GDoN “I am dead serious when I say ‘You can’t pass on this one'” edition


This house is located at 2512 22nd Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Wow!!! I am dead serious when I say “You can’t pass on this one”…What I am trying to tell you is that you can buy this detached home for more or less the price of a Condo now a days…Once you see it, you will Love it and hopefully you will be quick enough to buy it…Don’t believe me? Stop by and see it for yourself….Harmony, elegance, finesse, and Voila the home of your dreams before you!”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $519,900.

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  • One plus of living here is all the drunk and drugged out teenagers returning to their cars parked on your street at 4am after a night of hard partying at Echostage.

  • that is a rough neighborhood for that price.

    • “Rough neighborhood”?? Do you have any idea what you’re talking about? Have you ever even been to Woodridge? Houses in our neighborhood are selling far above this list price.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        agreed – people throw “rough” around way too easily.

        • I mean that part of the neighborhood, just that area right across the bridge from echostage/the strip club. Sorry, definitely did not mean the whole “woodridge” neighborhood.

          • I agree with your assessment, hungry girl.

          • maxwell smart

            I was once chased by raccoons in this neighborhood.

          • good thing that the house isn’t actually in Woodridge. Definitely Langdon.

          • I agree with hungeegirl, I have worked at echostage since it opened and in the past 4 years the area around the club has improved but that corner is not great. There have been shootings around Queens Chapel and 22nd, people’s cars get routinely broken into, etc. Most people I know now park on the other side by Bladensburg because of all the issues we’ve encountered. Adams street has a constant population of transient people. You are also living a block and a half from a large landfill/waste management facility and the smell definitely travels in the summer. Woodbridge is a beautiful neighborhood but this house is not on a good block so I hope that whoever buys it does some research first.

          • Sometimes Langdon gets grouped in with Woodridge or Brentwood, but it really shouldn’t. It’s its own neighborhood with some really important EDM and strip clubs that are vital to the municipal economy.

      • That last part doesn’t make much sense. I guess people have lots of extra money lying around, and if it’s expensive, then it must be good.

  • I think I’m going to pass

  • Hard pass on this. Whoever did the flip included way too many overwrought details.

  • also, the flip only took 3 months. and it was apparently a “total rehab” according to the last listing. seems too quick?

    • How long should it take? As long as there are no structural issues– ripping down the walls, running plumbing/electrical, framing/drywall etc doesn’t take much time and 3 months seems a enough time to accomplish this.

    • 3 months is a totally reasonable timeline for a gut rehab.

    • How long should it take to redo the kitchen, redo the bathrooms, paint, and put down fake hardwood tiles.

      • A bathroom renovation can be done in a week if you have the materials. A kitchen may be more of a demo, but it’s a matter of weeks, not months. If it’s a matter of updating systems and there are no structural issues, three months is not a bad amount of time for a gut renovation—the rate limiting steps would be how much work and how it’s coordinated.

  • Looks like you could literally pass flour through the window to your next door neighbor here. Houses seem waaaay too close together.

  • One block away from an industrial area that houses the WMATA bus depot, a loud club, train tracks and a Waste Management waste transfer station….

  • binntp

    “I am dead serious…” “…You can’t pass on…” Am I gonna get all Sixth Sense and see dead people in this house?

  • goaldigger

    For such a seemingly narrow room, why add that formidable mantel? It seems like a chore to get from the living room to the kitchen.

    • My guess is that the brick alone would have dated the room. Mantle was probably added to align with the coffered ceiling upgrade, etc.

  • Is it just me, or does that mantle seem WAY too big for the scale of the room?

  • I, for one, would far prefer a nice older condo, without the flipper style, without such narrow rooms, without windows and doors that can be easily broken into, and on one floor so I’m running up and down stairs all time. Where it isn’t obvious to thieves when I’ve gone away, and where I don’t have to mess with a yard. Not everyone assumes a house is a better option than an condo.

  • The clubs would be an issue but there is a lot to like about the location especially if you drive. Close to Costco, Ivy City (MOMs, Gym, Ivy City Tavern etc) and The Arboretum. There is more development planned for NY Ave / Bladensburg. If you go 5 blocks north you hit the stretch of RI Ave with Zekes coffee, Nido eta al

  • It’s ugly, it’s in a crap area with crap schools, it’s small, and it’s over half a million bucks. Still, people who buy in the suburbs, many of which have better access to central business districts than this place, are frowned upon. I don’t understand DC.

    • Because all the comments have been super pro this particular house?

    • The house is walkable to a growing list of things. If you were willing to spend an hour walking, you could be at the White House without ever having to deal with a gap in sidewalk. Few suburbs have that much access to contiguous sidewalk. Certainly not for a mere 500k.

      • An hour from this house to the White House?? No. More like an hour and a half, according to Google Maps.

        • One can usually walk faster than Google Maps, but also 1 vs. 1.5 hours to an arbitrary central point made to illustrate that walkability is a spectrum and rebuilding that kind of infrastructure in the suburbs is some combination of extremely difficult and not a priority obviously doesn’t change the argument.

      • “A mere $500K.”

        • On the spectrum of what detached houses (or any housing, for that matter) costs, $500k really isn’t that much. But, obviously, the market’s gonna do what it’s gonna do. If you see a deal that you like better, take it.

          • I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest that to a huge community within DC, $500K is still a fortune.

            The markets are the best indicator of a property’s value, for sure, but market prices can incorrectly reflect the value of a property for a period of time, especially in periods of high speculation. Look at tulips in Holland in the 1630s. Or houses in DC now.

    • driftwoodridge

      Lots of people don’t have kids, work in DC, and want to be able to easily get to the nightlife and beautiful sites and museums that the city has to offer (which, with all due respect, the suburbs don’t). There’s your explanation.

  • Is it just me or does the yard look oddly graded? Even without a basement I’d be a teensy worried about water pooling up by the house on really rainy days.

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