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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Prince Of Petworth

    I’m praying threaded replies work today. Someone please reply and let’s see 🙂

  • Back – hope Popville is doing well and summer is treating everyone well.
    Rant: Long absence due to work frustrations and travel. Thankful I got to travel, angry and embarrassed about the work difficulties.
    Rave: Back to DC tomorrow and set up some wonderful awesomeness of visiting friends, horse back riding, puppy sitting, sight seeing, and just hanging in the District, soaking it up.

    Anyone looking for an awesome 2BR/2Bath furnished apt in Dupont? We’re looking to rent ours out – hope we have the price right but have been having a tough go of it. Perhaps I should put it on PoPville’s listing pages…

    • Unless something major has happened in DC in that demand for apartments has come to a crawl….you’re overpriced. The only apartments that stay on the market are either overpriced or sketchy – or both. And it takes a lot to overprice in DC….especially with a good location.

      • We’ve not been as responsive to people asking to see it due to work travel – so that has made it hard. Plus I think we’re limiting our market with having it be furnished but I don’t see any other option. We priced it higher due to it being furnished (with nice furniture!) but maybe that was wrong…Thanks for your input.

        • you should hire someone to do this then, honestly. If you want the higher rent, you need people to see you as responsive and serious.

          • +1. When I was looking for apartments, most landlords got back to me in a day or so. With so many other options, I probably wouldn’t wait or bother with an apartment if someone took longer than a day or so to respond.

          • We hadn’t considered hiring someone – do you recommend anyone in particular? I totally understand this is a hindrance and I need to be responsive. I’m parking myself in DC for the coming week so I can be as responsive as possible and all. Fingers crossed this helps.

        • I would agree with others regarding responsiveness being an issue. When I was house hunting, I saw unresponsiveness as a big indicator of future responsiveness as a LL. In the back of my mind, I was always concerned that if they wouldn’t respond to emails and queries prior to renting, then they wouldn’t respond in a timely manner to house issues. Someone paying that much rent in this city will expect a certain level of responsiveness. Perhaps a property manager is the way to go?

        • feel free to email me and I can share my experiences. We personally used Nest and I contacted a few places prior to hiring Nest. they worked out a package for our needs, since we didn’t need a property manager.

        • You may be limiting by renting furnished – I can’t say. One person’s nice furniture is another person’s junky furniture. In any event, they are for the most part completely separate markets – people are generally looking for furnished, or for unfurnished.
          I do think the market for furnished two bedrooms is probably less than for smaller places. There’s always the issue of how someone will want to use that second bedroom. There’s the possibility that you may need to be flexible about removing the furnishings from the second bedroom – some may want a guest room, some an office, some to use it for other purposes, etc. You could offer to compromise and put some stuff in storage so that the place could be useful for tenant(s) who want a second bedroom not furnished as you have it. You also should consider whether putting some of your stuff in storage and leaving it furnished with just big and major pieces of furniture might help attract people who have stuff but lack furniture (though perhaps that’s how you are renting it already, i don’t know).
          If you want to provide everything, tv and cable and kitchen stuff and linens all, then consider renting through some place that rents out corporate apartments to people moving here. That’s how you can get truly outsized rents for furnished places, and tenants with great incomes and great credit.

    • Agree with JohnH, especially in Dupont and this time of year. Where have you listed it?

      • Craigslist, Apartments.com and Hotpads.com (which then push to Trulia, Zillow, etc.). We posted a few weeks ago for a Sept move-in so wondering if we were just too early posting it. Now we have flexibility with a potential move-in date as early as Aug 1 (if need be)…

        • modify your posting (which I haven’t seen, so I apologize if you have these) – have professional photo, include utilities, and allow for flexible move in. Sept 1 can be too late for people moving here for graduate/law school.

    • is there a listing? or what’s the price/general area? our 1/1.5 w/ parking in logan was considered over priced but Nest found us a fantastic tenant quickly.

      • One of the listings is here: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/apa/5688536664.html Just updated it to show that it is available earlier than we previously thought (originally though Sept 1 was earliest). Would love your input!

        • Woah, at first I saw $3500 for under 1000 sq ft and thought holy crap, too much! But then I looked at the listings around you and I see there is a bigger 2 bedroom for $4975. There is a larger luxury unit around the corner from yours though and it’s listed for $3000. Your unit doesn’t have parking either, right? I think without parking and utilities you might have more luck lowering the price to $3200-$3300.

          • Thanks for your input. Yea – no parking for our unit. We’re contemplating lowering it but we arrived at the number by looking at comps, did price/square footage calculations, and added some on top for furnishing. But, it’s our first time renting in the DC market (we’ve been landlords in Philly for 8 years now) so getting to understand the market is tough!

        • Only water is included? The utilities section is a bit hard to grasp. If they’re both efficient why not include everything?
          Rules: don’t like the sound of it. You can simply check off which pets are ok rather than saying dogs aren’t ok. Maybe just make it an one liner for outside smoking only.

          • The only reason to include utilities would be if they’re not separately metered. I wouldn’t want to be in a situation where the tenants were blasting the heat/A/C at my expense.

          • Including utilities just makes it easier. If our electric bill for our tenants was crazy, I just asked them to be mindful of it. Any bill like that is a write off anyway and we personally wanted our rentals to be somewhat income neutral to avoid getting a huge hit at tax time.

        • great place – my input remains to include electricity and consider allowing dogs. Renters with dogs tend to be willing to pay a little more for a dog friendly apartment (with a refundable deposit and separate pet agreement). We rented a large 2 bedroom/2 bath on 13th for a bit (before our landlord decided to break our lease and sell it) of a similar size, but not as good as a location IMO for $3200. Post it on the local parenting list serves, as many folks are looking for 2 bedrooms once their child is old enough to sleep in a crib in their own space. That’s what spurred us to move to be honest. I don’t think the price is awful, but including all utilities except internet/TV and allowing dogs would probably get you more serious interest. When I’m paying that much, I want to only write one check. And if you want to rent it out for a while, consider “discount for 2 year lease”.

          • This is great insight – thank you Anon Spock and J used to be in DC – I really appreciate it. I’ll definitely make some of those changes (great idea on the 2 year lease discount) and try to convince my husband about the other ones to make! (I wanted to allow dogs, he didn’t). Are there local parenting list serves you know of? I’m out of the loop.

          • there’s dupont circle parents and moms in logan circle (yahoo groups). you may have to be flexible in removing furniture to get that type of tenant.

          • The most damage I’ve seen was from a rabbit, so you never know. You can easily get an extra deposit and/or get landlord references to cover yourself more

        • Andie302

          I would take out the pictures with the crib. You’ll want to get a picture of the second bedroom with the full sized bed, even if it’s just a cell phone pic for now. I would add something about flexible move-in dates, what is and isn’t included (are you providing linens, or just furniture?) and move the availability up to within the first paragraph if not stand-alone as the first piece of information. Great place! You should be able to find someone for this!

          • Giving me lots of food for thought and work to do, thank you thank you thank you! Great insight, Andie.

          • I agree, show the room with a full size bed. But if the apartment is baby-ready (and you’ll make the crib available as an alternative), say that in the listing. I can see that would be very appealing to a family who is relocating to DC on short notice. But you don’t want to limit potential renters to people with small babies – that severely limits your population.

          • Yes, people will see that crib photo and think the place comes with that, and it that doesn’t suit their needs, they’ll click on. Only the truly hearty will get through the text to see where you say it isn’t there anymore. You should remove the photo. You don’t even need a photo of the second room. I like the idea of saying the second bedroom can come with the bed, a crib and child’s furniture, if that’s the case, or be delivered empty.

            You do need to be more clear about 1) what the gas covers (is it just cooking gas, or heat?) and 2) what the electricity covers (cooking, heat, hot water, ac?), and whether they are included – that is totally unclear.

            And I think you are overpriced by a few hundred – unless you market through a company that is focused on turn-key corporate rentals, or post on any websites geared toward that – then you could likely get even more.

        • You’ve gotten some good feedback and I have no idea what your financial situation is, but to me it is overpriced – especially for some niche factors (i.e. furnished). $3500 for a small 2 bed/2bath is a lot of money. For people looking with roommates, you can get your own decent sized/nice studio for $1750 in that same area easily and you aren’t far off from 1 bedrooms at that rate.
          Again, I don’t know what the financial situation/mortgage is for you – but dropping some off the rent will make things a heck of a lot easier in the long run. It’s a matter of whether you’re trying to max out profits or have easy rental income. Pricing it competitively will more likely result in retaining tenants, less demands from tenants (if someone feels like they’re paying a lot for what they are getting, especially with provided furniture, you can get more demands to fix things), easier finding tenants, etc. Right now, you’re losing over $110/day every day it sits empty at that rate. If it sits empty 2 weeks, that’s $1750 lost you can lower the rent by $150/month and make the same amount over the course of a year with more demand.

    • I wonder if people looking in that price range are perhaps more likely to have their own furniture. (I have no idea whether this is actually the case, but if it is, that could explain part of the lack of response.)

      • yes, this would be my thought as well. I think being flexible with furnished or unfurnished would make more sense. If you HAVE to keep it furnished, maybe having a managed air bnb would make more sense?

    • If you haven’t already, get your place licensed to be a rental. It’s a pain in the ass – I just used Rent Jiffy both times and they were great. Worth the price IMO. Read up on your legal responsibilities as a landlord in DC if you haven’t already.

    • I think you’ve gotten some good suggestions, and would also encourage you to consider renting unfurnished. I feel like furnished rentals are more short term. Most people would probably want to bring their own stuff if they are renting long term. And, I’m not sure I would trust renters I don’t know to treat my stuff with respect. But, that does add a layer of annoyance and expense because you will have to move and store your stuff.

      • There’s a huge market for fully furnished, turn-key rentals (meaning kitchen supplies, linens, cable) etc. in DC. These people are usually coming here for work or study, and they aren’t all short term. Some are coming for a limited term of years and have a home elsewhere, so they want furnished for the years they are here. But these people mostly aren’t looking on craigslist. If corporate, they will have a relocation company that has connections with real estate agents in town – these agents will get them referred as clients. Others who aren’t corporate, and who aren’t here yet, will look through a real estate agent who is, as it costs them nothing and gives them eyes on the ground in DC. So, if you list with an agent who will put it on the MLS, these agents will find it for their customers. They won’t be searching craigslist, or zillow, or elsewhere for listings, as they want their fee for their time. And you can charge so very much more, that it will be worth the month’s rental as a fee. You can do this easily even if you don’t want to have a corporate rentals management company manage it for you. You just aren’t marketing this right.

        Signed, one who moved to DC in a corporate relocation, where the rent paid by the relocation company for the furnished apartment, with truly crappy (some broken) furniture from Cort Rentals (not as nice as yours) was double what the building charged for unfurnished rentals. (Yes, it included all utilities, but the doubled price should tell you something about the economics of doing a corporate rental.)

  • Rant: Power outage for 12 hours on Friday night into early Saturday morning. Nothing says “weekend” like an early morning trip to Trader Joe’s to re-buy half of the contents of your refrigerator!
    Rave: At least it came back on in 12 hours? Crews were STILL on 14th and V St. this morning.
    Rave: Might be having some luck with Tinder? Talked to a guy that seems nice this weekend, but he’s traveling this week. I’m hoping he’ll message me once he’s back and settled.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I have a post on the power outage coming up at 10!

    • What did you lose in 12 hrs? I had meat, eggs, etc which were still chilled or frozen in that timeframe.

      • Thankfully not much. I actually had gone to Trader Joe’s, got two packs of meat, and got home and the power went out right after I walked in the door, so I turned right back around and returned it with no questions. I had eggs, milk, juice, cheese and some leftovers — all of which weren’t warm but didn’t feel very cool either so I dumped them. I checked online and it said after 4 hours it could be questionable so I figured better safe than sorry.

  • Rave: Alarmingly productive weekend including a new PR on my 2k erg (rowing machine) thjat has me –according to one team veteran — “carrying the torch for the old guys;” hosting brunch for 10 and singing off-color lyrics with Ray Wylie Hubbard at Hill Country.

    Rant: Quiche fail. Modest hangover.

  • Revel: I hadn’t done much running since the 5k over a month ago. I finally got my butt too the gym yesterday and managed just over 2 miles.
    Rant: dc summer weather
    Revel: made the yummiest salad with honey lime chicken and avocados last night.
    Rant: burned the hell out of the outside, seeing off the smoke detector and scaring the crap out of my roommates
    Revel: if there’s ever a fire in the middle of the night, nobody will sleep through it

  • Macro Rant: Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Nice, Dallas, Baton Rouge, Turkey, Trump as a presidential party nominee. This feels like the summer that the world is burning.
    Micro Rant: So many people dying too young all around me. Family friend very sick last week as well.
    Rave: Family friend has a long road to recovery but is home.
    Rave: Baby Artie grabbed a toy using the pincher grasp this weekend. With so much crap in the world, I’m going to celebrate the little monster’s small development achievements.
    Rant/Rave: My personal life is slightly chaotic right now, but it is all in anticipation of some awesome life changes. I just have to power through the next few weeks — and not accidentally pack the baby in one of the many boxes piling up in our apartment.

    • Ha! Awesome on Baby Artie’s achievements! Just be careful about what is in reach–we found a clump of staples in mtpbaby’s mouth a few weeks ago…

  • Rant: I am 35 years old, and never in my life have felt this depressed about the state of our country. It’s the low rent, dumbed down, conflict driven news we receive, the ugly name calling and incivility and shaming machine of the Internet, the constant parade of horrors on the news that just make me want to tune out and go walk on a beach somewhere with my son. Honestly, I am too young to have experienced 1968, but did people feel like this then?

    • I agree that things are shitty right now, but remember its almost always been this way. We just have more outlets to broadcast the shittiness, with social media and 24/7 news cycle.

      • I agree with skj mostly, but I think the type of shittiness has evolved, since access to news and social media seems to have expanded human’s ability to incite violence (at least to a certain extent, for example lone wolf terrorists who are inspired by social media content — that wouldn’t have been possible 20 years ago)

        • I disagree that it’s always been this way. Sure, there have always been tragedies in the world, but it really does seem like this summer is worse than most, and moreover we used to deal with these incidents in a more civilized and unified way. I recently watched a CNN clip from 1991 and was stunned at the sobriety and professionalism of the news anchors. I turn on CNN now and it’s like nails on a chalkboard — a few minutes of crappy, shallow news gathering followed by 25 minutes of idiot pundits sniping at each other.

          • Also, events outside of our country (and even across them) are being covered more like local news. Look at Turkey – even in 2016 there’s limited access to live coverage of an attempted coup. That wouldn’t have made the news until the next day 10-20 years ago and video would be even more limited.
            This is a somewhat silly example but watching the recent docs on Princess Diana’s death, they show her bf basically going behind his gfs back (who was in California) to be with Diana. And then I realize that unless she gets a British newspaper in LA, she’s not gonna know.
            The situation regarding race and police are getting scary. When the Dallas shootings happened, people for the most part reacted appropriately. Now things are really starting to get ugly. It’s never going to be fixed by stereotyping, drawing a line in the sand, etc. – and that goes for both sides.

          • Agree to disagree. I mean, yes there does seem to be an uptick on tragedies. But a lot of awfulness wasn’t reported or underreported back in the day. Look at the reports of police brutality. The black community has been trying to bring awareness to this issue since pre civil rights era. And no one listened. But now we have more outlets to bring awareness to the issue. And its overwhelming to hear about, but its there.

    • I think the solution is to turn off the news, stop looking at social media, and go do something meaningful with your son. Seriously. What’s wrong with doing that? I think we’ve convinced ourselves that it’s vital to stay “connected” but it’s not. And I think being constantly connected tends to make us less happy.

      • There is a reason I don’t watch the news. I stay informed of course, usually by reading, but I will not watch cable news.

      • Couldn’t agree more. Anon, you’ve prescribed your own cure: tune out and go walk on a beach somewhere with your son.

      • Agreed!! As a person raised on politics in the metro area, I used to be obsessed with watching news. Getting rid of cable helped me cut the cord. I find that this gives me the perspective to see what is going on in true context as opposed to the context that the media wants to see it.

      • Andie302

        The day after one of the recent tragedies (I don’t even recall which one, there have been so many) I walked around somewhat shell-shocked but realized that my day to day isn’t impacted at all. I don’t know if that’s a good thing, or cause for being sad. It like a very weird dichotomy to me.

    • I think the problem is that everyone lives in echo chambers these days. People are divided and retreat to their camps, hear what they want to hear and are dismissive of any other opinion. There is no longer a middle ground these days and this really worries me. The news outlets no longer claim to be neutral and are passing off their opinion as news and are even trying to become part of the story – this needs to stop.

    • Yes. I was thinking about all this violence going on, and the ridiculousness of the republican candidate, and realized the country felt much this way in the late sixties, which I am old enough to remember.
      The difference is that before social media, progressive people actually organized and protested in person, so the sense of isolation was less than it is now.

  • Rave: My recruiter gave me a really nice bottle of champagne as a congrats for getting the job! I’ve never worked with a recruiter before so not sure if I should get her something? I was planning on sending her a nice thank you card, but then she gave me the champagne!
    Rave: I have a week to take care of stuff, relax, and not apply for jobs since I don’t start until next week!

    • Uh, I am not saying you can’t get her a gift, but you just made her a crap ton of money. She should be thanking you, if she’s savvy about business development and getting more clients.

      • Haha, that’s what everyone keeps saying. Also, didn’t even think about her not being able to accept gifts as skj84 mentioned.

        • IMHO the best thank you you can give her is to refer people to her as clients or let her know that you will. She will value that more than a bottle of bubbly.

          • Oh, I will definitely refer her because she was awesome and really helped me through the process.

    • I think a nice card should do. Also she may not be able to accept gifts.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Congratulations on the job, and thank you for recommending Batch. Middle Zelda and I had a delicious meal there when we were in Toronto.

  • Rant: Massively slow period at work right now. Still can’t get over how much downtime is involved in this role.
    Rave: I think I should have more work following an important meeting this week.
    Rave: I’ve had plenty of mental energy to continue working on my novel for July Camp NaNoWriMo.

  • Rave: Finally better. Thank you Tussionex for vanquishing my cough. Still a bit annoyed that the doctor didn’t prescribe it when I first went in. But i’m better and thats all that matters.
    Rave: Smitten.
    Rant: Its really complicated.

  • Saw Ron Litman’s new show “Crazy in America” yesterday at the Fringe festival. Brilliant as usual, funny as hell. (other shows were DC Trash and Fish Outta Water.) Anyone have a contact to the MacArthur “genius” awards? This guy should get one. Only one show left, Sat. 7/23 at 10:15

    • I haven’t seen “Crazy in America” but I did see DC Trash last year and it was brilliant. I hope I can catch his last show Saturday!

  • Rave: Made homemade low fat chili yesterday that was delicious.
    Rant: My apartment now smells like chili.
    Rant: Doctor suspects that I have an enlarged thyroid that might be contributing to my weight gain. My emotional eating hasn’t helped either. She also said that I need to workout at least 30 a day 5 times a week no exceptions with a weight check in 3 months. Even though I have exercised in the past (up to about 3 miles (45 minutes) 4 days a week a long time ago). I am afraid that I won’t be able to keep this up.
    Rant: Sad that I am 40 years old and 200 lbs. It’s the heaviest that I’ve been in my life.I had relatives that died early due to issues associated with their weight and I don’t want to go down the same path.
    Rave: Got a good mid year review on my job.

    • Re your second rant about exercise: Did your doctor say what kind of exercise? Does power walking count? Not sure about your commute but I find myself doing a brisk walk for at least 30 minutes a day as part of my commute. Perhaps you could work in something like that to make it easier to achieve?

      • She didn’t specify any type of exercise? I never thought about my commute. Probably getting off Metro at an earlier stop and walking might help me, if I don’t melt in the heat.

    • soooo here are my thoughts, as someone with a lifelong weight battle. did your doctor do a complete blood panel? If there are concerns about thyroid issues, did they refer you to an endo?

      As for fitness and nutrition, checking in after 3 months really won’t do much in the beginning. Regular check ins including going over your food diary are very helpful. I check in every month with my gym/trainer and every other month with my doctor. My trainer is supposed to go through my food diary (on MFP), but doesn’t. But I print it out and bring to my doctor who does things like tell me to eat only butter from grassfed cows and other things I don’t do. But I’ve found, through my weight ups and downs, that the only real way to shed is consistently writing down your food intake (my fitness pal or similar) and weight lifting. Cardio schmardio, unless it’s part of an overall fitness program (HIIT or similar). walking on a treadmill for a half hour is better than nothing, but muscles are efficient and helpful in the efforts to lose weight.

      Lastly, start small. Say “my goal this year is to lose 10%”. that’s 20lbs. That’s not an insurmountable number. My goal is 10% this year, and 20% in two years. Slow and steady wins the race. Good luck!

      • I second the question about whether you were referred to an endocrinologist if there are thyroid issues. If there are, then it might require medication. I’ve been treated for an underactive thyroid my entire life. Without my medication, it is useless for me to work out – I don’t lose weight. I also just generally feel terrible and exhausted so motivating myself to work out is next to impossible.

        • No endocrinologist just yet. She took my blood on Thursday and I should get my results back today.

      • +1000 on the thyroid issue. I have had an under-active thyroid for almost 10 years. Have been medicated for all of that time but I’m just now learning all of the effects it has on my body that doctors don’t typically dig into. I wish I had educated myself ages ago.

        I read two books recently that I can recommend: “Living Well With Hypothyroidism” (Shomon) and “Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests Are Normal” (Kharrazian). The first one is not a doctor so she uses language that is easier to understand but she is sometimes a bit emotional. The second one is a doc who promotes integrative medicine approaches.

        I wish you the best of luck in your journey to health. And congrats on the positive review @ work 🙂

    • I’m sorry Chinatown, I know how hard it is to feel sad and overwhelmed. Is there a way to build up to the exercise “requirement?” As in, start with two days a week, then add a third, then a fourth, then a fifth? For me, taking things in increments makes it easier to do. You say you have a weigh-in three months from now, but that shouldn’t mean you can’t build up to it.
      And does the 30 minutes all have to be done at once? I work at home a lot so I find myself doing 15 minutes here and there when I get the time. And does it all have to be cardio? Can you lift weights? Can you spread out the 150 minutes over the week? So do 60 minutes one day (say an hour yoga class) and then you have 6 days to do 90 minutes? Maybe try a group class or two. It sometimes helps to have someone else motivating you. This might not all be feasible, but at least to start???

      • The doctor mentioned a build up to the 5 days a week starting with 2 days a week which I probably will start out doing. Every time I started working out a lot in the beginning, I stop after a few weeks. I’m a little nervous about doing classes. She stated that I can stretch it out over time.

        • please don’t be nervous about trying a class. Maybe something like “classpass” where you can try different places and find something you like? I’ve known people who have said “I can’t work out beyond walking until I lose weight” and it’s absolutely not true at all. I also took classes at B.Fit in logan and really enjoyed them even though I was less than fit. It’s about finding supportive yet challenging environments in which to be physical. Good luck with however you decide to go about it 🙂

        • Come join us at the November Project (http://november-project.com/how-to-join/)! Workouts are free and any fitness level can have a great workout. Everyone is welcome and insanely positive. And not just “welcome” like, ‘hey, you’re free to join us’, but “welcome” like having a stranger say “Good morning, Chinatown! I’m glad you came!”

    • oh, if you have the time and means, my old trainer in DC was amazing. I NEVER felt judged, especially after returning back to it after a terrible recovery from a c-section and dealing with post partum mental health issues. If you would like his info, POP can put us in touch. I think he does boot camp classes and stuff. I also really liked the group classes at CH’s WSC. Mostly step and kickboxing. Finding something fun and supportive is key, even if it’s a walk with a friend.

    • Oof – it seems a little harsh not to give any build-up time to exercising. That is always a recipe for an injury for me! But, I am right there with you and saw the big 200 on the scale just this week. Argh. I have to do something to get myself motivated but I haven’t gotten there yet. Any and all recommendations on nutritionists, trainers, etc would be awesome.

    • All this hypothyroid info is good, but an enlarged thyroid is a completely different issue than being hypothyroid (not that you can’t be both.) Definitely see an endocrinologist for an enlarged thyroid. Working out may make you feel better, but I doubt it will do anything for your thyroid issues – if you have thyroid problems, you need to address them. And, read up on “leptin reset” – there’s some info on specific diet changes that may help you to lose weight, which some also claim can help with certain thyroid issues.

    • I’ve found myself in the post-35 weight gain slide and was feeling adrift for a while. If you can afford it for a few months, I suggest a personal trainer, even if it’s just meeting with him/her once a week. You can talk about goals and expectations, and they can give you a plan to follow and you check in once a week. It’s not an inexpensive option, but it made me feel more in control of my health. You have that accountability of an appointment with another person, and having to tell them whether you’ve been following the plan. I thought it would be tedious, but my trainer mixes up what we do every week, and it’s actually fun. And, while I signed up thinking about losing weight, I’ve actually come to value the other benefits, like my posture is better, I’m lifting heavier weights and feeling stronger, etc. Good luck! And good job with work!

  • Rave: I’ve decided, for my own sanity, to avoid all coverage of the RNC convention. I’m thinking this may be a good time to start rewatching Dr. Who or Fringe.
    Rant: Morning sickness + boats = badness. Going on an afternoon sailing trip may have been the worst idea ever.
    Rant: Can we just fast forward through this really hot part of summer to the wonderful end of summer/ beginning of fall time?
    Rave: It looks like we’ll be hosting the family Thanksgiving for the first time ever. I’m actually pretty excited.

    • I’m not even acknowledging RNC. Its happening, Trump will his announce his candidacy and thats all I need to know. Start the Dr.Who rewatch! Are you doing classic or NuWho?

      • NuWHo. We had started last year but had to stop after the second season because life got way too complicated. I really want to start it up again.

    • I vote Fringe! Gosh I loved that show, especially the white tulip one. What about X-files? I love those too.

    • I need to do a Dr. Who rewatch too, great idea!

  • Rant: SO has gout! It runs in his family and all the men have gotten it in their 20s. Worried about his 5 hour drive home tomorrow. Yikes.
    Rave: Fantastic weekend celebrating friends (birthdays and baby shower).
    Rant/Rave: Good friends moving in a few months. I’m happy for them since they’re moving to a city they love but I’m sad for me.

    • Quotia Zelda

      My sympathies. I had gout once, and it was horrendous. Not quite as bad as childbirth, but almost.

    • I had a gout attack and went to Metro Immediate and Primary Care in Cleveland Park (convenient to Vace!) and they hit me with a shot and gave me a scrip(I can’t remember the details but a little googling should point you in the right direction) and the improvement was almost immediate — he’d almost certainly have significant improvement by tomorrow.

      • PS: On a previous attack, I’d gone to Sibley and they gave me lame painkillers and told me to wait it out. Do not settle for this approach!

        • Also – question. I don’t know much about gout. You had one attack and never had one again? His brother/uncles/male cousins all have to take a daily pill to prevent gout attacks. Are there different types? I guess I could just WebMD this…

          • Quotia Zelda

            I’ve only had the one attack. It happened after a week at my in-laws when I was eating more beef and shellfish than usual (a lot more – the Vietnamese take their beef very seriously). I was also not drinking as much water as I do on a regular basis.

            I don’t normally eat a lot of foods high in purines, so I think my day-to-day risk is not too high. I am definitely aware of how much meat I’m eating and try to make sure I stay well hydrated.

            I also have a cousin who has gout with much more frequent attacks, and it is/was managed through medication.

      • I love that place–the best urgent care place around, and they’ve been really great with my kids too.

      • Thanks! He’s out of town in rural SW Va right now but has an appointment with his regular doc as soon as he gets back tomorrow. Hopefully he’ll stop into urgent care today though before his drive up. :-/

  • Rave: Spent the weekend having fun playing with kittens, hanging with my roomie and other friends, and trying some of the great new places that have opened around me.
    Mega Rave: Slim’s!!! I take back anything negative I ever said about it – absolutely perfect and, bonus, didn’t upset my stomach despite the massive amount of food I shoveled in my mouth!
    Mini-Rant: Ok, so I still wish it was bigger inside to accommodate more people, but that’s just because I want them to succeed and stay forever!
    Rave: contacts Rx didn’t change!
    Rant: Glasses Rx changed slightly enough to need new ones, and I ended up just getting an expensive Oliver Peoples frames because it was gorgeous and actually fit on/around my nose without sliding or causing pressure and pain (miracle of miracles). So that was a huge chunk of money I wasn’t anticipating spending. Hopefully the better fit will be worth it, in the end.

  • Rave: did a 6 mile run this Saturday, which is farthest I’ve made since 1st year of college.
    Rave: some awesome plans for this coming weekend and a vacation in two.
    Rave: I’m not supporting the whole online bullying thing, but this Taylor/Kim situation is giving me life this Monday morning.
    Rant: monday mornings at a job that sucks.

  • hammers

    Rant: Mother who thinks it’s ok to ask me and my SO to come do yard work. Sure, we’ll just drop everything to drive 6 hours, book 2 nights in a hotel room, and get a cat sitter, just to work on your stupid yard. Of course this is something your 3 adult sons in the area cant do– you need my SO to do it. I know this is a veiled attempt to see me, and that manipulation makes it worse.
    Rant: so freaking miserable for the last few months.
    Rave: at least this is a much easier problem to deal with than all the others.

    • Ugh! I’m sorry, Hammers – sending you hugs!

    • Ugh, that is ridiculous!

    • Ugh, sorry to hear this Hammers

    • How about you and the 3 brothers all pitch in and hire someone to do the yard work. Then just tell mom you’d like to visit just to visit, and suggest a time that suits you.

      • hammers

        thanks all. and Victoria, that’s a nice idea, but the rant isn’t about the yard work.

        • I get it Hammers, I’m sorry.

          • I don’t get it. Ranting is fine, but solutions are better.

          • The problem to solve isn’t the yard work; it’s the mom’s trying to manipulate Hammers into a visit, and employing her SO in that manipulation. They could hire someone, the yard work could get done, and it would just mean that there would be another issue that Hammers’ mom would choose.
            You’re right, solutions are better than rants. But sometimes, people just want to rant and get some empathy.

          • yes, but what would seem like perfectly logical, workable solutions to many people are not actually solutions, and are instead seen as declarations of war, or insults, or clever schemes or whatever by people who have personality/psychological disorders.

          • Exactly, Anonamom. The yard work is just a pretext for Hammers’ mom trying to manipulate her into seeing her. (From Hammers’ past descriptions, her mom is pretty toxic and Hammers dreads seeing her.) If somebody else did the yard work, Hammers’ mom would just come up with another pretext.
            And even if none of that were an issue, what Hammers’ mom is proposing is a major imposition. The fact that the mom doesn’t even recognize it as a humungous imposition attests to her self-centered nature.

    • Sorry to hear this — that is a ridiculous request.

    • Whaaat? That’s completely nuts.

    • Damn. I thought it was bad that my girlfriend’s mother expects her to vaccuum her house in Burke every week. At least that’s only an hour and a half round trip.

  • Rant/Rave: moving out of my very loved condo this week, but I will never, EVER, have to see my horrible neighbors again.

    Rave: the process of getting the no parking signs, calling to get them confirmed, and putting them out was a breeze. But does anyone know what happens if it rains and my signs are ruined?

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Youngest Zelda is off to Heifer Farm for a week.
    Rave: Got lots done over the weekend, including a trip to the optometrist.
    Rave: Where Eldest Zelda found a pair of frames she liked in record time. Last year, it took 2 hour+ visits before she found a pair she would consent to wear. Mind you, she wears contacts, so these are just backup glasses.
    Rave: Finally cleared out a bunch of berry brambles in the backyard.
    Rant: And now I look like I’ve been in a fight, with scratches all over my arms.

  • RANT: Jerk face MD driver cut left across lanes of opposing traffic on Connecticut Ave in front of the Zoo without warning to get into a building driveway and did not see us driving straight down the lane coming from the opposite direction. Crash my Vespa into the side of his car. I’m almost certain he’s an Uber Pool driver, as he had two people in his car and was picking up a third from that apartment building. If you saw the accident on Saturday around 530pm, please let me know.
    RAVE: Fortunately we were only going about 15 mph when impact was made. I kept the bike straight and we did not go down, I somehow managed to keep it upright in spite of slamming on my brakes and the road being a bit slick.
    RANT/RAVE: I have some bruising on my hip and my shoulder is sore. My girlfriend has a strained wrist. We got some X-rays and there does not appear to be any real damage, thank god.
    RANT: Scooter is damaged and needs to go in for repairs.
    RAVE: That driver has Elephant Insurance and their claims guy was by far THE NICEST person I’ve ever talked to. Does anyone have experience with collecting a claim from Elephant? Their claims adjustor is supposed to contact me today to make an appointment to inspect my bike and recommend a repair shop.

    • No joke, I swear the crosswalk at the zoo entrance is one of the most dangerous, and it’s not even at an intersection!

      • Oh wait, it sounds like you’re talking about near the parking lot entrance. My comment still stands though.

        • Driver was driving north, we were going south. Driver turned left across my lanes without using a turn signal to get into the horseshoe driveway at 3100 CT Ave to pick up a passenger (right across the street from the Zoo parking lot driveway). He cut right in front of us and I did not have time to stop in time. He’s completely at fault and we are so, so, so lucky to not be in more serious condition. I drive very defensively and try stick 5 mph below the speed limit.
          And yes, CT Ave is totally f#cking dangerous. So many clueless Uber drivers trying to find their fare.

          • Crazy. During my 3 day stint with Lyft, I was way more cautious than I had been previously. But the sense of entitlement among people driving in DC is insane.

          • I live near there, and always find that particular driveway dangerous when people are turning into it from the other side of the street – should be illegal. It confuses drivers because of the light for the zoo drive on the other side there, but there’s no street on the west side, just the driveway. Am I remembering wrong, or is that light there a fairly recent addition? I don’t remember that intersection being so confusing to drivers when there was no light there (which I think there wasn’t in quite recent years.)

    • OP Anon, OMG! I’m glad this wasn’t more serious!

  • Rave: Back from a truly lovely family reunion.
    Rave: mtpkiddo loved the beach; mtpbaby loved the pool.
    Rave: hanging out with family members that I’ve barely met.
    Rave: Went up to get mtpkiddo this morning, and she informs me, “I’m reading in bed!”
    Rave: My boss is back in the office after several weeks of being out with treatment.
    Rant: She’s cleaning out her office because she’s stepping down since her prognosis is not awesome. F cancer.
    Rave: Still glad to see her before next round of treatment starts.

  • Rave: had plans to go kayaking with a friend, we forgot it was United Outside weekend and there was a huge wait, but it was a great event and we had a blast.
    Rave: sidewalk widening in Georgetown. They should do that every weekend and add the block east of Wisconsin. I would actually go to Georgetown more than twice a year if it was a regular thing.
    Rant: Medical billing. My doc said my procedure was pre-approved and I only had to pay a copay. After my procedure I got a $1500 bill and they’re saying it was cosmetic. How can it be pre-approved then not approved?
    Rave: took my Floatmingo out in my friend’s pool. It is amazing. Worth every penny. And I scouted Three Sisters, it would be a great place to moor him and float around, though I will likely look like a weirdo.

    • Re: your rant. You may want to check that they put the correct billing code in, that’s happened to me before.

    • Floatmingo sounds spectacular! Also, you should create your own special cocktail and name it Floatmingo and drink it while calmly floating around on him. As far as the medical billing, I will try to think if there is something or someone you can contact, because yeah that’s b.s. However, it’s very possible to have something pre-approved and still end up stuck with the bill because the doctor’s billing office billed incorrectly (saying it was cosmetic vs. medical) or because your insurance company turns around and says “sure, it’s covered AFTER you meet your deductible,” which may something quite high.

      • He does have cup holders, so that’s a great idea.
        Ugh. Can I call the doc’s office and ask what the billed it as? I can’t find the bill, btw, and I know absolutely nothing about this stuff. The hospital is going to resend my medical records to the insurance company, who will then reprocesses it, then I will get an updated bill.

        • As someone who spent 9 months trying to work out a medical bill for my wife, I recommend talking to the doctor’s office and insurance company. Yes, you should be able to ask how it was billed, and also see if they understand why it was considered cosmetic. This stuff is so frustrating…if we had just accepted our first bill at face value we would have been out $5000. After tons of phone calls and emails with insurance company, billing, hospital, I worked it out and had it correctly filed (that took about 3 attempts too), and we only owe $400.

        • I would call the insurance company to ask them to explain EXACTLY what billing codes were used (these are usually 5-7 digits), and inquire with them to see if they know why you have received a bill for $1500. It is possible that they simply haven’t processed your claim yet and you’ll be getting a revised statement. But yeah, if they’ve already processed the claim, ask them to walk you through your Explanation of Benefits for it. It’s also possible that there are multiple claims (1 for the doctor who did the procedure, 1 for the hospital where it was done, 1 for the use of the space, etc) and they’re still working through all those details. I know it’s hard, but try not to get too freaked out yet. These things often take MONTHS to get sorted through.

          • Thanks for the pointers, both of you!
            I’m lucky to be in a position that this kind of bill is manageable if I have to pay it, but I decided to go ahead with the procedure because of the affordable price.

          • This, all of this. You can also get a copy of the letter they sent to the insurance, plus the letter from the insurance saying it was pre-approved. It is most likely a billing error; CPT codes (the codes used for billing) recently changed to a much more complex system, and some one most likely entered the wrong code. Many procedures have both a cosmetic and medical reason; for example, having a mole removed can be for cosmetic purposes or for medical purposes and there are different codes for this, and also for how they are removed (scraped, excised for biopsy, etc).
            My advice – don’t pay the bill until all of this is sorted out. It will be hard as hell to get your money back if and when it is properly dealt with. If you are threatened with collections, send a minimal amount to equal no more than your co-pay in installments.

          • I had a dental bill unexpectedly high once – I googled the procedure codes and was able to figure out from that that it had been coded wrong, asked my dentist’s office to correct, and they did and insurance company then redid claim – was much easier than I expected.

    • I Dont Get It

      I love the name Floatmingle!

    • Floatmingos are the sh#t. So are the Floatswans. I want a whole gaggle of them, if I ever have a pool or a lake house.

    • HaileUnlikely

      In addition to the above, I would also note that it is quite possible that the insurance company rejected the claim without reviewing it carefully or at all, that it should be approved, and that it would be approved if your doctor just resubmits it.

      I have a relative who worked for nearly 30 years for a small, family-owned health insurance company that was recently acquired by one of the very large ones that you have probably heard of. Back when it was a small company, she was encouraged to do her job properly and did so. Now, the big one that acquired them has productivity targets (number of claims processed per hour) that she and many of her co-workers regard as impossible to meet without resorting to blindly approving or denying claims without reviewing them thoroughly, or in some cases, without reviewing them at all. If they repeatedly fall short of their productivity targets, they can be disciplined or even fired. It used to be a decent and respectable, but now it is a really sh!tty job, but when one is in one’s late fifties and has done no other job since before the advent of the modern computer, it is not easy to just go and find another job, so like her colleagues, my relative often processes claims without looking at them in the interest of not getting fired.

      • YUP! this! it’s INSANE

      • ALL OF THIS! You really have to be your own advocate these days, and it can be extremely time-consuming and stressful. Ours all started because MedStar didn’t even file the claim period. They just sent us the full bill and washed their hands of it. When I called MedStar they told me we were on the hook for it because we signed out AMA. They said our insurance company would not pay it. NOT TRUE!! If a doctor, hospital, anyone ever tells you this tell them that it’s false and to do their job: file the claim!

      • That is so sad and demoralizing to hear, especially the part about feeling trapped in the job.

    • I spent the weekend floating on a lake in a giant inflatable pizza slice. Basically like a floating mattress, with cupholders in the pepperoni slices. It was amazing!

    • Ugh. I was annoyed last week to be hit with a $150 copay for “surgery” for a procedure that was NOT surgical… but $150 is minor in comparison to $1500.
      The doctor’s office claims they used the correct code to bill it.

      • YOu would be surprised as to what is considered “surgical.” What did you have done?

        • CPT code 56820 (a type of colposcopy).
          I’ve had a different type of colposcopy done before, and that one involved taking a biopsy. This one didn’t.

          • I’m not even sure whether a colposcope was used — if it was, I wasn’t aware of it. (I couldn’t exactly see what was going on.)

          • That’s a tough one…. Was it performed in a doctor’s office or in an outpatient center? Colonoscopies and Endoscopies are generally billed as surgical procedures regardless of whether a biopsy is taken, so perhaps this is in the same vein? However, if they are billing for something that was never done, then absolutely report it. I can promise you that doctors who bill wrong for one patient do it for all (or at least the majority).

          • I found some photos of it online. It looks like a fairly big contraption that would’ve been hard to miss.
            Maybe I should call the doctor’s billing office again and tell them that I don’t remember seeing this contraption.

          • It was in a doctor’s office.
            Maybe that contraption was used and I didn’t see it, but I thought it was solely a visual inspection with no special device.

          • HaileUnlikely

            In any event, the mechanism by which an ordinary patient could become aware of this distinction or the significance of this distinction does not exist, and that is in itself a major problem.

          • anon – I thought it was something that would take pictures? The idea is to get a closer look that one can’t get with the naked eye, so if it was just a regular speculum and looksie, they shouldn’t charge for this procedure.
            Haile, I completely agree with you. There should be more clear guidance as to why things are billed the way they are. I will tell you that health systems absolutely have the ability to do something like this, but they would rather put the resources into making money versus patient education. If you ever get a doctor who has someone actually take the time to explain what you are being billed for, stick with them, they are worth their weight in gold.

  • Crazy weekend, wedding invitations are slowly being rolled out before I go on a work conference in a couple of weeks. They all should be sent out by then.
    Went for a tux fitting, I was thisclose to having a nervous breakdown because they had like 1 or 2 suits in my size available in their entire inventory. I should have gotten this done 6 months ago when my fiance told me to, but I procrastinated. That’s not like me. But it’s done.

  • Rant: Feel quite ill with a sore tummy this morning.
    Rave: Summer is here! Will stay local to save money, but wanted to take some (super beginner) horse riding lessons, maybe in VA or MD. Does anyone have a good riding center they might recommend for someone that wants to get more comfortable around horses?

    • Yay for horses! Reddemeade Farm (on Ednor Road in Silver Spring) is a great place for beginner lessons. Great horses, good instructors, great group of kids and adults that ride there. Plus you can get there with metro + zipcar if you don’t have your own car. I’ve ridden there regularly for over 7 years and know many people who have learned there.
      Rock Creek Park Horse Center is another one a lot of people love but I haven’t ridden there personally. Enjoy!! It’s such a fun sport.

      • Yay! Thanks so much! Will check them out.
        The last time I rode a horse was at a rehabilitated race horse farm in Indonesia and the horse almost bucked me off — so I need to proceed with caution (my nerves are shot!) 🙂

      • do you need to use metro, as well as zipcar?? i would love to do horseback riding lessons. 🙂

        • Well you can just drive there – but since I don’t have a car and I don’t like paying tons of money to sit in traffic, I would take the metro to Glenmont and then take the car for two hours. That’s what worked for me! Or hitch a ride with a friend.

      • I took lessons at Rock Creek Park Horse Center for a year or so – great experience overall. First instructor I didn’t care for, but others were great.

        • MPinDC, do you remember approximately how much it cost? I’m having trouble finding it on the web, it looks like you register for “semesters” but I can’t see how much they run…

        • LPB I can’t recall the cost exactly but seemed to be around $500 for weekly classes for the term.
          And I was inspired to look at the website to see about the possibility of re-starting lessons. There’s a refresher course (former riders) this week but not sure I could get it together to make a 5:30 class this evening!

          • oh, ok. Well, that certainly seems reasonable. Maybe next year I could start taking lessons, that would be so fun! Thanks for the info!

    • Quotia Zelda

      I like Waredaca a lot, but it’s way out in Laytonsville.

  • Rave: My crape myrtle is blooming!
    Rave: Caught up with two different friends, making it to Timber Pizza with one and to Slim’s Diner with the other.
    Rant: I was very pleased with my RatZapper’s performance last week… but based on my somewhat harrowing experience this weekend, I don’t think it’s uniformly either as humane or as effective as it’s made out to be.

    • What?! I did Timber Pizza and Slim’s this weekend, too! Funny I didn’t run into you!

      • I went to Timber Pizza on Thursday and Slim’s on Saturday. So the first one wasn’t strictly the weekend… but hey, close enough. 😉

    • Actually, strike that “somewhat.” I am still haunted by the thought of that poor animal. I think it was a nursing female, too.
      I’m thinking about contacting the company to complain.

      • Try replacing the batteries.

        • I did that after the first unsuccessful electrocution, thinking that it must’ve been because the batteries were low. But it didn’t give me the light signal for either low batteries (fast blinking red light) or for the plates needing to be cleaned (I think red and green alternating) — just the green light that means it’s OK.
          I changed the batteries and put the rat back in THREE MORE TIMES, and even then the tail appeared to still be moving.
          I couldn’t deal with it anymore and left the trap alone for a few hours. When I came back, the rat was definitely dead… but the fact that it didn’t get killed the first, second, third, or possibly even fourth times makes me wonder how efficacious the trap is, and hearing the poor rat squeaking during each zapping session made me wonder if it really qualifies as humane.

          • That is quite upsetting! But in the grand scheme, it probably is more humane than rat poison, which also has such a vicious impact on the wider food web, particularly on birds of prey that may eat a rat dying from poison and then die from the eating the poisoned rat.

          • LBP — Hmm, that’s a good point. I’d also put out a bait station and some poison bait too (because I already had the bait station and leftover bait from a while back), but maybe I should discontinue that.

        • I don’t know if I’m up to doing that again. It almost makes me wish I hadn’t seen the rat lying half-paralyzed about five feet away from the zapper after the initial electrocution. All I wanted was to put it out of its misery, and in trying to do so, I made it suffer even more. :'(
          I wonder whether it would have recovered from the paralysis if I’d left it alone. I was assuming that it wouldn’t have.

          • By “doing that again” I meant dealing with an unsuccessfully zapped rat. (Not changing the batteries.)

        • Maybe this wouldn’t have been as upsetting if I hadn’t been living with a pet for the past few years. Yes, rats are disgusting… but watching the poor rat’s side go up and down as it breathed made me think of all the times I’ve watched my cat doing the same thing while she sleeps. It was a little too similar for comfort. I managed to get through yesterday and today without crying, but thinking about it now is getting me choked up.

          • Yikes. Sounds like your zapper might be defective. Mine has killed rats the size of possums. And – don’t read on if you might get more grossed out – but if you ever need to kill an injured or half-dead rat, just grab it by the tail, drop it in a double or triple bag and whack it hard on the ground. Usually instant head-bash death. I did it for years to feed my boa constrictor.

          • My zapper killed an equally large rat last week with no problems (as far as I know) — when I came to inspect it the next morning, the rat was in the zapper. I wasn’t present when it was zapped, though, so I don’t know whether the rat was shrieking or how long it took to die.
            I don’t know if this rat had an extraordinary life force or what. It looked like a nursing female — maybe she was trying extra hard to get back to her babies.

  • Rave: Invited the parents up for crabs on Saturday, and my mom (almost) behaved herself! I was able to shut down her criticism of my partner deciding to treat his dog’s diabetes (“in my day, we just let animals die. Must be nice to spend that much money on a damn animal”) with a response that would make Carolyn Hax proud. I didn’t do so well with the Christmas guilt trip (really? already?! it’s July!), but, baby steps. Awesome crabs and lots of beer helped make this possible.
    Rant: The worst part of moving has to be the MVA/DMV switching. The whole “oh, it can be done in one day!” is such a fallacy. Well, at least if you have a financed car. I have to change my license to register the kids at school, and have to register my car prior to my DC registration expiring. Since I am still waiting on the lien stuff from my lien holder, doing both in one day just can’t happen. So for at least a short period of time, I will be a Maryland license holder with Maryland car insurance with DC plates. Such a pain in the ass.

    • “with a response that would make Carolyn Hax proud.” — What was it? “Wow”?

      • I was very calm, managed to keep my tone neutral and said “Mom, please do not bring this subject up with partner; it was his decision to make and I support him 100% in it. It is not up for discussion or comment.” After the comment about affordability, I simply said that our finances are our business. I could have said way, way more but realized in that moment, none of it mattered. It doesn’t matter that her insulin is just $40 a month, or that we can more than afford it, or that some people choose to spend money on animals and others on a 5th vehicle for a two person household – but that would be feeding into her.
        It felt good. And it worked – this time at least!

      • I adore the Hax. I often quote her.

        • +1. I always try to think to myself: “What would Carolyn Hax recommend doing in this situation?”

    • “I was able to shut down her criticism of my partner deciding to treat his dog’s diabetes (“in my day, we just let animals die. Must be nice to spend that much money on a damn animal”’ – –

      oh wow. I would have replied, ‘It is nice, thanks! so is that stick up your butt…’ – –

      ….but that is something I would say to MY mom. LMAO. (we also have our issues with one another. yay mothers and daughters)

      • LOL…. well, there were many, many ways I could have responded, and would have responded in the past! So I get it!

      • I Dont Get It

        If only she had a broomstick up her butt then we could ask where she purchased it.

        • Ha! I can promise you not Target, because the only people who shop there are people who think they are too good for Walmart.

          • Anonamom, my hat is off to you. You seem remarkably level-headed and well-adjusted in spite of having grown up with a mom who has issues. Big issues.

          • Thanks 🙂 I have my moments where I’m not so level-headed. In the past it was much more difficult to deal with, and honestly, I do still have to deal with the issues that result from having a mom like that (constantly wondering if I’m good enough, thinking that everything is my fault). Butt it has gotten easier with age/maturity and just honestly recognizing the situation for what it is. At the beginning of the summer, I started reading a book called “Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers” and it has been incredibly insightful, but also painful to rehash in my mind certain instances. I do recommend it to anyone with these sorts of issues though.

    • You were good! I would have said “In your day, they just let the older people die, instead of helping them with finding the right medical treatments when they needed it. Is that what you’d like us to do for you in such a situation?”

  • palisades

    Rave: Medium Cool on TCM last night. Incredible how similar the message was 40 years ago during the civil and political unrest of the 60s. Some very poignant monologues and shots during the movie that I think everyone should see.

  • Rant: In the middle of busy work week, working 12-18 hours 9 days straight. Still, I drew the easy work compared to my colleagues.
    Rant: Friend missing, friend having medical tests, family struggling with end stage cancer. So hard.
    Rave: Focusing on my blessings, including the ability to support them. All I can control is myself, and I want to be and give love to others and myself.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: The news is so bad I welcome the Taylor/Kanye/Kim feud.
    Rant: Too hot for “How hot is it?” jokes.
    Rant: Trip to Target to purchase a broom presented me with exactly one broom left to pick from and it had a dust pan attached which I didn’t need.
    Rant: Trip to Target revealed that the $10 I earned in gift cards during their grocery special a couple of weeks ago had $0 on it. The line was too long at Customer Service so I think I will turn this issue over to my Twitter account and my ten of followers.

    • The Taylor/Kim/Kanye feud is giving me life. We need this levity. Team KimYe btw.

      • palisades

        I don’t know how anyone could be team Tay at this point. She has really painted herself into a corner.

      • I woke up to a notification from Buzzfeed on my phone about the snapchat. SO much better than the notifications I have been waking up to recently! Seriously though, I’m way more invested in this than I should be. I am a closet Kanye West fan (I loved his early stuff) and watch way more Keeping Up with the Kardashians than I would ever admit to. I’ve been waiting for this moment since the VMAs several years ago, because you know what, Beyonce should have won. As in life, it is all a cycle, and that cycle begins and end with the Queen Bee.
        Ok, that’s enough pop culture for me for the next year!

    • On your concluding rant: Sounds the cashier must’ve given you a gift card but failed to activate it. If you have the receipt from when you received the gift card, you might be able to get Customer Service to activate it for you.

      • I Dont Get It

        I didn’t mention that I put it on my Red Card since I didn’t want they PoProletariat here lecturing me about my poor cybersecurity decisions. Target can look it up and send me a new one. It’s too hot to make another trip and it’s not like I can hop on that broom and buzz up the hill. Oh wait!

    • Why is it so hard to find a broom around here??? I’ve been stalking my local Rite Aid for over a month – they have 4 types of mops, but no brooms. When I visited my dad in PA over the 4th of July, his Rite Aid had plenty of brooms in stock but mine just has an empty space on the rack. I’m about to break down and pay $5 more on Amazon for the same item, just so I can finally sweep my kitchen floor.

      • Don’t they sell brooms at just about any grocery store? Also CVS, BedBathandBeyond, hardware stores. There’s got be something else near you other than RiteAid.

        • I’m equally perplexed by the lack of brooms. All those places should have them.

        • Ross in the Hechinger mall has lots of brooms. I went there once for something else and left with a broom I didn’t need because it was a really cute broom, and I thought having a really cute broom might inspire me to sweep more.

        • I was being stubborn because I get 20% off at Rite Aid. I just thought it was funny that they consistently have any kind of mop you could ever want, from string mops to the fancy squeezey sponge ones, but no brooms at all!

          • Saving $1-2 is always good, but is it really worth the energy you’ve put into it if you’re willing to spend $5 more on Amazon?

      • I Dont Get It

        I know, right. Maybe we are all supposed to hire people to do the sweeping for us.

  • Revel: Bored and it’s too hot outside so I’m baking cheddar chive scones (tons of chives in the garden)
    Rant: I only have one cup of heavy cream so I have to go out to buy more.

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