’t really get it.

        • I don’t get it either, but my girlfriend is always dying for something sweet after dinner and sometimes we eat late. After eating dinner the last thing I want to do is eat a cookie, but if there are cookies around I will binge on them in the afternoon, which is why we don’t keep them around. So I could see this satisfying our household’s weird particular need.

  • Went there in Charlottesville and it was delicious!

  • I love this place and am so excited they’re moving to DC!

  • What is the delivery area? I live about 1 mile away and their website tells me there are no stores that deliver to me. Doesn’t seem worthwhile to have delivery only to people who are within a 5 min walking radius.

    • OK, so I had to put an address in that would definitely be in the delivery range in order to actually see the delivery range. It’s a very odd delivery area and they don’t even cross Calvert at all. My enthusiasm for this place is dimmed.

  • The majority of their locations are in college towns. Their concept is totally drunk food.

  • Finally an alternative to Captain Cookie, which isn’t all that great, even when inebriated.

  • I tried insomnia cookies in Cleveland just last weekend because I was there for a wedding. The bride in the wedding is from Pittsburgh and apparently a “cookie table” is a thing at Pitt weddings. People usually make cookies and bring them, but we ordered cookies from insomnia and they delivered cookies to our hotel for us to take to the wedding. I think it will work. There are less useful businesses in DC.

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