Coming Soon on Georgia Ave near Banneker

2606 Georgia Avenue, NW

What, what is coming soon?!?!?!?!?

This is the former Soul Vegetarian space at 2606 Georgia Avenue, NW and once planned for Pleasant Plains Workshop expansion (who has also since moved.) Updates when we learn who.


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  • A security door store, obvs.

  • DCRA Permit lookup:

    “There is no new construction going on .Everything is as is . The building is proposed to be Deli & Grocery.”

  • Speaking of coming soon, when is the new Whole Foods going up on Sherman behind Howard? That project seems to have stalled. Would LOOOVE to have a WF there.

    • I believe one of the development partners died though I am not sure this specifically impacted the WF development The project across the street from the Towers is moving forward. Speaking of stalled, is the former Deli at the corner of Georgia and Euclid going to become some kind of Tavern with rooftop Bar? I wish I had the money to do it myself.

  • Does anyone know the status of the “Howard Town Center” project at Georgia and V that has been stalled for so long?

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