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metro ads

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“I just saw these new digital ad boards in the judiciary square metro. They are animated and change between several different ads. 2016 has arrived…”

Anyone else notice them at other stations?

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  • Yes, saw these displays at Dupont Circle Metro.

  • The Columbia Heights stop also has one. It is a bit strange that they are in portrait and not landscape, as portrait seems as if it will limit the types of messaging that can be displayed.

    • It’s not going to play youtube videos. Notice almost all the CH metro ad posters are in portrait except the huge ones in the middle of the platform.

      They should line the walls in every station with these things. Metro needs to increase the crap out of their ad sales to make some money for repairs!

  • They are at Archives, too.

  • more like 2008 has arrived…other subways have had signs like those for years

    • There is some great background on why stations weren’t built with ads everywhere in the book the Great Subway Society. Also a great nerdy read on the history of the Metro. Essentially when built the idea was it should be a beautiful system for visitors to the nation’s Capital first and foremost, not a revenue generating system. Times certainly have changed.

  • Allison

    Well, that’s one way to get more light into our dark dank system I guess…

  • Terrible for eyes. My retina are already blasted by other passengers’20-inch cell phone screens and tablets (in the morning especially), now this blast of blue light in a dark station, no wonder my eyes are weary. Anyway, i know metro needs the $$$. Good luck.

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