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  • HaileUnlikely

    I wonder where this actually was. The alert stated 3700 block of 15th St NW, which does not exist. Google maps will place any fictitious address higher than the highest actual 15th St NW address at this same location. Was this 3700 15th St NE? 700 15th St NW? 3000 15th St NW? Who knows?

  • Seems like there is more to this story. This is a heavily congested area and it happened during rush hour. I’m guessing they could not have gotten away very quickly?

    • HaileUnlikely

      Location is obviously an error. 15th & Irving is not 3700 block. 3700 block of 15th does not exist. We have no idea where the hell this happened until a corrected location is shared.

  • Why no tag number given? I assume that would more helpful for a lookout than just “MD tags.”

  • Per the Petworth listserv:

    The Carjacking occurred as the victim was attempting to park his vehicle inside his enclosed back gate. Suspect-1 and Suspect-2 jumped into his vehicle and was about to pull off when the victim came back to his vehicle. Suspect-1 got out of the vehicle and pulled a knife on the victim. Suspect-2 drove the victim’s car away and Suspect-1 ran to another vehicle and drove away. Both suspects were described as Black males approximately 23-25 years of age wearing all dark clothing.

    The vehicle Suspect-1 drove away was stolen, but was recovered a short time after this incident. Victim’s vehicle has not been recovered as of yet.

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