GDoN “penthouse at Atlantic Plumbing” edition

2030 8th Street Northwest

This penthouse is located at 2030 8th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Gorgeous bi-level penthouse at Atlantic Plumbing featuring a spectacular 700+ square foot private roof deck, floor to ceiling windows, an expansive master suite, and garage parking.The Morris Adjmi designed building has a gym with a view, concierge, and has earned rave reviews. Open Sunday 8/7, 1-3PM.”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $1,750,000 ($1,208 monthly fee.)

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  • Eh- There are better penthouses to be had. 1mil of that price is for the roofdeck alone. The coolest factor of this building(the rusted iron beams) aren’t even part of this unit.. boooooo

  • maxwell smart

    For a $1,750,000 penthouse, that is one seriously disappointing kitchen.

  • Almost 1900 square feet and that’s the kitchen?! 🙁

    • That doesn’t seem to be a 2,000 sqft unit – perhaps they’re including the outdoor space in the total?

      • That’s what I was thinking. I have a 2 bd condo and it’s about 950 sf. It certainly looks larger than these photos depict.

  • This listing sure gave me a good laugh! Thanks!

  • ::SPIT TAKE::
    That’s about roughly 11k a month, with 350k down!
    I live a block from here, and I can tell you the folks who make THAT kind of money are not the same folks who would want to live in this (albeit awesome) neighborhood.

  • And I wonder how much Condo Fees will be…

    • ($1,208 monthly fee.)

      • I’m assuming Bluewaves is wondering what the condo fees will be in the future after the board is all in place and may increase if the developer was optimistic with the maintenance expenses. Not saying they were optimistic, but thinking that’s their point.

  • “Hey guys I’m having a dinner party on my roofdeck. I’ll be serving Hot Pockets because my kitchen appliances are all KidKraft.”

    • How much space do you really need to reheat those leftovers? I’m guessing odds are much higher that the owner would just get a bunch of takeout from any of the restaurants directly below their unit. I highly doubt anyone who pays $11k/mo is cooking their own dinners on the regular.

      • Yes but everybody paying $11k/mo is living in upper northwest with a gorgeous viking-equipped professional kitchen, whether they use it or not.

      • justinbc

        Right, because rich people couldn’t possibly want to make healthy meals themselves.

      • Why would paying 11k per month make someone disinterested in cooking?

        • maxwell smart

          Right? And what about if they want to entertain? There isn’t even a great space to do that.

        • Time/convenience. Those who can afford the asking price and love to cook won’t be interested in this unit, as another poster noted. This kitchen is perfectly fine to make a dinner for two.

          • It’s really not. Take a look again. Because there’s no storage space in the island, and they made some of the upper cabinets open for decorative purposes (!) there’s virtually no storage space. The lower cabinet to the left of the sink is the trash can. There’s limited space under the sink. So the only storage space is under the microwave (pots), two small drawers to the right of the sink (utensils), two upper cabinets (table and glassware), and the space above the refrigerator (larger items). That’s it. But how about spices? Pantry? Mixing bowls? Vinegar and oil? And so on.
            If the island had storage, and they didn’t have those ridiculous open cabinets, it would *barely* be adequate. As it is? Absurd.

          • I think the far left cabinet actually houses the dishwasher, but yea, there’s very little storage. I wouldn’t mind storing my plates and glasses in the open cabinet space. Spices can go on that metal ledge. Pots/pans/mixing bowls above the fridge. Utensils, Tupperware in the row of cabinets to the right of the sink. Cutting board lives on the counter somewhere. Tiny pantry in the closed cabinets above? I think it’s totally doable.
            Now, would I pay 1.75 mill to live here? Not a f* chance. But hey, if ma and pa bought me a unit here I could make do? Then again, if that were the case, I’d probably be much more into cocaine than cooking for a hobby.

          • To each his own, I guess. I use a kitchen laid out almost exactly like this 1 week a year while on vacation (except there’s an island with storage) and I HATE it. It actively deters me from cooking. Though as you said, cocaine does suppress the appetite.

        • Even if you literally don’t know how to cook, and don’t want to do it ever (which is itself pathetic, because there’s certain foods that are simply the best when home cooked), this kitchen still looks low-rent and stupid.

      • Anyone dropping $11k/month is going to have an entire staff running their house, including kitchen.

      • Yeah, if I’m paying #11k/month, I’m hiring a personal chef. But I think I would want the food prepped in my house, so I’d want a nice kitchen for the chef.

        • justinbc

          I think people are overestimating how much $11K/mo is compared to other DC mortgages, and at what level of income people in this city start hiring personal chefs.

          • justinbc

            Also, whoever came up with that $11K/mo is way off base. The numbers I just ran come up somewhere between $8000-9000 depending on your interest rate, and that’s including mortgage, taxes, and condo fee.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Yes, provided that the owner had a modest $350K down payment, you’re looking at about $8650/month at today’s interest rates.

          • $350k down payment, or rolling in equity from a prior purchase. Unlikely this is someone’s first home.

      • I mean really….where would the help live? Simply not enough space for that lifestyle. 🙂

  • we went to the opening party for this building, and I wasn’t impressed. the layouts were very strange, which often created cramped conditions, and there didn’t seem to be any storage–don’t even get me started on a penthouse that doesn’t have a walk in closet.

    • maxwell smart

      This seems to be the trend in these new buildings. Have you seen the floor plans at the Shaw? Those have to be some of the worst designed units I have ever seen. Some of the studios / 1 bedrooms are essentially useless – there was obviously no thought in how someone would reasonably furnish the apartment.

      • justinbc

        Is that the building where one of the bedrooms didn’t actually have room for a bed? They had to photoshop it in or something lol..

      • i haven’t, but what I have seen at all of these new places (particularly when they have a party) is that they’ll have a representative from whatever furniture company staged it. For Atlantic Plumbing and a few others I’ve been to, it’s havenely, an online site that does ‘budget friendly’ interior decoration. perhaps I’m in the minority, but I’m not a fan of the marie kondo lifestyle. I like my stuff (cue George carlin skit, I’ve got lots of stuff, everyone else has lots of shit) and I don’t want to live in a staged apartment.
        also, just took a look at the Arris in navy yard (which is positively cheap in comparison) and they had some the wackiest closets/storage I’ve seen. the 2 bedroom unit had two closets that were built into corners, thus they were triangular, and the kitchen cabinets were at least two cereal boxes deep.

  • I am old. $1 million+ to live by the “new” 9:30? Never thought I’d see that in my lifetime.

  • :-/ I hope these buildings didn’t turn out to be a huge mistake. They’re beautiful and I love them, but if their financial viability was based on the assumption that someone would pay nearly $2 mil to live in one…. I would be surprised. The penthouse looks beautiful and no doubt there are people in DC willing to pay this price for that type of condo, but not in this location (which is awesome, don’t get me wrong, just doesn’t seem like the type of location that people who buy places like this want to live). I’m having a hard time understanding who the target market is for something like this.

    • I assume the target market is basically DINK firm lawyers with no ability to cook. Still don’t really see the point of building this unit to exclude people that enjoy having the option, even on rare occasion, even if it’s primarily aspirational, to cook a meal.

    • justinbc

      Not arguing with you here, but if you could move this big building somewhere in DC and have this unit actually BE worth $1.75M, what neighborhood would that be?

      • The White House grounds? You’re right, I don’t think our market is there yet. But I also think Kapowski is correct and they priced the unit at the bare minimum for the developers to pay off their financing and walk away with any (probably not much) profit. Real estate development is a tough game.

        • justinbc

          Wasn’t this one of the buildings that was sold (to another real estate company to parcel and sell off) by the developers as soon as it was finished?

          • I’m not sure about the specifics of this deal and I’m too lazy to Google. I”m making broad assumptions based on my knowledge of (affordable) housing development.

          • Yes – they sold the two Shay buildings (not sure if that included the Atlantic Plumbing apt building) to some REIT for an obscene amount of money.

      • Where all the other 1.5-2 million dollar condos sell, Georgetown, Kalorama, Chevy Chase Friendship Heights.

        I mean, 1.75 mill gets you a heck of a nice house in CP or Woodley park with a yard. That condo fee would support another ~200K of mortgage too!

        • Exactly. I think a lot of people are becoming so used to seeing obscenely-priced real estate in DC that something this ridiculous and over the top doesn’t even seem so shocking anymore.

      • maxwell smart

        The Shay, not the Shaw… I’m all typo’s today.

    • I would bet that your assumption is correct- these buildings are incredibly expensive to develop and financing is usually a complicated mishmash of investors and other capital that is reliant upon pretty high unit sales prices.

  • If you have $2M to play with, you could afford some truly beautiful places in some really nice neighborhoods. No disrespect to Shaw, which is a nice place, but there are still pockets of extreme sketch around this location.

    I just don’t understand who would pay this to live here, with such a hefty condo fee at that. No way. Just no way.

    • Or, if you want to live in Shaw, you could get a truly spectacular rowhouse for that price.

      • Not everyone wants the hassle that comes with owning a rowhouse. I own a rowhouse in Shaw, and occasionally long for the days of having a large building with staff, security, and someone else to handle roof issues. Not to say that I’d particularly want this unit, but that doesn’t mean there’s not someone who does.

  • This whole building is wildly overpriced. Anyone buying these apartments – especially the tiny/non-functional 1BR or this penthouse – will not see upward price growth for at least a decade. The floor plans are atrocious. Even a semi-literate buyer knows their money will go much further at pretty much any other new development in the city. $1.7m buys you an incredible row house pretty much in any neighborhood in DC. And, frankly, I expect people with this kind of money to be way more financially savvy than to drop this kind of money on middling development like this.
    What are the developers thinking?

  • Question – what would 2300 hundred square foot triplex with 24 foot ceilings, parking, 3 bathrooms, currently only designed as a one- bedroom party pad – private 500 square foot deck with privacy walls and a true chefs kitchen be worth? I’m asking because i saw a place for sale in 12yh around from metro and it was sick.

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