“The young woman was wearing a summer dress, the young man was wearing nothing at all.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mike Maguire

“Dear PoPville,

Nude Man On Georgia Ave?

About 4pm Wednesday, there was a young man and a young woman walking north on Georgia Ave (I saw them at Georgia and Kenyon). The young woman was wearing a summer dress, the young man was wearing nothing at all. Completely nude. Not even shoes. They seemed very casual about the whole thing. Didn’t seem to want to bother anyone, just strolling around. Anyone else mention this?”

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  • #FreeLove #LetsAllHaveSex

  • There is an entire genre of erotica called Clothed Female Naked Male which is pretty self explanatory. They’re probably practitioners of that lifestyle. She gets the thrill of being in control and seeing him nude, and he gets to feel dominated and exposed. It’s a fetish.

    Speaking of… I was walking downtown to Macy’s about a year ago on a Sunday afternoon and a good looking, muscular guy in his late 20s strolled past me wearing a t shirt, sneakers and a huge diaper — and nothing else. I chalked that up to fetish, too.

    Who says Washingtonians are straight-laced!?

    • I saw a woman walking a guy on leash on 11th street in Shaw a few years ago. They were an older couple, probably in their 50s. Both fully dressed and he had a collar around his neck, leash in her hand, following along behind her a few feet. Everything has their thing I guess!

    • I’m a woman and would love to be the naked person in that scenario. Wouldn’t have the nerve to do it out on the street though.

  • Well, it is pretty hot out!

  • I can’t imagine walking on a Georgia Avenue sidewalk without shoes (let alone without clothes).

    • Right! That was the part that struck me as oddest.

    • The shoeless part got me. If I was trying to make a statement, I’d want to do it with my head up high. On Georgia Ave, it would be impossible for me to not to look down.

  • Wait so that wasn’t a dream I was having?

  • Reminds me of a Rainbow Gathering I attended years ago. Standing around the fire and look up to see a stark naked older man wearing only a leather belt. Had walked 100s of miles from Canada to upstate NY that way.

  • Once saw a totally naked man walking down 9th Street NW, from somewhat of a distance. He didn’t seem to be harming anyone. It was odd though. (Was recently thinking about my sister-in-law’s remark that not enough people mind their own business.).

  • Pictures please!

  • Nudity Now!

  • If the man was nude and the woman clothed, why is this post illustrated with a picture of a nude woman?

    • +10000000

      I was going to ask the same question.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Upload a postable nude man photo to the PoPville flickr pool and all will be resolved. Of course there could be a deeper conspiracy at play…

      • “Upload a postable nude man photo to the PoPville flickr pool and all will be resolved.”
        Hahaha! I was wondering the same thing but this is a good point… (What about one of those hand-in-palm statues? Do they have clothes on?)

    • How do you know that’s a picture of a female mannequin and not a MTF transition?

  • You guys don’t think the odds are higher that the guy was high on PCP, hence the strip down (rather than some kink play)?

    • But, do people high on PCP walk along calmly? I was under the impression they were usually (at minimum) a little twitchy and at worst, a paranoid/belligerent. . Sounds like these two were pretty calm, and collected – unless the OP was holding back some details?

      • People high on PCP can seem relatively collected to an outsider. Those same people can then turn a corner and experience quite a wide gamut of unpredictable behavior without any seeming provocation. PCP is very scary.

  • Post Pictures or I call B.S.

  • I saw it too as I drove up Warder St…as we say in the mental health field “naked and nutty = PCP”

    I spoke to a police officer a few minutes later to alert them and they confirmed with me that he had eloped from the ER at Wash Hosp Center.

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