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  • Thanks for sharing this. I didn’t know about the memorial.

    Freedom of religion in your home, freedom from religion in your government.

    • Joshua

      Too bad Erdoğan doesn’t share the same view.

    • Turkey needs a revolution in the spirit of Ataturk. What a great man he was.

      • The military just tried- and were rejected by the people. What on earth do you see wrong with modern-day Turkey? Erdogan walks a fine line very well much like King Abdullah of Jordan must. And really, another revolution in that part of the world?? It certainly has not served the countries that chose that route very well at all.

  • The shoes, you gotta show the shoes he’s wearing

  • The outstretched hand is reaching for Erdoğan’s neck.

  • Surprised by the love on the board, and that DC has a memorial to Ataturk. He is a war criminal, committing two separate genocides (greek and armenian) and to this day its illegal to “insult” him, resulting in jail time (ie, admitting the genocide.. Tear it down!

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