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  • Joshua

    There’s so many questions I have like what schoole did the person who wrote that attend?

  • Seems to be the work of a disturbed person. A person using the same name appears to have posted on a lot of embassy/gov Facebook pages about the Obama Administration keeping him from protesting teachers. What about teachers he’s protesting, no idea. The mention of school shootings is a little worrying though.

  • Based on the sign, it appears as if he needs a reading and/or writing specialist. I think is ire should be at the lack of school resources and not teachers.

  • “Teachers WHO bully” Go back to school.

  • justinbc

    This guy must really hate that new HBO show.

  • Honestly, as a teacher, I find this extremely insulting and disturbing. We work so hard on creating classrooms that are safe places–and I am using safe in all meanings of the word. Safe to be yourself, safe to learn, safe from bullies, safe from fires, and now safe from school shootings because that is our new reality as educators. I am sorry this man feels otherwise (I won’t comment on his mental state as I have no first hand knowledge and doing so would be, well, bullying) but hope the public knows that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

    • We know. (Also, as dcd mentioned above, I really do hope someone contacted the authorities about this and that they’re investigating. He is clearly mentally ill and even not as a teacher, I find it quite scary.)

    • Blithe

      I applaud your efforts — and the efforts of the many, many teachers who do ensure that their classrooms and their schools are safe places. At the same time, I’m sure that you realize that not all schools are safe spaces, and that not all teachers and administrators maintain safe spaces for all students. I don’t mean to diminish your efforts and your ideals in any way. I do want to point out though, that your “hope (that) the public knows that this couldn’t be further from the truth” is not universal for all students in all situations. I hope that at some point your ideals will, indeed, be the reality for all students.

    • I was absolutely bullied by teachers while at DCPS in the late 80s.

      Simply being a teacher doesn’t mean you’re automatically a good person.

  • So just so I’m clear, a person who appears to be mentally disturbed complains about bullying, and our response is to make fun of his spelling and grammar? Really?

  • Probably should be taken seriously as a warning sign/red flag. Authorities should at least investigate the individuals mental state and claims

  • If it is the guy I think it is – walks around Glover Park in shades with a hiking backpack yelling and talking nonsense – then he is in desperate need of some serious help.

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