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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Belated Rave: went to Bad Saint on Monday – delicious. Best part was as a solo diner, I had the best seat in the house – the single counter spot right in front of the kitchen. Although I brought a book, I didn’t open it for 2 hours – I either chatted with Chef Tom, Dwayne and AD, picked their brains, or just watched them work. It’s astonishing that such great food can come from such a small space.

    • Out of curiousity – How long was your wait?

      • I got in line at 4:25, and I was by no means the first one there (on a Monday!). I sat right away, but that’s because I was solo. If I’d have been a 2, I’d have been able to sit immediately (but that would have been close). If I were 4, I’d have had to wait.

        • I went solo about 6 weeks ago in order to get in. Sat in the same seat, and it was fantastic watching and chatting with the chefs!

    • dcgator

      This is a great recommendation (even though you didn’t actually recommend it). As someone who has trouble #soloarting, #soloeating, et al, I probably should do the same and learn to be alone. I do want to try a bunch of these great restaurants, but also know how difficult it is to get a spot.

      • I have grown to enjoy eating alone out of necessity (too much business travel). You have to be in the mood, though. It’s generally a quicker meal. And it is an easy way to get into restaurants that don’t take reservations (not to open up that can of worms again).

      • I’ll eat alone if there are counter seats (like Bad Saint does, or Daikaya) but I usually share your disdain for eating alone at larger places. I should work on it too.

      • Another great spot for solo eating is at the chef bar at Doi Moi—lots of action and delicious food. Best seat is at the end of the bar, closest to the front part of the restaurant.

      • This is Awkward

        As someone who does a lot of traveling, I have come to LOVE all the perks of solo eating. Mostly getting a table when everyone else has to wait, but also the other things folks mention like meeting new people and chatting with them, catching up on reading, or just really getting to enjoy your dining experience!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: The light fixture in the upstairs hall has died, and I can’t find anything I like to replace it. Why is everything so hideous?
    Rant: My division is hiring a new director. I feel like I should apply, but this administration doesn’t hire directors from within, so I also feel like it’s a big, fat wasted effort.
    Rave: Happy birthday, National Park Service!

    • Why not apply if you think it is a position you’d be remotely interested in? At the very least, it gives you the opportunity to update the old resume (something I seriously need to do myself).

    • Where are you looking for lighting fixtures? The beauty of online is you can pretty much see everything made that is sold in this country – the downside is that it can take many, many hours of looking to find what you want. It is out there, though – there are people making gorgeous fixtures in all styles.

    • I just did something similar – I spent considerable time updating/targeting my resume for an internal position that was posted. Moments after submitting, I felt absolutely terrible because it felt like a huge waste of my time (similarly pessimistic about the prospects). Then the next day, I found a very similar position for which I applied with relative ease given my fancy, sparkly, updated resume. That made me feel much better about myself, knowing that it wasn’t just wasted time.

  • Rant: Leaving a job with a great company tomorrow.
    Rave: Starting at a new company on Monday, in the exact type of job that I moved to DC two and a half years ago to find.
    Double Rave: Thank you Popville community for your words of encouragement and support that you have provided to other users as they have posted thoughts/concerns/questions about jobs. Although this is my first time posting, I read the blog every day and have internalized wisdom and advice that you have provided to others.

  • Rant: My back is killing me after my workout last night which involved a lot of clean and presses. I didn’t do anything to it, it’s just sore. But it was so hard to find a comfortable position last night and I kept waking up.
    Rave: Date night tonight!!
    Rave: Mint green iced tea from Pleasant Pops–so addicted for some reason.

  • Rave: what a gorgeous kitty.

    Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
    In the forests of the night;
    What immortal hand or eye,
    Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

  • Rant: Middle of the morning commute, and a cyclist is far enough into the crosswalk against the green that he’s blocking a travel lane. He didn’t back up until I was almost upon him. The other night almost hit a dog under similar conditions.
    Rave: Car repair was minor and quick.
    Rave/rant: Roommate seems like a nice person, but there are some quirks.

  • Rant: So many important life things are up in the air at the moment and for someone who doesn’t deal well with change and craves stability, it’s extremely stressful. I absolutely hate it. Every time I reel in the crazy and start to center myself, something else pops up. I feel like I’m losing it.
    Rave: Great new boyfriend is still great new boyfriend at least.
    Rant: I’m trying to hide the crazy from him and I’m failing. It’s not necessarily that I want to hide it from him, I just want to let things still be happy and fun right now. It’s too soon for job, moving, money, health, etc. issues all at once. I’m so happy to have him but now I’m adding in the worry over losing him.

    • I told my now-fiancee about my health issues on our first date. I felt it was important to be upfront with him, so he could run away from the start if he wanted to. Thankfully he’s decided to stick with me! πŸ™‚

      • I can understand the urge to hide the crazy and stuff, but yeah, I’m in agreement that honesty (doled out gently and sometimes slowly but not too slow) is the best policy.

    • That’s not called hiding the crazy, it’s called hiding life, and it’s not fair to either of you. And would you really want to be with someone who can’t support you when life is difficult? Sure, you may not know him well enough to trust him with all of your deep dark secrets, but let the fella in a little and hopefully he will surprise you with being a well-adjusted human who doesn’t assume any woman who feels stress is crazy.

      • +1! I love this: “Hopefully he will surprise you with being a well-adjusted human who doesn’t assume any woman who feels stress is crazy.” I can’t tell you how annoying it is to have guys flinging around the term “crazy” whenever a woman dares exhibit or express some of the frustration she is feeling about various hard or stressful aspects of life! I feel like it’s a very gendered use of the word “crazy,” that word is almost never applied to a man (unless he is certifiably mentally ill).

        • +1. The number of dating profiles I’ve ignored/hid because they looked fine until the last sentence said “and you better not be crazy”… ugh. Red flag.

        • I agree with what you’re say about the usage but I know lots of women who use the term in this way (or, just see your own comment above) and lots of men who definitely don’t, so let’s not blame the men for this. It should be annoying when anyone uses it this way.

          • I agree; the stereotype can be perpetuated by all genders. And honestly I get more annoyed when women characterize themselves or other women as crazy in this sense.

          • Sorry, I was merely using the term as ajr had used it. And yes, it’s annoying when any gender uses it that way, but I have to say the usage of “crazy” as a female-specific prerogative skews heavily towards men using it this way.

          • Agree on all sides/points, I could have used a better term. I abuse the word ‘crazy’ in different contexts – for instance, this shredded beef meal from Power Supply I’m currently devouring is crazy good πŸ™‚

    • I read that as you having job, moving, moving and health issues pop up in life right now, rather than you trying to hide any health issues for now, for what that’s worth. Sounds nuts, but your having all these issues to deal with right now might bond you together. At least you’ll get to see how he reacts to crisis.

    • Thanks everyone, all very solid points. I guess my fear is that it has been one thing after another so I don’t want to allow myself to get into a perpetual state of anxiety and have that affect (effect? I am terrible with those two..) the relationship. He has his own stuff going on, so while we’ve both been open, honest, and supportive, I want to ensure I’m not an endless Debby Downer. Venting/ranting to friends (and now here – thanks guys!) has helped me present the problems in a more rational manner instead of spitballing fits of anxiety in his direction.

      • You have anxiety about the relationship because you’re not being honest about the things in your life, especially on the health front. He’ll be more annoyed if, 4 months from now, he finds out about all these things. Get it out on the table and you’ll feel less anxious (and probably happier!)
        Also, there are positive ways to talk about these issues without being a “Debbie Downer.” Don’t sugarcoat it, but also show that they are merely speedbumps in life and that you’re proactively tackling the challenges. The worst thing is a partner who dithers and wallows in “decisional paralysis” when it’s perfectly clear that they can take action (this is one of my own biggest faults!)

        • Thanks for the input! I feel like I set off alarms with the health comment – there’s nothing major going on. I was just sick for about a month of our two-month relationship (cold turned into sinus infection, which later turned into bronchitis) so it just lent a hand to the “always something” cycle I seem to be stuck in. Nothing that I have hid, nothing he doesn’t know about.

  • Lions get a lot of good press (‘king of beasts’ and all that sort of stuff) BUT
    Tigers are hot.
    Totally, mesmerizingly, hot.

  • Rant: people parking on 16th st to drop kids off at the middle school. Seriously? Needless to say, the buses had a hard time getting through.
    Rant/Rave: both kids slept in this morning. Great for getting things done, but I should have woken them up earlier to get out the door.
    Holy moly, mtpkiddo has her first day of school today! Nope, not crying today, not crying at all… is it a bit dusty in here?

    • maxwell smart

      16th street in the morning is already a total disaster… once school is in session it’s no-rules mayhem.

      • Ugh, I guess our later departure times shielded us from that chaos in the past.

      • Wait until the Beech Drive closures start after Labor Day . . .

        • Oh Sh!t. You’re right. I think I’m going to hide under a rock.
          New rants: mtpbaby “feels a little warm” so we need to investigate a doctor’s note for the hep b vaccine. He apparently “felt a little warm” yesterday afternoon, but had a perfectly normal temp of 98.7 when we got home. Also, colleague is driving me a bit batty on a coauthored paper. Ugh. Finding my zen state…. serenity now….

          • It is so worth getting a note. My daycare has a 24 benching policy when a baby runs a fever, which means having to take a day off. The note has helped me save precious sick leave when the temperature was a result of vaccinations.

          • Same here, though we were also told that the hep b vaccine doesn’t typically involve a fever so to call if he develops one. Fortunately, our current practice can send us that information electronically, which is great for forwarding along–but I’d like to get a temperature reading before I call because I know they’re going to ask me for that information. I also know that mtpbaby has a habit of feeling warm periodically and then feeling totally normal several minutes later (and having a normal temperature). It’s a little weird–and I generally check–but I’ve gotten used to it.

  • Rant: Officially the victim of a Craigslist wedding dress scam. Will be reporting this person to the local police, FTC and the FBI. What REALLY gets me is that they person pretended to be a Marine in pre-deployment training. I’m too trusting, but once they wanted me to wire a third party money via Western Union? No way in hell. Just RELIEVED that we caught this, otherwise I would’ve been out $2,455. In an amusing light, this scam was BY THE BOOK!

    Rave: Got my first wedding present today! Now the question is do we go ahead and open or wait until November?

    Rant: Sinuses acting up and can barely keep my eyes open. I guess it’s about time I was sick again…

    • topscallop

      BF and I received a thank you card from a couple for their wedding gift before the wedding happened. I admired them for getting it out of the way, but it was also a little weird to be thanked pre-event.

      • When I was reading up on the etiquette of this, it seems common etiquette-wise to thank someone upon receipt of gift even if it’s before the wedding. I don’t think it really matters to be honest, like you I thought it was weird but when I was getting married I just wanted to get some of the notes out of the way as gifts started arriving so I looked it up to get a sense of what to do. Plus people who sent the gifts pre-wedding wanted to know if we received them.

    • Open them and start a spreadsheet for thank you notes. I did this with wedding and baby shower gifts. If you wait, you’ll get inquiries from people asking if you received the gift. And you’ll thank yourself later if you start on it now rather than leaving it all for post-wedding.

      • This is good advice! What we ended up doing was opening and cataloging in a Google sheet just like artemis suggests. Then we stored the gifts in a separate space in our apartment and didn’t unpack them and start using them until after the wedding, because to us it felt more special to do it all at once after we were officially married.

      • Yep, I agree with this. Send the note when you receive the gift, to save the sender having to wonder whether or not it was received. And to save yourself the massive pile after the event.

      • I second this – spreadsheet for tracking received/thank you notes. Also, you want to open upon receipt in case of damage. We had some glasses that arrived broken, and I imagine having replacements sent was much easier right after shipment than a few months later (also, because Crate & Barrel likes to discontinue lines so quickly).

    • Isn’t part of the thank you for coming to the wedding?

    • Open the gift and send a thank you note now, since it’s still a few months before your wedding and they’ll want to know that you received it. And I second the advice of using Excel to keep track of who sends what and when you mailed the thank you note.

    • Since my mom addressed our invitations I sent her spreadsheet of all the guests– I used the same spreadsheet I sent her as a gift/thank you note tracker. no need to reinvent the wheel, especially when you have other wedding related tasks to deal with.

  • KITTY!
    Today is New Baby Kitty’s 1st birthday. As of last night, he weighed 17 pounds, and can stand on the floor and look up over the kitchen counter. He has a strange fondness for tomato sauce, and is so obsessed with yogurt that I have to eat it standing up, because if he thinks he has a chance of getting some, he’ll throw his entire weight against me, repeatedly, til I give in. He also tolerates all kinds of abuse from young girls. (Remember the pink sweater picture? That was not a one-off.)
    He is nothing like his predecessor, who was my soul mate, but I’m happy to have him.

    • It’s my girl kitty’s first birthday, too! She’s not much like her predecessor, either, but I love her for who she is. A tiny, mild spirit who adores climbing.

    • Aw! Happy birthday, New Baby Kitty! although holy crap, 17 lbs?! That is a HUGE cat! My old kitty Cottoball had an extreme love for my mom’s spaghetti sauce and would lick any spaghetti plates she could get to. Happy that you and your girls have a wonderful companion!

    • FtLincolnLove

      YAY KITTY! Is he a Maine Coon!? Our 4 year old Maine Coon is 20 lbs! He is obsessed with cereal and pizza, and he once tried to abscond with a piece of pizza that I was in the middle of eating- he bit the crust and tried to pull it out of my mouth. We also have a female Maine Coon who is 15 lbs…giant cats FTW!

      • New Baby Kitty is a street cat, plucked from under a car when he was six weeks old. (His birthday is an educated guess.) I thought he looked a little coon-ish as a kitten, but now, he’s just an ordinary short-haired tabby, exceptionally sleek, and not as much personality as a Maine Coon.
        I had a MC years ago; he topped out around 20 pounds, and looked even bigger because of all the fur. He also loved people food like no cat I’ve ever known. Ramen noodles were a fave. πŸ™‚

    • Yay! Happy Birthday NBK!

    • Aww! Happy birthday, NBK! And WDC, I love your description/summary of him!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Happy birthday to NBK!

  • Absolutely frustrating that we send out invites 6 weeks ago, 6 weeks ago! And we have roughly half of them back, with the deadline being tomorrow. 99.5% of our guests are in the DMV area, we put a stamp on the return envelope, so all they had to do was take 2 minutes to fill out the response card and put it in the mail box. Holy shit, is it this hard? Three excuses I’ve already heard: “my son accidentally threw away the invite,” “I had it on my dresser and now I can’t find it,” and the classic “I got it, just haven’t had a chance to respond” because filling out a response card is the equivalent of trying to pass a UN resolution? I wouldn’t feel any sort of way if people declined, the less people the merrier at this point.

    • Okay — NOW I completely understand your frustration. That is pretty crappy of people…

      • I may have sounded unreasonable a few weeks ago before I went away on my trip, but deep down I felt like this was going to happen. Me venting was a way to prepare myself for the inevitable. Oh well, at least someone got us the Keurig.

    • Wow. WOW! I really don’t understand what the hell is wrong with people. What is so hard about RSVPing?! I am so sorry you’re dealing with this nonsense!

    • Unfortunately this is REALLY common. Get ready to start making calls tomorrow.

      • Yes–I remember our wedding coordinator at our venue told us that you’re likely to have 50% of people respond by the deadline as a ballpark. What really frustrated us is that unfortunately like 10 adults washed out of our wedding the two weeks before the event and since it was a plated dinner that got very expensive on our end. In most cases, the washouts had crazy unanticipated things come up, but was pretty annoyed at the other ones who suddenly had to be at a graduation of a niece or something that to me seemed like you should’ve known that well ahead of time. Good luck!! Don’t let it get you down too much–our wedding day was amazing and stress-free despite the craziness with RSVPs and washouts at the end!!

    • That does sound frustrating… but if you’ve been in recent contact via e-mail or phone to follow up, can’t you just get a yes/no out of them then?
      I haven’t actually sent RSVP cards for the last few weddings I’ve been to, but they were the weddings of local friends whom I was in regular contact with, and I’d mentioned via e-mail/phone/whatever that I was coming.
      Seeing your angst, though, I will resolve to be better about the hardcopy RSVP card next time I’m invited to a wedding.

      • Yeah we’re e-mailing, texting and calling. Part of my frustration is that our wedding is travel themed, so we worked really hard to make ours different and “fun.” So our save the dates was in the style of a passport and our wedding invites were a boarding pass. So a couple of hundreds of dollars went into the boarding pass/response card, etc and to only get half of them back? We should have just done an evite thing. It’s kinda like…why are we working so hard and doing so much for this?

        • I don’t know about e-invitations though. I almost feel like people are even more flaky with those….

        • Maybe the moral of the story is to shoot for something in between — hardcopy RSVP cards, but not fancy/expensive ones, and with the expectation that half won’t be returned and will require e-mail/phone follow-up?

        • Taking notes on this right now LOL.
          I think I want to do an Evite for $0. People really don’t give a crap.

        • “why are we working so hard and doing so much for this?”
          That’s a great question. What’s the answer?

        • “Why are we working so hard and doing so much for this?”

          Uh…because you chose to. Your wedding, your choices. I get being annoyed at your response rate thus far but seems you’re losing the idea that YOU made these plans and decided to invite these specific people to share your wedding day. You can’t force them to respond–but it’s not even the deadline yet. “At least someone got us the Keurig.” Wow.

          • So it’s my fault that young, working professionals who are childless can’t spend 2 minutes filling out a card and mailing it back on an already pre-stamped envelope? I guess my expectations were too high then.

          • No, it’s your fault that you seem to expect people to look at your invitations, recognize that they are extra fancy, and then somehow decide, because of that, to act differently than they would it you’d sent them a regular old standard wedding invitation. In any given pool of people, some are going to sit on, equivocate, or just forget to RSVP. Or just be rude. Boarding pass invitations won’t change that, and it’s unreasonable to expect otherwise. In that, yes, your expectations are too high.
            When I was getting married, our caterer gave us a piece of advice when we were discussing blowing out the budget (it’s been a while, I’m paraphrasing), “Your wedding is the most important thing in the world to you (and maybe your parents). To everyone else, it’s fun, and great, and a nice occasion, but it isn’t life-changing. Don’t expect others to think it’s as significant as you do, and you’ll save yourself a lot of aggravation.”
            – Joel, from Occasions
            (BTW, this advice also comes in handy when you are starting a family.)

    • How far in advance is your wedding? If it’s sometime next year, it’s a bit early to demand an RSVP. Frankly, 6 weeks isn’t long enough for people to get their sh#t sorted out to RSVP. Especially if they have kids.
      If the wedding is this October or November, then it’s OK to start getting concerned/pissed.
      I usually let my mail accumulate for a couple weeks before I even open it (all my bills are on auto-pay).

      • Our wedding is in 3 weeks. These invites were sent out in mid-July. Caterer needs a guest count Monday, so our hypothetical idea was to spend the weekend sorting through everything and giving her a count. I e-mailed her this morning, she just needs 100 people which we’ll have, but exact figures probably won’t be known until early next week.

        • Ouch. Good luck!

        • You already have 100–why would anyone want more than that(even 110 is to much). Save your money or put it to better use. People get way to caught up with weddings.

          • We’re estimating that 100 people will show up, but we haven’t gotten up to that point yet. Our last count was around 75 people so far.

          • Dumb/useless advice at this point in the game.
            And really unnecessary, considering you’re not paying for it. Myob.

          • Yeahhhhh this will NOT work haha. Just because people forget to send the card back doesn’t mean at all that they aren’t coming and won’t show up day of, in which case, are you really prepared to look your friends/family in the eye and say “too bad go home we don’t want you here”.

    • HaileUnlikely

      FWIW, if a lot of them are not themselves married, I would not be surprised if they simply fail to appreciate the importance to the hosts (you) of the RSVP and that from the standpoint of the host this is a fundamentally different thing than not responding to an evite for a house party. I quite honestly failed to appreciate how important RSVPs were to the hosts and why before I myself got married and was in your position.

      • I was in the same boat, we have gone to 5 weddings. Didn’t see the big deal, “oh, planning probably wasn’t too difficult.” There’s so many small nuances that go into these things that the last thing I wanted was to just have 50% RSVP. I’m not one to be all “its our special day and you’re ruining it by not responding.” That’s not it at all. It’s just common courtesy, if you can’t make it, let us know. Just b/c the invites are a certain style wasn’t our way of saying “look how flashy we are, please respond.” We were usually the first ones to respond to the RSVPs b/c a) to get it out of the way since it doesn’t take time and b) we assumed they wanted a head count for food and $ purposes

  • Rave: Baby Artie slept through the night for the first time ever. Twelve hours!
    Rant: I still woke up twice to make sure he was still alive.
    Rant: I’m really missing my best friend these days. Bicoastal relationships are hard when you just want to have a margarita on the patio after a long week.
    Rave: Tomorrow is Friday, and I have fun weekend plans with family.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I am expecting a detailed gossipy recountance of the happy hour. Sorry I didn’t make it I was way too tired.

    • +1. Agreed. I felt bad I couldn’t make it, too. I ended up half-asleep on the couch with a migraine instead. I feel like I can never make it to the happy hours a bunch of people go to! Maybe next time…

    • Low turnout, at least in comparison to the August 15 happy hour that I (alas) missed. MPinDC arrived before anyone else and left after a little while because she didn’t see anyone she knew. I think I missed her by just a few minutes. πŸ™ I was at the bar myself for a few minutes, and then Justin and his wife arrived, and shortly after skj84 joined us. There was a spot with four consecutive open barstools, so we migrated down there. A little later we were joined by StillAnon, and then by TonyR.

  • That One Guy

    Rave: secretly thankful that I hoard the mini-toiletries from hotels because this lotion comes in handy in the office because the hand soap is really drying.
    Rant: now I smell like “white tea aloe”
    Rave: today is my Friday. Now to debate whether I book a last minute trip somewhere and risk the wrath of TSA or do a staycation.

    • Allison

      I love collecting mini toiletries from hotels. They’re so cute and fit in my purse perfectly and I tend to run out of it before I get sick of any one given smell.

      • I have an odd compulsion to collect hotel toiletries. I still will take the shampoo/conditioner, but I use them now, and don’t hoard them for future trips. I also had to promise my wife I’d stop with the soap. I’m the only one in the house who uses it, and I have a ton. Now it’s an experiment – when will I run out and have to buy soap?. My bet is that I won’t run out until my daughter has graduated from high school. (She starts 4th grade Monday.) Yes, I have a problem.

        • For a long time I faithfully kept hotel toiletries and never used them. (I don’t often stay in hotels, so in a way they were like miniature trophies.) I’d usually use some of the hotel’s conditioner (I always use my own shampoo and soap), but not the other items, and I’d bring the conditioner leftovers and everything else home with me.
          A few months ago I started asking myself when I anticipated actually using the stuff. (I wasn’t taking any of the hotel conditioners on non-hotel trips with me because the bottles aren’t big enough, and also because only the really high-end hotel toiletries have good bottles where you can squeeze out a precise amount.) I decided to use several bottles’ worth of conditioner this summer, but I still have enough shampoo and lotion to last my houseguests a looooong time.

    • I also sometimes hoard hotel toiletries and was so pleased when my office started putting a bin in our lobby for them. Now when we all come back from business trips we bring the toiletries in, dump them in the bin, and once the bin is full someone drops it off at a homeless shelter down the street.

  • Rave: Today is my Friday! Going to the beach for a long weekend of fun with friends and family after work!
    Rant: I have a massive headache. Already had to take a migraine pill, wishing I could just drill holes into my face to release some of the sinus pressure.
    Rave: My coworkers are so sweet – came into find a lovely birthday banner, and just so much thoughtfulness
    Rant: Left the lunch I had made last night and packed sitting in my fridge, where it does me no good. Going to have to buy lunch, grr.
    Rave: Almost forgot – love today’s RRRR picture!

  • Revel: Resiliency. The same uncertainty that brought me to tears this time last week is still there, but it’s feeling much more normal and something I can get through (and maybe even learn from). All I can control is myself, and it’s really cool to be reminded of the power in that.
    Rant: Lost so bad at trivia last night. Is it fuddy duddy to want to find a trivia event without pop culture rounds? I.e. ask me about books, not family crests in Game of Thrones.
    Rave: Everything bagel with avocados and tomatoes. Where have you been all my life?

  • Here’s a depressing article about perceptions of women’s roles. Basically says that a majority of Americans think that women should be responsible for a majority of household chores, and ALL of the daily chores (cooking, cleaning, shopping, as opposed to occasional chores like auto and yard maintenance), regardless of income or time spent working outside the home. Sigh.

  • Revel: I’ve got my babies and we’re soaring!
    Rant: people who won’t quit reminding me of my sucktastic last year.
    Rant: so many freaking meetings

  • Rave – Got to work early and treated myself to breakfast tacos at District Taco.
    Rave – I volunteer at a dog training center, and the very nervous dog I was working with last night did amazing and I am so happy for her and her people πŸ˜€
    Rant – Work blues continue. So tempted to quit and become a dog trainer.

    • That One Guy

      Where does one go to volunteer as a dog trainer?

      • +1000. I want to do this.

      • I just assist the trainers during class, for example, keeping a dog calm until the trainer can work directly with them. This is at Your Dog’s Friend in Rockville. I’ve already taken a few classes there with my dog and loved it.

    • FWIW… a good friend of mine in California used to work freelance as a translator, and ended up training (I think at the Karen Pryor Academy?) to be a dog trainer. I can put you in touch if if it’s something you’re thinking seriously about doing.

      • Yeah I’ve heard of the Karen Pryor Academy. I’m not sure if I’m serious about it, or if it’s just nice to daydream about doing something crazy different.

  • Rant: I have neighbors across the way from me that like to congregate on their balcony and play video games, talk loudly and cause a ruckus between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. several days out of the week. It’s getting really old. I have called the cops on them twice and the apartment building hasn’t done anything as of yet.

    • Have you contacted the apartment building’s management company? Maybe they might succeed where the police have apparently failed.

      • I went to them before calling the cops and they said it would be faster and well within my rights to call the cops — which entails my having to wait up for the cops to show up so that I can buzz them in the door. Went into the leasing office earlier this week and had another occurrence of balcony shenanigans early this morning. We’ll see if something actually happens.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Thanks to folks who came out for the HH last night!
    Rave: Everything at All Purpose for dinner after we left. The wine, the cocktails, all of the food and especially the service (certainly wouldn’t expect that level at a pizza place).

    • Andie302

      We had an excellent meal there as well – I’m looking forward to going back!

    • All Purpose is really awesome. My two meals there have been fantastic.
      Did you get the Italian rainbow cookie-cake for dessert….oh my.

    • skj84

      Great seeing you guys! Really digging the new Passenger. I kinda miss the intimacy and griminess of the old location, but I feel the new look fits. I also got a peak of the upstairs, can’t wait to do karaoke up there sometime.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Hey Justin
      Check out CNN website has an absolutely stunning video on Servals aka “the Giraffe cat”

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I am so annoyed with training the new person. Nothing he’s doing, I just hate training.
    Rave: one 1/2 of the dysfunctional work couple is leaving so I wont have to listen to them quibble all the time. I hope the replacement works out better.

  • Rant: You know you need caffeine when you open a cola in the morning, discover it two hours later, and realize that in your sluggish haze you forgot to actually drink it.

  • Rant: Was out biking last evening using a Capital Bikeshare. I needed to trade in my bike to extend the time without getting charged. This 20-something asks as I approach the docking station (ahead of her) if I am going to drop my bike in the one remaining stop. I pause to tell her I am only trading it in to take it back out and she proceeds to pass me and just parks her bike in the last slot. Then exclaimed “it was just an accident”

    Rant: My new neighbor likes to fall asleep with her TV on full blast. I have asked nicely to keep the volume down late at night but she forgets? A few hard bangs on the wall at 4:30 in the morning and she turned it down.

    Just not my week. *le sigh*

    • That’s pretty awful. However, did you know that when a station is full, you can go to the kiosk to get an extra 15 minute extension for free? I don’t remember the exact process required but I had to do it once and it was very straightforward.

  • rant: need to find a good DC based dentist that does sedation. My husband has a serious fear of the dentist, and needs some drugs in order to get work done. had an emergency issue with his tooth, and found one dentist in his network, went in, they said he needed a root canal. Gets the root canal done, goes back to have them put the permanent crown on and they explain that he needs at least one more root canal, a couple cavities filled and a deep cleaning. Meanwhile, I’m in a separate chair and they tell me that I too need multiple things done including my removal of my wisdom teeth. long story slightly short, Yelp is basically saying this dentist overcharges and does a lot of unnecessary work…anyone know a good sedation dentist that takes Aetna? or United Healthcare?

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