Part Three of The Plan Officially Launches in Logan

14th and Corcoran St, NW

Thanks to Jeff for sending:

“Snapped this photo this morning through the window.”

Last month we learned that this J. Crew “will be men’s only product, with some exciting partnerships featured.” Plans were to open “sometime in 2016”.

1618 14th Street, NW

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  • I really wish it wasn’t mens only. I wonder why jcrew planned for that? There is a large gay community there, but still…

    • Agreed! If they sold womens clothes I’d be there all the time!

      • There are so few men’s only shops (most of which are just suit stores, and universal gear is closing) in DC compared to women’s only, I don’t see why this is a big deal. I mean there are 3 other J. Crew’s in the city even…let guys have a nice clothing store for once.

    • If you go to the J Crew on F street, the men’s section is like a quarter of a floor so I think having one just for men makes sense.

    • justinbc

      Google “J. Crew Liquor Store”, it’s one of their signature stores in the whole country. I’m guessing / hoping this is something along those lines.

  • What are we looking at in this photo? Is it just the fact that it’s something that says J. Crew on it?

  • I Dont Get It

    I don’t think this is “The Plan” that I had heard of previously. Or maybe it is?

    • This is Part 3, please read the headline IDGI! This is the part that seeks to rid the city of ill-fitting, billowing clothing. Pants, shirts, jackets – the lot. Part 4 is shoes, I believe. Those will rid the city of all square-toed shoes. Can you imagine the eventual uproar?

    • I was confused by that also. Is there some unfortunate reference to The Plan ™ that I can’t read?

      • Many church groups believe(d) that there was/is a concerted Plan (TM) by DC to kick black people out of the city.

        • I know (wasn’t that obvious, given the sarcastic ™ in my post?). I’m just not sure about the connection here. Is there something in the picture that suggests that this is part of The Plan? Is just the fact this it is a J Crew sufficient to make it part of The Plan.

    • west_egg

      I’m not easily offended, but given the current climate around the country I’m not sure even a joking reference is in good taste.

  • Their sales have been dropping for quite awhile, so who knows how long this will last. they rely a lot on outlet stores and their Madewell brand is the real money maker now.

  • Is this the building that used to be a sex club until a man stumbled and fell down the stairs and died?

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