Today’s Rental has “a private elevator to the roofdeck”

915 12th Street Ne Northeast

This rental is located at 915 12th Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Be the first to rent these beautiful 2 bed 2 bath condos! With a private elevator to the roofdeck, floor to ceiling windows, gorgeous hardwood flooring, custom kitchen and designer baths, these condos make the perfect home for anyone looking to live glamorously in the exciting H Street Corridor! Parking included. Pet friendly!”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $3,600/Mo.

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  • Live in a basement for only the monthly payment for a 800k mortgage! What a steal!

    • Not even 800k, My current mortgage of $500k is around $3,100 a month after taxes and insurance at only 4.99%…

      I really need to re-fi honestly though, just don’t want a higher payment. 🙁

      • Rates are at least 1% lower now; how would you end up with a higher payment without going to a 15yrs loan?

      • Tsar of Truxton

        Yeah, your monthly would definitely go down. I pay 2,585 (including taxes and insurance) with a 3.875 on 465k. With a re-fi you can get a better rate than what I have (currently like 3.5). I am considering refinancing again, but I’m hoping the market hasn’t bottomed out yet, so waiting a bit longer.

  • 3,600 for a 2br? And you are excited about having an elevator takijng you from your massively overpriced apt to the roof???? LOL. Wow….

  • Yeah thats an affordable price for a lot of people. Especially to live nowhere near a metro.

    • Is it really that far to the Noma Metro? And with Safetrack and the CF that is Metro, why is it so important? Regardless, this is a dumb price. So glad we bought; with Tito on our mortgage being far less than this for a 3Br house.

      • Ummm, in theory Metro will eventually get on the right track (yes, pun). Buying real estate is not a short term thing. And whether the Metro is a CF or not, there’s still hundreds of thousands of people a day that rely on it to get to work and is a very important part of the real estate market, whether you use it daily for commuting or not.

        • Oops, not buying – but same point applies. Being close to a Metro is a big perk – whether you use it frequently or not. I use the Metro 1-2 times a week – but it’s for things that I need it for (i.e. going to Verizon Center for a Caps game in January when I’m not walking/riding my bike). So being convenient to a Metro is still important to me.

          • Plus metro proximity means access to more bus lines, and more density which usually means more restaurants/retail, better safety, the city being more responsive to things like broken sidewalks and streetlights, etc.

          • Tsar of Truxton

            I know you are speaking generally, but in this case, the unit is close to H Street and FL Ave so restaurants/retail, bus lines, etc. are not really an issue. I also question whether metro has any correlation to safety. With Uber/Lyft, etc., I think proximity to metro is becoming less important to many people as long as they are in relative proximity to downtown. I used to use Metro to get everywhere, but now I never use it. Time is money, and Metro is too slow and unreliable, and often requires significant detours to get to and from stations. When I bought, it was still important to have proximity for resale purposes, but with an apartment, I think it probably impacts price less because many people don’t need it.

          • Uber and Lyft will never be a substitute for Metro. This is overpriced for H Street and it would be overpriced for a lot of 2 basement 2 bedrooms close to a Metro in more established areas. Basement 2 bedrooms are usually quite a bit cheaper than those above ground to buy (I was tempted by a couple I saw), so I suspect the owner is either greedy, bought badly, or is almost completely mortgaged on this unit. They also might be an investor, but could still be greedy or overdebted.

          • Tsar of Truxton

            Agree to disagree. From where I live, I can take an Uber pretty much any where I need to go door-to-door in air conditioning for $3-5. Metro would cost me $2, and add 30+ minutes to my trip and requires walking in the heat. I would rather not show up everywhere I am going looking like a sweaty mess. Couple that with minimal extra cost, and it is a no-brainer for me NOT to take metro (I live in a walkable distance to Red/Green/Yellow lines). This is a choice I make and it is obviously not the choice everyone makes, but you can’t say that Uber hasn’t changed the transportation market.

          • You’re assuming the Uber model is sustainable and will be around forever. I’m not so sure it will.

        • Agreed with JohnH — whether you use it yourself or not, a lot of people do use Metrorail and thus value proximity to a Metro station.

        • Tsar of Truxton

          Not really. This is a rental, so I am assuming that the Uber model will survive a year or even 3-4 years. As a renter, you don’t need to look 5+ years out. You are looking at what is convenient/necessary in the short term. This is no different than someone who buys or rents near a convenient metro stop for work and then switches jobs a year later, making it completely inconvenient.

      • maxwell smart

        Depends on the person. For me, proximity to metro is meaningless as I staunchly refuse to use it.

        • Must be nice to have a car and/or work that’s close by.

          • Or bike or take the bus.

          • maxwell smart

            @Anon – Nope. Bike. Bus. Drive. Cab. Walk. In that order. I live 5 miles from work and the nearest Metro is 1.25 miles away from my apartment. Since I would already have to take a bus to get to the Metro, might as well just stay on the far more reliable bus.

          • HaileUnlikely

            You know what happens when you assume, right? I have not owned a car since 1999, work downtown, live a couple blocks south of the Silver Spring border, and hardly ever use the metro. You’d cry like a little b!tch if you had to spend a week getting around the way that I do. So take that attitude and shove it.

          • Like I said– must be nice to have work close by! But I suspect your attitude would change if and when you change jobs.

          • Trust fund baby.

          • I would gladly trade in my Metro proximity for a bus that went to work! You’re a lucky guy/girl, ***.

          • It’s hilarious seeing the standard “metro proximity doesn’t matter!” people in these conversations explain how their commutes would be terrible with or without it. So who would possibly want to be close to a station?!

          • Tsar of Truxton

            No one has said that it doesn’t matter to anyone, but people are saying that it doesn’t matter to everyone. Those are two very different statements.

        • Of course it’s a bonus to be close to metro, but it’s one factor in a calculation of how good the location is, along with safety, schools, other transportation options, proximity to bars/restaurants/retail, etc. Logan circle/14th st is obviously one of the most desirable locations in DC and it is mostly a metro dead zone (unless you’re up closer to U or down near Mt vernon sq). Same with Bloomingdale. So I think it is probably a slightly less important factor in DC proper than it used to be, given the availability of uber/lyft and bikeshare, and the superior reliability (at least currently) of metrobus. In the abstract I would like for my house to be closer to a metro station (now about a 15min walk) but I would likely still bike/walk/bus/uber to work and most other places, since it’s more pleasant and reliable

      • prices are higher near metro. it must be a important to many people, despite the people here that don’t want to use it ever again.

  • Wait, is this next to those horrendous five floor town houses that had private elevators? What is with developers and private elevators on 12th St NE?

  • Were these condos actually ever sold by the developer? Or are they renting them out as there have been zero offers? Crazy expensive, but I personally like the design of the building. We seem to have a glut of overpriced three/four level condo buildings for sale in my neighborhood. Not to mention those atrocious four story tall townhouses next door to this development.

    • “Not to mention those atrocious four story tall townhouses next door to this development.”
      Those things are so ugly. I wonder if they’ve sold any

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