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  • So is that a spider that lives in DC? Asking for a friend – who may need to move if the answer is yes!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I, too, have a friend considering relocation based on that photo.

      • Argiope aurantia (yellow garden spider) – occurs in all 48 of the contiguous states, although less common in the Rocky Mountains. Also in southern Canada and all the way south to Costa Rica.

        • This is good to know. I thought they were yellow orb spiders, but I think I was wrong. These are beautiful (and scary) creatures – any idea what the purpose of the zigzag stripe in its web?

    • Yes! I saw this kind of spider building a web in a Georgetown garden one summer, that zig zag pattern is so cool!

    • We have one living right outside our window. They’re totally harmless and actually very beneficial as they eat mosquitoes and other garden variety pests. Very cool looking to boot!

  • A “writing spider” is what we called them growing up in NC.

    Those things can get BIG.

  • I’d like to host a couple garden spiders on my porch. Lots of mosquitoes to eat, and I promise I’ll tell her she’s pretty every day.

    • They are big but totally harmless. They eat mosquitoes, for one, and any enemy of mosquitoes is a friend of mine.

  • Ally

    I think the garden orb weaver is kinda cute. Just saying.

  • That’s a gorgeous orchard spider.

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