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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Kyirisan was AMAZING.
    Rant: Feeling panic attack-y this morning. Trying to do two different jobs at once completely removes all motivation for me to do either of the jobs. I wish I could just go home and try again on Monday.
    Rant: Do not want another migraine because it will ruin my party this weekend. Need to chill.

  • Rave: So thankful for PoPville for the great advice on writing a wedding speech/toast. I spent the train ride yesterday thinking, and writing, and reliving memories and have now started to go through your suggestions and advice to make it a coherent speech. Thanks!
    Rant: Also spent the train ride finishing A Little Life. Rant because it’s over and because I definitely looked like a damn fool crying on the train!
    Rave: Get to pick my own bridesmaid dress.
    Rant: Haven’t found one yet and the wedding is labor day. I’ve looked on ShopStyle and other places you all suggested but it looks like I need a medium length (not short, not long), light purple dress (lavender, mauve, wisteria, whatever). Any suggestions that aren’t too expensive! Also, I’m super pale so this light purple thing is not going to look all that great, I imagine!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Something happened in the wash to my cute green capris, and now they’re covered in yellowish blotches. It’s reminiscent of the laundry mishaps of my childhood before took over washing my clothes from my dad, who slings bleach around with wild abandon.
    Rant: Can’t blame my dad this time!
    Rave: Part 2 of Emmaleigh’s birthday present has arrived. Ooooh, she’s going to love it!

    • You have my sympathy. I had the cutest blue-and-white striped skirt, in cotton knit. Safe for the machine, right? Nope. The lining was somehow subtly different material, and shrunk unevenly, and now the whole thing is a twisted mess. I know it’s a manufacturing mistake, but it feels like an adulting fail.

      • I’ve done this so many times, I should be ashamed. My most recent laundry mishap was a cute white waffle-knit tunic that I got on vacation as a cover up. It shrunk to the size of a hoodie that could fit my daughter. I should have read the care instruction before I bought the damn thing, which said hand wash only, air dry.

      • That One Guy

        I’ve lost many good sweaters to the wash/dry. You’d think it would stop happening but nope.

        • Wash sweaters, bras, tights, and wool coats by hand. Air dry everything except towels, sheets, socks, jeans, and underwear. That’s what I do and my clothes stay in great shape.

        • I loooove the “hand wash” setting on my washing machine.
          Like Jill, I air-dry most things other than towels, sheets, socks, and underwear. (Unlike Jill, I air-dry jeans too.) Clothes last longer and the color doesn’t fade as much.
          Occasionally, though, things can go wrong even when you follow an item’s washing directions, or even when you err on the side of caution in relation to those directions (like washing something on delicate that says it should be washed on normal.)

          • You should air dry your underwear. Heat breaks down elastic.

          • That One Guy

            And here I was think that a certain brand just made crappy under garments. All along it could have been me.
            Why air dry socks?

          • Yeah, if I bought nice underwear and socks that I cared about I’d air dry those too. It gets kind of tedious hanging each one on the drying rack so I go the lazy route and machine dry.
            Jeans get machine dried so I can shrink them back up.
            If I had more space I’d air dry the sheets too.
            Towels are the only thing that truly benefit from machine drying.

          • Jill, have you by any chance lived in Asia? (Or other places where tumble dryers are not common?)

  • Rave: finally found evidence of mtpbaby’s new tooth! I feel much better medicating when I know why I’m doing it.
    Rave (I hope!): Home for the day with mtpkiddo so we can attend the open house at her new school. Looking forward to meeting her new teacher, checking out the new school, and hopefully some fun one-on-one time during the rest of the day.
    Rant: She was in a snit this morning. I hope that doesn’t carry through the rest of the day!
    Rave: mtpbaby had an explosion of consonants in his babbling yesterday afternoon! We were just starting to get concerned that he was a bit behind in that area of development. Glad to have that development ๐Ÿ™‚

  • skj84

    Rant: My sister’s schedule leaves not as much time to spend together during my trip to MN. I bought my tickets back in May, and she took on a new job since then at the same hotel company I used to work for. Since its a hotel she doesn’t work traditional business hours and will now will have to work Saturday 9-5, in addition to working all day Friday and the Tuesday I leave. Its also the first week of classes (she’s going back to school part time). I know work takes precedence, but I’m really bummed I’ll have less time to hang with her. I know I can just explore MN on my own, and we will have fun when we are together. I just wish she had some flexibility with her schedule.

    Rave: I am so excited about State Fair, and by State Fair I mean the food. I have been obsessively tracking the food finder. Yesterday they released the beer list. There is a Maple Bacon Brown and Smore’s Porter that I must try. And Caramel Apple Cider. In addition to cheese curd mac and cheese, French Onion Monkey bread, and other fried goodness that I must try while I’m there. I’m already stocking up on Tums and Prilosec.

  • Rant: Found out yesterday that Littlest Anonachild will be on a ‘gradual entry’ schedule at school. I had no clue, and did not plan accordingly. It also really highlights potential issues for him; they do this because most kids in our area have never set foot in a school or daycare environment until Kindergarten, whereas my kiddo has done two years of Pre-K. Also, peaking at the curriculum, I can already see he will be well-ahead. We have already gone through one year of him surpassing all the academic goals way too early and him spending the year basically painting and hating school because he was bored. Now I worry that this will be a long-haul thing we will have to deal with every year.
    Rave: The heat and humidity finally broke!

    • Have you thought of letting him skip a grade? Or even pushing to put him in an enrichment/gifted and talented program if they have one?

      • In DC, neither of those things were viable options in public schools, but here they both are. Gifted and Talented begins here in 3rd grade, and there is a process for being pushed ahead a grade that I am looking into for him. My greatest concern with that is the socio-emotional impact. He is a very, very bright boy and there is no doubt that he could excel academically, but I worry about him making friends. This is already hard with kids his own age, and I worry it would be even harder if he were in a grade higher. Physically, he is also on the small side. Which makes it all the more hilarious when this little boy comes out with crazy facts and full, complete sentences, but could make things a little harder on him should he skip a grade. It’s just a lot to weigh. They also have a magnet school here that offers mixed-aged classes, so that may be an option for next year.

        • Hmm, that’s a lot of different variables to consider. Maybe see how he gets through this year — that might give you some more information to see if skipping him ahead is worth doing. I think making contact early with his teacher and expressing concerns might help. With the right teacher, he might be able to receive extra and more challenging assignments while staying in his same grade.

          • i second artemis re: contacting teachers. i was a very bright kid and was fortunate to have a parent in the school system and to live in a small town, so it made making those connections with teachers much simpler. my parents always reached out to my teachers before our classes started to let them know i may finish work quickly because it was simple for me and i would probably get frustrated with others who weren’t as quick to learn or answer as i was. all of my teachers always had a special folder for me and a few others in the classes that were our extra assignments for when we finished our actual ones in class well ahead of everyone else.
            as i got older, i was never afraid to ask teachers for extra work or to help out where i could … in 3rd grade, whenever i finished my math assignments early, i was to go to the other 3rd grade teachers and troubleshoot their computers and printers and help with anything else they had.

          • I definitely will be in touch with his teachers, annoyingly so, lol. I am trying to dig up info on his teacher and really hoping she is a young, fresh out of college and full of hopes and dreams type!
            womp – i faced the same issues in school, though it was not navigated as successfully for me as it sounds it was for you. Hopefully I can do a better job than my parents did.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Agreed with womp. I do not have kids, but back when I was one, I was far ahead of the vast majority of my classmates in math. I found a lot of value in helping my classmates with their math work – I was often able to explain things differently than the teachers did in ways that my classmates understood better. Being able to help my classmates was a nice little self-esteem boost, learning how to explain things to to others simply was itself a valuable skill, and not only completing my work (easy) but also explaining it to somebody who didn’t get it (less easy) definitely helped me to understand the material better. I was not a strong reader, though – can’t comment on the experience of being 4 years ahead of classmates in reading.

        • He actually might have an easier time making friends with older kids! His trouble might be connecting on an emotional level with kids his own age because they’re not on his academic level so they have less common ground. I had trouble making friends because I was too advanced for my own age group, but after I skipped grades ended up finding a lot of common ground with my peers and thriving socially. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • This is very true for him. The camp they are in this week has less separation of age groups and he has been swapping Pokemon cards with the older boys. It has been the highlight of his camp experience thus far. Thank you for providing this example though, it makes me feel a little better about the idea. how old were you when you were skipped? It was discussed for me in 2nd grade, but my mom decided against it.

          • I had a very different experience and skipped four grades at age 13 (entered college at 14 as part of an advanced program). I did fine, though that was an extreme adjustment. Looking back (and after all of my research on gifted and early childhood education, haha), my childhood behavior and experiences suggest that I would have been better adjusted skipping a grade after 1st and going to 3rd and then skipping 6th and going to 7th. It’s different for everyone! If it truly is even an option for Anonachild (btw, I love these names), it’s worth a discussion with school officials.

        • I was in a very similar situation when I was just entering school – my mom was an elementary school teacher, and I had learned all the basics before kindergarten. I ended up skipping first grade entirely despite having an April birthday, so I was nearly two years younger than some of the others in my grade, but never had any trouble adjusting that I recall. Anyway, I had fun and friends all through school and it was only a little weird when I wasn’t old enough to drive until senior year of high school (a bigger deal in the midwest than here).

          Anyway, my input is that the friends thing is probably less of a big deal than having years of limited engagement with school and a turn-off from learning.

    • Have you looked into getting him skipped ahead? Or having him take some higher level classes (mixed his grade+ grade above for x subjects).

    • Dealing with the same thing. Kid is in a charter now and every year we struggle whether to skip her or not. I would say wait until they really dive in to Mathematics and reading principals. My rising 2nd grader reads on a 5th/6th grade level and we just continue to push her on our own while she stays in her current grade. The teachers cant push the entire class for the reasons you state. Some kids have only gotten their first but of formal education at K where as mine have done Pre-K 3 and 4 with Your Baby Can Read and DayCare prior so they are accustomed to classroom settings. Some kids are just struggling with the classroom setting and discipline in general

    • Have you thought about looking into Montessori (or other similar) schools for him? I was always way ahead and bored in school – with no attempts to give me extra work. A sharp young mind is a horrible thing to waste like that. I had super-smart nephews who went to a Montessori school for something like K-2nd grade, and I don’t remember them having these issues there – the idea is that kids work at their own pace, so there is always challenge.

      • His previous school did Tools of The Mind, which is similar to Montessori. I love the program (and Montessori) but for him, he needs more structure. Also, to be perfectly honest, private education is out at this point as it is prohibitively expensive.

  • Rave: Baby Artie only woke up at 12 and 4 again last night!
    Rant: I’m so afraid that I’m going to adjust to this humane sleep schedule and then the six month sleep regression will happen.
    Rave: We have discovered the best Thai food that delivers near us. Thai-style fried rice last night = deliciousness.
    Rave: I’m stupidly excited to try a one sheet pan meal this evening. I love cooking that doesn’t require many dishes. I’m happy that I’m finding time and energy in my nightly routine to cook dinner most evenings.

  • Rave: My new favorite Olympic story – the swimming scandal! I am going to spend most of my day reading the same stories over and over.
    Rant: I’m sick and tired of Dupont Circle. Could that traffic pattern be any less useful? The circle sits 75% empty at all times, while the backup around the circle of cars waiting to go around it takes forever. Yesterday, the traffic was so light, yet it still took me.

    • I grew up in New Jersey, and still believe traffic circles, in the appropriate circumstances, are the best ways to merge traffic. Traffic lights on circles completely defeats the purpose. It’s nuts.
      Now, if we could get the rest of the world to adopt jug handles for left turns, we’d really be making progress . . .

      • maxwell smart

        Having grown up on the West Coast where such things as traffic circles and the mess of NJ spaghetti roads you call jug handles (I mean, there are traffic circles IN traffic circles!?!), I respectfully disagree.

        • Jug handles are entirely separate from traffic circles, and are unquestionably a better way of dealing with left turns than the abomination that is turning lanes, green arrows, or delayed greens.

          • maxwell smart

            I’m used to the LA method – 3 rights to make a left. But this works in LA because it’s a giant grid so it’s basically impossible to get lost AND there’s multiple ways to get where you are going, none of which should involve the 405.

      • I’m from NJ too, and like the traffic circles and jug handles, but they only work in NJ because it’s all suburban sprawl. They don’t really work in cities.

      • HaileUnlikely

        The design of DC’s traffic circles, with 4+ lanes, some that criss-cross over each other, lights in the middle of the circle, etc, is just plain goofy. DC’s traffic circles, which other than being intersections that happen to be round, are totally different than roundabouts. Properly designed roundabouts can actually work very well in a lot of circumstances. The only one I can think of around here is Chevy Chase Circle – it is actually designed to the engineering standards of a roundabout (key factors are that cars entering the roundabout yield to cars already in it, and there aren’t traffic lights inside of the roundabout).

        • maxwell smart

          Which even people don’t really get, as they try to make a right turn from the inside lane while cutting off the driver next to them who is not turning.

          • HaileUnlikely

            People do that at ordinary intersections as well (turn from the wrong lane and cut people off). At least Chevy Chase Circle has good signage in advance to tell people which lane people need to use in relation to where they are exiting the circle. If you get in the wrong lane, just go around again and look for a chance to get over.

          • See, that’s basically what a jughandle is, although smoothes out the corners. It doesn’t work in the city, though.

          • Oops, that comment went in the wrong place. Meant to say here, Westmoreland Circle is designed so the middle and right lanes can exit the circle at several locations. But, since the right lane may not be right turn only, or there are other entrances close to the exits and drivers can’t get to the center lane in time, it just creates havoc. Total design fail.
            I agree that Chevy Chase is the best example of how a circle should work.

    • My theory is that Lochte concocted this robbery story to cover up the fact that he was soliciting early in the morning and time got away from him thus he need a reason to give to his coaches and GF for returning to Olympic Village. Gun probably was produced when payment time from the prostitutes boss but the only robbery was his dignity and the cash he spent for a night of fun in Rio. He initially told his mom he was robbed abd she ended up telling the media. He never filed a police report or told the media himself because it wasnt true. It was his alibi for his night of debauchery imo….

      The others are just going along with his story it seems

      • Ha! i love this theory, and it sounds COMPLETELY believable!

        • Just as I type this, DailyMail produces video that puts this in an entirely different light.. Darn, I like my theory better…

          • wait, what? What does the DM (a notoriously suspect source, in my opinion) show? And I like your theory because it is totally possible and Lochte seems like such a d-bag.

      • Eh, the Village is pretty wild and swimmers are known to get a LOT of action. I don’t think Lochte had to pay for it, or leave the Village to get some. Drugs, maybe?

        But yeah, something is REALLY weird with this story.

        • Doesnt have to pay for it at all but he was staying with his mom and gf in a hotel not Olympic village turns out and how many times do you get to Rio. Might want to sample the local menu that you cant get at home.

          • Hard to imagine a guy like Lochte needing to pay for sex.

          • Really? He’s revolting from a personality standpoint, he’d need to pay me so I wouldn’t gag.

          • “Hard to imagine a guy like Lochte needing to pay for sex.” Weren’t people saying something similar about Hugh Grant when he got busted with a prostitute in the ’90s? Who knows — he might prefer it as a purely transactional thing.

          • oh! Just got a BBC news alert that “US swimmers ‘damaged petrol station door during altercation'” according to a report….waiting to hear more about this!

          • There is a difference between “needing” to pay for sex, and “wanting” to pay for sex. Regardless, I don’t think prostitution is at play at here but it is definitely fascinating. And, fwiw, I thought Lochte is dating a playboy playmate who was in Rio with him.

        • maxwell smart

          Yeah… I feel like he’d have no problem laying waste to the Olympic Village. Don’t they give them all a goodie bag of condoms on the way in?

      • I Dont Get It

        When Michael Phelps was robbed in Rio, he had FOUR guns pointed at him. Ryan just can never catch a break!

  • Rant: I will not be coming home to a clean house after vacation
    Rant: how can I marry my desire to have an organized, somewhat sparse home with my love of things? Especially new clothes?
    Rave: having help carrying large boxes
    Rant: I feel a bit pathetic, but I am going to get a bit stir crazy having no cell service and little to no wifi on vacation. Admitting it is the first step, right? I love instagramming my vacation pics, alas.
    Rave: TV shows, documentaries, kindle books, and podcasts have all been downloaded.

    • ha! I totally feel you on your second rant!

      • topscallop

        ugh, me too. Not only do I love new things, I also love most of what I already own, therefore I cannot get rid of it! Yesterday it finally happened, I looked for something I wanted to wear only to realize I had donated it to Goodwill. So I guess I should look for something new to replace it…

  • Rave: Feeling like I’m slowly getting sh!t done!
    Rant: Most of that sh!t isn’t fun or cheap.
    Rant: Did yoga last night, which felt great, but now all my joints ache – don’t know if that’s even related, but bah humbug all the same!
    Rant: Have to brave the Target card aisles after work to try to find the perfect birthday card for my nephew – I get so overwhelmed by kid stuff!
    Rant: Managed to go all season without mosquito bites, and now I have 4 of them since being stuck at the metro on Monday. I want to scratch myself to pieces, benadryl and cortizone are barely working!
    Rave: Looking forward to seeing (almost all of) my family next week for a beach birthday celebration!

    • Are you going to the Columbia Heights Target? You might want to check Five Below first if you don’t need anything else from Target. I think the cards at FB cost less and I find it less overwhelming than Target. Sometimes there is a line to check out but it’s not usually bad.

      • I’ll check them out, but I’m looking for a very specific type of card (with particular characters on it) and I think Target may be my best bet.

        • Prepare yourself: It’s back-to-school time, so the stock will be dominated by plastic containers of infinite sizes, and checkout will be full of throngs of college kids paying with crisp 20s and very, very tired-looking dads.

        • How old is your nephew? If older than 2, I’d suggest you just origami up a $10.00 bill (or find some who knows how – it’s pretty simple) and stick it in an envelope.

    • Re: mosquito bites – the After Bite stick is amazing. I spend most of the summer constantly covered in mosquito bites (I have no idea why they are drawn to me; I don’t have one of the “attractive” blood types identified by studies), and the only thing that really works is After Bite. You can get it at any drugstore (or even Target while you are already there!)

  • Question: In this market- why don’t most people do FSBO? As a buyer would you steer clear? Also- if a home is priced at 800K and you as a buyer only qual for 775k- Why don’t most people take the chance and submit their best offers vs waiting for a price reduction?

    • Because despite what people think and say, many realtors do a great job. Personally, I don’t want the hassle that goes with listing my house. As a buyer, I wouldn’t steer clear, but I’d be more worried the deal might fall apart. I also would never bid on a house that was at the top of what I qualify for. For example, we qualified for 800k, but spent 300k+ less than that.

      • What are the hassles? You list the place, have a title agency(many of them offer contract reviews and assist you with the disclosures, closing etc. Just have the buyers agent send you the contract, sign and wait for all the contingencies(if any to happen.) Why is deal less likely to go through from a FSBO?

        • There was a lot more to it when we bought out house.
          1. Negotiating the price and getting them to accept our offer over the 11 other overs
          2. Drawing up the contract
          3. Negotiating that they will fix things even though the house would be sold as is
          I don’t want to do stuff like that myself, and trusted my realtor with negotiating those things. I don’t know if the deal is “less likely” to go though–that would just be my own personal worry. Buying and selling houses is super stressful IMO and I don’t want to leave anything to chance. Enough things can and do go wrong.

    • Previous discussions of FSBO:
      As far the second question… what’s your evidence that this is what’s currently happening? Are you trying to sell a property at $800K?
      IMO, it’s not a good idea for buyers to be shopping/bidding at the very upper limits of what a bank will qualify them for. Just because the bank thinks someone can pay x amount per month doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good idea for someone to be paying x amount per month.

      • No- I’m just saying why NOT offer what you think or the most you are willing to pay for the property instead of NOT making an offer. a Buyer has nothing to lose by doing so- They could always come back with a higher offer if they could afford to/property is worth it etc. Ultimately it’s up to the seller to accept the offer whether if its at asking, above or below.

        • Because most of those offers will be a complete waste of time. DC has a very hot RE market at the moment – there’s a lot of demand. If a seller grossly over-values their property and lists far too high, they’re not likely to accept a significantly lower offer unless they were somehow rushed to sell. It could pay off (for the seller) to just wait a bit longer to see what happens – you’re not likely to be the only person to take deeper interest at a much lower price – which could potentially start a small bidding war at the lower price point.

        • First, it’s a pain getting an offer together, both for realtor and buyer. Second, it forecloses the ability to put in another offer on a place that the buyer might actually get.

  • Rant: Can’t concentrate at work
    Rant: A lot to do today.
    Rave: Close on condo TOMORROW

  • Rant: Metro is slowly killing me. I recently moved to an area where I can’t take the 42 or 43 bus to my office anymore and it’s been depressing.

    Rave: I’m an attorney who often has to deal with a particular government agency that has a less than stellar reputation with the public, and all my interactions this morning have been positive! Much better than Metro.

    Rant: Is it just me, or have the thunderstorms/humidity been much, much worse this summer than last?

    • As someone mentioned yesterday, UberPool is $3 if you’re using it to go to/from certain areas during rush hour. Even my 6 mile commute was only $5 the other day. I’d do it at least a couple times a week if I were you.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: don’t feel like working and finding it hard to concentrate, but I have so much to do.
    Rave: Slept really well last night.

  • Rant retracted: I just got the new REAL ID, and it could totally be misconstrued as a foreign ID! It’s got a similar design to many of the ones I’ve seen and doesn’t look like any other US license I’ve seen. Now, when the cardholder points out “Washington, DC” in the address line, anyone questioning it should say, “Oh, okay,” and people checking IDs should definitely be aware of what a DC ID looks like. But the address type is REALLY small, and on a quick glance, one could reasonably assume that it’s foreign.
    Rant re-directed: Major DC DMV design fail.

    • I think all of the state real ID look fairly similar… I know the VA one looks similar. I think due to federal regulations… Seems like bars/TSA just need to get used to seeing them

      • Possible–or, rather, probable. But 1) REAL IDs still new and 2) ours only says “District of Columbia” on the top, which, as we’ve read, a startling number of Americans don’t know is their nation’s capital. Would’ve been nice if they could have worked “Washington” in there somewhere aside from the itty bitty type in the address.

        • Except that, in reality, there actually is no city called Washington here, and there hasn’t been one for the past 145 years.

  • Rave: I think I have successfully placated my feline overlord (overlady?) for the moment.
    Rant: Hot, swampy D.C. summer weather.
    Rant: Tired. Cranky. Feeling unmotivated.
    Rave: Almost the weekend.

  • Late Rant: Everyone, myself included, has been in a mood lately. I believe this is illustrated by the fact that so many posts recently (Honey Pig, Bad Saint, etc.) have turned from “Yay, good!” to “my opinion is right and yours is wrong” pretty quickly. It’s stressing me out.
    Also did we ever hear anything else about the Shiner sign at Cantina Marina?

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