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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Baby Artie has slept through the night for five nights in a row, and he actually took a nap yesterday afternoon without screaming for an hour before falling asleep. Did an alien snatch and replace my child? I refuse to think this is the new normal that way I’m not too upset by early morning wake ups when they return.
    Rave: I managed to vacuum the house, clean the bathroom do four loads of laundry, bake a quiche and prep cook for the week, and visit with friends and family, all while solo parenting this weekend. I may have reached my productivity quota for the week already.
    Rave: Wonderful in laws, including a father-in-law who is always “on call” for my random household maintenance questions.

    • That Rave #2 is pretty impressive!

      • I mean, it would be impressive even for a single person with no kids, let alone a parent, let alone a _solo_ parent. So I am seriously, seriously impressed.

        • Thanks, Textdoc. It really may be the last bit of productivity for the week. I just had a lot of energy and the baby was in a good mood, so I went with it. Trust me, that rarely happens. Usually if the sink is empty of dishes when I go to bed, I consider it a major win.

    • Bear

      It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you’re (relatively) well rested!

  • Rant: I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. Went on a date and realized that I am totally emotionally unavailable right now. The guy was nice but I’m trying to figure out what to say that doesn’t make me look like a jerk. (“Hey, I realized I’m not emotionally available now. Sorry.”? Bleh. I’ll think of something honest but decent.)
    Related Rant: …Meanwhile ex told me he still hadn’t told his family that we broke up (6 months ago!!! wtf) and suggested we get back together, eliciting a strong “NO!!!” Ugh. Go away.
    Rant: Poverty and the real lack of truly affordable housing in many parts of this country touching way too close to home.
    Rave: Three day weekend this weekend is badly needed.

    • ^ : I can understand about the lack of affordable housing. Each day I am trying to understand why it is that I am here in the DC area. I’m trying to tell myself that job and friends are great here, be thankful and grateful.. but the cost of living here is beyond stressful and taking a toll on my stress levels and overall health. Financial concerns then spill over into other areas of my life, and make me very sad here.

      • +1. But it’s also amazing that while cities are generally not affordable, I’m learning that rural/suburban places — while less expensive — also have far less resources for those in need. It’s a lose-lose situation.

        • Indeed. This is concerning.

        • HaileUnlikely

          This is especially problematic now that not only here but in major cities around the country, the people most in need of many social services are being priced out of cities, and rather than being in a small dense area not far from the services they need, are spread out all over the place far from those services. It is difficult for the people and for the service providers.

        • The inner-ring suburbs are especially being affected because of this. They’re still expensive, but cheaper than the city, and you can sort-of get by without a car, so the poorest are flocking to those areas and putting a strain on infrastructure that wasn’t designed to support that kind of population density. I used to live 12 miles outside of DC and the quality of life was really bad even for someone who is relatively well off.

          • At least places like Arlington and Fairfax have some affordable housing (although I agree the waitlists/resources are wayyyy overburdened). But I have a family member looking for low-income housing in an old manufacturing town that has been declining for decades and there are literally less than 3 apartment buildings that are income-based/Section 8. None are senior oriented, all are in pretty sketchy areas. It’s really a nightmare.

    • Your “related rant” made me seriously laugh out loud. It also reminded me that “they” ALWAYS come back! Always. I’m not sure why we as women even flinch after a break up, just wait a bit, he’ll be back. (we wont want him though) lol

      • Hahaha…. I’m glad it made you laugh. I actually laughed too because it was so ridiculous! Your last sentence is right on!

    • FridayGirl, your dating posts are so entertaining. I try to date with this in mind: treat others how you’d like to be treated. I also tell my friends this who contemplate just ghosting on people. How would you like someone to break the bad news to you?

      • NotABot, you are totally right. Thank you. I ended up telling the guy that I had a good time but saw him as more of a friend. And was met with a very quick “me too” response. It’s like those Citibank commercials (you know — “We’re never going to see each other again are we?” “Nope.” Hah.)

      • I agree that I love following your dating stories, FridayGirl!

        • I Dont Get It

          Well there was those FIRST dating stories that brought FridayGirl here… and we are glad she stayed!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Fantastic weekend. The raspberry picking at Butler’s Orchard was excellent.
    Rave?: Back to school for the young Zeldas.
    Rant: Trying to figure out what happened to the wire transfer SAS sent to reimburse for strike-related costs. Not sure what the problem is, but I strongly suspect it has something to do with the stupidity of the US banking system. I use 3 different banks (well, one is a credit union), and only one of them was able to receive an international wire transfer without using an intermediary bank. That seems ridiculous to me.

  • Rave: great weather this morning
    Rant: stepped in cat poop in my yard again this morning
    Rave: feral cat traps are available again

    • maxwell smart

      re: great weather. Was it? Did I miss something? It felt sticky and stagnant. I was a puddle when I got to work.

      • Around 6:30-7am it felt great to me. Even slightly cool.

        • maxwell smart

          Got it. Was still sleeping. My bike commute at 8am was not great.

          • This morning was a walk / bus / metro for me.

            If I had biked, I would have been a sweaty mess after about a mile. My limit is mid-50s. Otherwise I’m showering when I get in.

          • maxwell smart

            The convenience and speed of biking usually outweighs the humidity/sweat factor, especially with school being in session. Biking – 30 minutes door to door (max.) Bus – easily an hour.

        • Bear

          It was on the cool side but still humid as all get out. The humidity gets to me as much as the heat these days.

      • When I got to my building I noticed my hands were sweating! So, yes, it was a tad bit humid when I walked to work around 9am.

  • Rant: Rebound guy and I stopped hanging out a couple of weeks ago, but I ran into him with another girl on the weekend – and it stung. I sometimes really hate having emotions.
    Rave: CO trip this weekend with college friends as I turn another year young.

  • Rave: Saw Anthropoid yesterday and it was really good.
    Rant: It was also deeply disturbing, and has stayed with me.
    Rant: I wish Cillian Murphy would do a romantic comedy.
    Rant: Worst case of insomnia/anxiety last night, plus this humidity induced headache that will not go away.

  • Rave: Had a wonderful time at the beach with (the majority of) my family. Even got to Facetime with most of the missing ones!
    Rant: So very very tired. Didn’t get home til late last night and only ended up with maybe 4 hours of sleep. Feeling like a zombie, plus having my head still stuck in “vacation mode” is not helping me be the very productive person I need to be for the next several months when everything is due!
    Rave: Got to have some really good, deep conversations with my cousin. I really admire her for so many reasons, and this just helped me appreciate her more.
    Rave: Super excited to welcome my new nephew in just a couple of months
    Rant: Have to trawl through the baby registry – I hate registries so much, but I understand it can be very helpful, especially for the first baby!
    Rave: Food from my mom in my fridge – she sent me home with lots of yummy leftovers and I can’t wait to eat them!

    • If you’re not purchasing a big ticket item from the registry, I recommend checking out the DC related onesies at Dawn Price baby. We usually get one of those, goodnight DC, and then these amazing teething necklaces/bracelets, that look cute on, and totally serve a purpose for the kid.

  • Rant: cramps.
    Rant: couldn’t sleep last night.
    Rant: Having 3 projects all with stuff due for them at the same time at work this week. I have such bad luck.
    Rant: Allergies.
    Rant: Lost my SmarTrip card and had to deactivated it and get a new one this morning which caused me to be late to work.
    Rave: Lady sitting next to me on Metro this morning had the nicest looking purse that exactly matched my blouse.

  • Rave: The Other Mrs. Rabbit read in a pregnancy book to remind your spouse to evaluate themselves using HALT (hungry, anxious, lonely, tired) anytime they are getting emotional. But it reminds me of a scene from the John Waters’ film “A Dirty Shame” so I just start laughing every time she says it. So I guess, in a strange way, it works.
    Rant: Sciatic nerve pain is acting up.
    Rave: Finally got my appetite back and the nausea went away which means I’m back in the kitchen. I really missed cooking.

  • Rave: School started, back to a regular schedule. Whew.
    Rant: Daughter has gotten to the stage where the most I get is a high five goodbye. We had to fight to even walk her to school today (the day when most parents walk their kids and hang our and chat).
    ????: DDOT proposing protected bike lanes between 14th Street and Michigan Ave. in Kenyon and Irving. Great for cyclists, but I don’t see how this is possible without taking away either a parking lane or a travel lane. Interested to see how it plays out.
    Rant/Rave: One week until Beech Drive closures begin. Great that it’s getting a much needed rehab, bad for traffic (and weekend bike rides) for the next three years.
    Rave: Seasoned new wok and made pad thai for the first time this weekend. Family loved it, even if I could pinpoint 3 things I did wrong. That’s a good sign.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Not sure about west of Park Place, but between Park Place and Michigan, the lanes on Irving are much much wider than they need to be, enticing drivers to drive much faster than they’re supposed to. They could easily fit a bike lane on each side of Irving between Park Place and Michigan simply by narrowing each of the two in each direction by a foot and a half. They’d still be as wide as or wider than required by the design standards that the engineers use.

      • Yeah, I guess that’s right – I was thinking of Irving and Kenyon between 14th and Georgia in particular, but the same issues apply out to Park Place. The proposals contemplate protected bike lanes (I assume with the plastic dividers that are used elsewhere). I don’t know how wide the bike lanes would be, but even 3 feet would probably eliminate 2 lanes of traffic during rush hour, though there probably would be enough room for parking on moth sides. Any wider, I think you’d be eliminating one side of parking entirely, and perhaps any parking at all during rush hour – not sure how that would work. I’m no traffic engineer, though so maybe there’s a way to do it.
        Between DCUSA, the Metro stop, the other retail and restaurant options on 14th and 11th, and the fact that Irving is a hospital access road, there’s a lot of traffic on those 4-5 block stretches. I never drove at rush hour, so I can’t opine about that, but I have to believe that eliminating a traffic lane would be really tough.

  • Rant: My boss and my boss’s boss are no good. They give me competing guidance and everything is political. I like the company I work for and I was recently promoted, but I am not happy and feels pretty crummy.
    Rave: Four day weekend approaching. Beaching it with friends. Yes!
    Rant: Dog has diarrhea for the second time this month, poor babe.
    Rave: He has never gone to the bathroom in the house. Ever.

  • Rave: Anxiety subsided and I’m handling the life problems I mentioned last week much more efficiently. Anxiety over disconnect with boyfriend was bigger than any disconnect that actually existed, which was dumb, but that’s anxiety for you. Luckily it was short-lived (and no damage was done, phew).
    Rave: Had incredible weekend with amazing boyfriend. One highlight was dinner at Masa 14, I’ve been wanting to go for a while now, and I have extra appreciation for all of their GF accommodations!
    Rant: Food will never been the same again after that dinner.
    Rave: Short work week to head to Green Bay for the LSU/Wisconsin season opener at Lambeaux Field! (Yes, I added in the X intentionally. Geaux!)
    Reflection: Today is the 11th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina making landfall on the Gulf Coast.

    • Andie302

      Glad you enjoyed Masa 14 – a friend of a friend took over as chef a few months back and was appalled at some of their previous practices. It sounds like things are getting better! A co-worker was JUST telling me that they enjoyed brunch there as well this weekend. I need to head that way soon!

      • Please thank them for me! We ordered only one dish that couldn’t be gluten free according to the menu that boyfriend intended to eat alone but when it came out the server said the chef insisted on modifying it so I could have it too! My jaw hit the floor. Hope you’re able to visit soon! Get the scallops…oh man…

      • Hm I haven’t been in years, I guess I should go check it out!

    • Food will never be the same again after Masa 14?! Things you don’t expect to hear on a Monday. Glad it was good!

  • Rave: Friday’s good mood lasted all the way through the weekend and I got a lot of sorting, organization, etc. done. Finally put up some artwork that had been sitting on the floor for a long time.
    More of a lament than a rant: My mom’s boyfriend is dying. He was diagnosed with stage III cancer over the summer. He was receiving treatment, but his condition took a nosedive a few weeks ago (to the point where they had to stop treatment). He’s declined rapidly since then and is now receiving hospice care.
    I never liked the guy — he’s a racist redneck and is irrationally jealous, and it made me sad that my mom had circumscribed so much of her life and interests to be with him. (She basically adopted his interests, but he didn’t make any corresponding effort with hers.) I felt that she’d sold herself short by taking up with him in the first place. But she really cared for him, and now she’s losing him.

    • That’s really difficult TextDoc – I’m sorry your mom and you are going through this. I have a similar situation with my sister-in-law and it’s really hard to balance being supportive and caring while also protective of those you love and respectful of those they love.

    • Oh man, that’s a tough place to be in, textdoc. I’m really sorry for the loss and grief your mother is dealing with right now, and I hope you’re able to find ways to be supportive of her in this time.

      Congrats on your rave, though! I need to do the same sooo badly!

    • Thanks, UDPie and LBP.
      It occurred to me last night after an hourlong phone conversation with my mom that — depending on when the end comes and whether there’s a funeral — I should ask her if she’d like me to come down for it. Funerals aren’t really for the dead; they’re for the living, and she might like to have some support at that time.

      • Textdoc, I think asking your mom is a really good idea. There’s a lot of contention in my family that my sister didn’t come to my stepdad’s funeral. My sister hated him (she was an adult by the time they married so our relationships were very different), but my mother and I could have used the support. If nothing else, she will appreciate the thought and your willingness to attend.
        Very sorry to hear that you and your mother are going through this. It’s not easy to be in either of your positions.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I think being open to attending the funeral is a good idea. She probably will like the support you can offer.

    • Oh Textdoc, I’m sorry for your mom’s pending loss. And I understand your conflicting feelings; I feel that way about my stepdad for similar reasons.

    • Sorry to hear. That’s a tough spot to be in.

  • Rant: Still working on that light purple dress (lavender dresses were too light in his opinion, now onto mauve, dusty lavender, and wisteria dresses) and still working on that toast.
    Rave: Wedding this weekend and I am so happy for these two getting married.
    Rant: Running around like crazy on the lead up to the wedding as my godson’s first birthday party is on the same day as rehearsal dinner and I’m just close enough that I could conceivably do both but it’s going to be insanity..
    Rave: Marc Anthony at Radio City Music Hall last night – incredible performance, awesome crowd, beautiful venue, and my lovely partner dancing next to me.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: tough project and I really don’t want to do it.
    Rave: Lots of yummy raspberries from Butler’s Orchard.

  • Rant: Someone on a neighborhood Facebook group posted that she had found some keys on the sidewalk… and that she had left them there in case the owner was looking for them. -facepalm- Given the number of thefts from autos and break-ins in the area, that seems like a really bad idea.

  • Rave: Wonderful weekend with boyfriend and friends. Dancing, biking, and good food. Yes please.
    Rave: Irritating co-worker is in the office all week. So help me, if he tries to hug me good morning I’m not responsible for my actions.
    Rave: Four day week because I’m seeing family over the holiday! So excited to see everyone and harass the kiddos.

  • Rave I forgot earlier because I’m feeling so groggy:
    Dunno if anyone will remember my disappointment/frustration at losing my hardcopy calendar sometime in May (http://www.popville.com/2016/05/random-reader-rant-andor-revel-1579/#comment-1132503 ), but over the weekend, I found it!! I was putting fresh sheets on a guest bed and discovered it poking out from under the bedskirt.

  • Rave: since I started out with my rant that lead to a sour mood for me 🙁 ..need to remember positive things – Spent time with a very special dog that was not my own. Really wish more landlords in DC would allow dogs.. because the time I get to spend with this dog really boosts my mood and overall morale. I immediately feel so much better after being with him, he is such a great dog and was previously in a home where he was abused. I love that little dog and need to see more of him.

    • At first we listed our house as no pets allowed, but changed our minds about the dog part. I’m so glad we did because we found a great tenant who has a dog. The dog is so sweet too.

      • From your perspective, what was one of the factors that made you change your mind for your tenant? The main issue I hear is that landlords do not want to deal with the damage that may occur within a home (paying to get that take care of). I’d like to try to open up a statement requesting my landlord to revise this… ?

        • I’ve seen far worse damage from people than from dogs, but an additional pet deposit could always be offered to offset that. I’ve always allowed pets because I know it can be tough to find housing. Pet references from a former landlord can also help to alleviate those fears.
          I did turn down someone with more than 2 animals. That’s my hard limit.

          • I thought pet deposits were (at least technically) not allowed in D.C. (Which is dumb, because then landlords charge “pet rent” that the renter has no hope of getting back.)

          • oh no, pet fees, pet deposits, and pet rents are a thing, or some very large apartment buildings are skirting the rule/law/code.
            I paid a $500 pet fee at move-in and pay $50/mo pet rent for a 12yo cat. It’s ridiculous, but fairly standard in larger buildings when I was looking last year.

          • IIRC, pet fees and pet rent are OK — just not pet deposits. (Something about no other deposits other than the security deposit being allowed.)

          • You may be right. I didn’t charge it, so I never looked into its legality.

        • We were getting a lot of interest, but people would just flake. For example, they’d say we love it–send us a rental application, but then when it came time to submit it they would say nevermind or just not respond. Also, we had stronger interest from one family, but they straight up stated someone was going to live in the basement, which we were not comfortable with because it has no heat, CofO, etc. I think what we said is we would consider small to medium sized dogs. I also agree with Anon Spock that it’s people that can cause the worst damage.

  • skj84

    Rave: Its my Birthday!! Trip to MN has been wonderful. We spent all day yesterday at State Fair eating and drinking all the things. I had a blast, my favorite exhibit was the Miracle of Birth Pavilion which was full of baby animals. And birthing animals. It seemed appropriate, I also loved the seed art.
    Rave/Rant: I decided to get a surprise hair cut. I now have a very chic above the shoulder bob. Its really cute, but I’m having a bit of buyers remorse, its going to take a while to grow back. And I can’t pull my hair into topknots or side ponys anymore.

  • Blech. Need an exterminator to come out to my rental to hunt for mice. Any good recs for a company that takes care of business?

  • Rave – Had a delicious meal at Tail Up Goat this weekend. I’m still thinking about those lamb ribs!
    Rant – I’m tired of this heat, it makes me feel lazy. I had big plans to bike in Rock Creek Park and run around the Arboretum with my dog, and I didn’t do anything.

  • Rave: Pool time yesterday felt great on my back.
    Relieved rave: Hearing from my friend who is going through absolute tragedy. I’ve been sending her messages, but thought I wouldn’t hear from her for a very long time. She’s obviously going to take a long time to heal and never fully will, but she sounds well-supported and is navigating as well as can be expected.
    Rant: Wish I could be there to comfort her in person but since she’s an ocean away, I will just have to settle with sending notes/checking in every few days to let her know I’m thinking about her and her husband.

    • So glad the pool helped your back! I miss the pool. Somehow I haven’t been swimming since two days before Baby Artie was born.

  • Forgot to ask – anyone know of a good, non-expensive tailor in the Petworth / Parkview / Columbia Heights area? I need to get a couple pairs of pants tailored and I’m not sure who sucks and who doesn’t!

    • I would also like to know this! I have a few pairs i want to get slightly hemmed, nothing fancy just don’t know where to go

      • I’ve taken pants for hemming to Georgetown valet on Mt. Pleasant street and also the dry cleaners on park rd, across the street from target, next to starbucks (i think they’re called Kenyon cleaners?)

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: The outpouring of kindness, support and love for my father and his wife from his church and community over the weekend.
    Rant: I’m still unsure if I am going to post the details, but the appalling behavior of his wife’s daughters and granddaughters leading up to and at the funeral was the stuff of a bad (good?) Jerry Springer show.

  • Question: Did anyone see what happened to the cyclist this morning on Vermont Ave across from the 930 club? I went to walk my dog and as I was coming back to my apartment, I saw him lying on the ground with a couple of other cyclists who had stopped. An ambulance arrived and he was in a neck brace.

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