The Passenger Cometh Back to Seventh Street Soon

1539 7th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Not sure if I’ve been sleeping on this or what, but The Passenger looks like it’s getting close to ready in Shaw next to Ivy and Coney. Any word on an opening?”

CityPaper reports: “Tom Brown’s bar will open in August.”

And this just in from The Passenger’s facebook: “celebrating getting our Certificate of Occupancy” Stay tuned for an exact opening date…


They left directions from their old spot:

1021 7th Street, NW


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  • This will put a dent in Ivy and Coney’s business.

    • how do you figure? ivy serves beer and some rail liquor while the passenger is a cocktail bar. seems like they’d actually complement each other.

      • skj84

        Agree. While both have a divey feel, The Passenger is completely different from Ivy and Coney. Cocktails, real food, takes credit cards…Ivy and Coney will be fine.

      • Plus, I’m pretty sure they’re owned by the same people. No losers there.

    • Now that it’s jammed between Compass Coffee and the Passenger, Ivy and Coney looks really rough. Maybe I’m being a bit too extreme (and there is somewhat of an endearing quality to its no frills decor/style), but Ivy and Coney might be a nominee for a Horse’s Ass award.

      • I like Ivy & Coney, and the outside fits their Midwest vibe (the building could be on any block in Chicago), but I sort of agree. It looks pretty out of place now.

      • I doubt the people who own/run I&C could give two sh#ts. Seriously.
        Good cocktails at The Passenger, but that decal on the window is the ugliest thing ever. Wtf.

    • I think the two serve entirely different clientele: One place is trying really hard to be fancy, and the other is trying really hard to not be fancy.

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