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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • 12 weeks until the new REI DC Flagship store opens!
    Weather has been cooler lately!
    I can finally resume full activities after 8 weeks of recovery from cervical disk replacement surgery!

    • It was almost starting to feel like early fall this am. I haven’t even put my winter stuff away yet!

    • And I thought I was looking ahead, when I realized that fours weeks from today is Labor Day weekend!

  • Rave: The family of ducks (4 adolescents, one mother) I see each day on the C&O Canal. It’s been great watching the young ones grow. I love how they sit in the water in a perfect diamond, and I *almost* got a picture where all four of their buts are in the air.
    Rant: The canal itself. I guess the NPS isn’t running the canal tour this year, which is fine, but they’ve stopped doing any maintenance at all, which is not. Wood and garbage are piling up, the growth at the bottom of the canal is approaching 10 feet tall in spots, and there are veritable trees growing out of the sides of the canal (which can’t be good for the masonry. It’s embarrassing that a national park has been allowed to get into such disrepair.

    • Funny, this is related to my …

      RAVE: Almost blew a tire on a pothole on Beach Drive. I was furious at the National Park Service went looking for exactly where to ask if that’s going to be repaired. I found that the problem is the fact that Congress vastly underfunds them so they barely have the money to do sub-standard basics. So then I was mad at Congress, which I pretty much always am so it just served to make me madder. If that’s possible.

      So then I wished I hadn’t read that and my morning started off cranky.

      • oops, uh, RANT.

      • If you’re talking about Beach Drive in DC you’re in luck, since they’re about to close it down (in segments) for a complete rehabilitation.

        • While I’ll agree that the rehabilitation is sorely needed, it sure isn’t going to feel lucky during the three years portions of Beech Drive are closed.

          • +1. It won’t feel lucky for any of us along that route who use RCP to get to Beach, Connecticut, or Calvert.

      • Keep your tires at the proper pressure. You should be checking them once per month, if you’re frequently traveling on pot-holed roads.
        You’re more likely to have a blowout on a pothole if your tires are under-inflated.

        • Good to know – thanks! I’ll make sure to check that often given that driving in DC = driving on potholed roads. For the life of me I cannot figure out where Mayor Bowser’s potholepalooza took place.

  • Rave: 1 week until my 10 day staycation begins!
    Rant: Have 30,000 things Id like to do, so will have to plan appropriately

    What are people reading these days? I was reading a lot of non fiction (‘evicted’ and some random history books) but am keen to read a juicy novel. Will pick up ‘fates and furies’ — anything else I cant miss?

    I feel like going away on a hike nearby for the day. Will probably zipcar to some cute remote location. Any suggestions?

    • I really enjoyed ‘A Little Life’ by Hanya Yanagihara.

    • Lots of great hiking about an hour away in Harper’s Ferry. Shenandoah is also close, and if you don’t go around rush hour, traffic will be light!

      • Have been to harper’s ferry, and want to check out a bed and breakfast in Shenandoah, if I can. (or a good air b n b) any recs??

        • I’d look near Sperryville or Little Washington in Rappahannock county. I’ve only hiked/camped in the park itself and done day trips to the towns near it. I’m sure there are airbnbs there. There’s also the fancy Inn at Little Washington.

    • It’s an older book but I just finished Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami and really enjoyed it. I like his writing style a lot — engaging but easy to read.

    • Highly recommend Old Rag!

    • I just blew through Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and am now immersed in Eligible and A Little Life. I also have The Rocks, My Brilliant Friend, SweetBitter and Modern Lovers on deck.

      • Awesome! I think ive spoken about my complete love of Neapolitan series in the past on this site. I have Modern Lovers on my kindle, so will probably tear through that, and possibly Eligible too. Woo!

        • We seem to have similar interests in books πŸ™‚ I’m interested to hear how what you think of Modern Lovers, it’s been on my “to-read” list.

    • White Oak Canyon in Shenandoah and the Maryland trail in Harper’s Ferry are two of my favorites. Old Rag is great too, of course. Better if you have a week day.

      I wouldn’t say it’s juicy, but All the Light we Cannot See is one of my absolute favorites of the past few years. Station Eleven too, if post-apocalyptic is more your speed.

    • I just started reading Crazy Rich Asians and I’m enjoying it so far.

      • I loved it! Read it on a beach in Asia, which was apropos. Theres actually a sequel! Also on my kindle, also haven’t gotten to it yet.

    • Catoctin Mountain Park is a lovely spot, about an hour from DC. Pryor’s Orchard is nearby where you can stock up on fruit for your canning project πŸ™‚

    • If you want a vigorous hike – Little Devil’s Stairs.

  • For the neighbors who have difficult mothers– and I count myself among you– it could be worse. There’s a teenaged girl who lives near me who’s been coming over a couple times a month, since she was 12 and I found her crying on the steps to her apartment building because her mother wasn’t home to let her in. (Mom had gone shopping with a friend.) So she comes and eats with us, and we talk about school and friends and stuff. Last night, her mother showed up just as we were cleaning up the kitchen. Mom’s been to my place before, without incident. Last night, though, she was in a mood. I had given the kid a book that she seemed interested in, and her mom snatched it from her hand, threw it on my floor, and said “Oh, you’re smart now?? You’re not smart, you don’t even know what to do with that.”
    She just got her first phone, so I’m going to see (assuming she’s allowed to come back) if I can install a reader app on it so she can read without pissing her mom off. That’s what it comes to for some kids. Having to read in secret. Not that I have much hope for her academic future. Her grades are abysmal, and her mother does not GAF. At least my difficult mother had expectations for me, and supported me in meeting them.

    • Oh my goodness. That’s awful. Thank you for taking her in to the extent you can and showing you care. I’m sure that makes a world of difference.

      • +1. wdc, you are an amazing person for doing your best for this girl who isn’t even your own. this really does put things in perspective (from someone whose mother is way overly involved — I’d rather have it that way than this. Just wow.)

    • Oh, my, gawd. That is awful. That’s past the ‘crappy mom’ category and in the abuse category. And I mean that very seriously. I guarantee you, what you see in public or in your home is only a fraction of what actually happens at home. How old is the girl?

      • She’s 14. For what it’s worth, I don’t get the feeling there’s any physical abuse. Just a lot of benign neglect with occasional screaming fits. Which is bad enough. But not enough for me to call CPS, not given how much worse it could be in a foster home.
        I’m still sad, though.

        • It’s very sad. I’m so glad she has a place to go when things are hard, and it’s amazing for you to open your home (and heart) to her. I don’t think I will ever understand parents who degrade their kids for wanting more academically.

          • They have serious self-esteem issues of their own. Not that it’s excusable AT ALL. Please help that kid believe in herself, especially during these crucial years. Too many teen girls end up having babies because they’re looking for the love they’re not getting at home. She still has time to turn things around, and as long as she’s willing to work and believe in herself, she can be succeed, even if it isn’t at school. My lil bro almost flunked out of high school and now he makes more money straight out of college than I do after working for 8 years (he was smart though, just an idiot, and my parents are super supportive).

        • “benign neglect” – I know what you likely talking about physical violence, but what you described does not sound remotely benign.

    • Wow. Thank you for your care. It truly does take a village.

    • Holy crap, that is so discouraging! Thank you, wdc, for being a wonderful person and helping out a kid when and where you can. Some people should just not be parents, it’s a shame.

    • That is horrible. Please make sure she has a library card. With the card she can download books from the DC library on http://overdrive.dclibrary.org/9E23AE89-FAF8-4553-8C5E-D0907072C04C/10/50/en/Default.htm

      The books are free.

      Thank you for watching her.

    • Thanks everyone. I get discouraged when I think about what I’m up against. There’s no magic cure for generational poverty and the kinds of survival needs that feed generational ignorance. In addition, she’s scared of everything– spiders, snakes, bees, dogs, the dark, new foods– and amused by what I call “humiliation humor” like videos of people falling down or getting hit in the nuts. We don’t have much in common. There are a handful of neighborhood kids who knock on my door to play with my kids (they usually want a turn on the Wii) but this girl is the only one who doesn’t have a parent who knows/ cares where she is. And THAT I think is the key.

    • While I agree a foster home would likely be a far worse situation (even though I wouldn’t assume there is no physical abuse at home, as it isn’t always evident or leave marks), I feel there is little hope for this girl living with a mother like that. It seems that going to a school where she could get more attention to her academic needs would serve her needs best. But even if there are such schools, it is hard to see how she could get enrolled in one without parental cooperation. I wonder if there are after school activities that could help her out – things on the order of girl scouts, sports, or other organizations that put on girls activities – they would also require parental permission, but might be easier to get for that than school changes. and could get her some more caring, consistent adult attention, and interaction with peers in a structured environment. I agree it must be heartbreaking to see …

      • Along similar lines, I wonder if her school is aware of this issue?

        • Honestly, there are so many worse stories at her school. At least this kid is clean and clothed; her mom cares enough to do her hair. Mom is immature and irresponsible and uneducated; she’s not evil.
          There are kids at her school who are pregnant, homeless, addicted, abused, malnourished…

          • That One Guy

            Short of putting yourself in the role of surrogate parent figure is there a support group of other neighbors that can pull together to keep an eye out for this girl?

  • Rant: Ugh, crap night of sleep and a difficult morning. Getting a 3yo through the morning routine is not for the faint of heart. Mtpkiddo was not a happy camper by the time we left the house, but then again, neither was I.
    Rant: Feeling lame about not taking my parents up on their babysitting offer to go out for our anniversary. Was looking forward to a more quiet weekend at home after a few crazy ones. And not psyched about the extra bottles/pumping/blah that comes from weekend babysitting. Realized this morning that we don’t make time to talk much anymore. Must do better on that.
    Rave: We are planning on going to Kurios as an anniversary present from my folks–just need to decide when.
    Rant: Still kinda feeling like I’m failing at family life. Blargh. Though hormones & lack of sleep are likely contributing factors.
    Rave: somewhat determined to make it to yoga this weekend. My back clearly needs stretching–it currently feels an inch shorter!

    • “Still kinda feeling like I’m failing at family life.” I’m sure you’re doing the best you can. Your rant reminds me of a post I saw on FB last night…woman I used to work with posted how she couldn’t do that “love your spouse challenge” in good conscience. She said between chasing her two kids, four hours of commuting a day (!!!!!), messy house, never home long enough to clean it up, blah blah and their days are mostly running around, not a fairy tale. I was just like jeez that sounds awful, but commuting four hours a day–that might be part of the problem!

      • OMG, the love your spouse challenge needs to stop. Posting cutesy pictures of you and your spouse on facebook so you can brag about your supposed perfect relationship is not a challenge!

        • I agree–it’s really awful. Perhaps the worst FB fad to date. Seven days of photos and “our relationship is amazing stories” ughhhhh.

      • Holy moly, thank goodness I don’t commute four hours per day. There’s no way that would work for us–I feel like I’m stretched too thin already!

      • She can still love her spouse in a messy house and a long commute lol…

      • So last night, my partner was working late. I came home to all five kids playing Apples to Apples in the TV-free living room. I made dinner and we we ate our dinner peacefully around the table as they told me about their day, then I served a healthy(ish) dessert of angel food cake and fresh raspberries and strawberries. Then I watched them play basketball for a little bit, and thought, wow, I love our family so much. As soon as I texted those words to my partner, it descended into chaos. The youngest shit his pants, the girls started fighting, the boys – in an effort to do dishes – flooded the kitchen, I found that someone or some animal pissed on a bathroom rug, and it wasn’t long before I was screaming at kids and pissed at my partner for being home late. Perfection often lasts as long as it takes to post that status update or picture. We all feel like we fail at home life at some point, usually each day. But the key in life and motherhood/parenthood is really to be present, to try, to support the kids as much as you can while trying to stay as sane as possible!

        • having grown up in a large family, I’d say that trying to stay sane with 5 kids is not necessarily doable. almost makes for a situation where kids get screamed at and parents are often pissed at each other – neither of which I found to be healthy for growing up not majorly affected by such antics. I feel for your kids.

          • Wow, judge much? Even if you’re right, what is one supposed to do after the fact? Sell off a kid or two to return to a “manageable” family size? I’m sure there are benefits and difficulties from any family size, and a lot more depends on the individual family dynamics than the number of kids.
            Thanks, anonamom, your story made me laugh–amazing how quickly things can go from awesome to chaos.

          • Well, thanks for that judgement, anon. To counter your point, I grew up in a household of two kids with parents who hate each other and screamed at us all the time. It can happen in any family of any size. Sorry you had a shitty home life, but I do not spend all my time yelling at my kids or pissed at my partner. I was simply trying to make a statement that for every moment of perfection there is a moment of imperfection. People like you making statements like that are exactly what drives mothers and parents to feel like they have to live up to some unrealistic expectation of parenthood. Go ahead and “feel” for my kids, but I assure you, they are perfectly happy and healthy.

          • I was going to say the same thing as Anonamom. I am one of three and have many memories of my parents fighting. I don’t think it has anything to do with the number of kids. Marriage is hard and having kids is hard too.

          • Other than the passive aggressive “I feel for your kids,” this post is virtually unintelligible. If you’re going to be snotty and judgy, please do it in a coherent fashion.
            [I know we’re not supposed to attack grammar, but I’m hoping an will make an exception this time. Geez.]

          • Prince Of Petworth

            permission granted – I’d delete the judgy comment but there are too many replies already.

          • No worries, Dan. I think the poster just got lost on their way to DCUM. πŸ™‚

        • Sorry, I laughed a little. But it was a sympathetic, supportive laugh.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Isn’t that always the case, things seem perfect right before they turn to shit. πŸ™‚

        • That made me laugh Anonamom…it sounds pretty normal to me (and I agree anon in their reply is being snotty)…it made me think of one time growing up (I’m the eldest of 4, the others are 2.5, 11 and 14 years younger) when our neighbor came upstairs one evening to ask if we could be quieter. Now, I was on the treadmill, my Dad was doing the dishes and blaring the music he likes while doing it, my sister was practicing the piano, and my mom was giving the toddlers a bath, and of course the washer and dryer were running because that runs around the clock…and I was like umm, sorry, no, we can’t be quieter. Anyway, sorry your evening went from lovely to frustrating. If it’s of anyt consolation, baby AB pooped all over himself and me last night. fun times.

    • I understand the annoyance of extra pumping and bottle prepartion. Many times, I feel like it is just easier for me to be with Baby Artie than to have someone else watch him.

      Re: the not talking as much anymore, maybe try to start a traditional of pouring a glass of wine and park yourselves on the porch or couch after the kids are down for a half hour chat? It is so hard to manage the logistics of work and family and still connect to your partner. I completely get it – my partner is just now sleeping in the same bed as me again (since we moved). It had been almost eight months (from the last part of my pregnancy until now). Just waking up next to one another makes me feel more connected again.

      And if you care enough to wonder if you are failing at family life, I think you are doing just fine. These are the crunch years, and we are stretched in so many different directions. I try to remind myself that if I fret and worry about how I am parenting Baby Artie, then I am probably doing on ok job because I care enough to do the fretting and worrying. Hang in there, and be kind to yourself. I hope you and your wife can get some quiet, connected time at home together this weekend.

      • Unfortunately, it always feels like something needs to be done–whether it’s getting lunches ready, catching up on work, paying bills… and then when everything is done, I just want to go to bed. But we should probably try to schedule at least one night/week when we make a point to relax together instead of running around. I have a hard time forcing myself to stop trying to get things done since I always feel so behind.
        Yay for you getting to sleep in the same bed again! Yuck on not being able to do that for so long.

        • I understand that feeling. My mornings are impossible if I don’t pack lunches, wash bottles, and prep more bottles in the evening. Maybe Fridays can be let the dishes pile up and reconnect evening? Really, I think life would be easier if I could clone myself and leave one of me at home to manage life outside of work.

    • I felt “adequate at best” at family life for twenty years and I only had two to deal with. But, while I never got them into prestigious Ivy League colleges like all my yuppie friends, they seem to be normal — in a weird sort of way — smart, curious, tolerant and happy. They even seem to like me and they charm the hell out of all my friends. I think family life is one of those things where you feel like you’re playing defense for a long, long time and you don’t figure out you’ve won (passed?) until the kids are like 22 or something. No actual parent who reads your rant doesn’t know the feeling. Keep the faith!

  • Rave: Snallygaster ticket obtained. I’ve almost never gone to these types of events between school and finances but now that I’m in a cushier place in life, I’m so excited!

  • Last day of summer vacation. Not sure if this is a rant or rave.
    Rant : other than my trip to Ecuador, I didn’t really take advantage of all my time off

  • skj84

    Rave: All registered for my work conference! Everything came together this week, from plane ticket to permission. Now I just need to hope everything goes smoothly when I leave next month.

    Rant: Spent last night in glumpy mood. The guy I was dating with was supposed to see my show tonight. Obviously that is not going to happen, and it hit me hard how much I miss him.

    Rave: Minneapolis bound in 2 weeks! I can wait to see my sister.

  • Rave: Off to a lovely weekend away with my best buddy to celebrate his Bachelor party!
    Rant: Olympic three-day eventing taking place on the same weekend…luckily it’s only the dressage portion but still, this is my favorite event!!
    Rant: None of the bachelor party attendees are sports fans.
    Rave: But they love theater, so maybe I can convince them the opening ceremony is worth watching…?
    Rave: Carnegie libraries – man, I wish I had so much money that I could build beautiful libraries in gorgeous cities and fill them with books and resources for the public to use.

  • Rave: Alaska is beautiful. It’s great to be here with a connection to the area, not to mention someone with a car. We rented kayaks and padded Mendenhall lake to the glacier, then hiked to some ice caves.
    Rant: long story, but last minute had to change DOG’s accommodations and he’s at the scary floor place, Doozydog. I can watch him, from four time zones away, via Webcam, laying on the pee grass. If anyone else is creeping on their dog in the large dog room, the despondent one laying in pee is mine.

  • Rave: Last major work thing of the summer concluded yesterday and my team — others of whom deserved far more credit than me — was showered in glory, which is always nice. Focus now on The Big Regatta, a little beach time, tubing out with the Olympics, tomatoes and peaches. Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton’s high.
    Rant: Home repairs. Bear with me. On the tenants’ dryer, the initial $60 visit reveled a blown fuse-ish thingy caused by a blockage in the vent and subsequent overheating. At the suggestion of the initial fixit dude, I called a vent-cleaning specialist who tried to upsell me on $200 worth of improvements that would keep my house from burning down but settles for $45 for the diagnosis and $200 for the cleaning, which I talked him down from $225 on and paid because my tenants had been without a dryer for too long and are great tenants. The original fixit guy has to spend a week tracking down a replacement fuse-ish thingy because it’s no longer manufactured (fuck you, Maytag) and it costs $150 so the fix costs and additional $200 (a not unreasonable $50 for labor plus the part). And then the fixit dude tells me I have a problem: there’s a screen in the vent that’s clogged with lint and unless that’s cleared everything will overheat and blow again. This means, of course, I paid the vent-cleaning grifter $250 to not fix the problem, which I fixed finally by jamming my hand into the vent and ripping the screen out. Sometimes being a dumb brute works out.
    In the mean time, the $150 spent on the oven because the thermostat or some equivalent thing is blown and the outside window (there are two) on the door has fallen out has yielded a diagnosis and a part and a cure scheduled for later today. But the only way to fix the window is to get a new oven door for $500, which means I have phone call to Blue Star to ask them exactly what they mean by “professional quality.”
    If anyone knows a good heatproof adhesive, please clue me in.
    Rave: Friday with The Hot Sardines; Saturday with friends and the Nats; Sunday with my favorite aging, charming mulit-millionaire philanthropist at Chez BIlly Sud, where we’ll talk politics and — after a couple of glasses of wine — she’ll hint broadly that my girlfriend and I should get married, which is cute when she says it.

  • Rave: Friday! I am so flipping exhausted I can’t wait to crash!
    Rant: It’s only 10ish. Oh god today is long!
    Rant/Rave: Super weird and vivid dreams. Very unusual for me to remember anything about them. Trying to just go with the flow.
    Rant/Rave?: Should I go to yoga this evening, to practice for yoga at a new place tomorrow?

    • I feel you on your first rant, LBP! Half my office has still not shown up for some reason (taking the day off? telework? sick? metro? who knows) and its making me feel like it’s still 8am. -_-

  • Rave – Back home from work travels.
    Rave – Bought myself a watch. A real, substantial, grown up watch. For some reason it makes me feel so sophisticated.
    Rant – Loud coworker having a loud conference call on speaker phone.

  • Rant: So very tired.
    Rave: It is Friday. I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend with Baby Artie and oh so many boxes to unpack and organize.
    Rant: Single tracking on the redline. It took so long to get home last night. I walked through the door, gave the baby a bath, and then had to put him to bed. I feel like we are getting no fun time together during the week beyond the commute on the train.

  • Rant: I’m so frustrated as a Columbia Heights resident. I’ve called ENTs to the scene to help unconscious folks four times in the past two weeks. It’s getting ridiculous! Something needs to be done about hard drugs in our neighborhood. Sad that I’m starting to see more fairly young men impacted by addiction recently. It really bothers me.
    Rave: It is Friday!! Yay!! And I’m so happy the weather is FINALLY cooling down πŸ™‚

    • Hey Von, where are you seeing this happen? I’ve seen at least 4 people passed out near 14th & U St the past 2-3 weeks as well, but medics were already on scene. Two were obviously drug overdoses, but the other two may have been heat-related last week.

      • Called twice for folks unconscious in the blaring sun/heat last week in front of the heights (14th and Kenyon) and this morning for two young men teetering consciousness at the top of the Cohi metro station. Called last week for an elderly man passed out in the heat with aluminum foil blocks all around him. It seems like drugs + heat is a deadly combination and makes me worry that no one cares!!

        • Ugh. Thank you for being responsible enough to call for help. At first I wasn’t very surprised when I started seeing this happen but as I see it more and hear about how wide-spread it must be, I am really stunned….

    • My Sunday morning routine includes making coffee, watering my orchids, and calling 911 for the dude passed out in the alley. Well, not EVERY Sunday. Sometimes I drink tea.

    • Synthetic marijuana is big problem in this area. It even has an urban coined term now…

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Work. I have a new boss, my old boss is his boss. I’m just getting weird vibes that they are unhappy with my work. Maybe it’s just the endless days of heat this summer!
    Rave: TJs frozen Ahi tuna steaks. I’ve made them twice this week with a soy/lime marinade, yum! They are fairly cheap which makes me wonder–what’s REALLY in these?
    Rant: Looking up recipes for making dog food. SOMEONE is being really picky this week and what she loves one day she ignores the next. See rave above.

    • Ahi Tuna Steaks!!! Why haven’t I seen these?! I’m going to look when I go this weekend. I’ve had their tuna burgers before and they were okay but a tad expensive, I thought.

      • I Dont Get It

        There are two steaks in a pack and run between $7-11. I’m a big meat eater but usually one is enough for me!

  • Rave: Finally Friday. And cold brew coffee! Except this non-coffee drinker is now buzzing up a storm.
    Question: Has anyone been to Yards Friday concerts this summer? Are they enforcing their new “buy only Corona and Modelo from us” policy? What are the prospects for sneaking in beer?

    • I’ve been once, and from what I can tell they do a decent job searching bags. It sucks, too, as they moved the stage so its no longer in front of the water. Not as fun as it used to be.

      • topscallop

        I can’t say from personal experience if this works, but I heard of someone wrapping up a box of wine in birthday gift wrap and getting it into Jazz in the Garden without a problem.

        • Allison

          I had a friend who took the bladder bag out of a box of wine and put it in a box of cheezits instead. We just ripped a hole in the cheezit box for the spout. INSTANT CHEEZIT WINE.

          • Brilliant, but I’m worried about the actual Cheezits. Please tell me you ate the cheezits with your box wine.

          • Allison

            Hah, I don’t know what happened to the bag of cheezits. I personally hate cheezits due to a childhood throwing up incident that resulted in taste aversion. Cheezits are evil.

          • wdc, I like your priorities!

          • I wish I had a Cheez Its aversion. I’d probably be 10 pounds lighter.

          • ^ piling onto Jill’s comment: I wish I had an aversion to Cheez-Its(and everything else that lives in this aisle), ice cream, bacon, soft doughy pastries filled with gobs of sweetened goo, et al…

          • I have no self control when it comes to Cheez-its. If I have them I must eat them, which is why I never buy them.

      • We easily snuck in wine the first two nights. But as hiphopanonymous said, it seems to have permanently moved to a smaller (and more tightly controlled) area since then. I remember looking at the wine prices the first night and thinking they were reasonable, though (a bottle was around $15). I do dislike the new location though. The river backdrop was a big part of the charm for me.

    • skj84

      I was there for the very beginning of the season and it seemed hit or miss. I came in with my workbag and wasn’t checked. There seemed to be some unmanned checkpoints. However I did see the guards confiscate a bottle of wine, so I guess be stealth. For what its worth I know someone who sneaks wine into Jazz in the Garden via her kids diaper bag. May be worth a shot!

    • The Cheezit idea is amazing! Thanks everyone. It sounds like they’ve done their best to suck all the fun out of Yards.

  • Rant: Man who tried to argue with me after I saw his dog locked in the car yesterday and called the fire department. Yes, your meter had expired so you were gone longer than expected and, yes, yesterday was cooler than normal. But 30+ minutes in a hot car with the windows up and your poor pooch locked inside? I don’t care if you donate to the humane society; their website tells you not to do it too!!

    • +1. You did the right thing. I’ve decided that 98% of the time people only get angry because they’re being defensive because they know they did something wrong and won’t admit it.

  • Rant: Today is my favorite coworker’s last day, and this SUCKS. Of course, Monday will be even suckier.
    Rave: He is buying us pizza for lunch as a going away ‘gift’ to us.
    Rant: About to lose it in this job, and will be even worse when he’s gone. Boss keeps giving me more responsibilities, and it’s not that I don’t have the time, it’s just the CRAPPY, mundane and demeaning tasks are driving me crazy. Boss actually told me today, “It’s not you personally, it’s just your position.” Thanks, that makes me feel so much better. Two thumbs up.
    Rave: Wedding dress shopping this weekend! Plus just got this wonderful text from Mr. Wonderful: “Soon you will be my wife, and I your husband. We will build a great life together.” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Late advice needed: I finally got my sh*t together and cleared out my bedroom. Now I’m trying to make it look less like a sterile environment (putting things up on the walls). It’s a large room, 11*17 feet and I’ve got a ton of white space. I’ve been looking at wall decals, but would it look tacky to have one on 3 of 4 walls? How many is too many? How do I even design this? I’ve never been one for interior design..

    • I think it depends what you’re putting up and whether they go together as a theme. Have you looked at Blik decals? I have been eyeing their stuff for years but haven’t been able to commit to the price, but you might be interested. http://www.whatisblik.com/

    • topscallop

      I’ve been keeping the option of doing temporary wallpaper in the back of my mind for when BF and I move into a new place together later this year. http://www.housebeautiful.com/shopping/home-accessories/tips/g1324/peel-and-stick-removable-wallpaper-1212/. I think you could do it on one wall and then paint the others a complementary color, so it’s not overwhelming.

    • I have a large tree decal on my bedroom wall and I LOVE it. I put it up a couple years ago and I STILL love it. I got the biggest one I could find, and placed it so it looks like it’s growing out from behind the curtains.
      I think 3 out of 4 walls is too much. One is plenty. Dress up other sides with window treatments and/or a photo array (use big frames and wide mattes). Can you paint an accent wall? That would really alleviate the sterility. Area rugs, too.
      I prefer a less-decorated bedroom, personally. My bedroom is uncluttered and serene and one of my favorite spaces for finding calm.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      When I was in the massive (920 sq ft) apt at Park Place I bought two tree decals – one is a cherry blossom for the bedroom and the other is a huge tree with birds. I never put them up. Now I am thinking of putting the tree with birds on the bare living room wall and making it into a cat tree. I bought them on line and will need a second person to help me put them up.

    • That One Guy

      Negative space can do wonder if you only want to put up a few small pieces on the wall so it doesn’t look cluttered. IKEA has some pre-framed prints you can buy or you can use a print to canvas service if you want to use your own photos.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Other people have dreams where they’re falling down an endless hole, me I have dreams where I’m in an out of control car about to crash.
    Rant: Telling friends that I can’t visit them. It’d be nice to get away and hang out with them.
    Rave: Maybe next week. Been meaning to check out Brooklyn Kava.

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