Today’s Rental has a “New faucet”

1727 4th Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1727 4th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Required good credit and income. Totally renovated luxury one bedroom apartment (bedroom, full bath, living room,dining room and kitchen) New paint, New counter top, New dishwasher, New stove, New faucet, Totally New Bathroom, new blinds. Tenant needs to pay Electric and gas, water is included in the rent.** Email LA for questions and Lease info **”

You can see more photos here.

This 760 sq ft 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,500/Mo.

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  • wow, this leasing agent and I have very different definitions of the word luxury. in my mind it means the kitchen is large enough to hold the fridge so it’s not sitting in a corner of the living room.

  • Yeah, the owner needs to renovate the kitchen so that there is room for a refrigerator INSIDE the kitchen, even if it means spending for a smaller counter-depth fridge, and/or removing walls to expand the kitchen area to accommodate a fridge.
    Not that some young person, planning not to stay too long, won’t rent it as it is, this town being what it is as far as rentals go.

    • That’s also a very good price, so yeah – somebody young will rent it. I had an agent show me an apartment once where every window looked out to a brick wall. And he had lots of applications.

      • I lived in an apartment like that once. My cactus died in the window.

      • I don’t doubt that SOMEONE will rent it, but I don’t know that the price is a good deal. I just moved out of a Bloomingdale English basement nearby with a much nicer reno and layout and paid just under $1500, all utilities included. Maybe we got lucky?

        • Definitely could be, but also depends where in Bloomingdale… this intersection can be iffy at night (and maybe the day?) but it’s definitely a lot closer to the metro than parts of Bloomingdale, so $$$.

  • Looking at Google Streetview, I’m pretty sure there was a Popville discussion about a rental in this building last year. Sadly, it looks like its improved since then.

    • I think it was, too. But who thinks installing dark green carpet is an “upgrade?” In the grand scheme of things, I’d prefer some cheap laminate to that room-darkening, outdated mess on the floor.

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