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  • maxwell smart

    This is the most millennial thing I have ever seen.

  • Young me says this looks like a blast. Old me says it looks like a torn ACL.

  • I hope that when you all are on your death beds you think, “I’m so glad I spent so much time complaining about millennials. What a great use of my life.”

    These guys will be on their death beds with the robotic no-tear ACLs one of them invented with their 3D printers thinking, “Man, bubble ball was f*cking sweet.”

    • +1 for positivity!

    • This is Awkward

      Millennials are the new hippies in that folks find them to be a truly irresistible scapegoat for everything they have grumpy feelings about. Like any generation, millennials are diverse; they include lots of clueless kids that have been overindulged by their parents, but also “older” folks in their 30s, and plenty of people that have well-paying jobs, responsibilities, an education, etc. Millennials are not all Miley Cyrus poster children, just like I’m sure not everyone grumping about them on here are upper-middle income suburban transplants who think everything they want is somehow their “right”.

    • I don’t complain about any generation as a group – I’m not that stupid. As a younger boomer, though, I am sick of hearing millennials tell me I should retire already as they want the jobs – I say “on what? are you going to support me?” Given that I’m currently unemployed because employers would rather hire young folks, I do get sick of hearing that.

  • they all look like they were having a blast!

  • Bubble soccer is really fun, but yes…very, very sweaty and kind of hard to breathe. And the bubbles weigh 25-30 pounds, so pretty exhausting.

  • Only appropriate song for this thread:
    “Bucephalus Bouncing Ball”

  • I’m 6,6″ and weight 350lbs. I feel like this is a game I could dominate. I’m a free agent

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