Why are the sidewalks still blocked in front of the new Hepburn Apartments?


“Dear PoPville,

Why does the Hepburn at Florida & T Streets not seem to be in any hurry to open the blocked sidewalk and traffic lane on Florida Ave NW?

The building appears to be nearly finished, landscaping is done, and the leasing office is open and tours are being conducted.

It appears the blocked sidewalk is being used to park the porta johns and not much else.”


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  • They’re waiting for the glass sarcophagus containing Katharine Hepburn’s bones to arrive, for fear that it’ll damage the sidewalk. It’s going on display in the lobby.

  • Because they can!! If their permit says, for example, they can block the sidewalk until 31 December 2016, why give it up early?

  • Because they don’t want us peasants to sully their beautiful sidewalk. $3k rent for a 1br needs to get you some type of perk you know….

  • Because those port-a-johns are important for the workers finishing up the work inside, I would guess.

  • It actually might be to keep people out of the port-a-johns. I renovated my home recently and had a port-a-john on the sidewalk for a few months during construction and I was shocked by how many people used it. People would just pull up, park, and walk right in. The construction crew was supposed to keep it locked but sometimes forgot. One person actually commented something like “oh, that’s nice did all the neighbors chip in to have an outdoor facility?” Who thinks that is a good idea?! Anyway, I was really happy when they removed it.

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