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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Ha, that sign is great. Well played, Ivy and Coney.
    Rave: My 2-year-old is amazing.
    Rave: Aside from that fact, he also slept in until 7:30 this morning. Much better than 5 a.m.

  • Rant: Found someone to dig up the weeds and tarp up my little backyard (16x 18ft!). Charged me $200. Now I asked him to come back to help me lay down pavers – Ill buy the materials, but he’s now saying he will charge me $1500 for the labor. I want something extremely simple, so am unsure why hes trying to charge so much! I tried thumbtack but didn’t come up with anything. If popvillians can recommend a good handy person to help me, that would be terrific.
    Rave: Wednesday feels that much closer to Friday.

  • RANT: Yesterday I saw an elderly woman just give up and peed in the bushes at the Franconia Springfield metro stop.

    • Would you have preferred that she pee on her clothes and then get on the train? Perhaps the stationmaster wouldn’t let her use the station bathroom, even though they are supposed to. I once threw up on the floor outside the station booth because the guy inside didn’t believe that I was about to be sick, and wouldn’t give me access to the bathroom. (I wrote to Metro and got an apologetic email after).

  • justinbc

    Rave: PoP reader HH today at The Passenger! (great choice of photo)
    Rant: All my PoP shirts are in the wash, so if someone else wants to bring one along to help any new folks find us that would be great (or Dan could come and hand some out if he were so inclined…)

  • Rant: Feeling like crap but i’m 3.5 hours away from home and I can’t even curl up somewhere to get back on an even keel.
    Rave: Pony time last night.
    Rant: Lavender dresses not actually turning out lavender – they’re pinkish. And I’m down to the wire.
    Rave: Looking forward to the train ride home tonight – back into Middlemarch and enjoying the later half of the novel, and hoping to curl up, read, put on music, and have people leave me alone until I arrive at penn station.

  • skj84

    Rave: Tundra bound tomorrow! I still need to get packed. My goal was to have it done by yesterday evening, but lost track of time. At least I don’t have to bring much stuff, I can borrow my sisters clothes.

    Rant: leaving from work, which means I have to drag my luggage to the office with me tomorrow.

  • Rant/Rave: I am so sore from yesterday’s yoga class.
    Rant: I am so hungry today. I have already had second breakfast and may heat up lunch.
    Rave: Baby Artie only woke up once last night. He’s becoming a good sleeper in his crib. Now if we could only convince him to take naps at home.

  • Rave: Test all done, easy-peasy. Now just have to wait for my doc to receive and review the results – the nail-biting part!
    Rave: Finished up so early I had plenty of time to grab breakfast and was barely late for work.
    Rant: So much to to at work. Overwhelmed!
    Rave: At least that’ll keep my mind occupied!
    Rave: Went to bed early (9:45ish) last night. I really need to be better about getting to bed on time, the difference is noticeable.
    Rant: Feeling very aware of how much later the sun is rising and how it’s setting earlier….blerg.

  • Rant: Thanks insurance company, I really needed that letter requesting my deceased daughter’s social security number to verify your records. That was pretty much the worst way I could have started my day today.
    Rave: I’m finally able to eat a real breakfast again.
    Rave: It looks like everything is in order to start the bathroom remodeling project at my house. I will soon have a usable shower in the master bathroom again.
    Rave: Roasted hatch chiles that will be transformed into a cheese dip today.

  • Rant: so yesterday i ranted about moped drivers and car drivers, and today it is my fellow bikers that are getting me angry! I slowed down to stop at a 4 ways stop sign, because the other car arrived first and i waved him through (generally cars will expect you just to ride through the stop but i like to be courteous and follow the law). Well as soon as the car goes through the intersection two of my fellow bikers speed by me so fast and to both my right and my left, almost knocking me off my bike! WTF!!!! Thats what I get for following the traffic laws! The worst part is the next block was a red light so they just had to wait with the rest of us!
    Rave: this weather! I just got back from a SWELTERING south american vacation, where literally the sweating started at 7am and lasted until you went to sleep, so this weather feels AMAZING and is putting me in the best mood.
    Rave: Le Dip for dinner tonight! Been a looong time since I’ve been and drooling thinking about it!

  • That One Guy

    Rant: feel like the days are all scrambled up in my head. It feels like Tuesday to me.
    Rave: thankfully not Tuesday.

  • Rave: Job offers. Working on following my gut instead of leaning into the prestige-chasing tendencies of this profession.
    Rant: I’m pretty sure the universe is telling me not run this marathon due to the amount of freak injuries I’ve had in the past month. Most recently, smashing my foot under the couch while moving furniture.
    Rave: New apartment is finally coming together.

  • Rant: So exhausted from work.
    Rant: When people host celebratory meals for you at inconvenient times but you’re obligated to attend and then don’t offer to pay for the meal that is supposed to be for you.
    Rant: Really wanted to go to the happy hour tonight but not sure that I’m going to make it because I feel kind of crappy today.
    Rave: Karma, early-to-mid 30’s guy had his legs and feet stretched out as far and wide as possible into the aisle and across seats in the handicapped section on the bus today. Woman stood up to exit the bus and stepped RIGHT on the top of his foot. YASSSS.

  • topscallop

    Rave: John Oliver tonight
    Rave: this weather. perfection!
    Rave: lots of celebrations and time with friends planned for the next few weeks
    Rant: the job hunt must begin soon. My project is ending and there isn’t a follow-on. I could probably stay here another 6-9 months but it will mean taking on other people’s work as they leave, and finishing up final reports about work I wasn’t a part of doesn’t sound too appealing. I haven’t been on the job market in almost 4 years, but at least there’s some cushion time to look for something I really want.
    Rant: morning workouts are making me yawn at my desk

    • Rave: John Oliver tonight for me too!
      Rant: Ages ago when I purchased I could only get tickets for the 9:30 show, no joke that’s about my bedtime
      Rant: up at 5am this morning for a workout, up at 5am tomorrow for a workout. I really do love early morning workouts, seriously, but I know how tired I’m going to be.
      Rave: It’ll be worth it

      • topscallop

        Wow, 5am is hardcore! The earliest workout class I take is at 6:30 so I’m up at 5:45 to get there. I don’t think I could make my class tomorrow if we were going to the 9:30 show tonight; luckily I got tickets for 7.

        • Luckily tomorrow is just a run, so I can just sleep run most of it. Enjoy the 7 show, jealous you got tickets for that one!! 🙂

  • Rave: This weather! And a last-minute trip to the beach this weekend!
    Question 1: I’ve never been to Rehoboth and am staying a couple blocks from the boardwalk. Would love some PoPville recommendations! I’m mostly in it for the beach time, but… Any favorite activities or (gluten-friendly, budget-conscious) restaurants? Do any of the breweries stand out more than the others? Is the boardwalk area bike-friendly enough (and long enough) that I should consider taking bikes? Would you do Henlopen if you were only going to be there for a long weekend?
    Question 2: Any good beach reads or non-fiction you’ve read recently? I most recently read The Girl on the Train but am looking for something lighter 🙂

    Thanks, PoPville!

    • Delaware native here! (Andie would have lots of suggestions too.) You can only ride bikes on boardwalk before 10am during the high season (because it fills up with some many people), but Rehoboth is a cute small town so you might want to bike around. There are also trails at Cape Henlopen that friends have done and enjoyed. Delaware is also flat, so it makes biking easy.

      Eat french fries from Thrashers, buy sea salt taffy at Dolle’s, and get custard at Kohr Bros. Avoid Grottos Pizza (way overhyped and greasy, if you ask me). If you google gluten free and Rehoboth, some options come up. Seafood is so plentiful at the beach, and that’s probably your best way to get gluten-free, non-fast food options. Also, apparently Dogfish Head Brewery now has a gluten free beer. The food at the pub is pretty decent as well. Dogfish Head is *the* brewery in Delaware.

      • Andie302

        I love all this! We had a good meal and margaritas at Papa Grande’s this past weekend, and it’s probably not too far from your hotel. I always love Big Fish Grill (out on Rt. 1, you’ll need to drive but they have parking) for seafood. I haven’t been to the Dewey Brewery, but I’d go to the Dog Fish pub before I did that. I don’t think I’d go through the effort of going up to Henlopen. The beaches are pretty similar, and you can have a nice bike ride just riding through the back streets of Rehoboth (oh the houses, especially if you head NE of the main drag). I’m reading The Good Girl right now and enjoying it, but it’s sort of Girl on the Train-esque. Have a blast! If you like live cover music, it may be worth checking out who is playing in Dewey.

    • 5th and Catsworth

      I’m going next week, and was googling restaurants – Grandpa Mac is on my list to try, they have all kinds of amazing looking mac & cheese AND you can choose gluten-free pasta! It looks delicious.

      For books, I’d recommend Dark Matter by Blake Crouch (fic) – I don’t know that it’s lighter but man it was good. Also recommended – The Paper Menagerie, short stories by Ken Liu.

    • WOW, thanks so much artemis, Andie, and Beach! This is a great list!

    • And I prefer Henlopen. $10/vehicle. You can rent chairs & umbrellas, there’s a snack bar, and I love being able to shower off and then shop Lewes. YMMV.

      • Andie302

        That’s a good point about the showers and seeing Lewes! It is really cute and a totally different vibe. If you go, check out Kindle, Agave (it will inevitably have a 2+ hour wait, but you could put your name is early and then spend the early evening checking out Lewes), or Striper Bites.

      • Thanks, Michelle!

  • Q: I’m considering signing up for a 10 week pottery class at Kuzeh in Brookland – has anyone around here taken classes with them? My decision is between using the funds for this class or for a couple of small fall weekend trips, but I do think the class could be a good thing to have on my calendar every week…

  • Rave: Derived entirely too much pleasure from finding After Bite on Sierra Trading Post for $1 and stocking up.

  • Rant: Cucumber beetles, potato beetles, Japanese beetles, stink bugs, squash bugs, other bugs and beetles => cucumbers and melons dead or dying, squash succumbed, stink bugs are feasting on tomatoes and beans.
    Rave-ish: Found three tomato hornworms, all parasitized by a small beneficial wasp that preys on most of the above pests.
    Rave: Bountiful garden haul, despite all the pests

    • MPinDC, are you coming to the unofficial happy hour tonight at the Passenger?

    • Bear

      This has been the year of pests for us, especially on tomatoes, and our yields are definitely suffering. Cukes are next – saw the first cucumber beetle this morning. Bastards.

      • The resistant varieties of cucumber were the first to go! Boothbay Blonde and Brown Russian (heirlooms) are the only ones still going strong. And my “mouse melons” aka Mexican sour gherkins.
        Sorry about your tomatoes – wish I could share my extras

        • Bear

          I will have to look into those for next year! Thanks for the tip. We have one cantaloupe (out of three vines) that is ripening. I just need to make sure that the groundhog doesn’t get it – I don’t have chicken wire around the vines at the moment and he just got my neighbor’s watermelon.

  • justinbc

    Additional Rave: The bear cam on explore dot org. I could watch this all day.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: new office mate is a slurper. I think I had my own office for too long, I’d forgotten how annoying people can be.
    Rave: black tea with a touch of sugar.

  • Andie302

    Rant: Can’t make HH tonight
    Rave: because we’re going to see John Oliver
    Rant: No time to read all these comments
    Rave: but hopefully this afternoon will quiet down
    Rant: Too busy
    Rave: with things that mostly don’t annoy the piss out of me…so that’s something!

    • Haven’t seen you two in forever! Hope you’re enjoying the summer.

      • Andie302

        I know – I’m totally bummed that HH isn’t another night – that’s like a block from our house and we would definitely be there!!!! I’m excited to hear what everyone thinks of the new Passenger. I’ve walked by a couple weeks ago but it wasn’t open to the public yet.

  • Bear

    Rave: Slept through the night last night. Now I just need to do better about getting to bed early.
    Rant: Very impatient with coworkers today. We’ve got really tight deadlines and people aren’t being as responsive as I’d like them to be. I can’t proceed with some of my to do items until I hear back from others and I’m starting to get really annoyed. Pregnancy has definitely affected my patience levels…

  • Allison

    Rave: I really giggled reading this blog post about a McMansion in McLean. http://www.mcmansionhell.com/post/149128564511/mclean-virginia

  • Don’t know if anyone will check this but I’m here at the passenger and can’t find anyone. At the end of the bar where you come in.

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