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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Whats up with all these E-Bikes in the city. Has anyone noticed them and are they worth the price?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: the bag I want to buy on eBay is way too expensive.
    Rave: stuck to my diet yesterday.
    Bonus: Happy Birthday Quotia Zelda!

  • Bear

    Rant: TIRED. Realizing that when I have a very busy few days it takes a lot longer for me to bounce back.
    Rant/Rave: Super busy couple of days at work leading up to vacation. Rave because I have an awesome team and I have complete confidence in them to move things forward while I’m gone.
    Rave: Vacation starts tomorrow!

  • Rant: Business Card Guy responded to my text – two days later and in the absolute plainest way possible. Nope!
    Rant: So my replacement for my current position (I’m starting my new position in 2 weeks) arrived this week and no one told me she was coming, and no one asked me to sit with her or train her or anything (although it looks like I might be doing that later since I inquired). I literally only met her for half a second when she was walked around during orientation. This is awkward and kind of rude, right? It’s not just me?
    Rave: Half way to Friday. I’ll take a weekend but what I really need is a vacation.

    • It’s been a while since I dated, but please help me understand – he responded, but wasn’t sufficiently enthusiastic via text, so you’re not going to go out with him?

      • He took two days to respond–that’s annoying in itself. You don’t need to respond within 5 minutes, but jeez 24 hours would be nice. So if someone takes two days to respond and then doesn’t really engage it doesn’t sound too promising. That used to happen when I was dating: they’d take forever to respond and then send something that wasn’t even worthy of a response. “Haha yeah”

        • He took two days to respond, did not respond to my proposition for coffee at ALL, and literally was just like “hope you’re having a good week, too.”

          • Well, that’s just lame. Sorry about that.

          • thanks, dcd. it’s okay. my hopes weren’t particularly high but i still don’t understand why you’d ask for someone’s info if you had no intention of following up. Oh well! Onto the next one.

          • One of my most wise friends once told me this gem and it stuck with me: there’s a four-letter word for used cards and inconsiderate men – next!

          • **cars! Ugh, I ruined it.

          • Not sure why he’s considered to be inconsiderate. Maybe he’s attached to someone and is just networking solely for business purposes? Maybe, as principle, he prefers to not mix business and pleasure as he is concerned about his professional reputation? Can’t blame him for that.
            What would this conversation be like if the tables were turned and FridayGirl was asked out by a guy to whom she gave her business card? Let’s chill, folks.

          • Anonymous – I don’t think anyone isn’t chilling? It’s okay for me to be slightly disappointed and for others to be sympathetic. That’s why RRRR exists. I didn’t see anyone calling him “inconsiderate.” I’m sure he’s a nice guy.

          • Also, anonymous — the business-card asking occurred at 10pm on a friday night at a birthday party (which i noted on monday) so your business-vs.-leisure argument doesn’t hold.

        • I called him inconsiderate, I still own that. Taking two days to respond and not acknowledging the invitation to have coffee were both inconsiderate, whether it’s in the context of networking or dating.

    • On the successor thing – it’s definitely not just you. That sounds weird and frustrating but I bet if you chatted her up for a few minutes she’d see it’s not on you but HR or your boss or whomever.

  • maxwell smart

    Just want to send a shot out to the black SUV driving like a complete A-hole down Connecticut around 9am this morning… pretty sure your license plate is FA622. I hope someone slashes your tires and steels your shoes.

    • Blithe

      Wow. I hope that “shot out” was some sort of Trumpian Freudian slip/ typo. It’s hard to tell, since you later trumpet your hope for violence. I also find it distressing that while you’re trying to incite violence and, I assume, public shaming, you’re only “pretty sure” about the license plate number that you put out there. I won’t fling around epithets like “A-hole”, but I think your comments are extremely irresponsible.
      – If the behavior of the driver was genuinely egregious, I hope that you notified the police, in the interests of public safety.

      • maxwell smart

        shout… rage type. Between Woodley Park and Dupont, this driver made multiple, dangerous lane changes – often cutting people off and nearly side-swiping cars in the process, drove between lanes, honked repeatably as soon as lights turned green despite there clearly being traffic, nearly hit me on my bike, laid on his horn and then verbally assaulted pedestrians legally crossing in a crosswalk and then ran a red light. His driving was dangerous to everyone on the road.

        • Blithe

          Glad to know you just meant “shout”. Also glad that you made it through the chaos safely!

          • maxwell smart

            The only relief was making small talk with the pedestrians said driver verbally assaulted and honked at and telling them about his antics. I don’t know if the Olympics has everyone amped up, but this has easily been the worst week in bike commuting.

      • maxwell smart

        also… not sure how exactly one notifies the police of reckless driving if they are not present to see it.

        • Yeah, I was under the impression the police didn’t do that unless they witnessed it themselves :/ Sucks.

        • Blithe

          Seriously? If you — or someone — reported the clearly dangerous behavior that you’ve described here, coupled with a description of the car and a possible license plate, and your location, the police wouldn’t follow up in any way? I agree with FridayGirl — that sucks big time.

          • Haha, you clearly have never dealt with MPD or the 911 system. They will laugh you off. The MPD won’t even investigate hit & run property damage. Even if you can positively ID the license plate of the car that hit your car.

          • Bear

            Confirm what Anonymous said – happened to my husband. He caught up with the guy, flagged down police, the guy straight up lied his face off to police despite clear damage on my husband’s car, and the police no-papered it. Didn’t do a damn thing.

          • maxwell smart

            If there is anything the last several days of popville discussions have revealed, when it comes to DC roads, there are no rules and no enforcement. It’s essentially Mad Max once you set foot outside.

          • But, but, but, crime is down in DC. The statistics say so!

          • Allison

            I tried calling the cops on an extremely reckless teen driver in my neighborhood once back in Texas. (He was driving the wrong way on a two lane divided road going 60mph and almost ran me off the road.) I even saw the kid pull into his driveway, knew his name and everything. Called the cops and they said they couldn’t do anything because they didn’t witness it.

  • Rave: Awesome final to Olympics Eventing ending up with American Phillip Dutton on the podium after some really stellar riding.
    Rant: Was ready for a long, hard but interesting day of editing and finalizing a paper for publication, but a stealth 2 hour meeting was stuck on my schedule in the middle of the day. Ugh.
    Rave: Successful Bachelor Party weekend!
    Rant: Now have to find a dress (purple!) for the wedding in four weeks AND write the speech. My buddy knocked it out of the park for my wedding (he was my man of honor) – he’s a theater guy though, so I’m trying not to compare myself to him but I want to do right by him! Any tips?

    • Nordstom’s personal shopper is my go-to for that kind of very specific kind of shopping situation. Tell them the color, price range, size, other preferences, and they should be able to help you out.
      Regarding the speech, just be yourself, don’t try to match or top someone else’s speech. I think the important parts are not to drink too much beforehand; be sincere; and keep the focus on the married couple together, not just your friend and your relationship with him. When one of my best guy friends got married, I was the speech-giver from his side. I mentioned that we had been friends for many years, but focused on how much the bride had brought to his life and how she had enriched our circle of friends. It’s nice to end with a toast too.

    • 1) Remember that you’re better at this than you think you’ll be. More than anything else, your real affection and personal connection are what will make this “work” so don’t stress on the words. The poetry will come from your delivery and the occasion.
      2) Be brief.
      3) A good quote is a good cheat, but don’t use one that takes a long setup or explanation, of feels forced. Looking for the perfect quote is a great way to procrastinate, by the way.
      4) Avoid the temptation to be daring, outrageous, (too) cute.
      5) One story, ideally funny (doesn’t have to be hilarious) and yet underscores something lovely about him or them.
      6) Start by just writing whatever comes to mind. Just ramble on and on until you have twice what you think you’ll need and then just start pruning. Look for patterns that suggest themselves (“Oh look, this one story and that one quote both touch on loyalty!”) When I’m writing a speech, sometimes I feel as though the speech is telling me what it wants to say rather than the other way around.
      7) Did I say be brief?
      8) Did I say be yourself?
      Universal opening line: “I asked the groom what I should talk about during the toast and he said “talk about two minutes and sit down (so we can get back to the party).

      • This is very good advice! I was “Best Woman” for a friend of mine’s wedding a few years ago, and I had no clue what to do. I went into it deciding that I wasn’t going to try to be this super funny person delivering a performance, that I was just going to be me and go with it. In the end it all went pretty well and my friend and his wife were very happy.

      • All excellent advice. On the other side of the coin, things to avoid (all drawn from actual toasts):
        – This should go without saying, but have ONE drink beforehand to loosen up. ONE.
        – Similarly, make sure it’s not too late in the evening when you give your toast. Not entirely within your control, I know, but you want people to have a couple of pops in them, not be half in the bag when you stand up. Half drunk people have a tendency to be loud weepers, or heckle.
        – Don’t just focus on your friend, but on the couple. Starting about him is fine – you’re standing up for him, after all – but bring it around to her/them quickly. One memorable toast I witnessed went on (and on) about how the best man and groom, former roommates, used to “drink beer and play video games” (that phrase was uttered numerous times) for 5 minutes, made perfunctory mention of the bride for 15 seconds, and sat down. Not good. Combined with the point just above, it led to rampant speculation about how the best man felt about the marriage . . . and why.
        – Snark almost never goes well (and I say that as a devotee of the sarcastic). If you go that route, be very sure you can pull it off, and don’t be subtle about it.
        – This is not a roast. Seriously. Another think that shouldn’t need to be said, but I have witnessed some really questionable decisions. Any urge to take lighthearted shots at the groom should be satisfied at the rehearsal dinner.

    • Thanks for the input – this is really helpful! I’m not a drinker, so no worries there. I’ve been close for over twenty years with him so balancing the love and stories about him with the love and stories about them will be important.
      The wedding is first gay wedding in this group of friends (many gay male friends – first ones able to legally marry), my best friend’s dad has passed away, parents of my buddy’s soon to be husband are very religious but trying really hard to be accepting and loving.

      • having just spoken at the rehearsal dinner for my brother, and listened to other speakers my age at both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding, I 100% agree with what’s been said here. also, forget about the long random stories that might be funny to you…if it’s not funny when it’s condensed into 30 seconds and explained to someone else (another friend who’s on the outside of this story) PLEASE do not use it. I had to sit through two of those and it was so incredibly awkward, I can’t even tell you what the stories were about, but one mentioned lululemon leggings, and the other a snowstorm?

        I’m actually a speechwriter, and I find that setting up a quick outline (so for my speech I had:
        -intro (who I am, how I know the bride and groom)
        -short funny story about our childhood
        -transition into talking about bride and groom (their life together, bright future, etc)
        -wrap up with best wishes

        it was honestly about three minutes and it was the perfect amount of time.

    • Rent the Runway is ALWAYS my go-to! You can even go to their Georgetown Store and try on sizes/styles. And you don’t have drop hundreds of dollars on a dress you’ll wear once…

    • BTW, can I just say how luck you are to be able to pick your own outfit? I had seriously hoped for a nice pantsuit/tux for my duties but instead was forced into a dress of the Bride’s choosing – a bride who became uncharacteristically Bridezilla-ish the closer the wedding got.

    • one tip about outfits–again from my brother’s wedding. do NOT order anything from Bluefly. I’ve been in an ongoing 3 month dispute regarding returning merchandise, and I’m frustrated beyond belief. If you’re willing to take some chances with other stores online, I suggest using shopstyle since you can sort thousands of items and add your own parameters (purple, strapless, long, short, etc).

    • If you want a Barney-purple dress with ruffles down the front and back, I have a bridesmaid dress from the last wedding I was in. 😛
      But yes, I second the shopstyle rec, love that site!

  • Rant – NBC’s Olympic coverage last night was absolutely terrible. Why did they show round after round of men’s semi final swimming and not the women’s gymnastic team competition? And yes, I know Michael Phelps is an Olympic god and all, but do we really need to show replays of his swim over and over, and then again to watch to his mom’s reaction to the whole thing, and his medal ceremony, and then his mom’s reaction to his medal ceremony? And finally they show some gymnastics at like 11:30pm, but by that time I already knew that the US team won because NBC posted it all over their Twitter feed. Ugh!
    Rave – There is a free yoga class in Farragut Square on Tuesdays, and it is wonderful.

    • I wish they had more gymnastics on last night, but they DID have the uneven bars pretty early (I think around 8 or 8:30?) which I watched for awhile.

    • Emmaleigh504

      NBC’s coverage is terrible.

    • They always show gymnastics really late. – which makes no sense because so many little kids want to watch, but it is well after their bedtimes.

    • skj84

      I attended the free yoga class once at the beginning of the summer and keep meaning to go back. It was surprisingly calming. I have no excuse, I keep my mat by my desk.

    • maxwell smart

      I look at this way – if they had shown gymnastics and not the swimming, then there would also be people upset. Good thing we live in a modern era with such conveniences as on demand programming where everyone can watch what they want to watch, when they want to watch it. 🙂

      • They have 4, sometimes 5, channels on which they can show Olympic programming. There’s simply no reason the unedited swimming and gymnastics can’t be shown live during the day, and then again (perhaps SLIGHTY edited) in the evening.

        • I thought they were live in the evening? So they’d have to flip that around. (Frankly I’m shocked that anyone would be swimming for gold at 11pm at night but such is life, I guess.)

          • maxwell smart

            Yeah, I think I remember reading somewhere the swimmers were a little peeved about how late the swimming events were.

          • Oops, I think that’s right. But again, why interrupt to show edited gymnastics, when they could just run it live on another channel?

          • Gymnastics competition ended sometime mid-to-late afternoon, well before their prime time coverage. I believe that it was in fact broadcast live.

          • Swimming was the only thing live. The gymnastics was completed before the broadcast even started.

          • anon – i just looked on the tv schedule for the olympics (with all the channels its airing on) and it doesn’t appear that gymnastics was broadcast yesterday aside from the snippets during prime time (8-8:45ish and then late after swimming).

      • The swimming finals last night were great. But why show all those semi final swimming races during prime time instead of a popular medal event? I know they do this kind of BS every Olympics, but last night was exceptionally annoying.

    • Pixie, what time is the class?

    • topscallop

      I could use some more yoga, my gym doesn’t have yoga classes at times that are convenient for me. Is it reasonably clean in Farragut Square?

      • Surprisingly it’s not bad. During one class I saw a chicken bone in the grass nearby, other than that it’s been fine.

    • I agree; NBC’s overall coverage has been awful. I’ve started recording it so I can ff through the commercials, special interest stories (I like one or two, but not a bunch), and through much of the announcers talking about nonsense. BUT, in all fairness, the gymnastics competition happened in the afternoon and the swimming was live. They did show the first two team events early in the coverage, before switching to swimming, and then circling back to gymnastics later. I think they also have to balance EST coverage against the other time zones, so the last two events were prime time for the west coast folks.
      And, Michael Phelps is a phenomenal story and deserves as much coverage as it received. That dude is amazing, and even more so after making some poor life decisions and then turning things around.
      In general though, yeah, the olympics coverage is awful.

    • There are channels on FIOS geared specifically to individual sports for example Basketball is solely on channel 581 OlyBK I believe. Swimming and Gymnastics are on another channel. Look into it if you have Verizon Fios

  • Random question: I was sitting on bar patio, watching my daughter chase our dog around the other tables, when I saw what looked like a large predator cat loping down the street. I hopped on my motorcycle and followed it down the bike lane, but couldn’t catch up because of all the stopped cars. Can someone tell me if it was a puma or a panther? Thanks!

  • skj84

    Rant: My roommate with the Xfinity log in was out last night and I missed the Olympics. So bummed I didn’t get to see Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky dominate live.
    Rave: Going to my first Nats game of the season tonight!

  • Rave: two weeks in Germany down, headed to 5 weeks in Southern Africa tonight.

    Rant: I thought I come back to the states after the election. Nope- I arrive at 7am the morning of the election. Ugh – not the reentry I’d hoped for.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: The “R” on the side of the hill of my old high school was painted gold yesterday!
    Rant: I suspect that this may have been in honor of Lily King Class of 2015, instead of me!
    Rave: I’m dog sitting Molly, a feisty fox terrier, this weekend. Last time she was here she and Possum Kitty did not get along so it will be interesting to see if their relationship has mellowed over the years.

  • Rave: Fun event yesterday with folks from my building – it felt great to laugh that much!
    Rave/nt? Feeling a little bit (but mostly not) hopeful re: neuro appointment tomorrow. Also debating taking the whole day off so I can try to get some decent sleep.
    Rant: Tottering between feeling excited and dreading moving early next year. It also seems like it’s hard hunting that far in advance…any tips?

  • Real Random Question: If I wanted to go to Bad Saint on the early side this Saturday, what is my best strategy? Table for 2.

    • If you really really want a seat in the first sitting I’d err on the side of caution and get in line by 4:45 at the latest (someone else may be able to confirm whether this is early enough better than I).

      • Are there specific seatings? Or is it like Little Serow, where people sit down at 5:30, and then will start getting up around 7 or so?

        • From what I’ve heard in attempting to go and failing, there’s a seating right at 5:30 when they open, another around 7-7:15ish and the last around 9pm. If you’re in line before they open but they don’t have any 5:30 seats they’ll ask if you want a seat at 7.

    • What is the group’s advice for Rose’s Luxury this Friday? 4pm?

      • Earlier. Though I’m uncertain if the fact that it’s August will help (people are on vacation), or hurt (tourists!) this effort.

        • Andie302

          I would caveat this with the smaller the group (aka if you’re just two) you can get away with going a bit later. Even 4 people is tough there, and any more than that is nearly impossible without arriving at 4.

        • I should caveat my answer – I no longer enjoy eating at 9:00, so my plans all try to ensure sitting down no later than 7:30. If you aren’t the type who falls asleep at 10:00, you should adjust accordingly.

  • Rave: Great phone call with friend this morning during commute. I need to talk on the phone with friends more. Texts convey people’s awesomeness.
    Rave: Seeing a friend’s performance tonight. Should be fun.
    Rant: They’re there, but I’m focusing on what I can control. And what I can control is worth raving about.

  • Rant: trying to refi and some bogus activity came up in our report. Really worried. Anyone have suggestions for how to sort through fixing errors on a credit report? I hate this kind of stuff and would totally hire someone to go down this rabbit hole for me.
    Rave: if we can get this all sorted a refi could end up saving us hundreds a month.

    • Call the bureaus and put in a dispute. I’m not sure if the credit fixer ppl do this sort of thing, but they’d be my first place to look if you’re interested in having someone else do it. Not sure what to do in the refi side though.

    • Just out of curiosity, is it the refi people who are saying there is activity or the credit report itself?
      I one time had a bank tell me there was something adverse in my credit report so they wouldn’t give me a credit card, but it was bogus, and it didn’t show up in any of my credit reports with the bureaus when I checked. Not sure how these types of things happen.

      • It is the bank who gave us a listing of 5 items that they want us to fix (most of which are rather unreasonable – paying down tens of thousands all told, and we don’t actually have that much in debt total) and none of the dates and account numbers match our records. I’ve asked for them to send the credit report they pulled, since when we purchased our home we were told they are able to pull info that is more up to date than if I were to do so myself.

        • Huh! That is so weird, and sounds similar to what I had experienced and I never figured out how to fix it. Good luck! I hope things work out… that’s really frustrating…

    • HaileUnlikely

      By “bogus activity,” do you mean types of things that look like honest to goodness errors, or do you mean things that look like they might be indicative of identity theft? If you see things like new credit applications or accounts that are not yours, bills in collection from businesses you have never had any dealings with, or the like, the website of the FTC has lots of specific step by step instructions for what to do if you believe that your identity has been stolen (IdentityTheft dot gov) I actually found out that I had just become a victim of identity theft *while* I was under contract to buy a house (which was ultimately successful, but a whole lot more complicated than I would have liked).

      • I mean listings that don’t match our account numbers, dates, balances, etc. unless the bank somehow made an error. The only thing I can think of is that they pulled somebody else’s report because this looks so off.
        Thanks for the tip on the FTC site, I am checking it out now.

        • I should say that’s the only thing I can think of besides ID theft. Really really really hoping that’s not the case. Since nothing matches, I think it might be a bank error but will have to review their report once they provide it.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Are your real accounts *also* shown on there, or is it the case that the report contains *no* familiar accounts and *only* unfamiliar accounts? I’m reading your last message as saying that the report does not even include your real accounts, only the weird mystery accounts. In that case, I’d bet on it being the case that they screwed up and pulled the wrong person’s report. If the report contains any of your real accounts and also contains weird sh!t, that is a mad huge red flag regarding likely identity theft.

          • 2 of the 5 pertained to my history and the other 3 to my husband. Neither of my 2 were correct. I’m pretty sure at least 1 of my husband’s is wrong, but he has to pull some records tonight (he’s a teacher and can’t play on the internets all day like me… though to be fair I’m technically off today) to verify on the other 2. Of course after pulling my own report, comparing records, reading up on ID theft and then emailing the lender a quite comprehensive summary with requests for clarification, I’ve heard nothing from them much of the day!

  • Rant: So very tired. Baby Artie is sucking out my life force. I’m solo parenting again while his dad is away for work. I have so much respect for parents who go it alone all the time. Single parents deserve awards and free respite care.
    Rave: My amazing mother in law who spent five hours working in our garden and then put all the trash and yard trimmings out on the curb before I made it home with the baby. I really did win the in-law lottery.
    Rave: Lovely coworker who brought me Starbucks this morning. It take a village, people.

  • Rave: Donald Trump — he really is the gift that keeps on giving. Less that 24 hours after he makes news by acting like a grownup and outlining an economic policy that might resonate with both the bitter clingers and the traditional GOP fatcat base, he pisses all over himself with a stupid, juvenile aside. 86 days until the election and he just took himself off message for two of them. Waaaaaaay to early to count chickens, but my sense of panic is subsiding.

    • Agreed. The most telling thing in your post is, “Less that 24 hours after he makes news by acting like a grownup . . .” It’s appalling, horrifying, shocking, etc. that Trump suggested/hinted at/alluded to violence against his political opponent and/or duly appointed federal judges, but it isn’t surprising. But people are genuinely surprised when he utters a policy speech (wrongheaded, general and fact-free though it was) without crapping all over himself.
      And yet, he’ll still get 40% of the vote.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Our insurance company is being annoying. Not so much about paying the claim for Eldest Zelda’s accident, more about communication. Both Mr. Zelda and I have our names on the policy, so no you don’t have to talk to me when you’ve already talked to him. Really.
    Rant: Some of my favorite NO people will be out of town when I’m there to visit my parents. Bah.
    Rave: Lunch with a dear friend later this week.
    Rave: Speculating about deep, dark family secrets with Emmaleigh.

  • Rave: Paul McCartney! Almost three-hour show—beyond expectations.
    Rave: Not even that tired after getting to bed way past bedtime.
    Rave: Our babysitter—our son loves her, and she cleans. I mean, the books on his shelf are now organized from tallest to shortest. And oh the stovetop…

  • Rant: Getting the death glare after I beep the horn at a cyclist playing on his phone which blocked me from turning.
    Rave: Week is almost over!

    • Ugh, phones! I really don’t understand why people can’t put them down for 15 or 20 minutes to avoid being injured or killed.

      • I’m fine with phones at red lights (when he first pulled it out), but once the light is green, it’s time to move on. I play on my phone while I’m waiting on green lights all the time, but I keep my head up to make sure I’m not delayed once it changes.

        • Well OK, but if you play with your phone at red lights then I guarantee you’re guilty of the same thing. No way you’ve never missed a light changing to green while you were looking at something on your phone.
          I agree with FridayGirl, I can’t understand why people can’t stay off their freaking phones for the 15-30 minutes it takes to drive/ride to their destination. NOTHING on your phone is that important or interesting.

          • Yup, said that same thing below. No one is perfect, but I’ve never turned to glare at the honker there by further delaying everyone behind me.

          • I use my phone for directions when I’m biking (or driving). Sometimes I’m going somewhere new, or there is a road closure, and I”m not sure how to get there. I used to try to wear headphones so I could listen to the directions while I was riding, but found this to be more dangerous because I couldn’t hear cars coming up behind me, etc. It’s alot easier to look at directions while your driving than biking, so I have to wait for a red light to pull my phone out when I’m on my bike. If this takes more than a few seconds, I’ll usually try to pull over so I’m not obstructing traffic, but sometimes there is no where to pull over, or I think it’s not going to take so long.

        • maxwell smart

          I am a cyclist and approve this use of a horn. There is no need to Instachat Facegram or whatever else every second of the day. Commuting is about getting to point A to point B and should be done with laser focus.

    • Sounds like it was well deserved. Wait your turn more patiently next time.

      • Really? The cyclist shouldn’t have BEEN ON THEIR PHONE.
        I am very pro-biker but that doesn’t mean they have permission to act like total a**hats.

        • +1

        • Presuming the cyclist had every right to be where they were (cyclists are legally allowed to move to the front at a red light) and that the light was indeed red at that point, the cyclist had absolutely no obligation to move out of the way for a car seeking to turn right on red. The fact that they were on the phone at that particular instance is completely immaterial.

          • The light was GREEN when I beeped the horn.

          • It is COMPLETELY relevant if the phone means they weren’t paying attention to the light/surrounding traffic.

          • I’m curious if now that you know your presumption was wrong about light being green, if you are willing to accept that your statements were wrong and rudeness were uncalled for, anon?

      • I had already waited my turn while the cyclist sat so far into the crosswalk that I couldn’t turn on red. Once the light is green, it is time to put down the phone and continue on your journey, so others can continue on theirs.
        Your attitude is why people hate cyclists.

        • You sound like quite a lovely person. Have a good day!

        • I think the “on the phone at a red, oh wait now it’s green and didn’t notice” phenomenon is far more common among drivers than cyclists.

          • I’m sure you’re correct, and I’m positive I’ve been distracted in this way at one time or another. I’ve never once gotten upset if someone gave me a couple of beeps to move it along.

          • To be clear, I support the “move it” honk.
            This is just low on the list of “reasons to hate cyclists”.

          • Way more common among drivers. Why are people so afraid to be alone with their thoughts for a few minutes? I rather enjoy it.

          • Someone- I was referring to Anon’s attitude as the “reason to hate cyclists” not the death state or the waiting on green.

          • I’d appreciate not being hated because Anon is a jerk. That’d be like… well let’s not get into analogies or comparisons.

          • Someone – who hated you? I’m really confused. Anon Spock was clarifying what she meant.
            Are there comments I’m not seeing here? Are people trolling like crazy on today’s RRRR? Am I missing something? What is happening that everyone is so sensitive suddenly?!

          • Someone- I think you would agree that jerky cyclists make people hate cyclists just like jerky drivers make people hate drivers. That’s all I meant by the comment.
            I don’t hate cyclists.

          • Blithe

            FridayGirl, I’m convinced that a combination of the humidity and reading/hearing whatever Donald Trump’s latest spew has been has me on edge. Respecting that, I’m gonna take an internet break and do some chill time. Responding to your questions though, maybe it’s not just me? I’m nerdy enough that I’m going to be googling “Impact of humidity on mood…” as soon as I fetch a cool drink. :-/

          • Fridaygirl- you haven’t missed anything…

          • Blithe – it’s not you. I think everyone (likely myself, included) is a little bit on edge today.

          • Andie302

            I’m ready to do some throat punching for no reason at all – it’s in the air :-/

      • “You honked at me while I was being self-centered and obstructing traffic. Wahhhhh.”

        • Pretty much. Though, I don’t use my phone why on my Vespa. That would be insane.
          If I’m going somewhere and I need to use my map, I pop in my hands-free headphones and have the Google Maps voice give me turn-by-turn directions. It’s extremely helpful.

  • Rant: I just read one of those roundup internet posts on the top ten houseplants to have that are really hard to kill – and I think I managed to kill one of those exact plants! Ugh. Green thumb needs work.
    Rave: Wednesday is much closer to Friday than Monday.
    Rave: Work is like a ghost town, so my hours are more reasonable.

    • I killed a peace lily, which is always one of those top ten easiest house plants. Meanwhile I have these two mystery plants I bought from Ikea ten years ago that still alive and growing.

      • I killed a cactus once :/ Part of me thinks it may have been the container it was in and not anything I did specifically though.

      • Yeah, I actually do have a green thumb and an almost embarrassing number of house plants (50+), but I recently killed a peace lily and I can’t keep a succulent alive at all. I keep trying though, so at least I’m keeping my local nursery (shout out Gingko Gardens) busy.

  • Rant: Got a sales call yesterday and when I answered the phone, I was addressed as “Mrs. Anonapartner”. This was an expected call, but it was made very clear that I am Ms. Anonamom and my partner is Mr. Anonapartner in our paperwork and when we met with the representative. Last week, I got a sales call from AAA about my membership, and the person insisted on calling me “Mrs. Anonamom” even though I corrected them three times that I am “Ms. Anonamom.” I know it is silly and pedantic, but goddamnit, stop assuming because I am a woman of a certain age that I am married.

    • I am always tempted to answer callers looking for Mrs. Herewegoagain with “my mom’s not here right now. ” (I haven’t lived in the same house with her since 1985.)

      • I really felt like saying “No, I’m not Mrs. Anonapartner, would you like her number?” and giving them his ex’s number. With the one who insisted on calling me “Mrs. Anonamom” I finally said, “Do I really have to tell you again? I paid for that divorce honey, I earned to be called ‘Ms'” and hung up the phone.

    • I have to restrain myself from being pompous and correcting people who don’t call me Dr. Kanon. But I do do it internally in my head and then admonish myself for being so arrogant.

      • It’s not pompous as long as you do it right. The only time I ever get annoyed with people who insist on being called doctor are medical student on rotation; no, dear, you are not a doctor. You are a student. I have known people I’ve worked with who won’t call residents “Dr” either, but I figure once you’ve got that MD or PhD, go for it. I do have a lot of PhD friends who dislike being called “Dr. Degree” though. Also, I once witnessed a very interesting exchange between a nurse with a doctorate and an old-fashioned doctor who refused to call her “Dr” and would refer to her very sarcastically as “*Doctor* Nurse.”

        • Quotia Zelda

          I’m generally opposed to Dr. for Ph.D.s, though I understand why some prefer it. I’d rather Ms. for myself.
          Though it was adorable when Eldest Zelda, age 4, called my newly defended self “Mama doctor.”

          • I also rarely use my “Dr.” title for my PhD outside of professional activities. My mom gets a huge kick out of addressing mail to me using the “Dr.” title, though.
            I will admit that I get irritated when students of my coauthors send me emails using “Ms” rather than “Dr.” But that’s mostly been an issue with students of my adviser from grad school, and I think I just get irritated at the implied suggestion that I didn’t complete my PhD or something.

      • Both my dad and my spouse have earned the right to be called Dr, for different reasons. One insists on Dr. in all circumstances. The other goes by Professor at work and couldn’t care less what anyone says outside of work. To each his or her own, I guess.

      • HaileUnlikely

        In my opinion, if you’re a medical doctor, insisting upon being called Dr. is legitimate at all times. If you have a PhD or an EdD or an ScD or the equivalent, it is reasonable to ask people to call you Dr. in professional or educational settings, but rather pompous when interacting with people with whom you have no professional relationship. I know hundreds of people with PhDs, and the number of them who insist upon random people on the street addressing them as Dr. is exactly 1 (and everybody else including his professional colleagues regards him as a pompous @ss.) Although I can’t recall which, at least one major media outlet that I am aware of has a policy of only using Dr. when the individual in question is a medical doctor.

        • How do you justify the distinction? If my neighbor on the left is a medical doctor, and my neighbor on the right has a PhD, why is the neighbor on the left justified in requiring me to address him as Dr. Jones, but the neighbor on the right is pompous insisting on being referred to as Dr. Smith? I have no professional relationship with either of them.
          I generally agree with your framework, by the way, but I can’t come up with a logical reason why it should be true.

          • Maybe because doctor is both a profession and a title, whereas PhDs are almost anything except doctors? In the UK, dentists and vets don’t get called Dr. It’s pretty strictly reserved for the person you want shouldering through the crowd when you have a heart attack.
            I’m reminded of a New Yorker cartoon I saw years ago, with a snooty maitre d’ on the phone, saying “And is that a medical degree, Dr. Goldsmith, or just an academic one?”

          • HaileUnlikely

            I don’t have any logical justification for it, though upon reading wdc’s reasoning here, I find it quite sensible.
            While not a logical justification per se, my opinion is definitely influenced by my observation that of all of the 100+ people I know with PhDs, only one of them insists upon being called “doctor,” and even his professional peers regard him as an arrogant prick. In contrast, most of the medical doctors I know are routinely called “Doctor” even outside of a professional setting.

          • Worse than that, there are lawyers out there who insist on being addressed in a formal context as “Attorney [InsertLastName]”. Takes insufferable to a whole new level.

          • One correction, MDs in the UK do get called “Dr” but more senior doctors/consultants revert to “Mr.” It’s very odd.
            Anyhoo. What in that case would you do medical-PhDs who are not medical doctors? For example, researchers? Advanced Practice nurses? Pychologists?
            For the record, again, I don’t think it’s ever pompous to ask to be called by your title, whatever that may be, unless said in a pompous manner. In a way, it’s no different than me wanting to be called Ms versus Mrs. I’m sure if the AAA call center guy were to comment, he would agree with me!

          • HaileUnlikely

            For whatever it’s worth, Miss Manners has written that only medical doctors are correct in using their title socially, though she advises that we should honor the wishes of those with academic doctorates who request to be called doctor, even though they should not request that in the first place.

          • Seriously dcd?? I feel very fortunate to have never encountered a lawyer who thought she or he should be addressed as Attorney Lastname. I was at a party once where a law student opined that, as a Juris Doctor, he should be called Dr after graduation. He was roundly mocked. One of my favorite responses was “Ok, and you can call me Master Smith.”

        • I think the NYT follows that convention. However, when I’m reading Upshot & the authors of the blog are referring to authors of papers (who generally have a PhD), it’s unfortunate that the Times still won’t use the “Dr” title in that professional context.

          • This made me recall that I was taught when writing and citing someone or something of that nature, you would first use their Full Name, Degree then refer to them by Title. Name. So, I would say that Joe Jones, MD participated in X study. Dr. John’s findings were blah blah. Conversely, Jane Smith, PhD participated in the same study. However, Dr. Smith’s interpretation of the findings was blah blah.

    • My mom once replied “there’s no one here by that name” when a call asked to speak to Mrs. Dad’sFirstName MutualLastName and then explained to me that she only changed her last name, not her first and not her whole identity, and that when I got married, I could change my last name but don’t I dare change who I was. Pretty radical for nice, white Christian lady in a small town in the 80s. My mom is awesome.

  • Rave: Tchoup’s.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Wondering blurry-ly If the bike is strapped to the tractor trailer cab so the driver could get free coffee.
    Rave-ish: I bought some nice jeans on sale. I, then, ordered another pair that cost twice as much — with artistically designed rips and paint spatters. The adolescent in me happily imagines explaining that, yes, this is “Art”, and no, I couldn’t have just destroyed them myself and saved a lot of cash. Although once Michael’s opens, I will see if they have fabric paint and scan the internet for “artistic hole” instructions.
    Rant: The oppressive humidity. At least my hair is happy.

  • Rant: My friend’s mom was given 3-6 months to live. I spent time talking with him last night, and tried to give as best support as I could. He said he appreciated my perspective and advice, and he promised he’d call me if he needed anything.

    Rant: I realized how much I still miss my dad.

    Rave: Going to see “Hand To God” tonight — really looking forward to it!

    Rant: Ri-Ra in Georgetown. A few months ago, my OA went there and had a horrible experience, so much so that she was in tears by the time she finally left, and emailed them. She got a response from someone within the company who gave her a gift certificate and an apology. About a month later, she gave the card to one of my co-workers to use when he got some things for a firm gathering and when he tried to use it, they said there was no amount whatsoever on the gift card, so he had to pay for it himself (he was eventually reimbursed by Ri Ra and more apologies from them). Yesterday, my OA took another coworker there for a birthday lunch thinking all would be resolved — first they sat at the bar — no one was behind the bar, so after a few minutes they decided to get a table. No one was at the hostess stand. They waited, and someone eventually came behind the bar to hand food to someone, they saw them there and did not acknowledge anything, just left again. My OA wrote to the restaurant again, and they responded with “I’m sorry” but that’s it — so I guess they’ve lost our business.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s mom. And sending you hugs re: your dad.

    • I’m sorry about your friend’s mom. My best friend’s mom is in a similar situation and it’s making me so infinitely grateful that I still have both of my parents.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: word has it that the wife of a childhood friend of mine was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Don’t know the details and not sure how to approach friend. We’ve grown apart and don’t talk (IRL or virtually), but we were close growing once. Bah.
    Rave: received my first summons for jury duty. I’ll have to put up my best game face and try to get booted from the pool. Civic duties, check.
    Succulents report from my wanderings: IKEA has fake (plastic) succulent plants on sale while Home Depot has real ones from $4+ depending on size. As an aside, both places are mazes if you don’t know where they are.

    • Hahaha! Thank you for looking for the succulents! I should actually report that the Logan Ace Hardware has them for $3 and I got some during the 20% off sale this weekend so I am now a very happy camper who is hoping she doesn’t kill them (see above)…

      • topscallop

        I recently learned that one can buy special soil for succulents; I got it off of Amazon and am hoping that mine will be happier when repotted in said soil. Some are looking a bit wilted, one of my jade plants has a really soft stem…

    • Allison

      My advice for approaching the friend would be to send a physical sympathy card (if you know someone who can give you his physical address.) That way you can say “hey sorry to hear about your wife’s illness, wishing you the best, etc.” and there’s no obligation for him to respond if he doesn’t want to like there is with e-communications.

      • That One Guy

        Thanks for the suggestion. The only problem is I don’t know his physical whereabouts right now. The last time we communicated (about three years ago) he was spending a year in India on a missionary trip with his then newly wed wife.

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