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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RAVE: $3 Uberpool rides during rush hours have been saving my ass. Does anyone know how long they’re expected to last – the duration of Safetrack? So, until the end of 2016?

    • I love them. And my next five rides are 50% off, so it’s costing me less than a bus ride (and faster) to get to work!

    • This is a really slow time for ride sharing. So they’re doing a lot of promotions….I’m not sure I’d count on those remaining past August.

    • What do drivers get paid when riders have promotions like this? I bought a PoolPass ($30 for 20 $1 rides during the month of August) and have been using it vigorously. I’m fairly sure that drivers get paid the full Pool fare, but I’m still a little worried about what Uber is doing to them.

      • Bless your heart that uber is paying them full fare prices. From what I’ve read, Uber’s price cuts have basically come straight from the driver’s pay. And I believe uber is basically forcing drivers to do pool or they won’t get as many regular fare pickups.
        Uber’s service obviously is much more convenient (I’ve said it time and time again – not sure why the taxi commission took so long to start developing an app, let alone even getting to something functional), but it’s a pretty shady/unregulated business considering the regulations in place for taxis. Just going into the insurance side of things alone.

        • I don’t expect them to get full fare prices, I expect them to get full Pool fare prices (which is still considerably above $1). I’ve searched Uber driver message boards and haven’t seen anyone complaining about getting paid $1 for PoolPass riders.
          I know that Uber treats its drivers terribly (they just within the past couple of weeks started requiring all drivers to do Pool). I used the Pool mostly when my section of the Red Line was under Safetrack (25 minutes in an air conditioned car > 30 minutes on a broiling platform to jam onto an overcrowded train).
          I’m really bothered that Arlington (and other municipalities) are considering using subsidized Uber to replace bus service. There are so many problems with this, Uber’s shady business practice’s being just one.

          • One of my uber drivers told me uber guarantees them a certain hourly wage during peak times. I cannot remember what it was, but recall it being somewhere in the $40-60/hr range.

          • Ha, I’ve chatted with uber drivers enough to know that they hate Pool becuase it’s so inconvenient/they can’t refuse to drive pool, but I think uber guarantees them a minimum wage and is incurring significant losses in DC at the moment, but assumes that their strategy will pay off in the long run (the strategy being attracting more riders so that public transpo starts seeming unbearable, that is. Which is working on me at least!)

        • maxwell smart

          It’s a tough trade-off – yes I feel bad about how Uber treats/pays their drivers. On the other hand, the cabs in this city are 3x more expensive (if not more – and this is based on just plain old Uber fare, not pool) and pretty gross on the inside.

          • And dangerous– I’ve been sexually assaulted by cab drivers and won’t take them anymore. But I feel safe with Uber Pool because A) the driver is easier to track down if something happens, and B) they’re less likely to assault you with someone else in the car.

          • maxwell smart

            @Anon: That’s terrible! I was running into an issue where cabs would ask where I was going before I got in the car and then flat refuse to take me because I needed to go outside of a 2 mile radius of downtown. Sorry you won’t immediately turn over a new fare in upper NW – now I just won’t even consider you an option.

    • Is that a promo? My UberPool to work yesterday was close to $5 (still cheaper than Metro though).

      • I think it only applies within a certain area of DC/Nova/MD and only during work hours: 7am-10am and then 4pm-7pm.

      • But if you qualify your fare should show $3 automatically, there isn’t a code for that or anything.

  • skj84

    Rave: Made the best of my unexpected day off yesterday. I went to the Rosedale pool for the first time. Wish I had gone more often during the summer. There were a few rambunctious kids, but for the most part it wasn’t too crowded. They could do with some more umbrellas though.
    Rave: Fantastic meal at Convivial last night. Probably the best deal for Restaurant Week, the whole menu is available, with a wine pair for an additional $15. Service was flawless, the food amazing. Got the fried chicken Coq Au Vin and smores cake for dessert. I can’t wait to go back during non Restaurant Week times.
    Rant: My stomach wasn’t happy with all the tasty rich food I ate last night. I need to face the fact that I can’t eat like I used to. Or maybe start taking my Prilosec more often.

  • Rant: Soreness in the my lower back every morning that I wake up. Got rid of lumpy mattress on Monday and put in boards to make the new mattress and box spring level and the problem still continues. Changed medication that was known to cause a stiff back and the problem is still there. Don’t want to go to the doctor about it but I might have to. Hope it’s not anything super serious like a kidney problem.
    Rant: Filling like I haven’t lost a pound since I started exercising a month ago.
    Rave: Still exercising after a month and trying to figure out how to slowly incorporate weights into my routine.
    Rant: loudass coworkers. After several emails about the noise were sent around from out assistant director, 2 folks think that the emails don’t apply to them cause they are supposedly “in” with the assistant director. Thank God for my earbuds and 9 hours of music on my phone.

    • Noisy co-workers are the worst. I work in a shared/co-working space, and I hate it so much. I hear everything these millennials say, and they say a lot of nonsense.

      • *insert rant about old coworkers with no volume control or technological savvy in response to “millennial” comment

      • i hear everything the Gen Xers say, and they say a lot of nonsense.
        i guess we’re all in this together, eh?

        • I’m a GenXer and I don’t think that the noise has anything to do with age. When I first started working here 11 years ago, the loudest person here started working when Nixon was in office. The noisy folks now are GenXers as well.

      • I Dont Get It

        Baby boomers are the noisiest! Please retire already!

    • Could your back probems be related to your desk chair?
      My coworker constantly makes the most disgusting throat clearing noises and spits loudly into his trashcan. Thankfully I only see him in the office one or two days a week.

      • re: your coworker spitting – EW! ew ew ew ew ew! I would completely lose my mind if my coworker did that! My cube mate is loud and annoys the sh#t out of me by talking out loud to herself/narrating her day, but there is no way I could hold it together if my coworker spat into a trashcan. *shudder*

      • I never thought about my desk chair. It is kind of old. Your coworker is gross.

      • Emmaleigh504

        that is so gross!

      • Oh. My. Gawd. I would vomit.

        • Me too.
          Why, Anon, have you never said anything?? I would have spoken up the second time it happened. (Because I would have assumed the first time that it was a horrible necessity and that he felt really bad about having to do it.)

          • I can’t tell if he’s really inconsiderate and won’t step out to the restroom that’s 20 feet away or if it’s related to a medical condition and he can’t hold it. I don’t think it’s the latter but he’s such a difficult person that bringing it up to our manager (I know it bothers another person and I would never approach him directly) is probably a lose-lose situation. According to all these responses, it seems like I’ve become somewhat desensitized to how disgusting it is :/

    • Try a new pillow?

    • That One Guy

      Try to build up your core muscles so that it supports your back. Also, try to make sure you’re not using the weights incorrectly (form wise) because that can strain your back too. Lastly stretch out after exercising. Those are the only things that come to mind based on your rant.

      • Seconding the core muscles. I have scoliosis and was told a super long time ago that building up my core (the “spinal corset” as they called it in the UK) would significantly help my back pain, and it did. I also found that losing weight helped tremendously. Since you are already on that path, you may see improvement soon. Regarding the exercise with no weight loss, did you change your diet as well? Also, keep in mind you may not see result on the scale but that doesn’t mean you aren’t burning fat; as you build muscle, you will lose less weight on average. Don’t get discouraged!

    • Andie302

      My back problem that started last summer was related to inflammation. It may be worth googling what causes inflammation and start to work some of that out of your diet. I went to PT and the chiropractor for months, did exercises they recommended twice a day, and nothing worked until I started taking a prescription anti-inflammatory and changed my diet. Aleve PM really helped before I figured all of this out!

    • Chinatown- try sleeping with a pillow under your knees (if you sleep on your back), or between your knees (if you sleep on your side). It’s awkward to adjust if you move around a lot at night, but a doctor recommended that for my lower back pain and it has worked marvelously!

  • Query: Recommendations for an ENT? I got horrendous vertigo out of nowhere a few weeks ago and ended up having to go to urgent care for IV fluids. It hasn’t been as bad since the first episode but it’s still making me nervous :/

  • Rave: Baby only woke up at 9:30 and 4:00. Thank all the gods for some sleep.
    Rant: Work is busy, busy, busy. This time of year is usually quiet with everyone away on vacation.
    Rave: It is so nice to have my partner home.

    • Yay on the baby sleep! We have an almost 4 month old at home. We fed him at 8 and midnight. After the midnight feed he slept until 6:30 am without a peep. It was AMAZING! 🙂

      • Oh, that’s amazing! The four month sleep regression hit our house hard, and it was a rough couple of weeks as Baby Artie’s sleep adjusted and he made it through a major growth spurt. I hope your little monster continues to sleep so well. Did you ever think six consecutive hours of sleep would ever feel so delicious?

  • Rant: Anthropoid, while a beautiful and amazing film, gave me the most messed up dreams possible. I’m going to chalk that one up to pregnancy hormones.
    Rave: Dulce de leche sundaes to top off an awesome date night.
    Rave: Woke up early enough to get a decent walk in this morning before it gets too hot today. I love mornings like this!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: training new hire. I hate training.
    Rave: He seems pretty smart which is better than the last one.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: New recipe I tried last night was good, but it was more effort than its level of delicious warrants.
    Rant: Have been feeling really tired and run down the past couple of weeks. Bah.

  • Any suggestions for recipes to use up chicken stock, when it’s not chicken soup season? My freezer is full of homemade stock, but I’d really like to freeze some fruit this week.

    • Risotto?

    • You can use it to cook your rice and quinoa. It adds a nice depth of flavor.

    • Rice and quinoa is always a good option. I also tend to cook dried beans in stock to add extra flavor to the beans themselves. Makes for a tastier end product.

      • Emmaleigh504

        That’s a great idea to cook beans in stock!

      • I know I asked this question before, and I apologize for the repeat, but I lost my notes in a recent office move: What Asian grocery stores in the MD area (I assume Wheaton?) would you recommend? I finally got a good wok, am planning on seasoning it tonight, and am anxious to try out some recipes from my trip to Thailand.

        • Oops, this was meant toot be a separate comment.

        • There’s a small Thai market in downtown Silver Spring, on Thayer, that’s my hookup for chilies and basil. They’ve got all your basics – curry pastes, snack foods, fresh and frozen inputs. Chilies and basil are crazy cheap; I’ve not investigated the rest.

        • Quotia Zelda

          Great Wall in Rockville is my favorite right now.

        • There’s an H-Mart in Wheaton that’s good. If you venture a little farther up Georgia Avenue there’s a Lotte Plaza that I like even more. There’s also a Thai grocery (Hung Phat) in downtown Wheaton,

    • A while ago I was frustrated with the amount of space frozen stock took up. I had an epiphany – just because stock is sold in 1 quart containers in the store, there’s no reason it had to be frozen that way. Now, after I make stock (after it’s all simmered and strained), I simmer a lot more to reduce it and freeze it in 1 cup portions. You can keep the blocks in the containers, or (what I do) remove them and stick the blocks in a gallon plastic bag. When you need stock, take one out, throw it in a 1 quart measuring cup with 3 cups water – voila, one quart of stock. I have not noticed any flavor impact (why would there be, you’re just eliminating and then replacing water). Doesn’t help now, but may reduce frustrations in the future.

      • I also like to freeze it in ice cube trays for when you only need a few ounces for a dish or sauce.

        • I do that too with leftover stock. It really cuts down on waste.

        • maxwell smart

          Ice cube trays are awesome for freezing lots of bulk items – pesto and green chili are 2 of my favorites. Single serving just ready to toss in!

        • If I have fruit that’s gone ugly but is still good (strawberries beginning to shrivel, cut cantaloupe that’s gotten those chewy dry edges, etc) I put it in the blender, maybe add a sprig of some herb, and freeze the puree in ice cube trays. Then I put a couple of cubes in cheap wine for quick and dirty sangria. 🙂

      • dcd, what do you use to portion it and freeze it in 1-cup increments?

        • A couple of small square locking lid containers – Tuperware, Gladlock, whatever you have. Glass works too, but the blocks are easier to get out of plastic – take the lid off, run under hot water for 5 seconds, bend the ice cube container a bot just like an ice cube tray, and it pops right out. You have to do them in stages, unless you have more containers than I do, but when it’s only 1 cup, it freezes quickly.

        • I freeze most things in ziplock bags, then stack them like books.

      • Whoa. This is genius. I’m going to pull all my stock out tonight and simmer it down.
        And I’ll cook some beans while I’m at it!
        Thanks guys!

      • saf

        I bought a pressure canner so that I can can stock.

    • If you have pets (dogs) – they love frozen chicken stock cubes to lick during the hot days 🙂

  • That One Guy

    Rant: feeling guilty about not scheduling doctor appointments in a timely fashion.
    Rave: at least I can check off this one from the list.
    Rant: always feel like there’s one child who takes the brunt of having to take care of the aged (parents).
    Rave: maybe I’ll treat myself to izakaya tonight.

  • Rave: Specialist who needs to approve new vitamin/herbal migraine regimen is game for all except two, and even those she will cautiously give the go-ahead to…
    Rant:…once I get an ultrasound of the liver to make sure it’s not totally f#cked up yet. Guess I just need to suck it up and get it over with.
    Rant: It’s quiet in here, which I would normally be thrilled with except that it then magnifies the buzzing of the lights and every lip smack / mumble to self that my cute mate makes
    Rant: Feeling worried by the new Director they’ve put in my area….he seems keen to chop budgets and maximize efforts, which is fine except I worry that that will end up screwing us paeons over. Working in non-profits can be so discouraging and nail-biting.
    Rave: uh….we’re almost halfway through the week?

    • Cube. Cube mate, NOT cute mate. good grief!

    • Here’s a hint to make you feel better: They tend to eliminate positions on the budget cycle. So even if he’s a slasher, nothing is likely to go until the beginning of the new fiscal year. Also, if your position is in any way funded by grants, you are likely safe. Now, if I were one of the million and one freaking admins in that place (especially a certain one), I might be worried, but I think your position is likely safe. Just to give you a boost though, you are amazing at your job, so even if that one did go away, there’s no doubt in my mind you would be able to find something within the organization or at another one not far away. Try not to worry 🙂

      • Aw, thanks Anonamom! I still get nervous, but I do at least feel semi-ok knowing I have some good bosses who have my back!

  • Rave: It’s almost halfway through the week, and I’m making it through despite uncertainty in my personal and professional life. Boundaries and a sense of humor (and friends) are definitely helping.
    Rave: I was thinking about it, and the uncertainty is actually sort of exciting. For several years, I felt static and stuck. I don’t feel that way now, and while it’s terrifying because I don’t know where the changes will lead to, I’m happy that the changes are happening because I’m working toward what I want in life.

    • Bizzinger – I like your take on the “excitement of uncertainty” – I’ve actually been thinking about the same thing a lot, and how my tendency to look on the unknown with fear and dread is only hurting and hindering me – it’s so much better to try to take on the world and the changes with a sense of adventure, because when i think about it, pretty much every awesome thing I’ve done / had happen to me has been accompanied by intense and almost-crippling fear! Figuring out how to just embrace life with all its unknowns is so hard, but I know it’s what I need to do. Good luck to you as your figure it all out!

  • Huge Rant: Continuing the spate of bad news I saw yesterday here–I found out one of my dearest friends had an unexplained full-term still birth. I am completely stunned and devastated for her and her husband. They live in Germany so other than email/Skype/snail mail, I can’t really connect with them and be there for them. I would board a plane in a heartbeat and make my way over if she needed me, which I told her, but I feel so helpless! I also sent them a baby gift last week which they haven’t gotten yet–I told her to throw the whole package in the trash–it makes me sick just thinking about it. I struggle with my faith and times like this really makes me question everything.

    • Happened to a friend of mine a week ago -35 weeks, cord wrapped around his neck and otherwise healthy. She was so excited, it was her first, and she’ll be the best mom. I’m physically aching for her. I made a donation in the baby’s honor…I wasn’t really sure what else to do?!

      • Right?? There is literally nothing you can do other than condolences, periodically checking in, and offering to help with things (which I can’t do since they are in Germany). This was her first as well and she was 40 weeks. The doctors have no idea what happened. And they had trouble conceiving. Her email to me was so pessimistic about the future, my heart just broke. I’ve gone through a miscarriage which was really tough, but this is a whole different agony. Just awful–we’re going to make a donation too but it feels so empty.

        • I know it feels emply to make a donation, but don’t discount how much just showing up matters to people as they walk through a loss. A very cool, very down to earth Episocopal priest that i knew in college used to talk about the ministry of presence. Sometimes the only thing we can do is show up and be there. And as someone who has had some losses in my life, I know from my own experience that people being present during those dark times meant everything. I try to remember that when I feel helpless supporting loved ones as they deal with loss. We can’t fix it, but we can stand with them in the darkness and hold on tight to them. And sometimes that makes all the difference.

          • Artemis:
            That was very nicely put, and I second it whole-heartedly.

            (I’ll even admit that in my own bouts with grief, I have noticed and remember, those who were not present. I am not proud of that, but it illustrates how much you can crave the contact, no matter what it is and even though you may not be able to ask for it, directly.)

          • Yes, thanks for this. When you love someone, it’s hard to know nothing you do can take their pain away. But being there patient, loving, and kind is so important. I deeply respect my friends who were there with me through my darkest hours.

          • A Quaker friend once told me that their silences aren’t about an absence of anything, but about a presence of God. I’m not religious at all, but I’ve always liked the idea of keeping silent company when there’s nothing to say, and having the presence BE the support.

          • Beautifully put Artemis..

            “We can’t fix it, but we can stand with them in the darkness and hold on tight to them.”

            I went through this last summer when my mother was in hospice and then passed away. My friends who were present meant the world to me.

    • I am so so sorry. This happened to a friend of mine last year. The best thing you can do (even if you can’t be physically present) is to not disappear. It doesn’t sound like you are the kind of person that would, but a lot of people don’t know what to say so they go radio silent, which makes the grief process so much worse, I think. Love her, keep her in your thoughts, and check in semi-regularly within any expectation that she’ll email or call you back (you can even so that so she doesn’t feel any pressure). Sending hugs to you and to your friend and her partner.

    • Littlest Anonachild was born with a significant knot in his cord, one which would have surely led to a still birth. My doctor and I had scheduled an induction at 39 weeks for really no good medical reason, and I always shudder thinking of what would have happened otherwise. It’s terrifying to think of how nature/god/whatever gives and takes away children. I can’t imagine how hard this is for your friend, but I truly hope they are able to find some peace.

    • I am so sorry–that’s terrible. Ugh, all of this bad news makes me really question having a kid. I know many people have healthy babies, but I seem to know a lot of people who have fertility issues, lots of miscarriages, and then this and what happened to my friends is so awful.

      I will say my friends set up a donation site for a memorial for their baby. It was for 5k, but in 12 hours it surpassed 10k. Anything over 5k is going to a Pediatric ER and Johns Hopkins PICU. It’s nice to see so many people willing to give.

      • I’m pregnant right now after experiencing a miscarriage late last year so this has added a whole layer of worry and anxiety the past couple of days. I just keep reminding myself that in most cases, everything works out. But yeah, I feel you on the bad news. I was sorry to hear about your friends yesterday–just awful. That’s amazing to hear about all the people willing to give.

        • Rfff924, I was pregnant when my friend lost their child to stillbirth last year AND a friend of a friend died in childbirth in the same month. So much horrific loss. I found that it really helped to discuss my own worries and fears very honestly with my therapist, my OB, and my doula. By the time I gave birth, I didn’t feel like those anxieties overshadowed the delivery room. Be sure to take care of yourself in midst of all of this; secondary trauma is very real and very common.

          I will stop with the unsolicitied advice now. 🙂

    • Jesus, how horrible, and I can’t believe I’m reading this two days in a row! I just wanted to add that the MISS foundation put together a wonderful document with advice for friends and loved ones of those who have lost a child – it’s available here: http://www.capitolmissfoundation.org/for-friends-and-family/

  • Revel: classroom is coming together nicely
    That One Guy: my cars clear coat is fading, the passenger side window won’t roll down,the driver’s side window only goes up 99% of the way. There’s minor front bumper damage. The air conditioner only blows cool, not cold, air. Only the passengers side door can be unlocked with the key (but you can walk around to get into the drivers side). The car is in good shape mechanically though. 140k miles. Hoping to get $1,500

  • Rant: On what planet exactly is it ok to wear a strapless dress to work? Apparently the same planet that it’s ok to wear a skin-tight skirt that barely covers your bum with stiletto heels?? And apparently I work on that planet? I’m sorry, but I don’t get it. Sure, we have a casual dress code, but there is casual and then there is wtf. Get it together people!
    Rave: Summer is almost over and these people will be forced to cover up again. I used to complain about leggings worn as pants, but at least then I wasn’t being forced to look at actual skin.

    • HA! oh golly! I’m just always confused as to how people don’t catch pneumonia like that – it might be hot as hell outside, but it’s a freezer inside!

    • Ok, I’ve been wondering about shorts at work. I have a very cute pair of suit shorts, pinstriped, obviously styled as office apparel. But I haven’t worked up the nerve yet, because I’m sure some old man will look at me askance.

      • I wouldn’t do it if I were you.

      • I was just having this discussion. Shorts just aren’t ok in the office. Is it fair? Probably not; there are certainly shorts that are longer and more tasteful than what some people pass for a ‘skirt’, but it’s just not a great idea. Also, many dress codes specifically state no shorts.

      • I Dont Get It

        One nice thing about working from home is I don’t have to hear the deadly noise made by germ-ridden flip-flops in the office all summer.

    • This reminds me of the business casual episode of the Office. I remember watching the Office before I worked in an office environment thinking it was ridiculous and then once I worked in an office realizing that it actually was a pretty accurate depiction at times!!

    • maxwell smart

      There’s someone in my office who always wears the shortest summer dresses, well past the fingertip rule. It’s not in a provocative way really, it’s almost like she suddenly grew a foot taller when she left the house. I think she thinks that garden party dress = appropriate office attire length?

      • What’s the fingertip rule — skirts should be no more than a finger’s length above the knee?

        • When you stand with your arms at your sides, your skirt should be no shorter than where your fingertips hit your thighs.

        • I totally agree with the don’t-wear-short-dresses-at-the-office thing but when you said it’s almost like she grew a foot taller…. I try to be mindful that some people actually just have really long legs and find it hard to find pants/skirts/etc. in the correct length. This is not an excuse for the vast majority of people but it would be a bummer of an issue to have.

          • maxwell smart

            I guess I meant that more in the context of – I don’t think she’s wearing a short dress to be scandalous, but rather she thinks it’s what the appropriate length of a summer dress is.

          • I have this issue. My legs are extremely long even though I am only a little taller than average height. Any kind of pants/skirt/shorts are always quite an ordeal to find. That being said, I just choose not to wear the dresses that look to short because of this to the office.

          • I would think with the midi skirt trend you tall ladies would have no trouble finding appropriate length skirts. I’m petite and finding it difficult this season because the only choices are too-short miniskirts and midis that make me frumpy.

    • I much appreciate seeing such dresses, even at work. Thank you, mindless intern/entry-level workers who haven’t quite learned how to dress in a professional environment!

      • Ew? (Also I’m really curious about what kind of office setting you work in because most interns that end up in my federal office actually come way overdressed and are then surprised.)

        • Yep, ew. EW, Anon!
          I remember going through a bit of an adjustment period early in my career. Nothing scandalous, just probably not the most appropriate/ flattering, because it’s what I had, and I didn’t have the resources to do better.
          And I am praying that no dirty old pervs were actively “appreciating” my cluelessness.

      • Since when does checking someone out make you a dirty old perv? Maybe we can reserve that for people who are actually lecherous? Maybe?
        P.s. If the thought that someone is checking you out grosses you out that much, cover up.

    • On a semi-related note, anonamom — I noticed on the Toms shoes website that they have “Mommy& Me” pairings of the same style shoe in women’s and youth. And I thought of anonachild wanting your wedges! I didn’t realize this was a thing! Haha.

      • Ha! I just saw an email about this! On the whole issue of heels, I will admit that I reversed course this weekend after allowing her to try on a similar sized wedge heel. There’s no way she could play in those! We settled on a pair of booties with no heel…. and by ‘settle’ I mean that I, as the evil mother, completely and totally “stifled her creativity and style” (her words) by disallowing both heeled boots and boots with fringe. I can live with that.

      • Vans has pizza shoes in adult and kids sizes!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: For the first time ever, I used my ZipCar membership yesterday and took Lucy to the “spa” in Virginia. There was an Arby’s relatively close by so I was able pour one out for the ole gal afterwards with a Beef N Cheddar meal!
    Special Rave: Yesterday I was very busy and didn’t get back to PoPville until late to read all the very kind comments left for Lucy and me. It made me feel a little better and I just want to belatedly thank the PoPville community for your thoughtful expressions of support.

  • Rant: So beyond busy at work, wearing two hats this week and next.
    Rave: Kyirisan for dinner!
    Rave: Shindig at my place this weekend that I’m really excited about because people are actually *coming*. When I finally invited people 3 weeks out, it worked! Although I have to admit the dynamics are pretty funny — all of my guy friends RSVP’d immediately and half of my girl friends I invited are either not coming or haven’t responded. Sometimes I really believe that guys are so much easier to be friends with.

    • +1 guy friends > girl friends
      I’ve never had a guy friend come on to me; can’t say the same for the ladies.

  • Rant-ish: my end of year review was glowing, as was the feedback from other coworkers (I think including the CLO), and I have proven consistently that my potential here is limitless. Which is why I was rated average. And this is the year that we’ve decided to cut back on merit increases, so I shouldn’t complain because I still got a good one, but it’s a distinct change from my above average ratings and merit increases of years past.
    Rave: overall I feel good about my performance and as someone who is hard on myself it’s always nice to hear the great feedback and recalibrate my perception of my abilities.
    Rant: I went to Lowes to pick up two cabinets to make a fauxdenza, and they put 4 boxes in my car. They all had my name on them, but two of them are not mine. I have to make a special trip over there to return them tonight and free up my back seat because I’m driving my dog to my parents’ for vacation. I don’t have time for this.
    Rave: my first trip to Rasika tomorrow

    • Re: Rasika, order the spinach chaat. That place is so worth the hype.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Lowes should send somebody back to your house to pick up the boxes that their staff loaded into your vehicle by mistake. It is unreasonable for them to expect you to make extra effort to return them. If I were in your situation, that wouldn’t have been my car (because I don’t have one), it would have been a borrowed or rental vehicle or an Uber, and the probability that I would rent another car at my own expense, try to get somebody to let me borrow theirs again, or pay for an uber at my own expense to return product that they their staff loaded into my vehicle by mistake is exactly zero. Unlike me, you have a car. But so what, that’s not the point. Want the boxes back? Come and get em.

      • I agree with it but if jeslett is leaving for vacation she might not have time to wait for them. Companies never seem in a rush to fix these things.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Bottom line, it’s on Lowes to retrieve them (sometime, somehow), not on Jeslett to return them. They can schedule a pickup time with her. If she’s not going to available for a while, that’s not her fault. Lowes can schedule to pick them up when she gets back.

          • I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some fine print saying that it’s on the customer to verify the contents of the order and to bring any issues to their attention onsite, or otherwise assume the responsibility for making it right (picking up a forgotten item or returning an extra one).

          • I think the wrong name being on the boxes would negate that. No one expects you to open boxes in stores to check.
            On the other hand, if it was only supposed to be 2 boxes, and she took 4, then that’s definitely on her. You have the best idea of what you’re supposed to get.

          • HaileUnlikely

            When you have goods delivered to your home there is certainly such fine print; however, I have never seen any such thing when picking stuff up at the store. And if any item comprises multiple parts or require some degree of assembly, the customer may well not even know how many boxes it will come in. It is certainly plausible that a cabinet might require some degree of assembly and come in multiple boxes.

          • I called them, thanks for the idea HaileUnlikely, and they are scheduling me for a pick up Friday morning.
            Of course, we’ll see what that timing actually ends up being, but my mom changed her work days around and now I have no time pressure on Friday night. So if I’m a little slow leaving Friday morning-ish it’s not a problem.

          • I have no idea how many pieces of what are in each flat pack box, but I did think 4 was a lot. And how they were stacked I could only see the sides of the boxes, which each had a label with my name on it. In my car they’ve separated a bit and now I can see the dimensions of each cabinet, which has revealed the actual contents of each box and the dimension of the cabinets.
            It really mostly is on Lowe’s because otherwise I’m keeping a couple hundred bucks worth of their merchandise for free. The only thing I signed was a receipt that says I bought my two cabinets, not these other 2.

    • Andie302

      Can you call Lowes, explain, get the name of someone there to keep an eye out, and then send them in an uber? It has the potential to go wrong, but it also saves you a bunch of time 🙂

  • RAVE: Affordable and wonderful child care. Sprouts Town Childcare Development Center opened this month at 1605 Montello Ave NE. It is well run and my daughter loves going there. She used to cry every morning I dropped her off at the nanny, but here she is eager to go and barely acknowledges me when I leave for work. If you need childcare call 202-509-6830.

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