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  • Big fan of the Dupont location. Solid falafel & shawarma and you get a pretty good portion for relatively cheap (by DC lunch standards).

  • These guys are great. Great food, great value and they put effort into it.

  • Agreed on all points — this place is great. Not sure if they’ve lost much business from Cava, but this is a spot on joint. I’d change a couple things, but overall — good deals.

  • Yesssss so excited for something to be coming to that spot, but especially excited for shawarma!

  • Yafa in Dupont is amazing. The falafel is fresh; the sides are delicious; and the lines are never too bad — owing mostly to the speed with which they move you through. It’s my favorite lunch spot in the area. I’m sure it will flourish in McPherson, too.

  • Better than Cava. They will do great here.

  • i eat here like…5 times a month? love them, hope to see more expansion!

  • Wonderful to see the expansion. Yafa is great! Well priced, great food and pleasant people. The Dupont location is close-far to my office ( 18th and R to 19th and M?N? ) but we make the trek at least once a month and would go more if the heat wasn’t so dreadful. Here’s hoping they open up a shop in Shaw ( 7th and P area please! ) so I can get my favorite, quick Mediterranean fix near home as well. I can’t say enough good things about Yafa.

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