Today’s Rental has “California closets”

1301 20th Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1301 20th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Studio unit with hardwood floors. California closets. Kitchen overlooks living space. Full bath. Building has laundry, outdoor pool. Secure building.”


You can see more photos here.

This studio is going for $1,800/Mo.

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  • I seriously don’t get these overpriced Dupont studios…how badly do you need to be right by Dupont Circle metro? I pay the same price for a decently sized one bedroom with an updated kitchen a few blocks north.

    • +1. I’d maaaaaybe get this if it was at 14th & T or something.

      • 14 and T is far from a metro stop though. This is literally a 2 min walk to dupont south metro entrance. Also includes all utilities though the listing doesn’t seem to mention it.

  • All the new mixed use construction (you see the cranes)generally offers 450-600 sf studios and/or one beds with ALL modern amenities in the 2k range(and even lower at opening if you include free month offers etc).You can get a true modern 500 sf Studio in Navy yard, Noma, etc. for about 1.9k with washer dryer in unit and fitness center/pool.

  • i believe most of these apartments are rented for the proximity to GW by parents of or GW students.

  • This building is actually mostly condos, condos owned by mostly middle aged professionals and retirees. This is probably being leased out by the owner owner of the unit.

    I used to live in the building. It’s a nice-ish building with a gorgeous rooftop with lots of seating, a pool, and great videos of the story.

    But the other condo unit owners of the building hate leasers, and are quite rude to anybody who doesn’t own. And about half of the front desk staff have picked up on the attitude towards leasers and are also incredibly rude. For $1800, you can get a similar studio in a more exciting part of town where people aren’t going to look down on you solely for ONLY paying $1800 a month.

  • I hate parquet floors.

  • I live in the building and pay $1700 for the same size studio. One thing the listing is missing is that it includes all utilities (because they’re included in the condo fee so it’s impossible for the landlord to make the tenant pay for it).

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