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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Feeling all the feels today and I don’t know why. Two (bad) dates from over a year ago have messaged me in recent days. I haven’t responded. But at the same time, I think back on all my good dates that just didn’t work out and wonder how they’re doing and whether things worked out for them. I guess I’m feeling kind of lonely and sentimental lately.
    Rave: Talking to a new guy on Tinder and he seems really cool. Unfortunately he’s traveling this week so we probably won’t get to meet until next week at the earliest. Normally I wouldn’t wait that long, I just hope we don’t run out of things to say by the time we meet.
    Rant: Tried to go gluten-free to rule that out as a source of my migraines (I know I’m not Celiac from past doctor’s visits, testing, etc. but I could still be sensitive to it). But I couldn’t do it. Fell off the boat two days in because I was feeling pretty crappy (wheat withdrawl is a *thing*). I think for now I’ll just try to cut back on both gluten and dairy because I know dairy doesn’t sit well with me but I’ve been bad at avoiding it.

    • Forgotten Rant: How far in advance does one need to make plans in this city? I’m trying to plan a gathering for next weekend but 3 out of 4 people who have responded already have plans either in the afternoon or evening next weekend already. Is this normal?

      • In the summer–yes. People have vacations, weddings, weekend getaways, and other stuff. Normally, I’d think a week is sufficient, but in the summer you probably need to plan ahead 3 weeks.

        • Hahaha, in that case I think I will just not make any plans until the fall then unless someone asks me. I’m pretty convinced at this point that I am the only one with no life because I have exactly zero of these.

          • Hahaha this is exactly why we should be friends. I don’t have any of these either.

          • Maybe it’s because I am married now and most of my friends are too. So Friday I flew back home to go to my best friend from college baby shower in Richmond. Then I flew back up Sunday morning to make my softball game by noon. Hahaha, highly recommend joining leagues, organizations, whatever your interests. We didn’t really know anyone up here so my wife joined volleyball and we both joined softball. We’ve met a ton of people through softball.

      • For me it ebbs and flows. May booked up really quickly for me as did August. But June and July were pretty chill.

      • Totally normal. Then the day of, one of those who said they were busy will say they can come. And the one person who was free just won’t show up. This is why I don’t make plans with more than one person at a time.

        • Ha! That’s so true. Half the people I invited said they could come, and half said they couldn’t — and I knew at least one of those people would likely bail day-of so I just said “Let’s try another weekend later in the summer.” Womp.

      • In my experience people who are actively dating are hard to pin down because they have dates scheduled for most days. Us coupled people have lots of free time though. 🙂

    • Are your wheat cravings pasta-based, bread-based, etc.? I can suggest some good gluten-free substitutes! I have only had one migraine since I went off gluten three years ago (used to get them monthly, though not the reason I went gluten-free) so it’s worth a shot!

      • Thanks AliceinDC! This gives me some hope, even if I’m momentarily lacking willpower :[ It was honestly less cravings and more just physically not feeling great. Even though I just cut out bread/pasta and continued to eat all my normal non-gluten foods, by evening the first day I just felt really hungry and yesterday I was kind of lightheaded and my stomach started to hurt. I googled it, realized it could be gluten/wheat-withdrawl and ate exactly 2 crackers. Ten minutes later I felt fine. So bizarre how that works….

        • Interesting! I don’t think I ever had withdrawal but I did get frustrated by not having my go-to comfort foods… I’m a big pasta eater. I do tend to feel hungry if I’m not eating enough carbs. Hopefully you can find some alternatives that work for you! I really like TJ’s brown rice pastas and Barilla’s gluten-free pasta. TJ’s gfree bagels are decent (bagels and donuts are tough to replace). I think Udi’s bread is pretty good for sandwiches, toast, grilled cheese, etc. It’s in the freezer aisle. If you’re into baking, check out Gluten Free on a Shoestring; everything on her blog that I’ve tried has been great. Pillsbury makes a gluten-free pizza dough in the I miss Rise in Adams Morgan for gluten-free treats.

      • I used to get migraines monthly as well and only two in three years of being gluten free. I discovered via a blood test that I have allergies to wheat, barley, and rye though, so not sure if the migraines were part of my reactions or from the gluten itself. I never had the wheat withdrawl that you’re going through FridayGirl, but I definitely had that when I tried to swear off of sugar. Good luck!

        • So a question for you (and possibly Anonomom, too!) — my primary care doctor had me do the celiac panel (which was negative) but never told me how to go about getting other allergy tests. Do normal allergists do blood tests for food allergies or is there another kind of doctor I would need to see?

          • I did mine with a regular allergist but had to specify that I wanted it to include foods. I’m extremely grateful I did it because I never had an immediate reaction per say but once I eliminated the culprits my daily headaches cleared up, joint pain lessened, skin/hair improved, etc. I think my body was just fighting itself for so long. Now I have immediate reactions if I come into contact with one of my food allergans.

          • This is great to know. It looks like there’s some allergists (with food allergy interests) near my work, so perhaps I should make an appointment.

          • ajr: What specifically improved about your skin? I have a very persistent area of eczema that never heals, and from what I read, I have been thinking I should get tested for celiac – apparently a positive skin biopsy of such conditions can alone be diagnostic for celiac. But I have never met anyone who was so diagnosed or cured eczema by going gluten free, so I am very curious what you are talking about when you mention skin. (My hair is fine – it’s my skin that’s a problem.)

          • Bear

            Anon: a good friend and my sister both have eczema that is triggered by citrus, and lemon seems to be the biggest culprit. Worth a shot?

          • @anon 11:24am – My life-long dry patches greatly improved within only a couple of weeks. I thought it was temporary but has lasted so I chalk it up to either the gluten or something my body was able to combat now that it’s not fighting the allergans. It could be from another factor though. My hair stopped falling out in chunks (luckily I have very thick hair) but I think that’s attributed to my thyroid levels vastly improving (which after years of staying the same consistent low count, they improved after the dietary change as well, and have stayed as such). What Bear mentioned about citrus I find interesting because I also discovered an allergy to oranges (but doesn’t appear to be lemons or limes) so maybe it was that instead?
            Disclaimer: in case it’s not obvious, I’m not in the medical field whatsoever, so this is all personal observation and estimation. Whenever I’ve mentioned anything to my doctors I get a pretty vague, “Well, it could be that…or something else…” response. But it seems to be working for me and I’m happy with it!

          • I had a great deal of difficulty finding an allergist who specialized in adult food allergies, and ended up going to the allergy clinic at Hopkins (which I LOVED). In my honest opinion, I think that there are certain types of medicine where being up on research is so vitally important, and allergy is one of them. So please consider this when selecting a physician. A physician who is not up on their research or willing to do his own may fob your case off. When they do the testing, they will most likely do a skin panel and then a blood panel, or both on the same day. The key would be to tell them that you believe you make have an unknown allergy or sensitivity that is causing your migraines, and go from there. It may be worth eliminating foods one by one to see how your body reacts first (as you will likely wait a while for an appointment anyway). I’m not to sure of how common a wheat or gluten sensitivity is as a migraine trigger; there are a lot of foods that are well-known triggers due to the components in them (ex: food high in nitrites, artificial sweeteners, a certain type of amino acid in fermented foods, caffeine sometimes, tannin), so they may want to test these first.
            Have you gone to a migraine clinic or seen a neurologist? A clinic would arrange a lot of this for you. There is one at Georgetown that is supposed to be very good. I’m sorry you are going through this; I had atypical migraines during my last pregnancy and get one every year or so. It’s absolutely debilitating. I can’t imagine having them on a more frequent basis.

          • Thanks Anonamom! I have seen a neurologist and have mentioned multiple times (both to her and two primary care doctors over the past 5 years) that I have also had mild digestive issues since junior year of undergrad (at which time I saw a gastroenterologist who also brushed me off with a “it might be mild IBS but don’t worry about it” diagnosis). I’ve mentioned that I think the migraines and stomach issues might be connected but they have never recommended any type of elimination diet or allergy tests — I’ve been entirely on my own. I’ve tried logging my food before and it’s interesting because the normal triggers (alcohol and caffeine in particular, nitrates and cheese is more vague) don’t seem to correlate at all with my headaches. So it sounds like it’s time for a new doctor!

          • Also — Anonomom, I just re-read your post and something really stuck out at me: fermented foods. I don’t think I’ve been eating more recently so I don’t know that’s causing the migraines, but I did have a lot of stomach issues in Korea and was eating mostly… well, fermented foods and rice. I will make a mental note of that. Thank you.

          • Definitely try a new doctor. There’s got to be something that is causing it, and they should at least be trying to figure out what that is. There may very well be a link between the stomach issue and the headaches, and it’s at least worth exploring. Good luck!

          • Thanks to you all for your words – one of these days I need to find a doc and get tested for not only celiac but food allergies – so thanks air for the info, Bear for the suggestion that I add citrus to my list of things to test for, and Anonomom for the Hopkins suggestion.
            It is frustrating, FridayGirl, trying to find doctors who will take your ailment seriously and do the tests that any brief perusal of the web will tell you should be done – so many seem to NOT want to treat people at all (have spent lots of money with no results for my “eczema” – likely a misdiagnosis by a lazy doctor.) And then, when you do the research and go in knowing what tests you want done, some react well (they can read, too, and respect a diligent patient), and others get all defensive. It is impossible to tell if a doctor will actually try to treat you when you go see them. I often wonder how they get away with this – I think it has something to do with the fact that they think the insurance company is paying them, not you, so they don’t view themselves as accountable to you (ignoring that the fact that YOU are the purchaser of the insurance!)

          • anon, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one having those struggles. You may be right about accountability. But at the same time, you think doctor’s would almost want to over-perform tests that don’t have many ramifications because if there is something serious and they chose to ignore it, that sounds like a recipe for a lawsuit…

    • I’m with you on the first and second rant. I decided to meet up this week with someone I dated a few months ago just to catch up and possibly try to be friends this time around. And I’m also talking to a new Tinder guy who can’t meet until next week! WOW, so many parallel experiences on the DC dating scene!

      • Haha, that’s too funny! I feel like it’s such a small city that we all keep going around and around in circles of the same people. Per chance, because I’m curious, the Tinder guy isn’t an Asian guy from LA is he? (You never know! Again, small city!)

  • Rant: DEMOCRATS. Get your shiz together and do not blow this. These morons just sat through and watched a week of unforced distractions at the RNC – now they’re letting it happen to them willingly. Send DWS back to Florida and the story goes away! Instead, they’re still letting her come out on the damn floor to open the convention and thus the talk still continues. Who cares about her feelings? I’m not terribly concerned about the DNC Chair’s feelings. I’m concerned about the President of the United States. Every single person on TV was baffled why this woman is STILL there. If you have unanimous opinion on cable news from every spectrum, it’s probably a good idea that it’s the OBVIOUS thing to do.
    Rave: Tim Kaine. If he gives a speech anything like he did Saturday…..

    • Seriously, the fact that Hillary already hired DWS for her campaign is the most tone deaf reaction possible. In this election cycle, that is saying a lot . . .

      • Her appearance at the Florida breakfast this morning is already plastered all over the news as it was a spectacle. Again, why is she there!?!?!?

    • Clintons are like Lannisters. They always pay their debts.

  • Rave: looking to buy a place but…
    Rant: my budget is taking me out of my comfort zone
    Question: anyone live in brightwood and have an opinion on 1) safety 2) convenience 3) commuting downtown 4) anything else of note!?! Thanks in advance! Getting excited!

    • I’ve had a condo in brightwood for 10 years or so. I loved the neighborhood for both safety and convenience, although I moved 6 years ago. It all depends on your location? What’s your budget?

      • Around 400k. Ive lived in Logan/Shaw for years, so its just going to be an adjustment. I’m also worried about lifestyle changes. Now I can just walk down the street for a drink or a good meal, just no idea how that area is.

        • My sister lives over there and it’s nice. It’s quiet and friendly. She knows her neighbors and all of their kids play together. In terms of safety it seems almost desolate sometimes. Some people prefer a lot of other people around to feel safe and some are the opposite. If you need people around, it might not be for you.
          Her house did get broken into once when they were out of town and her neighbors were away. That was five years ago.
          The only things she can really walk to are the park, CVS, and I guess Safeway, but it’s a long walk for groceries for that many people. I guess you’ll eventually be able to walk to everything at Walter Reed, but it sounds like that’ll be a long time coming.

        • If you really like being able to walk immediately to restaurants and bars and grocery stores, then look for a place where you can do that. I did that when buying (in another city) because I knew i would often come home from work late and wanted these things really close – like on my way home from the subway.
          Unless you are willing to drive everywhere (or schlep groceries home on the metro or bus or bike or via a walk) and cook all your meals at home (or only go out to eat on your way from work or elsewhere, and then still have to travel home), then I’d find a neighborhood that meets your current needs. I had to look for a long time to find it, but I never regretted it – I couldn’t have eaten well if I had taken a place further from stores and restaurants.
          Not that you might not like adjusting to a different lifestyle – I just wouldn’t buy into that lifestyle unless I knew I was ready for it.

        • CatieCat, what size place are you looking to buy with $400K? If you’re looking for a one-bedroom condo, that amount should get you one in Adams Morgan (at least in an older building) or in an older building along Connecticut Avenue west of Rock Creek Park.

    • HaileUnlikely

      The are called Brightwood is huge, so you might want some more specificity from respondents regarding where they live. I lived on 14th Street NW, just north of Military Rd, from 2004 through 2012. That area is generally safe and rather quiet. It isn’t near much, but I found the proximity to many excellent buses (52/54, S2/S4/S9, 70, and E2/E4) made it a relatively convenient place to live nonetheless. I’d expect experiences in other parts of Brightwood to be quite different.

  • Rant: Haven’t spent much time out of the house because of the weather
    Revel: This summer side gig is pretty sweet – pretty good hourly rate to do mindless work while I watch TV
    Question for landlords: We have an over the range microwave. In February it wouldn’t recognize the door as closed so wouldn’t work. Then the door actually wouldn’t shut. Landlord called somebody in to fix it and complained that we must have slammed the door (although I can’t imagine why anybody would and why it would have taken over a year to happen). Fast forward to last week, the microwave again isn’t recognizing the door as being closed, but the door will close. We’ve all been especially careful since last time. I called the LL to tell him the issue and he goes “you’ll have to call him yourself. I’m not paying for it. I’ve installed these in houses all over the area, and there’s nothing wrong with this model”. Is this something he should be paying for? The reason I’m thinking it might be worth the battle is because I’m worried that this won’t be the last time we have to call somebody in and that it’s a lemon. I’m inclined to just get a $20 microwave from Craigslist and put it on the counter top. Thoughts?

    • I would just buy your own microwave. I don’t think the landlord is obliged to provide a working microwave to tenants and continuous haggling over the working condition of the one that is there will just needlessly antagonize everyone.

      • Andie302

        Either this, or do the legwork with the manufacturer to get a replacement (I suspect a google search of the make and model will turn up similar issues as the ones you’re having) and then identify that cost to your landlord. If he thinks it’s the last time he’ll have to deal with this, he may be more amenable to paying. Like the poster above, I don’t think he’s obligated to provide you with a working microwave, but it would be nice!

        • Sure…I just don’t want to be responsible for shit.t that breaks.

          • I mean when it’s not my fault. I’m thinking getting my own microwave might be the way to go. But I wonder if he can/will hold my deposit for it.

          • I would not bother doing this much work over a microwave. I’d either call whoever originally came to fix it (if they actually did) and see if they’ll come by to look at it since their fix isn’t working (without money out of your pocket). Or just get a cheap microwave that you’ll own and can leave the house when you move – like you said.

          • Landlords are required to keep appliances in working order. He doesn’t have to provide a microwave, but if he does, he needs to fix it. The issue could be the motherboard; was this checked? He could charge you if he can prove you damaged it. Based on what you said, that’s a maybe. Things can just die too, of course.
            The only time I’ve stopped handling an issue is where my tenants clearly contributed. Tenants said they saw a mouse, and when I went to patch up, the condo was filthy: overflowing trash, open food, etc. I told them that was my last time dealing with any pest issues as the filthy conditions were likely the cause. If the microwave is something like that, then yea, you should pay, but I’d probably fix it twice before coming to that conclusion.

          • Yeah I’m going to call the guy who came out last time and figure out why we’ve had the same issue twice in six months.

          • There should be a warranty on the work. That sounds like a motherboard issue to me.

    • HaileUnlikely

      To confirm, are you saying that before, the door would physically close but would not register as closed and thus the microwave won’t operate, and now it won’t physically close either? If that’s right, do you mean that the door will physically close but not latch and thus won’t stay closed, or will it not even get into a closed position in the first place. If the door will not physically close all the way, it is probably out of alignment. If it will close all the way but not latch properly and thus will not stay closed, I suspect that either the latch mechanism is broken or else that it is covered in food gunk or something and just needs to be cleaned.

  • Rave: I bought a giant inflatable flamingo on a whim and opportunities to use him are cropping up everywhere! He’s already been out twice and has another outing scheduled. You can use rafts/floaties at Beaver Damn.
    Rant: the temperature in my office is inversely related to the temperature outside. So cold.
    Rave: the entire southern branch of my family got together last night because an aunt and cousin were visiting. It was so nice to see everyone.
    Rant: DOG has stopped going on night walks and it’s breaking my heart.

    • Is DOG just too hot? or are you worried it’s something more?

      • This is random but could it be that the pavement is too hot for his paws?

      • I don’t know if it’s the heat because he goes out morning, mid-day, evening, and then a quick night walk. He has thrown his little “I want to go to the dog park” tantrums even during the mid-day walk lately, in the peak of the heat.
        I think he’s scared from the fireworks still. Someone was setting off what sounded like bombs Saturday night in Park View.
        Occasionally if there are no fireworks I’ll drag or carry him out and he’ll shake off, wag his tail, and he seems happy, though he’s walking somewhat faster than usual to get it over with. Sometimes he’ll willingly go the next night, but we seem to run out of steam and he refuses again.
        I think if I lived in a house where I could just open the door and be outside he would see that it’s fine, but we have to go in the hallway, down a flight of stairs, and out another door for him to get a sense of what’s going on out there.

        • Aw, poor DOG, that makes sense that’s he still wary from all the fireworks. At least he’s still wanting to go on walks and to the the dog park, though. Hopefully as we (someday) get into fall and away from fireworks memories, he’ll feel more confident and want to get back out on his nightly walks.

  • Rave: My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary yesterday. They stayed in Old Town, and my siblings and I bought them dinner at Chart House. I wish we all could’ve celebrated together, but I’m so glad they had a wonderful time to themselves.
    Rant: My burgeoning relationship with the guy I was dating imploded dramatically yesterday. Granted we only had been seeing each other for a couple of weeks. I hope we can work things out.
    Rant/Rave: There is a conference I really want to attend for work in September. My work will pay for registration, but airfare and lodging is on me. Its in Anaheim, so its not quite in my budget. I wish I had attended when it was in Orlando, better flight prices.

  • Rant: This weather is so. awful! My feet seem to act as the thermostat of my body, so once they get hot, I can’t cool down until I can cool them down (and vise versa in the winter, I can’t get warm if they’re not warm). I am wearing strappy sandals and even still, my feet feel like they’re boiling!
    Rant: the broken a/c in Dupont Circle metro Station. If hell is real, it’s that station in the summer.
    Rant: I going to delete my dating apps off my phone for a while. Maybe forever. Clearly I’m bad at this whole dating thing. So instead of wasting my time or anyone else’s I’m just going to find things /places where I want to get involved, and at least that way I’m having fun.
    Rave: Good doctor’s appt this morning. Always nice to have your PCP be happy with where you’re at, health-wise! (Course, we’ll wait and see once we get all the blood tests back that she had me do today! Good think I ate a good breakfast and was hydrated, cause they took a LOT of blood!)

    • oh yeah. I feel your rant about dating apps. I sometimes feel like it’s harder to date in this day and age….quite frustrating

      • I think everyone on RRR today is a single female.

      • Not saying this is you personally, but finding someone to spend the rest of your life isn’t EASY. People expect using dating apps to make it quick and easy.
        As a fairly independent person, I say this as nice as possible….but forcing it isn’t worth it. Be independent and don’t worry about needing to find a husband, wife, etc. If it happens, it happens. You’ll be a LOT happier living your life doing what you want to do and not obsessing trying to date constantly. And when the right person comes along, you’ll know it.
        Heck, I feel like half the people in this city date so they can move in together and split rent.

        • Hahah! JohnH, yes, you’re totally right, I think dating apps can give a false impression (at least initially) that finding “the one” is going to be totally quick and easy. Which is dumb, really. It might be a quick, easy way to find someone to share a meal with or a date to your office party or a sexual partner, but yeah, trying to force it is just miserable. I am, and always have been, an independent person – I like my own company and find dating (starting off from a premise of “I’ve never met you but maybe we’re going to fall madly in love and yeah hey, sure, touch me even though I normally hate having strangers touch me”) so very awkward and bizarre. I think that sometimes, after you’ve been alone for so long and you watch so many of your friends and family, you just start to wonder if maybe there’s something wrong with you – or at least I know, I have wondered that a lot. So I’ve tried some of these dating apps, and I still can’t get over how forced it all feels. That’s why I’m giving up trying – at least, that way. I’m just going to do my own thing, try to be open to new people and experiences, and see what happens! Thanks for the words of wisdom!

          (but yes, admittedly the thought of being in love and also sharing the financial load does have it charms!)

          • +1. If anything, I think online dating makes a difficult part of life even more difficult because of the tendencies we all have to compare everything and everyone. I feel like it’s a lot easier to see great qualities in people when you don’t have hundreds of others to look at.

          • I say the living situation as a joke, but also not really….I know a lot of people who moved in together quickly – and their relationships aren’t great. But that being said, I think overall people don’t put the effort into finding a solid relationship anymore. So many people settle or just don’t try. They want to do the things married people do, and force themselves to be in that situation. Then they are always grumpy to be around. Then again, I also find a lot of people in DC to be absolutely lacking in personality.

    • I go through phases of deleting my dating apps too. Having just gone through a breakup, mindless swiping is a constant reminder that there are plenty of fish but no one said they were quality fish. Maybe going out and doing things is the best way to meet new people. I’ve made a lot of friends that way so it could work for dating.

  • Quick question for parents out there – do you keep your car seat base in your car if you live in DC? Our (old, junky) car has been broken into several times over the years so, like many, we’ve learned to keep absolutely nothing inside. We’re having a baby later this year and wondered if the policy of keeping nothing in the car should extend to our car seat base as well. I can’t imagine that would be appealing to anyone without the seat portion, but don’t want to assume. What do others do? Thanks!

    • We’ve kept our infant seat base/convertible carseat in the car since we had kids. We largely park in our driveway off of an alley, but the alley sees plenty of traffic, so I imagine we’d still be at risk if we were leaving something that seemed desirable out in the open.

    • We always kept the car seats in the car, and never had any trouble. It’s weird that a handful of change will get your window smashed, but a $250 car seat won’t.

    • We left the base in. You’ll see what a PITA it is to get the thing in and out of the car – best to just leave it in.

    • We left the base in, and our current car seat as well. Huge pain to take it out each time, and we haven’t had an issue yet. We have had people go through our car when it was accidentally left unlocked by the toddler picking up the keys, and they still left the car seat.

    • We leave it in as well. Thieves seem to have little interest in baby gear. We’ve had our car broken into a couple times, bu the stroller and car seats are always left.

  • Dilemma: we have a weekend trip (we = me, spouse, toddler) to DC. Forecast is 50% chance of storms and our plans include pool, spray parks, yards park. There isn’t that much to do inside with a toddler in DC (we’re going to Harambe). Should we cancel/try to reschedule?
    Rant: I asked my folks if they’d watch our kid for two days so we could keep the reservations but leave him here, where there are more indoor things to do. Her response was a resounding NO. lol
    Rave: My tomato plants are thriving like crazy. Fingers crossed they turn red. But I have beautiful green ones so far. Ditto our hot peppers. We’ll be making peach jalapeno jam. NOM NOM.

    • It’s the summer….thunderstorms happen. This is typically not an all day, or even most of the day, event.

    • Andie302

      Depending on the weather forecast for it, I would head north to the Poconos instead. It’s bound to be cooler, and hopefully you can get something on a lake so you can swim and keep cool. The storm on Tuesday was TERRIBLE, and if it’s going to be even half that bad then you’ll be holed up hoping no trees fall on the building you’re in.

    • The building museum and natural history museum are other indoor options. The q?rious exhibit at the natural history museum is awesome for toddlers.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Rx finally came in over the weekend just to find out it needs pre-approval. Waiting for a call back on that now. Why is getting a Rx so difficult?
    Rave: Have a coupon to get the Rx free if I ever get a chance to buy it.

  • Rant: Friend of mine reported on Facebook that he and another male friend were jumped by 10-15 males directly outside of the Chinatown Metro at 7th and H when heading home around 11:45 pm on Friday. Really? A crowded intersection, downtown, right by the metro? Ugh.
    Rave: He also reported that the cops immediately got in their cars, chased down the suspects, and arrested them.

    • What a horrible story. I hope your friend is okay. I’m always extra vigilant around the Chinatown Mero stop – always lots of riff-raff around there looking for trouble.

      • There’s a lot of people hanging out around there, for sure. Not sure they’re looking for trouble (yes, some happens). There’s usually a good police presence too.

    • Chinatown, especially that area right at the metro has devolved into a raging hot-mess the past 4 or 5 years. Really aggressive panhandling, obvious crazies who stand there and just scream at people and groups of kids/young adults who do nothing but fight with each other or random people whose only catalyst for being attacked was the act of walking by.

      I am a little surprised the BID doesn’t push the city to do more. I would be furious if as a retailer I was paying the highest commercial rents in the entire city, only for my potential customers to have to deal with that, or having paid 600-700K for a one bedroom condo only to have to fight my way past that mess every day to get to my front door.

      Tell me again why DC doesn’t have loitering laws on the books? Even San Francisco, the most tolerant “liberal” city in America has loitering laws.

      • the weird thing is they only congregate in that little area. right by the metro/in front of the mcdonalds. I just cross the street. problem solved. I always tell people “in chinatown, cross the street…” because for me, it’s truly more safe and calm on the other side. LOL. It’s bizarre

  • Rave: Millenial on the metro wearing an outfit that was a mash-up for 80s and 90s fashion. She embodies my childhood and teenage years in one outfit.
    Rant: IT band is really tight. I need to stretch more than I do.
    Rave: Lovely, awesome friends who came over and helped wrangle Baby Artie this weekend.
    Rant: Baby Artie is still on a weekend naptime strike. Why can his teachers get him to nap but he refuses for mom?
    Rant: Work and home are so BUSY this week. I’m going to need all the coffee to make it to the weekend.

    • HA! Both my kids napped so much better at daycare than at home as young babies. I feel your pain. Can you carry him around the house in an ergo to encourage sleep but allow you to be somewhat mobile?

      • I usually wear him but this weekend I was packing boxes which made wearing him a bit challenging. I need to get the ergo 360 so that when he’s old enough I can wear him on my back. (I’m glad I’m not the only one who has this struggle. I like to tell myself that it is because he wants to spend all the time he can with his mama. )

        • LOVE being able to wear mtpbaby on my back. We have the original model of ergo (not sure what you have now), and being able to wear him on my back was a lifesaver on vacation two weeks–as well as this morning when his big sister’s demands for attention were perfectly correlated with his needs for soothing. Ugh on trying to pack at the same time–that makes it a lot harder to have a baby taking up prime real estate in front of your torso. That’s tough.

  • Rave: Gosh, stunning photo. Who took it? :^) (Red stimulates appetite so pizza places use it).
    Rave: Keeping AC at 80 or 81 helps me acclimate to heat; going outside then not too bad…
    Rant: More warningless midsidewalk construction projects and spillovers. So DC!

  • Rant: Tired of cable bill as I don’t watch much TV aside from sports/news/few shows. Does anyone use PlayStation Vue?
    I’m considering switching as this offers a normal selection of live TV channels (unlike Sling). However, I have standard Comcast internet and not sure if it would hold up? I’d probably get an Amazon Fire TV for the living room (so I’d imagine that would be fine connection wise since it’s a direct connection to the cable modem), but probably a firestick for the bedroom, which is a floor above the router. Would I need to upgrade my internet?

    • I would call Comcast and say you want to ditch TV and just keep internet and see what they offer.
      I did this last week and I was planning to cut the TV cord all together, but they offered me a package that was $2 more than just internet and included a bunch of channels and HBO. I do not get how they do this crap, but I decided to take it.
      I had just been planning to use a digital antennae and wasn’t sure what I was going to do when hockey starts, so I guess this is better. It’s still disgusting to think about how much they can charge for just internet though.

      • +1 to the internet charges. I have never had cable in DC and have a digital antennae. It’s okay. But my internet, still on promo price, is still $40/month. Ick.

      • I Dont Get It

        Will you call Comcast for me? I need to do that also and I’m bad at it. I know I’ll end paying more for less AND signup for the rust prevention undercoating.

        • If it makes you feel any better, we’re all bad at it. One time I called and was quite stern with a Comcast support rep, and he was just like “I understand your frustration, I work for Comcast and even *I* call and yell at Comcast.” Ha!

        • Lol, IDGI.
          I’m not a hard bargainer at all, it was luck or something. If I had been calling to get a better price on the same service I would not have been successful.

        • IDGI — I’ve always heard that if you threaten to leave for them, they’ll offer you a better deal. Jeslett’s story makes me wonder if the same applies for threatening to drop a portion of one’s service (in Jeslett’s case, threatening to drop the TV portion).

    • I have Sling and have had it going on about 2 years. I tried PS Vue for the one-week trial and did not like it as much as Sling for a couple of reasons. I stream through a Roku. Roku was the last device that PS Vue became available on, therefore, (based on my internet searching) the visuals of PS Vue are confusing and I find it hard to figure out how to navigate the channels. Also, with the Roku when searching for a new show, it doesn’t continue to play the show you are watching. I also couldn’t figure out a way to go toggle between channels (ie, last channel). These issues I have with it is because, I guess the processor of the Roku is weaker than the Amazon Fire tv and the PS devices. Also, I have heard that PS Vue is almost unwatchable on the Amazon Fire stick (again back the weak processor).

      Yes, PS Vue has a few more channels than Sling, but Sling just created a second level of service called “Sling Blue” that has many, if not all of the channels that PS Vue has (except FreeForm, which you can still get on “Sling Orange”). Sling has some add ons as well. I have the add ons that give me Sundance and WE (because I like Law and Order reruns and I know I am a loser). You can also do the news add on which will give you MSNBC. FreeForm IS available on Sling Orange. Sling Blue allows you to stream on three “devices” aka tvs, phone, tablet at once. Sling Orange only allows one stream at a time. Prices are comparable between PS Vue and Sling (I pay $38 for Sling Blue with my two $5 add-on packages). PS Vue also has a “cloud dvr” that you can dvr shows. Sling has many shows on demand and I tended not to watch many of the shows I used to dvr when I had cable, so for me I don’t really care.

      I would also suggest getting an antenna (the flat kind that you can buy on Amazon for like $35) which will give you all of the local channels (although both PS Vue and Sling Blue have local Fox and NBC).

      I only do cable through Comcast and it costs me $79 a month. I live on Capitol Hill.

      I hope this is helpful.

    • The problem is at the moment there are no (legal) ways to see the local teams if you don’t have cable. Sports is the only thing keeping cable afloat.

      • Vue has most of the sports channels I would need. I would be missing MASN/Comcast, but I can get over it. Obviously it would suck come playoff time – but I can accommodate those situations individually. I watch more college football/basketball than pro sports anyways, and those would be pretty much fully covered via Vue.

    • Hi JohnH,

      I wrote a really long reply comparing Sling and Playstation Vue and it seems to have been moderated out. Not sure why. Long story short – check out Sling Blue which has many of the same channels as Vue. You can add on channels on Sling for $5 a pop that will give you almost the same lineup as Vue at about the same cost. If you are going to go with Vue, don’t use a fire stick or a roku (processors are too weak). I pay $79 a month for cable only on Comcast. Get a flat antenna that will give you all the local channels

    • I went through this a few years ago. The first time I called Comcast I got a bully who threatened me into keeping my current package. I was so traumatized I didn’t try again for a few months. The next guy actually listened to me as I explained that I never watch TV, and just need internet and a landline for my security system. I quoted the price that Verizon would give me for those things, and he was able to match it (bill went down to $75 from $150). He suggested a faster internet plan for streaming, but I said I’d try the slowest one first and see how it went. I think it’s fast enough. We usually watch Prime and Netflix and live news through a Roku box (tried Amazon Fire but didn’t like it as much), and also have a Chromecast that we use in the kitchen and with a projector for outdoor movies in the backyard.

    • I do not watch TV at all — no TV, no video player. Just a radio. (No computer at home). Clears your mind up and saves you money and having to be inundated with advertising.

  • Rave: Thanks for the advice on the Airbnb situation on Thursday, and for those who commented on Friday’s RRR asking about us 🙂 I was busy running errands and packing to leave so didn’t even look at Friday’s RRR til this morning. No problems whatsoever, he left the door unlocked and the keys inside, we didn’t even have to meet him (he was out of town). He was incredibly responsive via text all weekend so I suppose his initial contact was just a bit lackluster. Thanks for the thoughts and advice!
    Rave: Harrisburg! We had never been before and seriously left loving it. If it were in a warmer climate I would seriously consider moving there when we leave the area in a year or two. Such a great beer scene, fun bars, and such friendly people. It was so weird, since we’ve lived here for about 7 years now, having all the people around you at a bar strike up conversations, or be stopped on the street by every.single.person. to pet our dogs and want to chat. Weird but nice!

    • So glad things worked out with the Airbnb situation, eggs!

    • Glad you had a good weekend! Harrisburg is a popular place, I know a few people who live there and commute down to MD for work (why, I have not clue!). It’s apparently a really great place to live and raise a family.

    • Andie302

      So glad it ended up working out! If you haven’t left your review yet, I would suggest letting him know in the private feedback that his lack of response via email caused some initial stress because of lack of other options in the area with dogs – and that even if he had just sent you a one-liner saying that he needed to get to a computer or something but you knew everything was good to go, that would’ve sufficed. Especially if he was good on texts (or maybe put that in the review as well). Glad you enjoyed Harrisburg! I went to law school in Carlisle and worked there one summer and enjoyed it!

      • I already left the review this morning, just really basic and focused more on the location (excellent) and cleanliness of the place (also excellent). I honestly just didn’t want to get into it, since everything after that was perfect. I’m assuming he realized that my message through Airbnb, plus email, plus text, all meant that I was getting antsy to hear from him. I’m guessing since he was planning his own weekend away that he was just not as on top of it with us since other reviews indicated he had reached out ahead of time. Oh well.

      • I went to college in Carlisle!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Harrisburg! Its where I grew up, I always love going back to visit. Did you visit ABC Brewing?

      • We didn’t, sadly. We went to Zeroday Brewing (which was awesome!) and did a couple restaurants/bars on 2nd Street (Federal Taphouse, JB Lovedraft’s) to try stuff we can’t get back here. Just didn’t have time to make it to ABC. I may be back for Harrisburg Beer Week next year so I’m sure I’ll go then!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: It’s really hot in my office and I can’t request “Facilities” to resolve it since I work from home.
    Rave: I know it’s silly but my favorite high school English teacher who is a Facebook “friend” replied to a post I wrote about taking the 52 bus to Target and said I was a “good writer.” I’m not but it made my Sunday!
    Rant: I just discovered that someone threw up on the sheets at the foot of the bed. Not sure if it was Lucy or the mysteriously absent cat!

  • Rave: Birthday weekend celebrations were a success!
    Rant: Monday. I did not work out today. Back on it tomorrow.
    Confused: Might have developed feelings for a longtime friend. Scary. Not sure what to do. There are complications.
    Rave: Trying out Ripple with a friend from Richmond later this week! Can’t wait!

  • I’m going rogue and posting neither a rant nor a revel, just a question: Does anyone know what caused the police activity in Columbia Heights last night around 8/9pm? I was out on my patio when a police helicopter started circling around what I think was Monroe and Holmead and then moved, I think, toward 14th. (Did you know those helicopters have sirens? I didn’t! But then I’ve never seen one that low and close to my house…) Multiple sirens from what I assume were police cars followed. I read the news about the Shaw shooting in the Post and here, but nothing on this so far.

    • I saw and heard that same low altitude chopper circling while I was walking east on Otis from 14th after dinner. The siren also surprised me.

  • Revel: I had a wonderful weekend with my partner. It was great to have some alone time.
    Rant: This effing heat. Spending any sort of time outside leads to a headache and stomach ache. I am so ready for fall.
    Question: I’m going to the gym for the first time today! But I have no clue what I’m doing. Any suggestions for where to start as far as equipment goes? Are there any ‘beginners guide to not being a lard ass” around on the interwebs?

    • yes! This weather, I don’t know what it is but it makes my stomach serious upset – headaches aren’t a surprise, I just assume it comes with the crazy weather fronts/pressure changes, but it’s doing a number on my stomach and I can’t figure out why! ugggh!

      • I always get stomach aches when it’s grossly hot like this. I have no clue why? I just know that I really, really hate this weather!

    • Body building dot com has a ton if videos and programs to offer based on goals. Or even just Google beginner weightlifting circuit or something like that.
      I usually let the availability of equipment control where I start.

    • Andie302

      I was also thinking of going to the gym today for the first time in awhile! My plan was to do the first 25 minute Couch to 5k workout plus the best I can on the 7 minute workout (which won’t be much, but is a good gauge for improvement if I manage to stick with it for a few weeks.) The 7 minute one has a free guided ap that tells you when to switch activities and when to rest. Good luck!

    • I read this book when I first started working out/lifting about 7 years ago. https://www.amazon.ca/New-Rules-Lifting-Women-Goddess/dp/1583333398

      I thought it was pretty good and I learned a lot about the basics.

    • Don’t be afraid to ask for help figuring out the machines. Also, a lot of gyms will offer a free consultation and develop a workout plan based on your ability and goals. Might be worth checking out for ideas, and they’ll also tell you how to do the exercises properly.
      Good luck! My mother walked into a gym about a month ago for the first time in her life and is loving it.

      • My grandmother goes to LA Fitness, but she thought it was La Fitness. She also loves it, but it’s hilarious.

      • +1. My gym always has someone on staff near the free weights and machines to answer questions/consult. It is so easy to injure yourself if you don’t use the equipment properly (my trainer always tells me how her worst lifting-related injury involved picking up a weight incorrectly) so it is nice to have some instruction.

      • Thanks guys!! This is a Y, and I know that there are tons of staff around. I’m just really not good at asking for help… maybe I should change that!

  • Rave: Soup. My building’s cafeteria often has really good soup, and today’s selection is especially tasty. Yum!

  • Andie302

    Rave: Fantastic weekend at the river! My parents and accounterings parents got along well (which isn’t surprising), my nephew had an absolutely blast on the jet ski and boat, he had all of us (6 adults) play “Pie in the Face”, which was fun! And we had the first crabs of the season for me.
    Rave: No rants today – feeling very lucky
    Rave: Demolition on the Cambridge, MD house (finally) starts today!

  • Rant: I was showing off my tomato plants to someone and discovered they’d been totally stripped of tomatoes (which had been there when I watered them that morning)! I couldn’t believe how fast they’d been eaten, with absolutely no evidence. Anyone have a good recipe for pepper spray or other squirrel deterrent?
    Another summer-related rant: My gas grill is about 9 years old and the burners are barely lighting. I tried a new propane tank and followed instructions to reset the regular. The burner holes don’t seem to be clogged but I might replace the burners anyway since they’re looking rough. Problem is, the tab that you screw the burner end into has completely disintegrated. Is it just time to replace the grill, or should I try propping the burners up with something?

    • Replace it. They’re not that expensive, 9 years is a pretty good run for an outdoor gas grill, and you don’t want to f*** around with gas appliances that are potentially falling apart and malfunctioning. That’s my take.

    • Bear

      Put up netting around them – it’s the only thing that works for me. And be weary of gaps, those little effers are smart. Just discovered this morning that they’d still figured out how to get in through on area where I didn’t secure the netting tightly enough – four tomatoes on the ground and one still on the vine with a fresh bite taken out of it.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: too many spinning plates at work today.
    Rant: I wish I could enjoy a leisurely lunch.
    Rave: this things too shall pass.

  • dcgator

    Real Quick Rant: What the hell is going on with the Matchbox on 14th & T? Every time I walk by there, I get a few good gusts of hot air in my face. Did they have a flood? There are huge hoses blowing hot air onto the sidewalk that have been going for almost a week now.

    • I bet their central air is on the fritz and they’re using free-standing air conditioners. All AC has to vent outside, but normally the vents are on the roof in commercial buildings.

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