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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Its my birffffday today! Excited to go out for drinks with a small group of friends, and then head out of town on the long weekend.

  • Rant: There are some rants, but the raves are outweighing them today.
    Rave: Focusing on myself and what I want. It’s great, but I need to work on patience in the meantime. Living in the middle of change (and telling yourself to think of it as change, not just uncertainty) is quite tiring.
    Rave: Julia’s Empanada with a friend last night, and seeing others good people tonight. People build life.
    Revel: In about 50 hours I’ll be in the middle of my family! I need to see them more.

  • maxwell smart

    RAVE: Seeing the tow-truck on 16th this morning ticketing and towing people illegally parked during rush hour. Finally! I doubt a lesson will be learned, but whatever.
    RANT: Woke up this morning with a huge pain in my neck. I really need a concierge massage therapist to come to my office and work on my neck and shoulders. Or maybe get one at lunch.

  • Rant: Middle Anonachild has been having night terrors. These are very rough on me, and the other kids who hear it, but in typical fashion, she has no memory whatsoever of them and is completely fine the next day. I’m hoping this is just a short-lived thing.
    Rant: Have been in commuting hell this week. This is definitely spurring my thoughts on job searching.
    Rave: There seem to be a great number of positions in my field and preferred area right now.

    • That One Guy

      As long as it’s not night terrors and bed wetting things are, relatively, okay, right?

      • No night wetting, and all else has been fine. I have two thoughts on likely causes, one, a medication she takes (the most likely culprit), and two, the start of the school year. I had night terrors as a child too, and I have heard there is a hereditary component to them. I’m hoping they subside soon, and if not, we’ll go from there.

    • Oh yuck on the night terrors. That sounds awful. I’m guessing a white noise machine isn’t enough to help the other kids. I’m so sorry. Perhaps they are triggered by the routine changes of the move + school starting? I hope they are, indeed, short lived. Sleep disturbances are yucky, especially if they then affect the rest of the household too.

      • Oh no, white noise does not help at all. They seem to occur when she is first asleep, probably within 30 or so minutes of doping off, and the other kids tend to still be awake. I usually go and lay with her and calm her down, and usually it takes just a few minutes and she’s quiet and fast asleep. Last night, it took longer to calm her down, and she was doing the weird thing where she was talking and opening her eyes, but she’s completely out cold. It’s so very weird and unsettling.

        • Oh yuck. But I’m glad it’s not in the middle of the night–so at least their ability to get consolidated sleep isn’t affected. But yes, super unsettling.

    • We never figured out what caused night terrors with ours, but it was a relatively brief phase, thank heavens. We joked that they were contagious… it took me ages to get back to sleep, with the racing heart and adrenaline surge of being woken up by a child shrieking in unfeigned terror. And of course *I* remembered it. :/

  • Rant: Dad needs to get some bloodwork & an MRI done because while double vision can be a complication associated with shingles, it is a rare one. And really, the double vision thing just sucks.
    Rant: General anxiety this morning. Dad’s health, mtpkiddo’s transition to PK3+after care, bus to & from school, etc.
    Rave: Felt nice when we walked out of the house this morning. And we were on time, as well! So that’s something.
    Rant: Mtpbaby is off his game, sleep-wise. Ugh. I hope settling into our new schedule helps.

    • How is kiddo doing in school so far? Sometimes I feel like transitions are harder on us that it is on them!!

      • The first two days were pretty good, but then she had a nasty stomach bug over the weekend and was out Monday-Tuesday. Today, she was incredibly reluctant to get on the bus and cried as soon as she was strapped in. The bus was new this week, and after care will be new as well since neither were available last week. Hopefully we’ll hit our stride by the end of the week.

    • Oh I understand the generalized anxiety. Best of luck with the transition. And I hope your dad’s health is ok.

  • Rave: Vacation starts today. First real vacation with the bf.
    Rant: So much to do before I depart for said vacation.
    Question: At what point- do people discuss finances in a relationship? Currently live apart, but potential to move in together in next several months. Also- what is fair/open/need to know- questions in regards to each other finances.

    • Andie302

      Enjoy the vacation! I don’t know if I would discuss finances while I was traveling, but definitely before you move in together. I think how you’ll handle joint expenses (both logistics of how they get paid, and who pays what percentage) are helpful to know before sharing a place. Also, if you have different styles of handling your money (savers vs. spender) it’s helpful to talk through that. If your financial positions are very different, I’d say a discussion to get that out in the open is a must. Hope this helps!

    • I’m not quite at that point, but I’ve been thinking about it and doing some reading. There’s good stuff out there, and they usually recommend starting broadly with your attitude about money (spender? saver? budgeter?), your long term plans and how money plays a role, and other big picture stuff before you go into specifics about budgeting for rent and groceries, etc.

      Enjoy the vacation!

    • I think you start to notice finances in the first few months of a relationship–spending habits at the very least. As far as the conversation? I don’t think there’s a reason to talk about it unless you’re moving in together. So if you’re potentially moving in together in several months I’d do it in the next few months. It’s fair to talk about bills, debt, and salary (ballpark, not necessarily exact amount) so you can figure out how to split things. Will you get a joint account and pay joint things from there or keep things completely separate? Will you split the rent evenly? Groceries, utils, etc.

    • We discussed money in general terms form the first months of dating, which was a refreshing change from past relationships. Partner had a ballpark figure in terms of my debt, etc., before we moved in together. And we opened the books in nitty, gritty detail after living together for about a year and before we got married.

      • Hmm debt is a good point – I think it’s a really good idea to disclose debt before moving in together.

        • Definitely – no one wants to pool resources or make a long-term commitment and then realize that one’s partner has a serious credit card spending problem!

    • Disagree with others. Moving in together requires knowing who is paying what for household expenses (rent, utilities, groceries), nothing else. Unless one subsidizing the other by paying more than 50% of the expenses, you can think of it like roommates. If one needs to pay more, then a discussion about how it works needs to be had. Moving in together does not necessarily mean combining your finances and debts – and I would not recommend it at this point, as long as it is clear you can both be self-sustaining, or clear about the various percentages of household expenses you will each be paying. The rest is a marriage issue.
      Now, if moving in together is in your mind a prelude to marriage, then I would suggest that you have full disclosure about finances as part of that discussion before deciding to move in together – but clearly you’ve already decided to do this without having that discussion. It sounds to me like you are afraid to, for whatever reasons. Face your fears – earlier is better than later.

    • We started talking about it right around when we started talking about moving in together. The initial discussions were thoughts on budget (what’s the maximum each of us could afford? how much would we prefer to pay?) and how to split living expenses (50/50? proportional to income? something else?). We picked a plan and then revisited it after living together for a few months to see if we were ok with it all and still on the same page.
      For us, moving in was the last half-step before getting engaged, so our financial conversations got more detailed from here to cover debt (particularly large outstanding debt) and repayment strategies, investments, savings, long-term goals, general outlook regarding debt, etc. We’ve also shared some more details on what accounts we have, their balances, and income. We revisit bits and pieces of these a few times a year, if it hasn’t already come up in casual conversation. We both already had a habit of individually keeping track of our finances and regularly re-evaluating goals, so now we just share the information with each other.
      It’s a little awkward at first, and maybe we’re weird, but the finances discussion wasn’t a big deal. If you Google it there’s tons of sites with suggested questions to ask before moving in together, both financial and otherwise. Even though it’s marriage-focused, I liked the questions listed on A Practical Wedding, there were a bunch I’d never thought of.

  • Rant: I think I must be having another life crisis. Has anyone ever walked away from the good-paying job and the house to just start over in another (cheaper) place? My husband and I are seriously considering this and it’s so scary, but continuing as we are just seems untenable. He wants to go back to school and I just want to stop sending so much money out of the house every month to keep up. Blech.
    Rave: Cooler weather walking in this morning, I know it will be nasteeee later today, but I am enjoying the slow creep into fall.
    Rave: Virgo-season!!!

    • That doesn’t sound like a life crisis at all.. it sounds financially responsible and sounds like you’re wanting to take action to a) be happy with your job/and living situation and b)to save a little more $ – nothing wrong with that.

      • I’m really happy in DC, to the point where I doubt I’ll ever leave, but even I’ve entertained thoughts of moving somewhere cheaper. I think we all have!

    • My husband and I are in the same situation as you, thinking about pulling up stakes and starting over somewhere else (somewhere cheaper). We’re mulling it over, trying to figure out if it’s a “grass is green” problem or a move we should seriously consider.

    • Sort of, though not at the same time. Focusing on the move, we just moved out of DC to a much cheaper area. I miss DC, but I’m glad I moved. Plus, for what I’m paying for a 5 bedroom house, I would get maybe a condo in DC?! Everything is cheaper, from gas to groceries, and I have been happier. Good luck with your decision!

    • My husband and I are right there with you – we have solid plans to move away in about a year and a half. Good luck figuring it out, we’re really excited now that the decision has been made!

    • Kind of, but we went somewhere that’s still expensive, but IMO cheaper in other ways. It also came out of nowhere because my wife was recruited. We both had good paying jobs in DC, but it was a grind and my wife worked a lot of hours in a stressful job. So we decided to take the plunge even though I wouldn’t have a job for months, or possibly up to a year. Pros: Wife is significantly happier, makes more money, works less hours, we both had cars and were able to get rid of them, we save a ton more now, and have more time together Cons: Starting over (in my case, in a new country), the ups and downs of finding a new job and it taking a little longer than I thought it would, making new friends

    • BF and I are doing just this. We’re moving to a city I’ve only been to once. It’s in the Midwest and a hell of a lot cheaper than here. We just rented a place that’s twice as big and less than half the cost of our place in DC. We were lucky enough to get jobs fairly easily. He’s already there and I leave in 2 weeks. It’s scary but really is doable! Good luck figuring out what y’all want to do!

    • Thanks for your responses, this makes the whole issue seem less daunting! I think I’m a bit too much in my head about all of it, I also own two properties here and have a little one in daycare to add to the complexity, but I know it can be done. Many of my close friends aren’t even in the area anymore, so I won’t be missing out on that. I’m so drawn to the possibility of not spending soooo much money just to maintain a lifestyle here!

    • I did it and did not have the best results. To me, the job continuity was key. I managed to find a job in the new city; it was not a great choice, but I talked myself into it in order to make the move possible. So, I ended up unhappy anyhow, in a new way, which after four years became a broad enough depression that I really felt the only resolution was to retreat back to DC, which is home base. BUT, because of the bad-fitting job, I have never been able to get back on the career track I was on, and in fact have left that career behind and fallen into a whole new thing, which is fine but not great. And I am still paying grad school loans for the former career, and back living in a too-expensive place.

      So, based on my experience, I would say do it carefully. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you have to take any job just to survive. Make sure your chosen field is available in the new place. Arrange things before you move. Be honest with yourself. Don’t burn bridges.

      (The positive side is I spent four years in an interesting part of the country that I got to explore a lot, in ways I never would as a visitor. That is not all bad.)

      • +1. I’ve considered leaving DC but would never, ever quit my (very) decent paying job without something else lined up. Never. The job market, while a bit improved over the last 5 years, is far too competitive these days to been that impulsive, IMHO.

    • Have quit a few jobs without another one when they just became intolerable – would not otherwise, as it was financially difficult, but intolerable is intolerable (not just hate the job). Also quit a good job to move to another city to go back to school full-time, after considering keeping said job and going at night. Again, financially harder, but it seemed like the right decision professionally – it worked out, but I’ll never know how the other choice would have worked out – could have been better, could have been worse. You make your decisions and you go on from there.
      You need to focus on 1) your job situation and 2) where your husband will get into school if he goes that route. Don’t move until you have both a school acceptance for him and a new job for you in the new place – as you don’t really know where that place is going to be, and you have to have both things (school and job) line in the same place. You can work on them simultaneously (school and job applications) and then move.
      The places with the most best schools and most better-paying jobs are going to be in cities that are more expensive than other places, if not as expensive as DC – that’s why places are expensive to live in. That isn’t a reason not to move – just something to factor in.
      You can reduce your expenses by moving to different places in this vast region. Mainly it involves generally living in less space. For more space, you live further out and have longer commutes – but that adds up to spending more in gas and tolls, and your goal is to spend less. Also not ideal to extend your workday with a long commute if you have a small child. But you could sell the house, move to a cheaper – even if renting while you are applying to move to another city – while perhaps also applying for schools/jobs around here in case that works out best for you all. You can also takes lots of steps to reduce spending without trying to keep up with anyone without moving.
      At some point sooner or later you will have to think about the public schools in a given home location for you child – or about making enough to send said child to private schools if the location does not support a good school.
      Changing all the above is not impossible – people do it all the time – just take it one step at a time.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: My new source of rants for weeks to come!
    Rant: I discovered two more houses IDGI Sr and his wife owns. Maybe this isn’t a rant but I only knew about the first three!
    Rant: Her son lives in one of the new discoveries. I’m sure as I make my way through all the accounts, I’ll find rent payments, right?
    Rave: The Wells Fargo banker who called me yesterday! IDGI Sr was there and was having trouble comprehending some of the things she was telling him so he asked her to call me. She was very helpful and even gave me a password I did not have yet. She was concerned because she thought double payments were being made to the electrical company and the water company.
    Rant: As I explored online later, I realize the extra payments each month are to pay one of the daughter’s electric and water bills.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Wow, when my grandfather died, my mother and aunt found all kinds of bank accounts they didn’t know about, but no extra houses.
      Also, her family should be ashamed of themselves, but we all know they won’t be.

      • I Dont Get It

        Haha before anyone starts thinking we are wealthy I need to remind folks that 3 of these houses are in Seniorville, FL. For instance House #3 is one they bought a few doors down from them for $6000 (yes you read that right) that a hoarder had been living in. IDGI SR has been renovating it by himself and has put in 1200 square feet of new flooring, new kitchen cabinets and counters, new bathroom fixtures, paint, etc. The only thing he didn’t do was install the new roof. He’s hoping to flip it for around $42K since it has one of the best views of the park overlooking the lake (lot rent is $600 month). I stayed in it while I was there and it was very comfortable and has a nice lanai where we could spy the lake gator each morning.

        • I Dont Get It

          BTW Seniorville, FL is a concept not an actual place. I don’t want y’all bugging Mr. Google trying to find it.

    • Holy sh!t that sounds insane, IDGI. I think you are handling things with aplomb, because my head would have exploded about 15 incidents ago!

    • You’re a good guy, IDGI.

    • That One Guy

      Maybe at some point you can hand off things to an estate planner/trustee so that you can take a break.

    • Wow, what a mess. I’m so sorry.

      • I Dont Get It

        Well yes it is messy but I was in banking for 20+ years so its not like I am out of my element here.

        • Oh good. I’m glad you at least have the tools for dealing with it all. But still, your dad is lucky to have you getting everything squared away for him.

    • So, what are you going to do about the water and electric payments for the daughter? And the son living in the house likely rent free? The first is easy to deal with, if you choose to. The second, a lot tougher.

      • That has to be IDGI Sr’s decision, no? I’m all for making other people make the hard choices!

        • Yes, of course – meant the plural you. I just want to know how it turns out! And IDGI, I am sorry you, and your father, have to deal with this, but you have a way of spinning this awfulness that is very entertaining. That, plus my tendency to get ruled up when people are taken advantage of, makes me look forward to your posts every day. I feel a little bad about it, but there it is.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: just not feeling work today, I hope it’s slow.
    Rave: had a great meal at Afghan Grill last night with Quotia Zelda.
    Thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: I love my brother-in-law, but he’s acting like a man-child.
    Rant: Also, Mr. Zelda, why do I know about BIL’s shenanigans? Boundaries!
    Rant: Both Mr. Zelda and his brother seem to be exhibiting some midlife crisis symptoms. No, Mr. Zelda, you should NOT replace the car you bought 6 months ago.
    Rave: At least their sister is still sane.

  • Rave: Feeling great about the upcoming 3 day weekend which is lifting my spirits. Maybe its the fact that I am finally getting to spend time with a good friend on Thursday evening for dinner.

    Rant: Getting near the end of my 20’s and finding that friends are becoming less available to hang with? Why is this.. advice anyone? No one goes out anymore, we used to go out all the time. Maybe its because they are in long term relationships and I’m single? Oh well. Not looking to get married anytime soon, maybe I should find some friends younger than me to hang out with, so many things going on this summer I’d like to have a bit of fun, is that too much to ask?

    • I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, it gets worse. As a mid-30’s gal, I am the definition of a loner. So many friends but so many priorities- Marriages, babies, school, work etc. But, there’s so many things to do in this city solo so don’t worry too much.

      • Thank you for the honesty and perspective SWChick. Never been one to do things alone, this makes me a bit sad, oh well. You have great priorities though, children are indeed a blessing.

        • That One Guy

          Try to take this as an opportunity to delve into yourself and figure out what it is you truly enjoy/ appreciate. I feel like the 20s are a time where people go with the flow and do things because others say are good/fun/etc. but it’s in your 30s where you really discern things for yourself and find that you do things for your own pleasure. Shrug.

        • “Never been one to do things alone, this makes me a bit sad, oh well”
          Now is a great time to start! I guarantee you’ll learn things about yourself that you really need to know.

        • No children for me. lol or marriage. I was just listing things that come up as you get older. I am like you, the single friend. Also, volunteering (if you’re in to that sort of thing) is a great way to meet new friends. Becoming a regular at your neighborhood bar may help as well:-)

    • skj84

      Try Meetup if you are looking for new friends with common interests. Do you have any core friends you can easily rely on? Maybe your focus should be on quality rather than quantity. Thats where I’m at right now with my friend group.

    • I’m 33 and I still have a ton of friends around my age (both older and younger) who go out constantly. (many of them are single, some are not, but none of them have kids.) It might be less common than 20-somethings but they definitely exist, especially in DC. I have had the best luck finding friends who share my interests: 1) by joining my college alumni association and going to events sponsored by them, 2) at my gym and at local running groups, 3) at shows and bars, 4) through taking a language class (although presumably you can make friends in any type of class) and 5) through other friends. During a phase of my life when I had a lot of friends move away, I took a second job in the service industry and made tons of friends doing that (both coworkers and customers), plus I made money!

      • and also, one of my favorite things to do is take a crossword puzzle to a bar by myself. I feel like I always end up talking to other people when I’m by myself at a bar and not staring at my phone.

      • I’m in the same boat. I’m actually in my early 40’s and I’ve found a great group of friends who go out often. Married, single, kids, no kids, it’s just people who prioritize their friends. They are out there, good luck!

    • I was thinking this myself recently, so you’re not alone. I’m lucky to still have a couple of close friends in DC who are also single and usually available, but many others have drifted away in the past few years. I’m also pretty shy so trying to find new friends is stressful, but I’ve had some luck with the Welcome to DC group on Facebook.

    • Part of it’s long-term relationships, part of it’s job progression (as you advance in your career it’s more important to be sharp in the morning, which counsels against late weeknights), part of it’s just people’s interests changing. As SWChick said, when the kids start this phenomenon is going to accelerate.

    • also late 20s, same phenomenon. my wife and I do not want children, so people fizzle out as they have kids.

  • Rant: Dealing with a partner who is having a tough time and doesn’t know what he wants from a previously great relationship. Do I stay? Do I go? Do I try to just be there for him at my own expense? I guess it will all make sense in a few years.
    Rave: Making plans for myself
    Rave: getting back into the running game (treadmill) and super sore today as a result
    Rant: Woke up for the gym but was too sore to go
    Rave: going after work
    Rave: An amazing boss who saw my stress yesterday (part dude and part work) and asked to take me out for coffee.

    Have a great day everyone.

    • What do you want from the previously great relationship? If partner’s situation doesn’t improve, are you willing to stay? For how long? Have you talked to partner about it? Is partner’s willingness to acknowledge a problem and work on it enough to keep you invested?

      Lots of open-ended questions, I know. I stayed in a relationship with someone who was severely depressed and not sure about his commitment to me for far longer than I should have. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing the work to feel like you have tried. But at the same time, you can stay in the relationship and still draw some boundaries that make it so staying isn’t at your own expense. I don’t know the details of what your partner is dealing with but setting those limits and taking care of yourself (still going out and seeing friends, exercising, therapy, recognizing that you can’t fix/save the other person, etc.) is crucial whether you decide to stay or leave.

  • Rave: blew off my workout last night (dumb, I know) to hang out with my roommie, totally worth it.
    Rant: So tired when I woke up that I felt like I was going to throw up or something. I really, really need to be getting more sleep. But the millions of sirens that seemed to be going off last night + the dog that wouldn’t stop barking kept me up!
    Rant: soooo much to do at work and I’m feeling almost paralyzed trying to figure out where to start.
    Rave: Best friend who knows me so well – she and her hubby sent me a bunch of birthday gifts that seem to reflect all the things they can’t do now that they have kids – candles, a swear-word coloring book, adult beverages! I love them!

  • RAVE: I love my job
    RANT: I was really mean to my boyfriend last night. I woke up feeling bad
    RAVE: Silent Disco in Dupont Saturday
    RANT: Teddy Bridgewater tore his ACL. I tore my ACL when I was 18 and 3 surgeries later, I’m still not the same. Can the Vikings catch a break?
    RANT: My coworker talks with food in his mouth all day long. He eats ALL DAY LONG. Uses speaker phone, grunts and sings. ALL DAY LONG. I really want to let him know how loud he is and that it is super distracting. Hes a nice guy I may give it a try.

    • That One Guy

      So what your saying is that if your co-worker choked on the food he’s eating you’d (i) know right away that something is wrong by the silence and (ii) contemplate helping him because while a nice guy he’s annoying. =P

      • lol!! I’d def help though and when there’s silence, I know hes in a meeting. I take a deep sigh of relief and take my headphones out to let my ears breathe lol

    • On your first Rant, did you admit to your boyfriend that you were being intentionally mean?

      On your last Rant, maybe take a comical approach since he probably knows that he does all of those things and is a “nice” guy

      • Part1: Yes, I told him I was being mean and apologized. He hasn’t always been the nicest to me but he is trying. He accepted my apology but I still feel a bit crummy. *shrugs*
        Part2: I’ve only been in this office for 2 months so I’m trying to make sure he doesn’t think I’m being the picky new girl. Knowing me, I wont be able to wait much longer.

        • “He hasn’t always been the nicest to” you – and you feel bad for (I’m guessing) finally snapping and not dealing with it? I think this may be an important aspect of his personality/your relationship to explore and decide what you can live with or want to put up with.

          • +1. my thoughts exactly. everyone has their moments but if they are often or intentional than it could be a bigger issue….

          • *then. my brain today. oof.

          • Not my place but unsolicited relationship advice is generally the worst. You dont know him or anything about their relationship to be pointing out what she may “want to explore and decide what you can live with or want to put up with” imo.

            I would hate if someone gave that opinion to my wife without knowing me or us…

          • no worries all. I just feel bad for snapping.

          • @stacksp – that’s totally fair, but why else would you post something like that, if you weren’t looking for advice? If you post something here you’re 100% opening it up to others commenting on it (just like I’m totally ok with you disagreeing, that’s how this works). It’s just not a very usual thing for someone to say in a good relationship, that their partner isn’t very nice to them. If my husband ever said that to anyone about me (that I wasn’t very nice to him) I’d for sure want someone to point out that that’s not good, and hopefully that would open the door for him to discuss it with me.

          • + to eggs. “He hasn’t always been the nicest to me” definitely raised red flags/alarm bells for me too.
            No one knows what the inside of someone else’s relationship is like… but that one sentence made me think of those times when you read a letter to Carolyn Hax, and the letter-writer describes what Hax and most (all?) of then readers clearly recognize as an unhealthy, abusive relationship. And it’s only the letter-writer who doesn’t realize it and is trying so hard to placate a partner who will never be placated.

  • Rave: Coworker that I’ve been having issues with since June may, just may, be leaving us soon! It’s not my doing but still, feeling slightly vindicated. Don’t piss off the office admin!
    Rant: REALLLLLLLY ready to be done with this job, but waiting on job offer for fiance. If – and when – this job comes, it will entail three months of training, which means no moving until whenever that’s finished…ugh, that’s a long time to stick this out. ESPECIALLY when he’s away for three months…I might just quit and work at Starbucks during that time.
    Rant: Fiance’s parents drove to meet my mom this weekend, and apparently they decided on some wedding things for us. Umm, NOPE, not gonna happen. I don’t care WHAT you decided on, it’s not for you to decide without our input.
    Rant: My ex-boyfriend shows up in my dreams almost once a week! Argh! I definitely do NOT want to be with him…but can’t figure out why this is happening. Unfinished business? Need to make this stop.

    • the WEIRDEST people show up in my dreams. Sometimes its just your brain firing on the wrong cylinders. I try not to read too much into it!

      (says the girl who looked at her monthly horoscope not 20 minutes ago…)

    • That has happened to me during times of change/stress. Definitely happened when I was engaged. I wouldn’t worry about it!

      • +1. This happened to me a lot when I was engaged, after I got married, and while I was pregnant. I think it is normal – just your subconscious mind processing all the changes.

  • No verified contact info for landlord, and property manager is virtually mia (no online presence, phone never answered, emails unanswered, but maintenance requests are being closed out without being addressed). Dcra is scheduled for an inspection; anything else I should do?

  • Rave: Got a little affordable studio apartment in Lanier Heights! Yay! And they said I can get a cat. 🙂 Hoping it won’t be too loud since it’s on the first floor just behind the front desk, but beggars can’t be choosers and the location is really convenient for work. Moving in late September!
    Rave: Excited and procrastinating at work this morning by looking up apartment stuff I’ll need to buy.
    Rant: It’ll be a very expensive month!

    • Congrats! My first DC apartment was a sweet little studio in Lanier Heights and I LOVED it. You can walk everywhere, but the neighborhood is quiet and I loved being near the zoo and the park.

    • I second Pixie’s congrats! That’s awesome!

      • Thank you both! I’m very excited. 🙂 One person living in the building warned me there have been some muggings recently and I should avoid one side of a street nearby, but it seems like it’s a pretty fine area overall (definitely better than where I lived in Columbia Heights a few years ago). I was just taken aback that it was one of the only things she said to me. I’ll be near a lot of friends and things to do and I’m really looking forward to that. I hadn’t realized how close the back entrance of the zoo was, which will be great – love the zoo!

        • Ah, yeah, I think that’s a risk on many more secluded streets (especially with parks, etc.) But I would just stay alert and not walk home TOO late and you’ll be fine.

        • Yeah, those side streets are kinda secluded and dark at night. If I was walking home late at night alone I stayed on busier streets as much as I could (for example, walking on Columbia Road instead of Lanier Place) and never walked with my headphones on, or just used uber/taxi. I never had any problems.

        • I’ve had a few friends who were mugged on the side streets in Lanier Heights during the late nights in the previous 5 years, with one of them being hospitalized. Please consider taking an Uber to your front door if it’s past 10pm. The area isn’t a war zone (i.e., shootings are extremely rare), but the dark quiet streets are a magnet for petty criminals who escape back to 14th Street corridor in Columbia Heights. It’s been a problem for a very long time.

          • topscallop

            Taking an uber to your door is unfortunately not a sure-fire way to avoid muggings; two separate muggings happened in Shaw/Bloomingdale last Saturday night of people going from their house to an uber or vice versa. Stay safe out there!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Congratulations on the new place!

    • PDleftMtP

      Always good to be careful, but if you’re talking about the part by the side of the zoo and Walter Pierce Park it’s not that bad. I’ve walked it a billion times and there are usually people around unless it’s super, super late. It’s a big city and don’t be foolish, but also don’t think you’ve just moved to a war zone.

      And congrats on the new place! I spent nearly 20 years in various spots just north of there and loved it.

      • Oh, definitely – I’ve been here a long time and by no means think I’ve moved to a war zone. 🙂 Just thought I would double check what the PoPulace knew about the area since it was brought up to me and I’m not as familiar with those side streets.
        Thanks so much!

    • Congrats! Welcome to the neighborhood! Do you mind sharing what areas the muggings have been in? I think I can figure out what side of the street she was referring to (guessing it was on Columbia)

    • Congratulations – and I have some absolutely wonderful foster kittens for you!!! Super sociable, loving, snuggly & beautiful!! http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/pet/5757649221.html

  • skj84

    Rave: Back home. Vacation was wonderful but I missed my bed. My sister’s sofa bed wasn’t working so I had to share the bed with her. She has a really firm mattress, and no AC in her room. I did not sleep well at all the entire trip.
    Rave/Rant: Lots of changes at home, my new roommate moves in today, and we have a new dog. I haven’t met the roommate, I really hope we hit it off. Its a lot to take in at once.

  • Rave – Woke up early, took the dog for a nice walk, made myself a real breakfast, and packed my lunch for later. I am winning at adulting today.
    Rant – Job search and waiting to hear back from places. Trying hard not to get my hopes up, but getting my hopes up anyway, and then getting disappointed.

  • Anyone got recs on Spain? Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona. Food, activities, sites, any and all suggestions welcome!

    • Ditto on Barcelona. Going to be there for a couple days in September and would like advice on where I should concentrate my energies!

  • Rave: Cooler weather this weekend! I cannot wait. I am so ready for the fall.
    Rant: The streak of Baby Artie sleeping through the night is over. 🙁
    Rave: He’s still only waking up once during the night, so I can’t really complain.
    Rave: Is it weird to admit that I have a major girl crush on Baby Artie’s pediatrician? She’s awesome.

  • really interested to know what happened with the middle-of-the-day armed robbery on 14th and Rhode Island that DC Police tweeted about…

  • Rave: Had a great time babysitting. It has been awhile since I hung out with a 2 year old and this one was especially bright and entertaining. We were talking about animals and trucks so I absent-mindedly asked “what does a fire truck say?” only to be immediately informed that fire trucks do not have mouths. So cute!
    Rant: Running has been miserable lately after a couple weeks hiatus post-bad fall. Hoping the humidity subsides soon.
    Rave: Going to a wedding this weekend with my parents. Wish my fiance could join us but it will be fun to get away with my mom and dad.

  • Rave: Feeling settled in my new place and loving it.
    Rant: Haven’t heard back form a place I interviewed with nearly a month ago… At the time they told me I was a top 3 candidate (it was my 2nd in person interview!)… A now radio silence… I sent Thank You Notes.. Followed up… Nothing… I know it’s probably a lost cause at this point.. but come on people! Just reply!
    Rave: Current boss is buying lunch today. At our favorite place.

    • We have the same rants. It’s so frustrating. Just reply already! Come on people!

    • I will join in on that rant. This has been a per peeve of mine for a long while. I was job hunting in 2009 and 2015 and found that I got an actual “no” following an interview about 50% of the time. In 2009 I thought maybe it was due to the Great Recession, where hirers were really in control, but it seemed as typical, or more so, in 2015. It’s very annoying, especially when you read many articles on what the job-hunter should do to make the right impression, when apparently the hiring folks have no responsibility at all.

      Here’s a weird follow-up – I recently decided to find out what happened with one of these positions from 2015 and went to the company’s website, where I found that the job I had been interviewed for was filled by one of the interviewers!

      I console myself with the thought that is probably not a good place to work anyhow.

  • skj84

    maybe because we are a community here? A generally supportive community that has each others back?

  • That One Guy

    I’m feigning disinterest, but…

    Did I get it right?

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