Pasta Mia’s Replacement Opening August 12th

pasta mia
1790 Columbia Road, NW

Back in June we heard some scuttlebutt that “Cucina Al Volo set to replace Pasta Mia” but there’s no info on their twitter or facebook and their website is not active. So not clear if they’re still planning on taking over the space (or taking the Pasta Mia name?) or someone else is coming but one thing’s for sure – we’ll know by August 12th!

the next past mia

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  • The banner makes it look like they’re opening a Chi-Chi’s.

    • Yeah, this does not look promising…I was expecting a whole revamp of this corner due to the hotel project.

      • Agreed. The sloppy paint job, Mexican tiles and banquet hall chairs don’t bode well. Looks very cheap.

    • It reminded me of the opening credits for a Robert Rodriguez action/shoot-em-up film.
      El Mariachi: Dos!

  • Unless I’m mistaken, this space is being taken over by the pasta guy at the Bloomingdale farmers’ market. Let me tell you, they are great! I want some of their eggplant parm right now.

  • Heard from the source (Mateo at Cucina al Volo) that he is opening a place in Adams Morgan. I would assume this to be the place. Great guy and great food, I know his store will be solid!

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