Dick’s Sporting Goods Coming Soon to Dakota Crossing. Anyone Know When?

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“Dear PoPville,

I was wondering if anyone had any updates on the opening date for the new Dick’s Sporting Goods at Dakota Crossing. The parking lot is now set and they have sectioned it off to divide it from ongoing construction. There are huge signs saying Opening Soon, but I can’t find a date…”

They started hiring sales associates for this location on July 25th so it’s gotta be real soon! Standby.

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  • 123 more townhouses are coming starting in the mid 500s as well

  • Jerry Grundle

    Where is Dakota Crossing? Is this the new Costco shopping area?

  • Anyone know if this store is going to sell guns like their others?

    • I doubt it, given the gun regulations in DC. Currently there are no licensed gun sellers in DC. I would imagine that for them to sell guns/ammon they will need to go through a TON of red tape in DC.

    • No they won’t. It’s just like if you go into most DMV area Walmarts. Go south below Stafford and you can begin to find the Walmarts that sell guns and ammo.

  • I’m floored by the suburban nature of this development. I dunno how anyone could build something brand new like this that’s so unwalkable. The retail area is surrounded by large retaining walls that don’t even have sidewalks; it’s basically unthinkable to walk to any of these businesses even if you live in the new rowhouses being built nearby.

    • Why does it have to be walkable? There is a new bike lane plan going in according to the gateway to the city website but there is a pedestrian crossing from the Townhome location to the shopping area

      • Because walkability is universally regarded as a desired amenity and, being that this is new construction, it could have been virtually anything with no major difference in the cost.

    • Not everything needs to be walkable. Going to Costco and Lowes almost requires someone have a car. There is no metro and one (maybe two) bus lines in the area. Doesn’t seem like the area will draw a lot of walkers, at least not in the immediate future.

      • There is no reason for investment in new development in DC that isn’t walkable. Stores like Costco and Lowes can fit in an urban footprint with a parking garage and integration with other kinds of businesses and some housing or offices above/nearby. There are stores besides Costco and Lowes going in at that development (plus many new homes from which foot traffic would come if it were convenient). Development from Ivy City could theoretically converge with this area at some point and it would’ve cost very little to put some sidewalks in and build some staircases in the retaining walls to prepare for that eventuality; instead, this development being as it is will likely deter for some additional time development of the industrial spaces on V St. and NY Ave there.

        • Clearly you haven’t attempted to walk to this shopping area. I have walked there many times from my home in the neighborhood across the street. There are sidewalks next to Lowe’s, Costco, along Fort Lincoln Dr, 33rd Place, CJB, South Dakota Ave…

  • And yes there are buses that go to Lowes and Costco about ever 15-20 mins. When is the Grand Opening for Dicks Sporting Goods I see they have all the balloons up???

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