9pm Shooting near Georgia and Lamont St, NW

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From MPD around 9pm last night:

“The Third District is currently investigating a shooting in the 600 block of Lamont Street NW. The adult victim has what appear to be non-life threatening injuries.

Anyone with information is asked to call 202-727-9099 or text to 50411.”

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  • This is strange, cops had Irving blocked off from Warder to Georgia, last night when we got home around 9:30.

  • 3D police presence has evaporated in lower GA Ave over last 3-6 months.

    In the months immediately following last summer’s execution at GA and Lamont there was a steady police presence in the area. But in recent months 3D has been MIA and open drug use/sale, nuisance crime, street harassment, and general delinquency has been on major uptick.

    Yesterday walking from Park to Kenyon on GA Ave counted 23 people loitering/high or nodded out/etc.

    • It’s an absolute disgrace too. I watch the same people selling drugs with impunity from noon til late at night all the time around my house. One of the old time business owners in the neighborhood said cops wont come until AFTER shots are fired.

      Our city, our court system, and this culture around protecting these thugs is stopping DC from becoming the city it should become.

    • +1 Morton is basically an open air drug fest. It’s insane.

    • What do you expect? Cops run the drug racket in this town. Seriously.

    • Its very sad.

      More than once I’ve been yelled at by teens coming out of 718 Lamont St, saying “We’re gonna get you whitey, you wait.” and I reply back with a “Okay fucktard, I know where you live.”

      I don’t currently roll armed, but after 5? or so of these interactions, and reporting it to the police EVERY time, they have done *nothing*.

      Keep your head on a swivel kids, this fall is going to be ugly.

  • I think the location of this is being misreported. The police were collecting evidence on the southside of the 600 block of Kenyon St in front of a house that is next to the alley running to Irving St. Those that have walked on this block at any point this summer will know this as the house with about a dozen guys/kids on the lawn all day.

    I will say I have never personally had any issues with this group, and that is over the past few years. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s a shame someone was injured.

    • On a neighborhood Facebook group, someone quoted the police as saying: “An adult male was shot in the arm last night and was located at Georgia and Lamont. Initially we believed that the incident took place on Lamont, but investigation led us to some evidence and a vehicle that had a bullet hole in it on Kenyon. The male is not from the area, and has not provided us much information as to what happened and why he was in the area. His injury was non-life threatening and if I am correct, he has already been released from the hospital.”

    • Also, in a 6:04 pm Twitter post from MP on Thursday:
      “Shooting/ 600 blk of Lamont St,NW LOF: B/M, 5’11 to 6’00” dreadlocks in a pony tail, blk T-shirt, khaki short pants & blk bag pack”

  • I heard these shots from a hundred feet away on my deck. Definitely came from Kenyon, not Lamont. A few minutes later I received a crime alert text saying it happened in the 600 block of Lamont. The DC crime map shows assault with deadly weapon right by the alley mid-block on Kenyon between Warder and Georgia. Not sure where the mixup occurred in reporting.

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