Wait, What? Vol. 112 Case of the Missing Fire Truck Playground Station

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Update from DPR:

“The DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) was informed that there was a piece of playground equipment (the firetruck playground equipment) that could be hazardous. DPR’s Risk Management Department went to the site to inspect the equipment. Upon arrival, they noticed the piece of equipment was not there. DPR researched internally to see if the equipment was removed and also reached out to our sister agency – Department of General Services (DGS) to see if they had removed the equipment. Neither DGS nor DPR removed the firetruck playground equipment. MPD has been notified.

Neither DPR nor DGS removes equipment without notifying the community.

DPR has contacted the vendor, which supplied the original beloved firetruck playground equipment. We are researching the cost and availability of firetruck playground equipment.”

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  • Oh come on! They can’t leave us hanging!

  • America’s Miscommunication Capital!

  • There was a hole in the floor boards of this truck, which was definitely a safety hazard. I can only assume it was removed because it had been deemed unsafe….

    • I wonder why they couldn’t replace the specific boards. Then again, we haven’t been over there for awhile so I’m not sure how the hole was situated.

  • It was marked with “Caution” tape for over a week. It didn’t take much of an inspection to notice the holes in the floor and see that it was an accident waiting to happen.

  • Oooh, let me add to the rumor mill! When there last weekend, we were talking with a DPR staffer collecting trash. He told me they are planning to renovate the park in the coming months to add the rubber ground cover, etc. Maybe because it’s being renovated soon they didn’t replace the fire truck? Just a guess…could be totally false info.

    • Hope it is not crumb rubber. Stuff is bad.

    • I really hope they stick with the wood chips, as they did with the renovation at Kalorama. The wonderful thing about Walter Pierce is how natural it feels, with all of that tree canopy, the wood chips, and the fact that it is tucked against the hillside. So many playgrounds in DC are so sanitized. Also, the rubber holds heat like nothing else.

  • Like PP said, it was wrapped with “Caution” tape on and off for some time but kids played on it anyway. Even though this park is the best in the neighborhood (in terms of shade, space, play area, and distance from others participating in illicit activity IMO), I’d love to see it modernized and spruced up.

  • Walter Pierce is not Fire Engine Park without a fire engine just like it can’t be Turtle Park (Friendship Heights Rec) without the concrete turtles.

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