RIP Radius Pizza (Again), Today’s the Last Day

3155 Mt Pleasant Street, NW

This is really terrible news for Mount Pleasant. Thanks to everyone who sent emails last night:

“This was just posted on their Facebook account and is terrible news.”


Radius Pizza first closed back in July of 2012 and then reopened under new management in October of that year. Updates when we learn what becomes of the space.

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  • Nooooo! Home of the best carry out pizza deal and super kid friendly!

  • samanda_bynes

    bummer. was my go-to post-zoo place.

  • It’s always a bit sad to see independent food and retail options go, but I won’t miss this one. I’ve been there twice and both times, the pizza crust was rock hard, the toppings were scant and bland, and when my unpicky drinker of a girlfriend tried to order a “Miller Lite or the closest thing you have to it,” the waiter gave the most condescending smirk I’ve ever seen and said, “Yeah, we don’t actually carry anything like that…I can give you an unfiltered peppercorn and coriander farmhouse saison from Middlebury, Vermont [or something along those lines].” I’m a huge beer-snob, and even I thought the guy was a pretentious prick.

    • 1. trashbags order miller lite. come on, man.

      2. That waiter was the best. Stone cold, made me miss nyc.

      3. They misspelled “our” .

      • and they confused the possessive (its) with the contraction (it’s).

      • Or maybe grammer-police who trash what other people drink while defending this place are the reason it sucked.

      • Where I come from, you order Miller Lite when you’re thirsty. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just more like “water alcohol.” Liking good beer and drinking Miller Lite aren’t mutually exclusive.

        • samanda_bynes

          they are when you’re a popville pseudo-snob.

        • Nothing against shitty beer, but I never understood those who pay an extra couple of dollars for a Miller Lite instead of getting a Natty Boh/PBR/etc for cheaper. “I want some shitty beer, but I don’t want it on the cheap please!”

          • samanda_bynes

            natty boh is indeed the go-to

          • DC CapHill

            Because when you’re not discriminating in your preferred 4.2% swill of choice, always reach for the best…the Boh!

            The employee response made me laugh a little, although my mind did not point to a “farmhouse saison” as the closest comp, but rather, a warm glass of DC tap.

            Sorry, just saying.

    • Well, I worried about that last week when I tried to get a pizza delivered on a Tuesday and was told they were only doing deliveries Thursday-Saturday. Seemed essential for a pizza place to deliver, at least to nearby addresses, regardless of the day.

  • This is a big disappointment. The pizza was by no means amazing but they made a decent pie by DC standards. Now bring back the Red Bean!

  • Good luck Matt!

  • Its the details that our important to survive as a business

  • Lived in Mt. P for 3+ years and ate/got take out here a decent amount. Always liked the vibe, especially sitting at the bar and having a couple while your pizza was made, but I never went in and saw it even close to full. Not surprising, but still a bummer since now the only pizza option in Mt. P is ordering from the Domino’s on 14th or 7/11 (not great choices…)

    • DC doesn’t have much in regards to good pizza. Artisan pies tend to suck. Quite frankly aside from 2 Amy’s, there is not a single pizza place in the city I would put above your run of the mill pizza place in New York City.

      • Have you been to Wise Guys on 4th/Mass? They sell awesome chicken ranch pies!

        • Yes. It is ok. They sell by the slice which is nice. But have you ever heard the statement that pizza is like sex? Even when it is bad, it is still good? This describes wise guys. The sauce is garbage. and the crust tends to be soaked. But I still will crush a slice or two from there.

        • I am also of the belief that ranch is not a condiment to be enjoyed with pizza. That is sadder than a freaking greek tragedy.

      • This is one of the most boring possible DC opinions.

      • @ Brian…. Do you really believe that? If so, you have taste buds that challenge comprehension… I actually feel sorry for you. The old trope about DC and pizza is absurd now… there are plenty of places around town that are quite good even by the vaunted (and overrated) NY standard.

        • Thank you for stating this so clearly. To me, it’s like the old complaint that DC is nothing more than a steakhouse town. Maybe true at one point, but not in 2016.

          Just off the top of my head: Menomale, Etto, 2 Amys, Ghibellina, Wiseguys, All Purpose, Paradiso (haven’t been in years though)…

          • Tsar of Truxton

            Graffiato, Bacio, and Italian Pizza Kitchen on U (not late night) aresome others that are quite good.

        • Like what? (Not being facetious, I’d really like some options.) I’m from Chicago and miss good pizza. And I don’t mean deep dish.

        • Bryan actually.

          Etto is ok. Wiseguys (see above). Paradiso is probably the most overrated in DC. They focus way too much on the dough. Their ratio of dough to sauce and cheese is waaaay off. Never been to Menomale or All Purpose. Ghibellina reminded me of Redrocks. Which is utterly forgettable.

        • I used to think this too, but on a recent trip to New York a friend roped me in to going on a pizza tour (check out Scott’s Pizza Tour – sounds corny but I seriously recommend it! You learn the history, how the dough affects the crust, etc). New York pizza is head and shoulders above just about anything you can get in DC.

          And I don’t man to pull an “oh, such and such is SO much better in New York,” which I agree, is a tired cliche. But in this case, it really is true.

          • randomduck

            …and New Haven apizza (Frank Pepe, Sally’s, Modern) shows New York who’s the real boss. There’s no comparison: the real New Haven stuff is better than anything New York City can produce. Just my $0.02…


            DC pizza is DC pizza. Some is quite good (e.g. Pete’s, Vace, and the to-my-experience overrated 2 Amy’s and Paradiso), much is quite so-so, some is crap. you can say the same about NYC, New Haven, Philly, Chicago, wherever.

      • Why do people always seem to bring up 2 Amys, which is well past its prime/novelty. The original Radius came as part of a wave of places that lifted DC pizza out of its drek and (at best) mediocrity. Sadly, we’ve sunk back into it as good places decline and awful stuff like &pizza grow like fungus. Radius was great in the day, but that day was quite a long time ago.

    • Angelico’s is fine (just up the street). But not a place you can sit at of course…

    • There’s Angelico’s in Mt Pleasant, and Pete’s Apizza in Columbia Heights.

  • Have been a big fan of radius under both owners. Can’t thank Matt enough for feeding our fam over the years. They even hosted our kid’s birthday. Truly a neighborhood spot. They worked hard and had a great run. Best of luck to whatever they do next.

  • Just to make it clear, they are not closing due to lack of business. The owner and his family are moving over seas to retire/run a small hotel/B&B.

    • Awesome! Good to know they’re moving on to a new adventure!
      And I’d love to know where the B&B is located in case I’m in the neighborhood 🙂

    • Then why did they announce their closing only a day before? That makes no business sense. Radius is a bit of an institution in the neighborhood and if they’d let people know, they would’ve have a lot more business from people — like us — wanting to go one last time before it closed.

      • They announced it on a chalkboard the day before. I know they have openly talked about it for months now… plus disputes with the building owner over problems in their basement made it an easy call.

  • anyone who trashes Miller Lite drinkers probably has an ill-advised beard, too tight pants, wears a winter hat in the dead of summer and gets caught up in short lived fads in then name of individuality.

    • I just don’t understand why people pay for Miller Lite when they can have a perfectly refreshing, and much tastier, Miller High Life for a little less.

    • In other words, he’s most likely drop dead gorgeous.

  • Rest in pizza.

  • Bad news for those who love yummy local pizza. Worse news for copy editors who are blinded by the typos.

  • Godspeed! Thanks for improving Mt. Pleasant.

  • What do I do with all my Radius fridge magnets now?

  • Having had been a renter in the building the problem stems from Greg Nicholas from JGJ properties. He’s a slum lord. He has zero idea how to keep tenant. Look at Tonic, Radius #1, and Radius #2. He’s the worst. Check out the basement of the building it has mice and rats. It’s amazing the health department never said anything. I guess that’s what happens when you shake hands and kiss babies. Greg is a scam artist. Having been a tenant. I know his ways. Good luck renting that space. I give Purple Patch 2 years till they run out of cash. So glad I learned about him early on and didn’t feed into his BS.

    • When someone above referred to ‘problems in the basement’, rodents and backed up sewage came to mind.

  • Oh no! I saved up 20 magnets!

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