About All the Action Outside Studio Theatre

obama studio theater
1501 14th Street, NW. Photo by Laura Hayes

Another mystery solved! Been getting tons of emails/tweets about the scene outside Studio Theatre, like this one from Jennifer Darland:

“what’s being filmed at Studio Theatre on 14th? Trucks have been there for two days”

Nolan DiFrancesco with the answer:

Obama town hall on race is being broadcast from there tonight on ABC/ESPN

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  • They have the black curtain the President uses to get from his motorcade to the door surrounding the entrance on P St. I’m not sure of the time for this but it is going to cause a bunch of traffic issues.

  • Yes. What time is this? It has major ability to screw up my camp pickup.

  • Starts at 8p.m. I would think the arrival would have to be an hour or so earlier for make up etc.

  • Thanks for this info – gotta stay off the 14th Street bus tonight!

  • Love the URL.

  • My bus just got detoured going down 14th, looks like traffic madness on 14th starts now!

  • I realize I’m late but is there any way to go to this?

  • Unfortunately not. Those in attendance are officers, parents, students, and families who have all been impacted by recent acts of gun violence, and have been vetted before tonight.

    All the Disney owned networks (ABC, ESPN) will air it at 8 though…so you can tune in that way.

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