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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Is it Friday yet?

  • Rave: Going to Ocean City this weekend for the first time. I’ve never been. What do I do there? (Besides beach)

    Rant: Completely made over a friend’s home office as a surprise for him (his wife’s idea) and because no prep work whatsoever was done to get the room ready, it took 10 hours and I am sore, as I had to do most of the work. Had I known what I was getting myself into, I would have brought help. (Only ranting because i’m still sore, I loved helping — it was just a very ambitious project)
    Rave: He LOVED the room, and was so touched, he started crying when he saw it.

    Rant: I’m just sad. I have a ton to be happy about, but I’m just sad. It needs to stop.
    Rave: Slept very well last night for the first time in a long time.

    • Personally, when I go to Ocean City, I head down towards the boardwalk and revel in the glorious trashiness of the place. You should drink beer, ride the rides, play ski-ball and whack-a-mole and — most important — wait until dark and go on the humongous Ferris wheel. The Purple Moose will have some rock ‘n’ roll and maybe some bikers. The Bearded Clam will have the kind of crowd that goes to bars whose names are rude double entendres and drink canned beer unironically.

    • Re: your last rant–would some kind of centering habit help? Yoga/walking/running/playing music/etc?

      • I think I need to get back into working out again. I slipped, and I realized when I was working out I had a lot more positive energy (although I think that the friend who said he had feelings but now won’t acknowledge me when I said let’s try it is bothering me more than I anticipated).

        And thanks for the Ocean City tips Irving Streete: I’m making a list now, so I have a plan!

    • Oh I love OC! Go to Sneaky Pete’s (behind/connected to Hooper’s Crab House) – you can eat/drink in little boats right on the water. Also go to the Crab Bag! I usually go Sat – Mon when I go and I like to spend Sunday nights at an Irish Pub on the boardwalk singing along to their dueling piano show. Have fun!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Wearing the cute bracelet my friend brought me from her trip to Sweden.
    Rave: Feeling so much more rested than yesterday.
    Rant: Even so, I’m dying for a long weekend. Labor Day can’t come soon enough.

  • Rave: A couple of weeks ago we saw a hummingbird trying to feed off of our backyard bird feeder. I went out a bought a hummingbird feeder for the little guy and he’s now a regular visitor to our yard. I adore that little bird.
    Rave: So many cucumbers from our garden. They will soon become so many pickles.
    Rave: The first red leaves appeared on the tree in my backyard this morning. I’m counting down to autumn.
    Popville Q: Does anyone have a favorite person or group for childbirth classes? I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to research this.

  • Rave: Today is my Friday.
    Rant: A LOT to do… so it will be a loooonggggg “Friday”
    Rave/Rant: Packing & Moving the rest of the week.

  • Rant: About 90% sure that I’m the victim of a Craigslist wedding dress scam. Got myself into this b/c I’m too trusting. Seriously, why would someone (the buyer) send a complete stranger (me, the seller), $2,000 more than the asking price and then ask me to send the rest via Western Union to the ‘seamstress’. Classic wedding dress scam, from the research I’ve done…the question is, how do I dig myself out of this??
    Rave: Saw one of my favorite bands at Wolf Trap last night, and oh, what a beautiful night to be outdoors! 🙂
    Neither Rant nor Rave: Oh, so tired from last night but oh, was it worth it!

    • That’s no good! I’d just return the money – have your bank reverse the payment and cut off communication.

      • I second this. Definitely a scam. I hope you didn’t send the money yet? If you already sent it, Western Union maaaaay be able to help, it can’t hurt to ask.

    • I don’t get how this is a scam. Money laundering?

      • It’s a scam because the payment from the scammer comes via check. The victim deposits the check and sends the money to the “seamstress.” 30 days later victim’s bank realizes the check bounced and “seamstress” and buyer are nowhere to be found.

        • +1.
          Scams like this usually involve an overpayment that requires the scammee to send money to the scammer.

      • You’re sending real money off of a bad check.

    • First, I suggest calling your bank and discuss it with them, they may have ideas or strategies on how to identify or resolve these issues. I would also tell the potential purchaser that you’ll send the overpayment and dress if/when the check clears your bank. But yikes, hope it works out!

      • No, don’t do this. The way checks clear it will appear cleared (esp. If you have more than enough to cover) before they realize it’s a bad check. This overpayment thing is ALWAYS A SCAM!!!!

    • So I called the bank which this cashier’s check supposedly came from. A) This bank has been acquired by another so no longer exists, and B) as soon as the woman heard who the check was from told me, “You’ve been duped.” Now just waiting for the money to disappear from my account, will pay the $12 fee and move on with my life.

  • Rant: This week is dragging, already. Make it go faster.
    Rave: Very excited for helping to host my friend’s bachelorette party this weekend!
    Rant/Rave: Zero free time between now and after Labor Day due to that and the wedding…rant because I’m already tired, rave because I’m so excited for her and her fiance!
    Rave: September. After these last two crazy months with helping her plan her wedding (in TWO MONTHS! I don’t know how it actually all worked out!) my plans for September literally only include yoga and beer/brewery visits/beer festivals. Possibly some brewery yoga and combine the two. Bring on September!

    • oh! tell me more about this brewery yoga! I did that this month at 3 Stars brewing and it was really fun!

      • Oh girl (I’m 99% you’re a girl from what I’ve gathered from your posts so if I’m off somehow I apologize!) it’s the BEST. I’ve been trying to hit them up more and more. I’m a big fan of Erin Sonn with EatYogaDrink, and have heard great things about Beth Wolfe. I like Sehkraft’s in Clarendon (that’s with Erin once a month) and Port City’s in Alexandria every Tuesday. I’m meaning to try to get to one at Tyson’s Biergarten and the 3 Stars one soon, maybe DC Brau as well. The Crystal City BID also sponsors Erin’s class at the Crystal City Sports Pub some Sundays, it’s $10 for the class and a drink of your choice before brunch (if you want to stay for brunch) which I’ve also been meaning to make it to soon.

      • Denizen’s Brewery in Silver Spring has beer garden yoga once a month! The next one is Sept 11th.

  • Rant: Ive worked out every day for the past ten days, and Im gaining weight more than losing it. I know, I know – I’m gaining muscle, yadda yadda, but its still frustrating 🙂
    Rave: Ive worked out every day for the past ten days. This is a feat, and I am proud of myself.

    • Be careful that the workouts aren’t making you overcompensate for the calories burned by eating more or — and a lot of people do this — you’re not saying to yourself: “I worked out, I’ll take TWO scoops.”

      • Yep – have been tracking consumption via fitbit app, but snacking more frequently too, which Im trying to curb!

    • alissaaa

      Awesome that you are getting into the gym, but remember, rest is important–it is how your muscles heal and you get stronger–I recommend doing 3 days on 1 of 2 days on 1 off or something similar to that.

      Also, worth noting, losing weight is about 80-90% what you are eating–so may try to pay more attention to what you are eating–calories, and macro ratios.

    • In addition to what Irving and alisaaa said:
      Weight loss is a long game. You have to have a plan, stick to it, and probably tweak it as you go. 10 days isn’t long enough to get the results.
      Finally, consider whether you need to lose weight or just gain fitness. They’re not the same thing, though people often equate the two.

  • skj84

    Rant: I overslept this morning. Woke up 45 minutes late. Got to the office 30 minutes later than I usually do. I am massively cranky, I just want to go back to bed a sulk for some reason. Or crawl under my desk and sulk. This is not the way to start the day.

    Rave: 2 days to Minneapolis! They are experiencing straight up fall like weather this week. Packing boots and sweaters and may bring a jacket.

  • Rant: Tripped and cut my foot on the metro escalator this morning. I know, I know, don’t wear open toed shoes on the metro.
    Rant: It didn’t help me feel better when I opened WaPo and the headline was about foot infections.
    Rave: Tonight I’m getting dinner with a college friend who I haven’t seen in a long time!

    • If it makes you feel any better… the WaPo story was about a rare condition that initially _appeared_ to be some kind of foot infection, but wasn’t actually an infection.
      If you haven’t already… wash that wound thoroughly!

  • Rant: Missing fire truck at Walter Pierce Park? WTF???
    Rave: Managed to not cry when I picked mtpkiddo up from daycare for the last time yesterday.
    Rant: All bets are off with her goodbye pizza party tomorrow.
    Rant: Mtpbaby was a crankpot this morning. And his primary teacher is out today. Crap.
    Rave: At least he slept well last night? I think that tooth might have finally broken through!
    Rave: Home visit with mtpkiddo’s pk3 teachers today.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: so sleepy
    Rave: planning on doing the bare minimum at work today.

  • Rave: extremely successful trip to Worcester, Mass for the Masters National Rowing Championship, bringing home four medals including a gold.
    Rave: After five sometimes-frustrating years on the water, feel like I’ve made my bones with teammates and coaches. Feels really nice.
    Rant: Suspicion that I have sciatica pretty much painfully confirmed in last two days, and it is quite possible that I am through for the season just when I need to make it through October and the Head of the Charles — my most significant rowing goal.

    • Yuck on the sciatica. Yoga has helped me with that in the past, as has doing cat-cow poses under a hot shower. Then again, the latter was while I was pregnant so I’m not sure if that was somehow relevant to that particular treatment. In any case, it can’t hurt.
      Reminds me of a funny story–mtpkiddo was playing in our kiddie pool over the weekend, and started doing cat-cow poses with animal sounds. It was hilarious to watch her shift between positions while saying “moo!” “meow!” Adorable.

    • my chiropractor has helped me make is to all my start lines healthy! I know some people aren’t a fan, but honestly I’m so impressed. Check it out!

    • I hope your sciatica clears up ASAP. I only cured mine when I read Dr. John Sarno’s books on the role of repressed emotions in causing certain pain disorders. It’s the same idea as a tension headache, but the pain can manifest in different ways in different parts of the body. Just throwing that out there in case you don’t get relief right away and conventional medicine or chiropractors aren’t helpful (which was my experience.) I checked his book out of the library, but later ended up buying it out of gratitude.

  • skj84

    Question: Are we still doing Happy Hour at The Passenger tomorrow?

  • Rave: Went home for a long weekend, I think this was the first time I’ve been home in the summer since graduating college 6 years ago. So much prettier up north at this time of year than around the holidays.
    Rant: Grandfather and my 14 year old cat are both not doing well, so it was a bit of an emotional trip. At least I got to spend time with them both and they’re pretty chipper, even if frail.
    Rant: Apartment hunting. I’m really ready to not have roommates, but… not really feasible of course. The eternal DC problem. Trying to keep an eye out for affordable studios and checking websites of some big management companies for them, which I remember people recommending in the past. I also just really want to be able to get a cat. I’ve got time before my lease is up at least so I can take my time looking!

    • Roommate with an even slightly off schedule is the best of both worlds. I’ve seen my roomie once in 10 days.

      • skj84

        Agreed. My roommate and I have all managed to have varying schedules. She works a restaurant job and I’m usually never home. It works out very well. Of course we are adding a new third person in a few weeks, so the balance may be disrupted.

  • Rave: My (and a whole bunch of other people’s!) research got selected for a presentation at a conference in a little over a month!
    Rant Feeling a smidge overwhelmed trying to finalize how to present the research, make travel /lodging arrangements, etc.
    Rant: Suuuper tired. Didn’t sleep well, didn’t sleep enough.
    Rave: Just have to make it through to Thursday – taking a long weekend with family at the beach to celebrate my birthday.
    Rant: Medical test tomorrow. The test itself isn’t scary. The results might be very scary. Hence why I’ve “accidentally” lost the orders for about three years! Quite nervous about this.
    Rave: Ultimately, everything will be ok. I just have have to keep telling myself this.

  • Rave: Lovely birthday dinner with friends last night, capped off with drunkenly making naan griddle cakes. Sometimes you just need all the carbs.
    Rant: Coffee with my boss this morning. I’m making things work, but it’s not where I want to be going forward. I really like and admire him, and it’s difficult not to feel like I’m somehow betraying him by looking elsewhere. Yet I am and will.
    Rave/rant: So much uncertainty and change now, so I’m focusing on self-care and my goals. Be healthy, be happy, be smart, and be love and loved.

  • Rant: In the past I’ve always been able to find parking on my own street on street-sweeping days, but for the second week in a row I’ve had to park on a neighboring block instead for one of the two sweeping days. This does not bode well.
    Rant/thinking aloud/query: On the neighboring street, I met a pretty little tortoiseshell cat. She didn’t approach me, but when I approached her she was receptive and meowed at me.
    She didn’t have a collar, but she seemed to be in good physical shape (no visible ear mites, for instance). I don’t know if she “belongs” to someone, or if perhaps she’s a street cat who’s tame and is being fed by people, but isn’t necessarily getting medical care.
    What I’m wondering is whether I should go back, try to find her, and scoop her up and take her to WHS for trap-neuter-release. (Her ear wasn’t tipped.) If she’s not spayed and is a street cat, that’s not good. On the other hand, if she _is_ spayed I wouldn’t want to subject her to being taken to WHS, etc., etc. (There’s also the possibility of her owner getting mad at me for interfering with their cat… but IMO, if you let your cat run free without a collar, you shouldn’t be surprised if someone takes your cat for TNR.)
    Victoria or Emily, maybe you know — is there a way for them to tell whether she’s spayed without anesthetizing her? Like kitty ultrasound?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Check her belly for a tattooed line. That’s another way they show a cat has been spayed. I don’t know how widespread the practice is, but my kitty has the tattoo as well as the ear tip.

      • Or a scar, though it can hard to see through the fur. We had zero way of telling our female dog was spayed when we adopted her, just had to wait six months and see if she went into heat. She is spayed apparently but no vet can find a scar anywhere.

      • I wonder if they do that only for cats that have been taken in and spayed through the TNR program, though. (As opposed to if this cat has owners who were responsible enough to get her spayed, even though they 1) let her roam outside and 2) don’t keep a collar on her.)

        • To pre-empt a miffed reply from wdc: Yes, I know there are SOME cats that simply will not tolerate living an indoor-only life.
          However, I get the impression that not all of the indoor/outdoor cats in D.C. are ones whose owners tried valiantly to keep them as indoor-only cats but had to give up.

    • I took a cat in for TNR once, and they did an ultrasound. She was already fixed, so they did shots and gave her back.
      My dear departed kitty was indoor/outdoor, and got out of every collar I ever put on him. I’d have been mad as hell if he disappeared for a day and then came home with a tipped ear.
      If she’s friendly, assume she has a family. If you see her pregnant or nursing, maybe then take her in. My two cents.

      • LOL, I just saw your previous post. You know me so well. 🙂

      • “If she’s friendly, assume she has a family.” But what if her owners haven’t spayed her, though? (Your indoor/outdoor guy was already neutered.)
        I have never before taken a street cat to WHS. I was going to do it with an obviously unneutered orange tabby a year or so ago, but he got out of the carrier (because I foolishly opened it to give him some food) and I couldn’t get him back in again.

        • If the owners haven’t spayed her, they’ll have to find homes for kittens.
          We can’t really police the reproductive status of every pet. (If we could, I’d start with all the un-neutered dogs strolling around my neighborhood!) It’s only the ones that don’t have humans of their own that we have any standing to interfere with, in my opinion.

          • “If the owners haven’t spayed her, they’ll have to find homes for kittens.” That’s assuming they make the effort to do so. But even if they do… those kittens join all of the other kittens at WHS and at rescues that are looking for homes. And if the cat doesn’t have owners, her kittens are doomed to grow up to be feral cats unless humans get hold of them while they’re still young enough to be tamed.
            D.C. does kinda-sorta police the reproductive status of dogs — the license fee for a neutered/spayed dog is much lower than that for an unneutered/unspayed dog, so as to encourage people to spay/neuter their animals.
            Given that it’s illegal in D.C. to let a cat roam outdoors (although practically nobody knows this), one could reasonably consider all free-roaming collarless cats to be “community cats” and thus subject to TNR. There’s no way to tell whether a friendly free-roaming collarless cat is a recently abandoned cat with no owners or just an indoor-outdoor cat.
            Maybe I’ll leave this cat alone… but I have misgivings about not doing what I can to combat the cat overpopulation problem in D.C.

    • saf

      Is the tortie on 10th St NW? If so, have PoP give you my email.

  • dcgator

    RANT: Seeing two Trump ads on PoPville. Is nothing sacred????? (kinda joking—I assume PoP does not pick and choose which ads will display).

  • Rave: Baby Artie slept almost eight hours straight last night.
    Rant: Baby Artie then woke up every two hours. Once, not because he was hungry but because he rolled over on his tummy and was stuck in that position. Learn to be a tummy sleeper, Baby Artie.
    Rave: Cooler mornings make the walk to the train so much more pleasant.

  • Rant/Rave: In escrow for a condo (first time owner!) AND starting a new job next week! Eeek!
    Rave: had the best vacation with the boyfriend and friends. But exhausted and need another week to recover
    Rant: rude, aggressive drivers!! yesterday it was a real jerk in a moped who was literally weaving in and out of traffic and almost hit my fellow biker! He was wearing headphones and had no license plate. grrr. today it was a psycho grey volvo who almost knocked ME off my bike bc he passed too close and then i saw him driving like a maniac through logan circle. People like these these two nutjobs are only gonna stop if they kill someone! Literally never have I ever seen a car get a moving violation in 8 years in dc!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Lung cancer. Things have taken a turn for the worse with my father’s wife’s health and they are going to take her off of her breathing tube today. My mother also died of lung cancer and it is just horrible that he has to go through this again. I’ll probably go to Florida tomorrow. Right now just unsure what to say or do.

  • Hive mind:
    ex-PEER-a-ment or ex-PAIR-a-ment?

  • Bear

    Rant: So tired yesterday I actually cried on the train home. Got in bed relatively early…and woke up at 4:00. Today looks like it’s not going to be any better. Work is super busy, and I really can’t afford to not be on top of my game. But I’m just not.
    Rave/Rant: Since I was up super early I had time to make myself breakfast. That part is a rave. The rant is that I wanted a fresh garden tomato to go with my eggs, but when I went outside to pick the ripe ones, I discovered that we have an infestation of tomato fruitworms, and they have destroyed the plants. Trigger crying episode #2 (thanks, preggo hormones). I put so much work into the garden this year when I really didn’t have much energy to do it, so it is hugely frustrating to see all the efforts go to waste. On days like today I really want to bomb the yard with chemicals, even though I know better (and won’t do it).

    • Can you take a quick nap? That might help you get through the rest of the day and be more productive than you would be otherwise. Hang in there–you’ll get through it.

      • Bear

        There is a relaxation room in my office building but I’ve never been able to nap in strange places – guess I can’t relax enough. I’m busy, so the day is going by relatively quickly – will just try to leave right at close of business and get myself into bed early again.

  • Rant – Had a few job interviews recently and I”m on pins and needles waiting to hear back. I feel like I’m at an all time low at my current job. I just don’t care about the work anymore and I do the bare minimum just to get by. It is seriously depressing me.
    Rave – Distracting myself by browsing for clothes/gear for my trip to Iceland. I basically want to buy an entire new wardrobe of flannel shirts and cozy knit sweaters.
    Rave – This weather! Planning to go for a lunchtime walk and outdoor yoga tonight.

  • Rant: workplace drama that reminds me of high school. I’m trying to stay uninvolved and as positive/business as usual as possible, but it really gets me down. Why can’t we just all get along???

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