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  • When did we start derisively calling rear additions, which exist on basically every 1920’s rowhouse and many a detached SFH, “pop backs”?

    • +1 This is a huge pet peeve of mine as well.

    • They’re pop-backs (and pop-ups) when they’re out of proportion to the house they’ve been added to and/or and out of proportion with neighboring structures. Otherwise, they’re additions. For most of the history of the city, additions were not out of scale with pre-existing structures. Once developers began to distort the buildings they were modifying and getting in the faces of the neighbors, a new term was coined.

      • I’ve never heard the term “pop back” or “pop up” used to describe an addition to a detached SFH. I’ve only heard it used to refer to rowhouses, and never heard it outside of DC.

  • That. Is. Gorgeous.

  • maxwell smart

    I kinda wish they had made less of an effort to make the new and old parts match and just celebrated that there was an existing house they added / modified. Quite a few examples of this scattered through Forest Hills that are, IMO, far more successful then this renovation.

  • Gorgeous, but that house needs a pool. Then I’ll take it!

    • I actually kept thinking I might see one eventually in the photos. I agree. A pool would make this perfect. The only other thing I could even find to complain about was the light fixture over the kitchen island, which looks like it fell out of the ceiling and is hanging by the wires.

      But otherwise I would kill all of you for this house. And immediately hire a live in maid to keep the fresh white everything in it clean.

  • I love that old white-washed brick. I understand why they painted over it, but it’s such a shame! Still, I’d take it.

  • This house looks “ok” to me – do people really think it’s aesthetically gorgeous though? I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but gorgeous? Really? Proportions and angles seem to compete with one another on the three distinct features that doesn’t seem to be particularly cohesive to me. (Note, I’m only talking about the exterior.)

  • Beautiful old house turned into a monstrosity.

  • Does anyone have $2,695,000 I can borrow?

    Love it. Looks great. The ONLY thing I could find if I were to pick nits would be what look like builder-grade floor vents. Yuck. Get the recessed ones that match the floors and stain them the same color as the floors.

  • While I am spending imaginary money, I’d prefer a bit of property for the price. And though I love the windows in the addition overall it is all too sleek and white and hard angles to imagine it feeling like a home.

  • Black X6, doors
    White X6, floors,
    looks like a panda

    Panda panda panda panda panda panda panda

  • I think this was in the most recent issue of Dwell – gorgeous!

  • Why can’t I have this house?

  • This house is Great! Have watched its progress for a long time, living on Reno might not be the best, but at least they did a good job using the house to shield the outdoor living space from the road. While typically I would hate stairs on the glass like that, why waste the glass with a stairwell, I think in this case it is a great move, a)it is the reno road side of the house. B) it serves as a bold transition from the old house to the new addition. Only thing that bothers me, and unfortunately I do a lot of them in my work, are the white washed floors, wood should be painted or look like wood, a naturally finished maple would have worked, I just feel like in a couple of years this trend is going to be as datable and brief as Avacodo Appliances

  • All that money and no one can detail a dormer? Looks like it was designed and built by kindergarteners. Art, craft and beauty is choked a little bit more in this town every day.

  • I hate the kitchen

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