“We will be tapping a rare keg of Great Lakes Christmas Ale that we’ve been saving for this special occasion!” at TAKODA

715 Florida Ave, NW

From an email:

“Join TAKODA this Monday, July 25th, for our Christmas in July Celebration – Featuring Great Lakes Christmas Ale!

We will be tapping a rare keg of Great Lakes Christmas Ale that we’ve been saving for this special occasion! Rated one of the best (if not THE best) Christmas Beer in the country, it’s a local TAKODA favorite as well. Hurry in – we’ve got just one keg and it won’t last long!

Chef Damian Brown will also be featuring small plates and entrees aimed at bringing back that Christmas spirit. We can’t wait for you to see what he’s cooking up! We strongly suggest that you make a reservation for this event ASAP (doors open at 5pm).”

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  • samanda_bynes

    always good to see my hometown’s beer celebrated. I’ll swing by after work.

  • I doubt that Christmas Ale has been getting any better with age…

    • Aged beer is good if the alcohol content is high enough. Like wine, the flavors will become more complex. The abv for Christmas Ale is only 7.5% though so yeah, ew.

  • justinbc

    “strongly suggest you make a reservation”
    I think you’re taking yourself, and this decent, but not mind-blowing or hard to come by, beer a bit too seriously.

    • We challenge you to name one (just one) other DC bar that currently has this beer on tap.

      Within 48 hours of us announcing this event, we were completely booked-up (on a Monday) and not taking any more reservations. We tried to give people fair warning but clearly there is serious demand for this beer. Next year maybe we’ll say “we strongly suggest you make a reservation within 48 hours” 🙂

  • Ewww. The last thing I want to drink on a muggy July day in the mid-90s is over-spiced Christmas Ales. The Black Squirrel is doing this right now, as well. Gross x 1,000.

  • Is it just me or is there way more Christmas in July stuff this year than usual? I’m seeing sales, movies, beers?? I don’t get it.

  • I enjoy this beer plenty, but there’s nothing appealing to me about drinking a winter seasonal in the heat dome. I’ll have a nice light pilsner tomorrow, please.

  • I absolutely thought that the perspective of this picture meant that shady pizza place was having a fancy Great Lakes party. I was so confused!

  • I’m commenting solely to tip the scales and make it so there are more comments about the pizza place than the beer. Not sorry. They have damn good 2 am pizza.

  • Also came here because I thought this was a post about Angelina’s. Love that place…..at 2AM. Go there sober and you’ll be repulsed.

  • Angelina’s is no Duccini’s, sorry everyone

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