Franklin Hall
 coming to the old Manhattan Laundry building on Florida Ave

1346 Florida Avenue, NW

The liquor license placard for Franklin Hall says:

“New Tavern. Serving a fine selection of draft beers, wine and craft cocktails. The food will be selections of sausages, giant pretzels and fries. Entertainment Endorsement to provide live entertainment, dancing, and cover charge. Total Occupancy Load is 232. Summer Garden with 40 seats.”

This is from the Tin Shop group, you can see their other projects here. Updates as they get closer to opening.

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  • The name makes me think this place is Philadelphia-influenced. Roughly 50% of all businesses in Philly have the word “Franklin” in their name.

    • Probably, most DC restaurants are Philadelphia concepts and exports… La Colombe, Diplomat, Whiskey Village, etc…

  • Because we don’t have enough sausage and pretzel places in the 14th Street/Shaw/Dupont stretch.
    In all seriousness though, it would be nice if this place was good since it’s close to me. I assume they’ll just be in that front facing part of the Manhattan building? Otherwise they’d be mighty close some folks’ bedroom windows.

    • Yeah, that summer garden is going to be tough for the people in 14W. The sound is going to bounce around all that brick and concrete.

  • There’s also a We Work coworking space going in. It may actually be open already. I’m just glad they’re doing something with this building, I’ve always admired it.

  • I was super excited for a second. I thought it was the Starr groups new place in DC, like the one they have in Philly. In any case, I wish them well, and I hope they opens ASAFP.

    If anyone is curious, check out the Starr groups Frankford hall in Philly.

    • That’s exactly what I thought it was too!! We walked past Franklin Hall on our way to whatever the other beer store/bar is just next door and I’ve been regretting not stopping it for quite awhile.

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