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  • interesting
    i would have expected them to stay where they were for quite some time
    esp after doing that build out with grant money
    also a surprise to me that the rent in a brand new building would be comparable (i assume as it would make business sense) to their current location

    • I imagine the rent could be less, or there are some incentives being thrown their way. This building is going to make the bulk of it’s money from the rentals. I’m sure they’re actively pursuing retail to locate in their building to make it more of a hot spot. The Shay has been doing the same thing – long term leases that are heavily subsidized for the first few years. There’s a reason why all of these stores decide to locate in one place, and it’s not because they all want to pay high rents!

  • It’s, uh, called “place making”. Like, get with it already, uh!

  • Their current space is pretty nice. I hope they can find another tenant

  • I hope they will get a wider door that is easier to get bike in and out through…sad they are moving farther from me! 🙁

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