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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Bear

    Rant: Busy weekend, when what I needed was down time and rest. I am SO tired. I think the bear cub must be going through a growth spurt, I feel way more run down the last few days than I have previously.
    Rant: Jerks who fired up their leaf blowers at approximately 5:45 AM to blow water off the roof of the business near our house. I understand not wanting to be on the roof in the hot sun, but good lord, 5:45?!?!?!
    Rave: Positive developments on the work front, and hoping for more good news this week. We really need some big wins!

  • Rant: Between mtpbaby barely napping yesterday afternoon and mtpkiddo stalling like crazy on bedtime, I couldn’t help but think that life was so much easier without kids and why on earth did I decide to procreate?
    Rant: Then felt guilty because I do truly love my kids, they are good most of the time, and poor mtpkiddo must be anxious about the transition to pk3 at big-kids’ school this week.
    Rave: Both kids slept in this morning. It was so nice to get myself ready for the day before they got up. Looking forward to that being the norm soon.
    Rant: It will be the norm because I’ll need to get up a lot earlier to make our new schedule work.
    Rave: Looking forward to having more time in the evenings with the earlier schedule. Hoping to have some more play time with the kids and get them to bed a bit earlier. And then hopefully I can get to bed earlier, too!
    Rant: mtpbaby is back to being up once per night. Now that it’s been so many nights in a row, I no longer count it as an anomaly. I guess I should be glad it’s not twice? Ugh.

    • Don’t feel guilty. I think those thoughts and feelings are so normal. And let’s be honest, while I love Baby Artie and would not send him back, in many ways life was easier (and I looked much more rested) before him. Most parents will admit that.

      Good luck adjusting to the new schedule. I have to wake up much earlier since we moved, but after the first week, we both got into a groove. The key is the earlier bedtime!

    • I used to feel that way too (like life used to be easier, and yes, better, before kids). I don’t know if it’s because kids get easier, or because humans can acclimate to anything, but I haven’t felt that way in years.
      So… hang in there, I guess? 🙂
      And know that most parents go through it.

  • Rant: Saturday was ruined by a stomach bug, and still too tired on Sunday to go out.
    Rave: Did get started on organizing my closet.
    Rant/Rave: I have a lot of clothes…definitely too many…but I realize this isn’t a real complaint.
    Rave: Not ready to go all konmari but I did get together 2 bags to bring to Martha’s Table.

  • Rave: Wonderful weekend, party was a huge success.
    Rave: So much leftover beer and some snacks that don’t expire for several weeks so we’ll have to do it again.
    Rave: Thrown into the deep end at work this morning — sort of — I’m trying to take the bull by the horns so I can get oriented in this new position. No one has said I’ve done anything wrong yet so hopefully the strategy is going well.
    Rant: Monday! Monday! I want it to be the weekend again.

    • skj84

      I’m so glad your party went well!! How many people came? The best thing about house parties is the leftovers!

      • Thanks, skj! Sorry I didn’t have time to respond this afternoon, I don’t know if you’ll see it now. 8 people came, which was perfect! I was amazed that everyone who said they’d show up actually showed and brought something (which was really unexpected for me, thus why I didn’t tell people to bring less). Couldn’t have asked for it to go better.

  • Rave/Rant? I love the RRRR picture today. Seems to sum DC up so well – entitled a$$holes and/or idiots at every turn.
    Rave/Rant: Kitty had a mostly-good vet checkup, except for finding out she has terrible teeth and an abscessed canine and will need dental surgery in the next few months. Between my hospitalization and soon hers, I have no idea where I’m going to get all this money from.
    Rave: Still, pets are less expensive than kids! Not regretting my choice! (Seriously, parents out there, I simultaneously admire you and think you’re insane, and wish you all the best!)

  • Gotta love that photo. The only time I came close to being run over as a DC pedestrian was by a bicyclist speeding down Connecticut Avenue through a red light. Good times.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Had so much fun with Eldest and Middle Zelda on Saturday. We went out for breakfast, then went back-to-school/birthday shopping.
    Rave: AND I found an adorable dress that is perfect for me and looks great on me. It was $130 but marked down to $25.
    Rant: Stayed up too late reading last night, so I am tired today.
    Rave: But even so, I look awesome in my adorable new dress.

    • Quotia Zelda

      And Youngest Zelda didn’t get to come along on the shopping expedition because 1) he doesn’t enjoy shopping, and 2) I’m pretty much convinced that by the time it’s cool enough to force him into long pants, he’ll have grown another 2-3 inches.

    • I am impressed by your bargain dress find!

  • Rant: Cut my finger chopping broccoli rabe for a dish.
    Rant: Didn’t know that broccoli rabe is bitter as hell.
    Rant: Packed Red line train this morning due to train ahead of mine having to offload.
    Rant: got to work 30 minutes late.
    Rave: Nice lady sitting next to me.
    Rant: Back ache + plantar facilitis + sinus headache + cut finger + not enough sleep= Feeling like crap this morning. Almost didn’t make it into work but I already took sick leave last pay period and didn’t want to seem like a slouch on my job.
    Rant: Didn’t drive like I had planned due to above rant.
    Rave: I’m still breathing.

    • Ah, yes, I feel you on rant #2. I learned that lesson the hard way once as well. Broccoli rabe can be quite delicious as long as there is something to offset/complement/whatever-the-appropriate-culinary-term-is the bitterness.

  • Rant: back at work after a very productive staycation. Very very hard to get up this morning, and things feel a bit strange at work. Am moving to a new role, and Im not sure if its the right step for me for a lot of reasons, but am hoping that initial insecurity goes away and I can take on a meaty assignment.
    Rave: staycation was super productive! excavated the backyard, sanded kitchen cabinets, painted some spots, konmari’d my closet and gave away bags to the goodwill. Cant complain.
    Rave: the weather is fantastic.

  • Rave – Happy to be home after a week of work travel.
    Rant – Not happy to be back in my cube.
    Rave – I learned how to can tomatoes this weekend! But I’m a little nervous to try them out. I hope I don’t give myself botulism.

    • Emmaleigh504

      When I first started canning I printed out the symptoms of botulism so I would know what to look for. I haven’t died yet!

      • I really want to pickle some okra this summer before it’s gone. I looooove pickled okra, and it’s not something you can pick up at the Giant.
        Good call on looking up all the ways it could go horribly wrong. Though I think the acid should make it safe, right?

  • rant: man followed me, screaming, down 14th street saturday morning, under the mistaken impression that i had cursed (!) at his little son, who was maybe all of two and had been walking along in the opposite direction with his mother. i was able to convince him eventually, i think, that he was mistaken but he was so angry i wasn’t sure what he was going to do. he walked off without pounding me so that was a plus, i guess. wasn’t sure if he was totally crazy or if someone had in fact cursed at his son. either way, kinda ruined my weekend.

    • Whoa! This totally happened to my spouse and me about a year ago when we were somewhere in Arlington. It was super hot out and a father was pushing a double stroller and somehow thought I had made some derogatory comment towards his children. He was so upset, yelling and everything, no matter how we tried to explain the situation. He just kept saying, “Something must be wrong with you to look down upon my children.” It was mystifying and made me feel awful even though I tried to shake it off.

    • Sorry to hear you had to deal with this nutter. But, big city, lots of nutters… nutters gonna nut? I’ve learned to ignore such things.

      • Yeah, but imagine having to be the kids of such a nut.

        • Honestly, I refuse to empathize too closely – too heart wrenching to consider and I’m not remotely in a position to help. 🙁

        • i’m hoping that he was motivated out of extreme love of and concern for the well-being of his child. the kid had just lost a balloon (let go of it and it floated up out of reach) and so was upset. probably thinking that someone had caused his kid to be upset or added to it must have made the father upset as well. but fly into a sweaty rage? scream at people as you stalk them down the street? yeah, that is not a good route to take.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: That photo reminds me that my arse was violated by the rental bike. I may have started to walk funny at some point over the weekend. Good times.
    Rave: Finding an amazingly chill spot that served the best summer drink (yuzu ginger tea).
    Rant: I wish I could go get some more tea, but of course it’s in Brooklyn.

    • That One Guy

      One more rant: I don’t understand people who habitually post their experiences onto Instagram. Doesn’t that take away from being in the moment?

  • Rant: 5 weeks of PT and only minor improvement for my knee
    Rant: Still no word on my contract
    Rant: Front door is still not working right
    Rant: I am tired of the Houdini act from men in online dating.

    ugh ugh ugh, I need something to give

    • I gave up on my knee PT. I was managing the pain fine by just listening to my body. It’s taken weeks to recover because Pt made it worse. I feel your pain. Literally.

      • I did the rest for 8 weeks and pain hasn’t resolved its self, so professional help was enlisted. I may have to go in for imaging, if I don’t get marked improvement soon. 🙁

    • You may need a new pt. My knee was greatly improved with pt, and he listened to what I wanted to do physically to give very specific exercises.

  • Rant: @popville doesn’t know how the defcon scale works – https://twitter.com/PoPville/status/767080121035612161

  • skj84

    Rave: Glorious weekend with good friends and music.
    Rant: I have a sinus infection. My gums hurt, my ear hurts. Thankfully I now have meds.
    Question: Messenger bag or bookbag for travel? I need something I can carry my laptop, charger, and at least one book in.

    • Book bag if carrying (significant) weight over long hauls. Messenger if it’s just a book and laptop – looks much fancier and less schoolboy/girl than a backpack.

      • skj84

        That’s what I was thinking. I like the practicality of the bookbag, but want something that looks “adult”.

        • Then don’t get a backpack! The only two looks for a backpack are “I’ll be starting junior high next year” or “I should be trekking across the wilderness but instead I’m schlepping on the Red Line.”

          • skj84

            Lol. I feel like the purple squirrel of backpacks must exist! A chic yet practice bag that I can wear on my back. #thestuggle.

          • *cough* I beg to disagree.
            Seriously, though — if you’re carrying much weight when you’re commuting, anything other than a backpack ends up being really hard on your shoulder.
            The other day when I was walking toward the Metro faregates, I noticed that the 8 or so people also walking toward the faregates were all wearing backpacks too.

        • I got a Fjallraven Kanken bag for my trip abroad last year and loved it. It’s a great size and is perfect for traveling.

          • Those seem very youthful to me. Don’t see them on people over 25 very often. Also, they’re not big enough for a regular-sized laptop.

          • On the other end of the spectrum, I like the Tumi laptop backpack – a couple of colleagues have it, and they love it both as a carry-on and an every-day bag.

    • I have a Vera Bradley backpack that looks reasonably chic and grown up. It comes in plain black in addition to their crazy patterns. I prefer a messenger bag too, but I get too sore traveling with my laptop on one shoulder for a long time.

    • When you say “travel,” do you mean regular commuting or vacation-type travel?

      • skj84

        Both, I have 3 trips coming up so I want something that can be used as personal bag/carryon. But I’ll probably use it during my regular commute.

    • For women: Longchamps’ largest carry-all bag (the one that has an extra zip-out thing in the middle; Nordstrom carries it). It’s super light, fits on shoulder but up high enough for lots of support, looks great, holds my huge work lap-top, my lunch, my purse, etc.

      • skj84

        Ohh! The Longchamps is exactly what I’m looking for! A bit out of my budget though. Will see if the Nordstrom Rack is up and running again.

        • If you’re traveling to Europe, buy it in one of the airports there! Between the advantageous exchange rate, lower euro prices on the bags and no taxes, you’ll save a TON!

  • Any idea what happened around 9 this morning on 18th Street, north of L? A dozen emergency vehicles, and an ominously unoccupied window washing rig high above. The two might be totally unrelated.

  • Rant: I am having a case of the Mondays. I woke up late and consequently left the house late. Our train had to be deboarded after only two stops. After dropping the baby after to daycare, I went to Pepco to deal with a billing issue. Round 2 of my battle with the electric company still didn’t resolve the issue. I may need to gear up for a long war of attrition.
    Rave: I ran into a good friend during my morning commute after we had to deboard the morning train.
    Rave: Baby Artie, after being a grumpy, teething nightmare all weekend, was in a lovely mood this moring. That kid’s smile slays me.
    Rave: My father-in-law, who is as much of a coffee addict/snob as I am, asked for an additional cup of coffee because the first “was really, really good.” If my day job doesn’t work out, I can always work as a barista.

  • RANT: RIP Gawker. Down goes the second best web site to waste time at work.

  • Rave: Things are slow at work and I feel like a human being when I leave at the end of the day, instead of an emotional zombie
    Rant: Applying for new jobs like crazy–new captain at work and the ship is sinking
    Rant: just got back from a week at home in the midwest, which coincided with my younger brother getting out of rehab for heroin addiction. I work in youth development so my whole family is coming to me to make sense of what’s going on, to process their feelings/frustration, and to “talk to him” which was utterly exhausting. If “talking to him” was all it took then there would be no heroin addicts. Also, I didn’t just wake up one day with an understanding of how to work with young adults, people–I’ve been working for years to develop these skills! Go to a meeting and develop them yourselves!
    Rave: I have a wonderful partner and life in DC

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your brother. Did rehab seem to help him some at least? I’m from the Midwest and have seen how bad it’s gotten – when there are billboards all over offering reward money for turning in heroin dealers, something more than usual is going on. Before I moved here I lived with a guy and his roommate for a while, the roommate was addicted and it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever lived through, wondering if he would wake up every day (he’s clean and sober now, happy ending to that one at least).

      • I mean, yes, but it was only a 21 day stay, and he seemed pretty slow to take control of his recovery–“not feeling up to” going to meetings, coming up with reasons to delay going to meetings. He’s naturally a very hard-headed person and I’m also trying to remember that a huge part of mental illness is being really unable to commit to the kind of help you need when you need it most. Thus, I don’t have my hopes up–in my mind I keep imagining the conversation with my mom where she calls and tells me he’s overdosed.

        • Anontoday, I am so sorry. Heroin addiction is such a vicious thing, I’ve watched brothers and uncles and their friends struggle with – and sometimes lose – that battle. All I could do was tell myself “it’s not about YOU.” And when my brother had sufficiently recovered enough to be able to tell me that as well, that his addition was not my problem or fault, it meant a lot to me. So please know we’re here for you, even if only virtually, and hoping you don’t take on what’s not yours to take on. Hang in there.

  • Rave: Bought some furniture this weekend. Beautiful custom sleeper couch for the living room as we transition the guest room. And an awesome glider rocker for the nursery.
    Rant: I have been very slow to buy things for the baby because it gives me a lot of anxiety. I know bad things are unlikely to happen and we have to plan for the future, but after purchasing the rocker, I was up almost all night. Good thing it takes about 10 weeks for the furniture to arrive!!
    Rave: My awesome partner. My awesome therapist. They’re helping keep me grounded.
    Rave: Nice visit with my parents this weekend!

  • Rant: To whoever punched out and broke the plexiglass window on the Little Free Library on 11th and Irving, you are a bad person.
    Rave: To whoever had got it repaired in less than 24 hours, thank you.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: feeling anxious for no good reason.
    Rave: so far a quiet day

  • Rant: SO decided it would be a great idea to mess around with me last night saying that he’s starting to thing perhaps Trump would be the best person for the job of POTUS. In his typical fashion the joke was taken too far leading to an argument. Yes, I really am one of those people for whom this would be a deal breaker.
    Rant: We both woke up in a shitty mood as a result.

    • Call me to serious but there are some things that are not meant to be joked about, especially knowing how the receiver of the “joke” feels. That’s just mean-spirited.

    • You should be able to have a civil conversation with a SO and express what you believe in without saying they cannot believe in something just because you disagree. That’s not the case for all people, and i have dated people where that was not the case (but that ended thankfully). but would be an absolute deal break for me to be with someone who will not let me have my own beliefs.

      • Anonynon, maybe you missed the part where Anon Today said his/her SO did this as an extended joke.
        It’s perfectly valid for Anon Today to regard his/her SO (seemingly) turning pro-Trump to be a dealbreaker. (And IMO, bad joke on his part.)

        • I definitely agree with textdoc here. In the professional world I engage respectfully with folks who hold different worldviews every day all day, and don’t let those opinions change how I treat them. In my home life, it is absolutely essential, and I believe my right, to feel like my partner and I are aligned in our core values, and I believe a sincere and full support of a Trump presidency would represent a serious divergence in values from my own.

    • Dole out 3-4 firm (but gentle) smacks right on the bollocks next time he mentions Trump in a similar light. You can’t let this sort of thing continue – boundaries must be set.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Unsure why it took months to get a diagnosis but IDGI SR’S wife has Stage 4 lung cancer. He’s been spending the night with her at the hospital. Her son is staying at their house and is at the hospital during the day. My gut tells me I should be there but my dad he says he is OK.

  • Additional rave: really excited for HalfSmoke after this rave review of the founder in WaPo today: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/capitalbusiness/halfsmoke-rising/2016/08/19/cfcc42e8-62f2-11e6-8b27-bb8ba39497a2_story.html#comments

  • RAVE: The lanes that have been closed around 18th and P/Mass Ave NW are now reopened as of this weekend!!!! They had been closed for over a year due to construction.

  • For the posters who have gotten married, did you ever get to the point where you just wanted the wedding to be over with and go straight to the honeymoon? That’s where my fiance and I are at right now. There was an issue with a mailing so we had to resend out invites, and there’s so many small things that we kinda talked about before but never really focused on until when when we both realized “oh shit, this is important.” Maybe we should have hired a wedding planner. 3.5 weeks away!

    • Oh yes, definitely. I did not enjoy wedding planning at all and it was no secret. But my husband and I did the planning together as a team, so we both suffered through it together 🙂

    • I don’t know anyone who has been married and hasn’t had that desire to quite all planning and elope. You’ll make it!

    • best decision we made was to have six guests at our wedding.

    • There are several “day of” planners who will deal with all those little last minute things for a very reasonable price (much less than a full on wedding planner). Check out Lee – http://www.savoir-faireweddings.com

      • Yep, we hired a day of planner. I figured why spend 3K or whatever the going rate is for a wedding planner when we could just set up a lot of this stuff on our own but a day of planner was needed. We definitely went through the “we should have done a destination wedding” and “I don’t even care if this person comes at this point” phases.

      • I’ll third this, having a day-of planner was so crucial to enjoying our day.

    • You’re on the home stretch! Hang in there! Don’t be afraid to ask friends or family for help with things that you can delegate over the next couple of weeks. The actual wedding day and the honeymoon will bring SUCH fun times for all of your hard work!

  • Rave: Finally feeling normal again after my post-jury duty flu/bug/whatever.
    Went to see the AbFab movie, at the West End, which is still a rotten theater (small & oddly-shaped auditoriums, and small screens) but at least now has nice comfy seats and good concessions. And not crowded. And liked the movie a lot.

  • Question (and maybe a good one for a Friday QOTD): I don’t need to do any major construction, but I am interested in hiring an interior designer to re-vamp our guest room, a quasi-library/den that we’d like to make into a guest room, and get some input on how we could improve our living room flow/furniture.

    Do you have an interior designer that you’ve used and liked? What was your project and budget? Has anyone explored the online interior designer sites like Havenly? Would love any input you all have!

    • Andie302

      I had a consultation with Homepolish and while I wasn’t thrilled with the particular designer I ended up meeting (I think I waited until too far into the decorating process, and she suggested changing some things that I was open to changing – I’m looking at you gloriously over large couch), I thought the experience was a good one. They also offered via email to send someone else out at no charge if I wasn’t happy. I didn’t take them up on it, but I appreciated the offer! I also like getting their emails because they always have a variety of interior photos in them that are interesting.

  • maxwell smart

    Sad to see the Olympics come to an end, if only because it meant for 2 weeks the flaming dumpster fire that is this years presidential election was the smallest footnote in the news. I enjoyed 2 politics free weeks… if only it could stay that way.

  • Summoning the collective experience of Popville:
    I recently replaced my windshield. Parking sticker moved over no problem, the inspection sticker does not say “void” or anything but the adhesive is really crackled (looks like a Martha Stewart antiquing application). Is that what renders it void? Or am I good as long as the word “void” doesn’t appear?
    Anyone know how much the ticket for not having a proper inspection sticker is? I can find ticket prices for moving violations and for the inspection itself, but couldn’t find info about not having the right stickers displayed.

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