Cappy’s Crabs closing on Sunday September 4th, final Tiki Tuesday tomorrow

828 Upshur Street, NW

From an email:

“Next week is our last week at Cappy’s. We are closing on Sunday September 4th.

We have not finalized the next restaurant yet – we hope to have a decision in a few weeks.

We have a final Tiki Tuesday on the 30th with guest bartender Paul Taylor.”

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  • Didn’t this place just recently open?

  • Good, maybe they can focus some of that energy on turning Slim’s into something other than an absolute disaster.

    • samanda_bynes

      never had a problem with Slim’s – just go there for dinner/late night dinner.

      • We went at about 5:45pm on Saturday. Absolutely no problems. No wait for a table. Service was good. Food was good. They’ve definitely done some major work to improve. (The only “issue” was that we had an extra 20 minutes to kill, because we assumed we needed to allow extra time to eat there!)

      • Went to Slims on sunday morning, and everything was great. Good food, good service, and no wait. Not sure why people are over reacting so much to a some hiccups in the opening weeks. It’s a diner, not a French restaurant.

  • justinbc

    Can’t wait for Farty Frogs to open

  • Any word on Paul plans on putting there? A bakery would be awesome. It might alleviate some pressure on the Slim’s kitchen to make some of the products down the street, and I think it would do really, really well in the neighborhood. A scaled down version of Bread Furst (baguettes, sandwiches, other baked goods with a small seating area) would be perfect.

  • samanda_bynes

    actually kinda bummed – i know this place was hit or miss for a ton of people (Yelp is a mess), but I’ve never once been disappointed here, sure, the sandwiches were basically just a loaf of bread with fish in the middle, but that steam pot is a hell of a deal, and there’s not a lot of places you can get crabs and a pitcher for less than $40 bucks. I think out of the three times I’ve been here, only once was annoying, and that was ENTIRELY the fact that i was super hungry and service was a little too slow.

    • alissaaa

      I showed up a couple of times to try and have dinner and they were closed with no notice/no posts on social media, and that was it for me! Haven’t tried to go back since…

  • Never went, but crabs really aren’t our thing. People living in the neighborhood have been begging for years for a bakery/coffee shop or deli (Italian, Jewish, Greek). I’d even love to see a ramen concept or something upscale.

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