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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Thursday! Therefore, close to Friday!
    Rant: I like rebounder guy, but think he just wants to hook up while he finds someone he likes better. Therefore, did not hook up with him again, but should just be honest with him that Im not interested in a casual thing.

    • Just keep it up with him until you find a guy you want to date. The key is to not get past making out for a few dates. If he is interested he will continue on. You’ll find the right guy

      • Thanks! Yeah, this relationship can suck sometimes (until it doesn’t!)

        • haha – meant to say ‘this relationship stuff’ rather than THIS relationship in particular, but maybe I was right the first time!

    • I am a Thursday Boy.
      Some people like Wednesday, but that is still too far from the weekend to do me any good.
      However, from Thursday, you can practically taste Friday night!

  • Man, I’m going to miss Obama. No one can turn ordinary political speeches into stirring orations the way he can. I am also going to miss The Onion’s Joe Biden. But maybe we’ll get to keep him and his contempt for ditch weed.

  • Rave: Baby Artie has grown a half pound this week. No wonder the kid is up at all hours nursing.
    Rant: I fear what my grocery and shoe bills are going to be as Baby A gets older.
    Rave: Even when baby wake ups, I managed to get some decent sleep last night.

    • Wow, go mama! And yup–it’s amazing what toddlers/preschoolers can eat. I fear for my grocery budget during the teenage years!

      • I think I’m going to get my money’s worth out of my Costco membership with Baby Artie hits puberty.

        I’m glad MtpBaby slept well last night!

        • We LOVE costco. And you are so right.
          Thank you! Me too! I think the last time he had just one wake-up was two months ago. Poor guy has been either sick or uncomfortable since then. I really can’t wait for his food sensitivities to abate.

    • Did you name him after Artie Lange? If so, COOL!

  • Rave: Saw that Cursed Child tickets for next year are going to be released in a few days. I think I’m going to try to get tickets even though I have no idea if I’ll actually be able to go a year and a half from now.
    Rave: Going to a Cursed Child midnight release party tomorrow. It’s like being a kid again.
    Rant: This weather and the pressure headache that won’t go away.

  • Rave: Uncle Joe! My god, that man is a national treasure. He will be missed.
    Rave: Great dinner last night with friends and I made it back just in time to see his speech.
    Rave: The video introducing the President. It had me in tears.

    • Uncle Joe…Havent heard his name the last two years…not even trying to be a jerk but what did he accomplish?

      • Very little legislation would have made it to Obama’s desk to sign if Biden hadn’t been working Congress behind the scenes. That’s the job of the VP. You’re not supposed to see/ hear him.

      • Well as veep he’s been key in building Obama’s relationships with Congress which the White House is not terribly good at maintaining. He’s also brought a renewed focus to Central America and has remained actively engaged in the region, working with the CA governments to craft the Plan for the Alliance for Prosperity and being very hands on with the implementation.

  • Rave: Lovely evening with some local PoPville friends – strong drinks and lots of laughter, good times!
    Rant: Terrible headache this morning. Not sure if I’m slightly hungover, or just dealing with ordinary sinus pressure headaches.
    Rant: Feeling a bit nervous about my decision not to renew my lease and get a place with my cousins in Silver Spring. I think I could end up saving a bit of money this way, but I also just hate moving so much and then thinking about having to start from scratch a bit, finding a new grocery store and coffee shop and this and that. I mean, I’ll still be working at the same place, which will keep me in the same general neighborhood for catch-ups and HHs, but still, feeling nervous and stressed just thinking about it.
    Rant: But I’m also sick of paying the kind of insane money I’m paying now.
    Weird: More weird, vivid dreams last night, but I can’t remember any of them now.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Where in Silver Spring?

      • not sure yet, but it’s going to need to be near the metro or a good bus line, since I don’t have a car and I have no plans to get one!

      • and of course, Haile, if you have any recommendations of places to look/real estate agents who might help renters find a place, let me know!

        • HaileUnlikely

          I live just inside of DC border, 3 blocks south of the DC/SS border. I don’t have any specific recommendations for apartments, but there are lots of them not far from the metro. If you will be relying on buses and metro, I recommend staying east of 16th St NW. Up there, north of the circle at 16th & Colesville, 16th St is like a highway, and crossing it multiple times daily to go to/from the metro would get old quite fast. I don’t know but would guess the area around Denizen, i.e., between Georgia and 16th, along East-West highway, might be slightly less expensive than right by the metro, but it’s still very easy to get to the Metro or buses from there.

    • Where are you going in Silver Spring? If it’s near downtown, it may not be too big of a switch for you – staying on the 70/79 bus route, being near the Metro (all be it red line **shudders**), still feels like DC – and you may find it better than where you are – there’s a Whole food downtown which is way better than Safeway, there’s some good shops right there in that downtown stretch, a farmer’s market every Saturday, etc. I really liked that area. If it weren’t for the kids and school, and the whole falling in love with a Baltimorean, I would have liked to have moved there.

      • yeah, I’m thinking we need to be downtown/very very very close to downtown, because I don’t have a car and I’m not planning on getting one. And the commute wouldn’t be terrible (though yes, being on the red line would be crappy!)

        • The 79 bus would probably be a much better bet than taking the train, though it would mean a little walk from the bus stop to work or transferring buses. Or, I could just hate the red line that much! lol
          What are you looking for, apartment? House? There are a lot of nice, modern apartment buildings in downtown, and should be much cheaper than where you are currently.

          • Yeah, but we need a 3 bd/2 bath minimum. Not sure what the market is like for that set up.

          • I lived in Summit Hills, which at the time (and possibly still now) was an not-so-nice apartment building with 3bd/2br. I know they’ve renovated all the buildings since, but it is about a 10 minute walk to the metro and farther to any stores, etc. I’m sure you can get 3/2 in other buildings too.

          • Blithe

            I don’t know what they’re like now, but the Blair apartments — an older development that was definitely nice back in the day, has 3 bedroom apartments. There are also some smaller buildings in the 700 block of Sligo Ave that have 3 bedroom apartments. Do you want a newer building with amenities — or would you be happy with an older building?

          • Hi Blithe – I think we’re semi-flexible but would want some basic amenities like central AC and in-unit washer/dryer….Other things like a dishwasher would be nice, but aren’t necessarily deal breakers. But AC and in-unit laundry is non-optional.

          • LBP, my guess is that only fairly new buildings are going to have in-unit W/D. That means that they’ll probably be “luxury” apartments with “luxury” prices.
            If you’re willing to go without in-unit W/D, that will expand your range considerably (and is more likely to capture the buildings with lower rent).

          • Also, I think any unit with in-unit W/D is going to have a dishwasher (though not necessarily the other way around).

          • Textdoc – yeah, I know that means we’re most likely looking at newer buildings, but I would have to be saving an insane amount of money to make compromising on the in-unit laundry worthwhile. I’ve just had too many articles of clothing completely destroyed by the heavy-duty washer/dryers that buildings or laundromats use, and I’m not willing to do that anymore, unless I’m saving so much money that I can pay someone to do my laundry – in a non-commercial washer/dryer – for me.

          • Falkland Chase (16th St & East-West Highway) might have the bedroom/bath setup that would work for you in their townhomes. It’s a complex of garden-style apartments and townhomes that were built during the New Deal. Eleanor Roosevelt visited them!

          • Blithe

            I agree with texdoc. There are many buildings fairly close to downtown Silver Spring and transit options. Most, if not all of them will have central AC, and most of them will have dishwashers, especially in the larger units which often have larger kitchens. Looking for a 3br/2bath will narrow down your options. Wanting an in-unit W/D in combination with 3br/2bath will narrow the possibilities down considerably, and most options will be in the “luxury” amenities with “luxury” prices category.
            – I agree with ke, given the size that you’re looking for, if having an in unit w/d is not negotiable, you might also want to look at townhouses in the area in addition to apartments.
            – As a related aside, I don’t think I’ve ever had anything destroyed in the wash, and I’ve used commercial washers a lot, but there are things — like expensive bras (sorry IDGI) — that I wouldn’t put in a non-commercial washing machine either.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I agree with the recommendation to consider houses in addition to apartments. Honestly, I think your odds are better of finding all that you want for a more reasonable price in a house than in an apartment.

          • Oh yeah, Haile, ke and Blithe, we’d be very game to look at houses/townhouses, but they would have to be metro accessible – what I don’t want to do is change buses/trains like 3 or 4 times and end up with a painfully annoying commute.

          • Blithe

            LBP, if you’re willing to do a commute that includes one bus (Ride-On or Metrobus) plus the Metro, there will be a lot of options. I haven’t used them in a while, but I’ve found the Montgomery County Ride On buses to be extremely reliable, and, outside of rush hour, I’d even call them pleasant.

          • thanks Blithe, I’ll keep that in mind. I would probably do a test commute if we were seriously looking at a place….

    • Silver Spring is great and accessible without a car thanks to numerous bus lines and the metro (when it works). I live just over the DC line in Takoma but I find myself going to Silver Spring pretty often. Great coffee shops, nice variety of restaurants, three grocery stores downtown, a farmer’s market, plus Quarry House and Denizens!

    • Blithe

      Within walking distance of the Metro there is a nice Whole Foods, a decent Safeway, and a Giant at Blair Plaza. You’ll also be near one of my favorite Chinese restaurants — dim sum! — Oriental East, also at Blair Plaza. Even better — by my standards — you’ll possibly be near Snider’s, which is a wonderful, old school, family owned grocery store, where I often find things that the other stores don’t have. I hope that the stress of your move will balanced out by having wonderful new neighborhoods to explore.
      – I don’t have much experience with using the new transit center, but one advantage of Silver Spring is that you’ll have access to MARC trains and RideOn buses as well as the Metro and Metro buses — and will often have easy access to seats since it’s the beginning /near the beginning of the lines.

      • Blithe

        Plus, it will be a short hop to the new old Walter Reed Campus — an extra added incentive if you’re planning to stay in Silver Spring for a while.

      • I will be within walking distance/a short bus ride from Sniders. I have heard so many good things about it. I’m looking forward to exploring a new neighborhood.

  • Rave: Great show by case;lang;viers last night. They’re playing again at the Lincoln – highly recommended!
    Rave: Interviews scheduled. Onward!
    Revel: Today’s my Friday.

  • skj84

    Rave: Last nights DNC speeches filled me with hope. Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg not pulling any punches, Tim Kaine’s affable charm and accessibility, and finally President Obama coming out and reminding us not to give up, that we can do better. All the positivity revitalized me. I’m so scared guys, that somehow Trump is going to win, and I feel like we can rally and keep him out. There are times that I have no faith in people, and the speeches helped restore that faith a little bit.
    Rave: Proud of myself for being more active political consumer. Maybe since this election has been happening since last year, but I’m much more involved in doing my homework on the candidates. I’ve been wiling to debate with people, something I never did before. Instead of shrinking away from politics, I’m embracing it.

    • How do you feel about Julian Assange and the media censorship that is going on surrounding the DNC leaks?

    • Blithe

      I definitely agree! It was very powerful to see Bloomberg say, as a billionaire businessman, as a New Yorker, and as a politician who does not identify as a Democrat, that in this particular election, voting for Hillary Clinton is the only responsible, SANE choice.

  • Rave: Mtpbaby had the best night he’s had in months! Fingers crossed it isn’t an anomaly.
    Rave: When he cried out a few times just before 6am, I managed to sneak up quietly to check on him (would prefer a quick feed then back to sleep over him getting worked up if that’s where we were headed) and saw him still sleeping–and managed to avoid waking him up!
    Rave: Foer’s pharmacy on 18th–I managed to run in after they closed (doors weren’t locked) a couple of days ago and they “sold” me a much-needed medicine dropper despite registers being closed and said to just come in another time to pay the dollar. Dropped in this morning to repay them 🙂
    Rant: Couldn’t run another much-needed errand to pick up an anniversary present for my wife. Need to find a way to drop by Farragut square during business hours before the 8th….
    Rave: Bagel & dairy-free cream cheese for breakfast at my desk. Yum!

  • Rant: in a funk. I’ve been bored with myself lately. My friends are all married and busy with what married life entails, live really far away, or I’m not that close to. I need to get out and meet people… Force myself to pretend to be more extroverted I guess. This is why I could never live alone.

    • You have to be reasonably extroverted to prefer group living, so don’t sell yourself so short.

      • Agreed! I think you a natural extrovert, which is why all the time alone is making you feel bored and in a funk! And hey, I’m always game to go have an adventure with you (on a weekend, though, my schedule isn’t as open in the summer as yours!)

      • Maybe introverted is inaccurate, but I definitely have some anxiety over meeting new people when there’s no predefined reason to do so I guess.

        • Ambivert? Whenever I do Myers-Brigs I’m always exactly in the middle of introvert and extrovert. I get anxious meeting new people but I also really hate a lot of alone time — it makes me depressed. We sound kind of similar!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Sounds like you could be a shy extrovert. I’m an extrovert with social anxiety, so meeting new people or doing new things is difficult even though I thrive around people. Life is weird.

        • I always thought that the difference wasn’t necessarily about being shy or outgoing, but what you need to “charge your batteries” so to speak. If being around other people recharges you and gives you energy, then you’re an extrovert. But, if you need to be alone to recharge, then you’re an introvert. But you can be an outgoing introvert, or a shy extrovert, and many of the gradients in between.
          Regardless, making and maintaining adult friendships are way more difficult than I ever imagined.

        • Like most other things, the more often you do it (and therefore the less importance you place on any one instance) the easier it becomes regardless of your intro-/extroversion. The key though is obviously putting yourself in a position where you come into contact with people on a regular basis.

  • Rant/Rave: After ignoring two messages from past bad dates the past two weeks, I received a text message from an ex-boyfriend last night followed by a phone call from another (I’m still on good terms with them). First thought — what is going on in the universe lately that this is happening?! Second thought — it’s really comforting to talk to someone familiar when I’ve been feeling kind of lonely lately.

    • The universe is weird. On my way to meetup with someone I dated to catch up, I ran into a bad date on the street. The next day, as I walking my dog, I saw another bad date and I know he saw me but I ducked around the corner to avoid. DC dating, oof.

      • Hahaha! The universe is remarkably small. It is amusing though. And the good parts of the universe tend to appear when I need them, so I have few complaints.

      • I hid behind a bush once to avoid someone I used to date during my morning walk to the metro. We’ve all been there!

        • Nothing says fun like dating as a mom and running into people you have gone on dates with while you are with your kids!

        • That One Guy

          About a lifetime ago, I actively avoided going into Georgetown (in its entirety) to minimize the chance of bumping into an ex. In hindsight I feel that was shallow and green. But yeah been there too.

          • Not Sure: finally met up with someone I dated a few months ago to catch up and it was really nice and all the memories of how great we are together came back. we met up as “friends” and I’m still trying to sort out my feelings about everything. He suggested meeting up again, and I agreed we should.
            Rave: LOL because FridayGirl and I are kindred spirits in the DC dating scene. The universe is toying with us all!

          • This went on the wrong thread! But still relevant because FridayGirl!

      • Question – when you get a message from someone you’re not interested in, is it better to tell the truth (tactfully, of course) or ignore? I’ve written back to two guys this week and very politely said that I did not think we were a match…and they both went crazy. Calling me names, attacking my judgement, etc. I have always been against “ghosting” but now I’m not so sure.

        • I don’t think you’re obligated to respond to someone who’s written you only once IF their message contains no proof that they’ve actually read your profile.
          If the message does contain proof that they read your profile, I think it’s polite (though maybe not mandatory) to respond with a “Thanks for your message, but I don’t think we’re a match. Good luck with your search”-type response.
          It’s unfortunate that those two guys both turned out to be unhinged. I wonder if they’re the kind of misogynists who go from catcalling a woman to calling her “b1tch” if she doesn’t respond.
          When “ghosting” is really unforgivable/cowardly is when the parties have met in real life and one party does the nonreply thing and leaves the other party hanging.

  • Rave: nice times last night with the neighborhood ladies. Are those drinks always that strong or is it because the place was empty? I had a little headache this morning.
    Rant: I just keep buying things for vacation. They’re things that are going to be useful, but vacation is expensive enough.
    Rave: I got DOG to go out at night, sort of. We had our last walk right at dusk and he was fine with it.
    Question: other than the obvious, Mendenhall Glacier, whale watching, fjords, does anyone have any Juneau recommendations? I’ll be there for a week.

    • I’ll ask my cousin who lives in Alaska if she has any suggestions….

      • and yeah, those drinks are STRONG!

        • Where did you guys go?!

          • Walter’s! I don’t like sports bars, but Walter’s is fine as long as there’s no major game on, and they have a very good happy hour.
            I remember the previous time we went there, the drinks were STRONG. (I remember feeling very tipsy when I stood up to go home, and through the walk home.)
            This time around I had the same number of drinks, but also a glass of ice water and a hot dog, which I think must’ve helped.

          • yeah, I didn’t have enough water along with my drinks, so when I got home, my apartment was sort of spinning a bit!

          • Oh, I remember having this discussion before now. I’ll have to put that place on my happy hour list to try sometime.

    • I don’t have any specific recommendations, but I have a friend who just returned from 2 years in Juneau. The whole time, he was adamant that there was absolutely no reason to spend more than 3 days there. Any chance you can change your plans?

      • While I would LOVE to go to Denali or something, we’re there to visit someone. One of the benefits though, is that he’s a pilot and we’re going to get some free tours.

  • Rant: The reality of this election is starting to get me. I’m a worrier by nature (no shit), and my experience working in 2000 has really ruined my optimism come election time. I slept horribly last night.
    Rant: The amount of tears at speeches. Michelle, Joe, Barack.
    Rave: They are all national treasures
    Rant: Met two middle-aged lawyers on the train the other day who were praising Trump, saying “young people don’t know anything about Benghazi! They think it’s a person!”. I flat out asked if they had an attorney up for partner who spoke in public the way Trump does, acted towards a judge the way Trump has, publicly agreed with racists and anti-semites, you’d recommend them for partner?” they both said yes. So they were either lying, or that firm is evil. My parting question for them was what firm they worked at, because my husband has on campus interviews next week and I want to make sure he never works for such an ignorant organization”. uhh uhhh have a nice day
    Rave: my child is genuinely funny. it’s amazing to watch his humor develop.

    • skj84

      Your final rant is frightening. That’s what really scares me, people who wholeheartedly support Trump. Not because he’s the Republican candidate, but because they agree with his ideals. This man is Voldemort, and some people either can’t see it or don’t care. And they are the ones who will get out and vote.

      • and that should be OK. respect other people views. Everyone is NOT going to like you and vice versa.

        • skj84

          I do not respect other peoples views when they include hateful rhetoric. When they call for dismantling progress in this country, when they champion racism, xenophobia, homophobia, islamphopia, and misogyny. “. There is respecting others views, and there is being complacent to the rise of hate and I will not be party to that.

        • Why do we have to respect racism and xenophobia?

        • Nope, because not every opinion is equally valid.

        • I usually do a pretty good job of finding some sort of respect for opposing views, however, this election season has shown me that there is so very little respect on the other side. Not once during the entire Bush administration did I liken him to a terrorist, a rapist, or a murderer. Not once did I hold him personally responsible for the actions of his military or the results of his policies. The absolute disgusting vitriol that comes from the right about Clinton, Obama, and people on the Left in general is sickening. It’s like they’ve just been waiting for the justification to expose their hatred and ignorance for anyone who is not white, not straight, not a Christian (and really, not a Protestant Christian because god knows they’ve had some shit to say about Catholics), and many other things. So no, I do not have to respect these beliefs. I do not have to respect people who would call me an ignorant whore “Libtrard.” I do not have to respect people who spew hatred. I do not have to respect a man who would happily tear this country down in order to further his own goals. Having opposing views is one thing all together. We did it under Bush (both). We did it under Reagan. But THIS is entirely different.

          • +1000000!

          • I Dont Get It


            BTW “Ignorant Whore Libtard” may be my new screen name.

          • Blithe

            IDGI — that will mean a whole new set of t-shirts! 🙂

          • I do think the vitriol against Obama is unprecedented, and is largely racially based. However,
            “Not once during the entire Bush administration did I liken him to a terrorist, a rapist, or a murderer. Not once did I hold him personally responsible for the actions of his military or the results of his policies.”
            You may not have, but lots of people on the left did. The passage of time may have sanitized our memories, but plenty of people called Bush a murderer and a terrorist (though not a rapist, I expect), and plenty of other ugly, divisive rhetoric was thrown his way. History has softened our perceptions, and compared to the current horror show that is the GOP nominee, Bush seems like a fantasy candidate, but the left was brutal to him. Our current rhetoric may have gotten a little more extreme, but it isn’t “different.”
            As someone recently said, “Too often, we judge other groups by their worst examples, while judging ourselves by our best intentions.” Ironically, that person was George Bush.

          • Of course there were people who attacked Bush during his presidency, but it certainly was not at this level, and during his candidacy there was nothing to this level. There were no DNC delegates calling form him to be publicly executed in a manner akin to lynching, for example. There were no “Bush for Prison” signs in people’s yards. I don’t seem to recall any Bush supporters fearing to publicly support their candidate in certain regions of the country., there certainly weren’t fist fights breaking out at rallies. If anything, the vitriol was aimed at the Left then too. I can’t tell you how many times I was called un-American for not supporting the Iraq war. The fact is, it seems that this is becoming the majority for the Republican Party, not the vocal minority. I really hope that I am proven wrong on this, but sadly, as the days go by, that seems less and less likely.

          • I don’t have the time to do it now, but I suspect a rudimentary internet search would reveal attacks on Bush akin to those you describe now. Don’t you remember people calling him a war criminal who deserved to be in prison? That his wife should be in prison for a decades-old alcohol offense? Calling him retarded (to borrow one of your complaints)? I do.
            But, as I read the litany of offenses you describe, I can’t help but think, again, that you’re “judg[ing] other groups by their worst examples.” Your statement that, “it seems that this is becoming the majority for the Republican Party, not the vocal minority” just reinforces that. I get annoyed when I am painted with the same brush as the most avid, deranged members of the left; we shouldn’t do the same thing. I’d like to think we’re better than that.

          • “You may not have, but lots of people on the left did.” Agreed with Anonamom — sure, individual rank-and-file lefties might have said terrible things about Bush, but high-level public figures didn’t.
            Thanks to Trump, there’s a crassness and (low) level of discourse on the right among high-level figures. This makes me think of watching part of one of the Republican debates earlier this year, and how Kasich seemed to be the only person on the stage acting like a grown-up.
            People objecting to other people’s views/actions is fine. But no high-level figure should be calling into question a candidate’s patriotism, let alone citizenship and religion. And calling for the imprisonment/execution of a rival politician??

          • I Dont Get It

            Yes Blithe but I think there may be a significant market demand for the IWL t shirt!

          • I just spent 30 seconds and found separate articles where Rep. Kucinich and Michael Moore both called for Bush and Cheney to be in jail. I know we don’t remember these things because they were years ago, and because we have sympathy for the speaker. But come on.

            Look, I’m not arguing that the discourse is good now. Trump is awful; his supporters are worse. But the narrative that it all comes from the right and is heaped on the left is just wrong, and dishonest.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I agree with dcd here. That the nominee himself is engaging in this sort of behavior is, I think, legitimately novel and monumentally disgusting, but beyond that, I don’t think this is a whole lot different than any of the past several election cycles.

          • OK. I retract “high-level public figures” in favor of “serious contenders for the presidency.”
            Kucinich was never a serious contender, IMO. And Moore is a public figure, but not a government-related one. (I should have specified — I was originally going to say “elected officials,” and then realized that wouldn’t cover appointed positions like Cabinet secretaries.)

    • As a middle aged lawyer, I can say these two aren’t typical. Even the Republicans at my firm are aghast at Trump.

    • Been reading a book about the 70s that reminded me that George Wallace (arch-segregationist) was running for the Democratic nomination in 1972 and was getting at least a third of the vote until he was shot at a campaign event in Baltimore. The Democrats then nominated a Bernie Sanders type who got walloped by Nixon in the general election on the strength of white backlash. There were race riots back then, too, and police killings of blacks, and the whole Vietnam War thing and the right-wing screeds against the hippies (see “Okie from Muskogee”) and celebration of the Confederacy (ever actually read the lyrics to “Sweet Home Alabama”?), and the whole country seemed to be going down the drain. So it seems to me we’ve been through some really bad times before, and somehow have survived them.

  • Rant: Robocalls. “Hello! This is Verizon!” Shut up, verizon. When I want something from you, I know where to find you. Almost worse is the telemarketing call that doesn’t happen. You pick up, there’s a couple seconds of silence, then click.
    I’m on every do-not-call registry, and whenever I get a human, I tell them to take the number off their list. This bothers me way more than it should.

    • Blithe

      That’s one of my rantiest of rants. I’m convinced that Verizon sells my/our numbers. The cringing-ly cheery chat that I had with a Verizon Rep who told me just how much it would cost per month forever to have an unlisted number did not disabuse me of this belief. They were equally cheery when they added that such a move “might not” stop the calls from entities that already had my number or from Verizon and its subsidiaries, as well as charities, politicians and any of a number of interconnected companies that I might have deliberately or inadvertently allowed to access my number. And that’s just the stuff that pretends to be legit. I am quite nostalgic for the days before phone-spam was allowed to disrupt my life.

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: DDOT… please, PLEASE, please TOW people who choose to park on 16th street during rush hour. There were 3 cars parked between U St and P St this morning during rush hour, reducing an already jam packed 2 lanes of traffic into 1 lane. Ticketing is not an acceptable solution – far too many people in this city are not inconvenienced by a $100 ticket. Tow these a-holes to the impound lot. Please and thank you.

    • I see them towing people almost every morning near U Street on 16th around 7am. What time was this? It was probably jerks who parked there after they went through, and I don’t know if they have enough manpower to keep going back through the same streets :/

      • maxwell smart

        Right around 8am. It’s a daily occurrence on that stretch and I am pretty sure it’s people who know better. Especially with SafeTrack going on, there really should be a no tolerance policy. We can’t afford for the traffic to get any worse than it already is.

    • Same with Mass. Ave. above Sheridan Circle. Multiple a-holes start parking at 9:15 with their flashers on, as though that somehow excuses screwing up traffic for hundreds of people.

  • Rant: Cold sore. On top of terrible sleep, brutally hot weather, starting a new medicine that makes my head feel fuzzy, a sick cat, and family stresses, that was just the poop frosting on the crap cake that this week has been.
    Rave: It’s my Friday!

  • Rant – SafeTrack is coming for me. And I have a meeting at 8am on Monday, which means I’ll have to leave my house at the crack of dawn to make it on time. And my job does not have telework and the higher ups don’t care about SafeTrack because they all drive in from burbs.
    Rave – Trying out all the different coffee options around my office. The Juan Valdez cafe is surprisingly good.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: at doctors office to get an exact phrase in my chart so insurance will cover a prescription.
    Rave: missing the morning at work.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Rave: got my chart up to date with the correct words so I can get my Rx. Now I just have to wait for the approval to be processed.
      Rant: stupid health insurance hoops

  • Question: does anyone have a garment steamer they love? Preferably on the smaller side. I am sick of ironing and hoping to find a good steamer at a decent price. Thanks!

    • FtLincolnLove

      I have the Shark Press and Refresh!! Certainly not tiny, but it takes up minimal space and is handheld. It works wonders- I highly recommend. It’s AMAZING! I believe it’s around $80 but it is well worth the cost.

    • I have a PureSteam travel one I bought on Amazon for like $30. Since I bought it, I haven’t touched my iron. It gets the job done quickly. is less harmful to my clothes, and is small enough that I can throw it in my luggage if I need to look presentable. I’m sure there are better ones out there, but I don’t have any complaints with mine. 1.5 years and it’s still going strong. I use it 2-3 times a week.

    • Thanks for the suggestions FLL and emvee!

  • Rant: LOUD work related cell phone conversation on the 54 bus this morning. There just might have been someone on that bus who knew EXACTLY what she was talking about. It wouldn’t have been hard to figure out who she worked for. Don’t think this woman’s work colleagues/boss would appreciate knowing about her public conversation this morning
    Rant: Conversation went on and on — from Columbia Heights to Metro Center

  • That One Guy

    Rant: I’m generally oblivious as to the happenings at work so it irks me to find out about petty passive aggressive posturing that’s taking place.

  • Rant: Dating is hard, I have been here 9 years and have had exactly 1 person I could call a boyfriend. It seems every time I get to the point where I am like “Ok, I’d like for us to just date each other” the other person opts out at that moment. Its enough to give me a complex

  • Blithe

    Rave: My main takeaway from the DNC convention speeches: “Don’t Boo, VOTE”.

    • I’ve seen a bunch of people mention this phrase on social media but I’m not watching any convention coverage. What exactly does it mean?

      • Andie302

        Last night when Obama mentioned Trump the crowd began to boo. I believe it was probably an off-script moment for Obama, but to quiet the crowd and keep things moving he said “Don’t boo, vote”

      • Blithe

        Someone else might be able to give you a more accurate description of the context but throughout the convention, people have been booing to show their support of Sanders, and, in this instance, members of the audience were booing a comment about Trump. Obama listened for a moment, then said” “Don’t Boo, Vote”. It’s easy to get riled up now, and complain about the options, and just “boo” — but the only power we have is to exercise our right vote. So don’t just complain, do something to actively address the problem that you/we’re complaining about. Succinct, powerful, and terrifyingly accurate.

        • Blithe

          I would also add that since impediments to voting disproportionately impact people who are likely to vote for Democratic candidates, it’s a reminder to those of us with flexible schedules and more resources to do what we can to help others who face impediments to voting. Check to see if your state has absentee ballots if you anticipate not being able to get to your local polling place — and help others do this as well. Actively encourage people with complicated lives who honestly believe/fear that their one vote “won’t really matter”. Offer rides to neighbors who might need this assistance. Go to the polling place (my favorite) with friends that could use a bit of help with small children. Offer to sit for a bit with someone’s elderly parent. For those with long commutes, clarify what your employer’s policies are re: leave, and flex-time, etc.
          – As a meaningful-to-me aside, my mother was proud to support Obama, both because she valued his platform, his values and his accomplishments, and because she was astounded and proud to see a black president in the White House that slaves built, in the segregated city where she was born, in her lifetime. The last time that she signed her full signature before she died was when she completed her absentee ballot from her hospital bed.

          • Love this, and love the story of your mother’s vote! That is wonderful!

          • Blithe

            Thanks LBP! As I wrote it, I thought, with a fondly loving cringe, of one of the best gifts I ever gave to my mom — who was so NOT into kitsch: a clock with Obama’s face as the background. So in my mom’s bedroom, it was “always Obama Time!” lol

          • Does anyone know of organized volunteer opportunities to help/encourage people to get to the polls on election day? Ideally in VA where it would make more of a difference? My employer gave us the day off and I’d love to help out somehow.

          • I love that story. Fabulous.

          • Blithe

            Jill, I don’t know, but maybe calling the League of Women Voters could give you some local leads for organized volunteer opportunities?

          • I think that you could contact the campaigns or your party to ask about helping with the Get Out the Vote effort in your area.

    • I Dont Get It

      It seems like at most rallies I see on TV now, the audience boos whenever the opponent is mentioned. Is this a newish thing? Regardless, I don’t like it–we aren’t a bunch of rude college kids.

      Which reminds me of the time at an IU basketball game and the crowd showed its displeasure with the referee’s call by chanting “Bull sh*t, bull sh*t! Coach Knight grabbed the microphone and said something like “We don’t use that language here. This isn’t Purdue!”
      Good times!

      • Blithe

        I date it to Obama’s candidacy and to the Tea Party movement. I think these two factors somehow made it acceptable for fervent disagreement to devolve into boos, nastiness, personal attacks, and other forms of disrespect and even threats of violence. I think the Trump rallies capitalized on this trend and made this type of ugliness not only commonplace, but a norm. I never thought I’d have a reason to say something like this, but I heartily agree with Coach Knight. (Non-sports fan here — will be googling “Coach Knight” as soon as I post this.)
        – I also wonder if it has something to do with the internet/social media and rise of reality shows which have really had an impact in changing our sense of private views and public decorum– individually, collectively, and institutionally — during this same time period.

        • I Dont Get It

          What Blithe said.

          “I also wonder if it has something to do with the internet/social media and rise of reality shows which have really had an impact in changing our sense of private views and public decorum– individually, collectively, and institutionally — during this same time period.”

          Also see reply below to WDC to spare you a Google search on Coach Knight.

      • Bobby Knight, lecturing a crowd on decorous behavior?? That’s rich.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Me! Keep putting off completing my pointless annual self-assessment–never did my mid-year which makes it even more daunting.
    Rant: Me! I have this bad habit (is it a bad habit?) of when I’m in the grocery store and I see someone around my age who looks particularly fit, I have this need to examine their grocery basket as if that will reveal their secret. So yeah, I’m that creepy guy at the grocery store staring at your bundles of kale and packages of chicken. Sorry!
    Rant: Me! I left Lucy downstairs when I came up after breakfast since she was snoring away on the floor in the kitchen. Three hours later I went to get a drink and there she was, standing on the first step unable to go any further up or turn around and go back down and I guess she’s lost the ability to bark again. Bad doggy daddy!
    Rant: Me! Today in particular!

    • I always wonder what the cashiers think of my grocery cart. I to judge folks based on their carts but its usually along the lines of single, not single, planning a party, etc?

      • The other day the guy checking me out at Target had a comment for almost every single item he scanned. It made me really wish that I had chosen some different items to see the response they would have gotten.

        • I Dont Get It

          Once a casier at Target, noticing that i was buying both dog and cat food asked me if they got along and then asked a clown quesion like, “Is the cat afraid of the dog?”

          Bro, have you ever even had a cat????

        • That is when I start making vaguely inappropriate remarks to see if they notice. On cucumbers: You guys didn’t have any bigger ones…. on lotion its the only one that doesn’t leave a residue on the sheets. frozen Pizza? Gotta keep up my strength for those late night activities (all delivered with a blue steel face)

  • Rave: Have officially jumped through all of the hoops to have an official Catholic wedding!
    Rant: Work. Just don’t care. Also, more responsibilities added to my job description but no chance in hell of a raise. Stupid bifurcation.

  • Bear

    Rave: Bear cub was much more cooperative at his scan today – saw the heart and his little face and all looks good. I totally cried.
    Bonus rave: The 6cm cyst I had at the beginning of my pregnancy is gone now, thank goodness.
    Extra bonus rave: Surprise win on a really cool project at work.
    No rants today!

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