Serious Security in Logan in Preparation for the President’s Speech Tonight


A reader reports just after 3pm:

“Trying to walk to Whole Foods just now and President Obama is holding a town hall in Studio Theatre. Security is tight. 14th St is closed to traffic btwn RI Ave and R St. as well as P St from 15th to Logan circle. Pedestrian traffic also curbed.”

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  • Looks like the motorcade is already there. Maybe they’re taping it for air tonight.

  • My sister works at the WH and she said they were taping at 2:30 pm today but airing tonight at 8:00 pm.

  • Why the need for all the extra security for this event? MPD had several downtown intersections blocked for 45+ minutes at rush hour. I’ve never seen them hold traffic for more than 5-10 minutes at the absolute most.

  • I have. They hold traffic for 5-10 minutes when the motorcade is just driving through town – but when Obama is somewhere in DC, often traffic is diverted from nearby streets for the duration of his visit.

  • Yeah, the traffic last night was awful. Left work at 4:15… didn’t get home until 6, 3 miles away. If it wasn’t so damn hot and uphill I would have gotten out and walked.

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