“Villa Tuscana – fine Italian cuisine” is coming soon to (at least half) of the old Chief Ike’s space.”

1723 Columbia Road, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Villa Tuscana – fine Italian cuisine” is coming “soon” to (at least half) of the old Chief Ike’s space. at least according to the banner that’s up today.”

Back in December we reported a liquor license had been posted for Villa Tuscana:

“New Italian restaurant. Total Occupancy Load: 123. Inside seating for 99 patrons. Sidewalk Café seating 24 patrons. Entertainment Endorsement.”

Sounds like they’re getting – updates when we have an exact opening date.

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  • Let’s have a round of applause for one less vacant building on Columbia Road.

    • I wouldn’t get too excited. It’s owned and run by the owner of El Nuevo Migueleno next door- a real dump of a place that yields a lot of noise complaints from the neighborhood and ends up with a lot of fights on the front patio. Hopefully the place next door will be better and not ashady operation like its sister establishment which is suspected of being an undercover brothel.

    • Aren’t most of the vacant buildings on Columbia Road vacant only because they’re in the contiguous section that’s slated to be razed and turned into a multistory building with commercial units at street level and residential above?
      Columbia Road isn’t exactly suffering from vacant storefronts the way that (for instance) Georgia Avenue is.

  • About 17 years. I arrived in 99

    • So you decided to move in ‘next door’ to established bars in a neighborhood notorious for alcohol fueled nightlife and are complaining about the noise?

      If it’s a brothel report it to the cops. I once saw a notice on the window of the former Adams Mill alerting folks to this (kind of like the DOH notices about health code violations). Get a vice unit to investigate.

      • Yes, that’s correct.
        As long as a business is operating within whatever restrictions the city has put on them then there is of course no problem. It’s when the business fails to respect the terms of their operating license that causes strife. Commercial activity and residential buildings can certainly comingle in the same close proximity as long as everyone plays by the independently established rules. I’d say that is one of the factors that has made Adams Morgan such a successfully mixed neighborhood in that respect.

        • while certainly a false analogy, it’s like knowingly moving into a war zone and then complaining about the gunfire.
          contact the police, file noise complaints, contact your city council person. or after 17 years, just deal with it.
          that said, Adams Morgan is getting much better and quieter IMO

          • I agree. It is and always has been a great neighborhood both to live in and to go out in.
            Unfortunately the city isn’t very easy to work with on these types of issues and frankly it’s not really worth the headache to get worked up about it.
            I’ll be very curious to see how Villa Tuscana turns out. It would be good to have a descent restaurant in that stretch of Columbia between Ontario and Fuller. It’s a shame we lost the German place a little further down. It will also be interesting to see what comes into the end retail unit at the Ontario 17 building. The space seems to be a good size with a lot of potential as a coffee shop, quick serve restaurant, etc. I’m surprised it’s been empty so long.

  • agreed on all counts. + new place in former Pasta Mia is awesome.

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